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Thursday, October 03, 2013

'Shapeshifter' at the Lightrail Crossing?

I received this reader submission last week. I followed-up for further information and have added it to the original statement:

Last summer, near the end of August 2012, I saw something really strange. I was on 42nd and Hiawatha in South Minneapolis MN around 6:30 pm, when the light rail stopped the traffic from heading east. I turned my head and saw what appeared to be a man with a face like nothing I've ever seen. I looked briefly and noticed what appeared to be something like elephant/cyclops face. He was using his hands to continually push his face up. I kinda freaked out and didn't want to look. However I was stuck at the tracks, right next to him, and it was really hard to not notice this man. Before the light changed I took another look and noticed he was still trying to push his face back into some shape. He was wearing a trench coat, and driving a green older mini van. I was not seeing things, and definitely felt like I saw something other worldly. Is it possible I saw a shapeshifter? Has anyone else ever seen something like this before. I just can't get my mind off this.


NOTE: I posted a piece on Legendary Shapeshifters this past May. Werewolves, Vampires and Skinwalkers come to mind when the subject of shapeshifting beings is raised. As well, there are some 'shapeshifting' type humanoids listed in Albert Rosales' Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies. If this did indeed occur, then it's new to me. Maybe Albert or someone else can offer a similar incident...Lon

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