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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Chilling 'BEK' Experience

DJ from Kansas City wrote in to Darkness Radio to tell of a bizarre black eyed kid encounter he had:

“This happened about a year ago. I was going in to work alone. It was 4AM in the morning and no one was in the parking lot but me. So I'm about to get out of my car to go into my building, but first I bend down to get my cellphone charger. When I look back up, a teen girl is on my driver's side window and a small boy is on the passenger side. The girl is wearing a tank top and has really pale skin and stringy blonde hair. The little boy had his hair shaved off. She says, "excuse me sir, but we need a ride down the block to my mom's house." If we walk she'll be angry. Now the boy looks emotionless and unblinking. I get the weird feeling in my stomach saying don't do it. And I say, I need to go to work, but here's money for a cab. She says, "we don't want your money, we want a ride." I blink and I look down at my phone as it suddenly rang then hung up. The kid's eyes were as black as night. My heart's pounding. I think, crap, these kids are the ones people are talking about that kill people. So I say with some authority, "No! You take the money and go away." As I reach for some ones in my ashtray and look up at the kids and they're gone. Now it's a big parking lot. I'd have seen them had they run off. I even drive around the parking lot and building. No kids. Even drove around the empty block they claimed to live on and there was no one there. Needless to say, I waited until the sun came up to go to work that day.”

Source: Darkness Radio – March 28, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: Were the typical 'BEK' or possible spirit or other type manifestations? Could there be a connection between spirit energy and the 'BEK' phenomenon? This was another encounter in a parking lot (as reported in another incident a few days ago). Lon

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