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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: The 'Hell Globe' -- Uncomfortable Close Encounter -- Rare Giant Oarfish Found Off California Coast

The 'Hell Globe'

A UFO "Hell Globe" was witnessed flying over Biel Benne, Switzerland on 7 October 2013.

Similar sightings of bizarre fireballs have been reported from across the globe. In the UK, these fireballs have been referred to as ‘Hell Globes’ and they were reportedly associated with cattle mutilations.

Here is a detailed report obtained from American Monsters, which provides us with a lot of information about these fireballs, and the alleged cattle mutilations associated with them.

American Monsters documents: “On an autumn evening in 1965, a group of British youths were cruising the town when one of them had a terrifying encounter with a fiery fiend that would leave him scarred for life.” This reported fiery fiend had emerged out of an orange glowing UFO. Glowing UFOs have been reported internationally.

The sighting occurred in Felixstowe which is a port town in northern England.

“The bustling hub offers a plethora of fascinating sights, but none so strange as the one seen by a trio of friends who were joy riding through the town on their way toward Essex at approximately 10:30 pm. on the evening of September 20, 1965.”

A group of joyriding youths consisting of the driver, 25 year-old Geoffrey Maskey, and his passengers, Mavis Fordyce and Michael Johnson had decided to pull over on the curb near a tree lined Walton Avenue.

“The youngsters were engaged in lively conversation when Johnson abruptly opened the car door and walked out into the murky night.”

Fordyce and Maskey were perplexed as their friend vanished into the blackness of the forest, but assumed that he must be answering “nature’s call.”

Just moments after, the youths began to overhear a “high-pitched humming” sound.

“Fordyce grew anxious as the disconcerting sound began overwhelming them and Maskey leaned out the window to try and ascertain the origin of the annoying noise.”

It was then that the youths spotted the glowing orange UFO, that is somewhat reminiscent of the description provided on orange UFOs today.

“The youths spied an oval-shaped, orange object suspended in the sky over 90-feet above his car; and it was glowing so brightly that it bathed the surrounding countryside in its eerie orange glow.”

The UFO then abruptly left the area.

“Without warning, the humming object shot away from the vehicle and vanished beyond the trees. The pair stared at each other in silent astonishment, when it suddenly dawned on them that Johnson was still in the woods… and that he might no longer be alone.

American Monsters further described the effort to find their missing comrade.

“The apprehensive duo — both of whom were reticent to leave the car and wander into the forest wherein the UFO and their friend were lurking — began shouting their Johnson’s name to no avail.”

Johnson then suddenly emerged from the wooded area.

“He staggered into the road with a dazed expression adorning his face. Maskey hoped that he was just having a go at them, but as soon as Johnson collapsed in the middle of the street he knew that this was no laughing matter.”

Fordyce and Maskey wasted time in exiting the vehicle to their friend’s aid even though they were frightened and in shock.

“They found Johnson laying motionless on the asphalt, totally unconscious.”

Fordyce and Johnson with the friend they rescued sped away from the forbidding forest and the strange orange light toward the nearby Felixstowe hospital

“Once at the hospital Johnson regained consciousness, but he was suffering from amnesia and could not recognize the friends who had rescued him, much to their dismay.”

American Monsters further documents that the doctors on duty diagnosed Johnson as having succumbed to a serious shock.

Johnson also sustained physical trauma from the UFO encounter.

“Doctors noted that he had unusual burn marks on the back of his neck and a contusion above his right ear.”

The alarmed doctors decided to transfer Johnston to a better equipped hospital.

“The doctors then decided that it would be prudent to transfer Johnson to the hospital of Ipswich, which was far better equipped to deal with Johnson’s injuries and psychological condition.

Johnson recovered his memory loss the next day.

“The following day Johnson recovered his senses and when his friends came to visit them he told them of his harrowing encounter with an ostensibly alien entity in the woods.”

Johnson then detailed his abduction by an apparent inter-dimensional regressive alien.

“Johnson claimed that when he abruptly got out of the car the night before he was compelled to do so by an unknown “force,” which insisted that he go into the woods.”

The abductee remembered under what circumstances he left his friend’s vehicle, and then described details about the alien associated with the orange glowing UFO.

“Johnson told his friends and doctors that he was forced to walk into the dark forest — although he was unable to recall exactly how far — where he encountered what he described as a humanoid being with the large sloping eyes that were glowing in the darkness.”

The abductee further described details about the alien humanoid.”

“[T]he odd creature was engulfed by orange flames. It was at that point that he blacked out.”

The alien abductee swore that he had no memories of what transpired next, until he woke up the following morning in a hospital bed. Doctors were sceptical and the newspaper reporters from the Ipswich Evening Star who published the strange account on 21 September 1965 were dumbfounded.

“Johnson’s friends — who had bore witness to the fiery, egg-shaped UFO with their own eyes — believed their buddy and knew all too well that something strange and terrifying had transpired in the woods near Walton Avenue that dark night.”

An illustration of the apparent demonic alien entity was included with the American Monsters report of the reported alien abduction encounter.

American Monsters concluded that: “Whether or not this creature was a UFO pilot from 'out of this world' or a demonic entity hailing from the supernatural landscape that dwells beyond mythology, the burn scars on Johnson’s neck serve as a testament to this truly bizarre event.”

On 25 April 2010 the British Telegraph reported that farmers near Shrewsbury claimed to have witnessed sheep being “lasered” by unidentified light orange UFOs.

They have linked the unexplained incidents, where sheep’s brains and eyes were removed, to the mysterious orange lights in the sky.

The farmers detailed the mutilations associated with the orange UFOs.

In the article titled “Unexplained sheep attacks 'caused by aliens in UFOs', farmers claim”, the British Telegraph noted that the farmers found sheep with “neat holes” while their brains and other internal organs were removed.

Other animals have lost eyes or had their flesh ‘carefully stripped away‘, usually on the left side as a result with contact from “mysterious orange lights in the sky“.

The British farmers found sheep with “neat holes” while their brains and other internal organs were removed. The British Telegraph elaborated that: “Other animals have lost eyes or had their flesh “carefully stripped away”, usually on the left side.”

Phil Hoyle, 53, traced the mutilations to orange globe UFOs in a 50-mile "corridor" between Shrewsbury and Powys. Mr. Hoyle elaborated that: “The technology involved in these attacks is frightening,” and that “these lights and spheres are clearly not ours”; and that the UFOs “are built by technology and intelligence that's not from here.” - Agora Cosmopolitan

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Sheep Mutilation Investigation Continues in Calhoun County, Texas

A series of brutal sheep mutilations are perplexing Port Lavaca residents, and have even caught the attention of a popular member of the UFO investigation community.

Wayne and Karen Daggs have lost 21 of their prized Barbado sheep since July, most recently losing two just days ago. The Daggs live on 10 acres that back up to a bayou.

The Daggs' strange story began this summer when four young female sheep went missing.

"At first I lost four little ones," said Daggs. "I thought people were taking them for food."

He first suspected it had something to do with a rumor of illegal immigrants living in a trailer nearby.

Daggs said he could forgive people for stealing the animals to eat, but as he started finding them mutilated, things took a stranger and more sinister turn.

Wayne Daggs spent 23 years in law enforcement, and 18 of those as a constable with Calhoun County Precinct 4. Since retiring in 2000, he's been tending to his animals.

He came to think that he may have angered someone during his years in law enforcement or elsewhere.

"I worked hard to not make enemies while I was on the job," Daggs said.

Recently, it had been every five days that he lost an animal, usually a few at a time.

Barbado sheep weigh 60 to 75 pounds, so they wouldn't be easy for any of the predators found in Calhoun County to take them away, Daggs says.

He found one of his males castrated. A local vet attempted to save him but he had to be put down.

"It doesn't look like a coyote got at them," he says. "I think that a person is doing this."

A week ago, a male sheep was found by the pond, castrated, with his cause of death unknown.

Then three females went missing, and he found two of them.

"One of them was found in the pond, stabbed behind the ear. Another had had its female sexual organs removed." The organs were sitting next to the sheep.

The removal looked very surgical to Daggs.

Five days later, he found vultures dining on another female. It was hard to tell what killed that one.

"I can't think of a reason aside from rituals or malicious mischievousness for the mutilations," Calhoun County investigator Bobbie Vickery told the Victoria Advocate.

Calhoun County sheriffs had been involved since the beginning of Daggs' sheep killings. This is where the Mutual UFO Network and section director Charles Stansburge comes in.

Stansburge saw an Associated Press story about the mutilations and contacted the sheriff's office. They welcomed his help.

He's based out of Rosenberg and has been with MUFON for three years. He has investigated cattle mutilations and UFOs for over two decades, previously in the Colorado area.

"It's an ongoing investigation so I can't talk too much about it," says Stansburge. He says that the documents related to his investigation are confidential.

"We need to find out what is getting in the property," says Stansburge. He has no comment on what he personally thinks it is.

"It could be a man, a wolf, an E.T. or anything," he says. "We're trying to lean towards earthly things."

Daggs says his grass been untouched around the mutilated animals with no traces of people or animals. He says that there would have to be some sort of evidence in nearby clearings to point to who or what is doing this.

That part bewilders Stansburge as well and is a part of the investigation.

"What really gets me is the lack of tracks and evidence," Daggs said. "It's not just kids. Whoever is doing this knows what they are doing."

He thinks whoever is doing this is doing to for kicks or some other weirdness. There is no history of this in the area, according to Daggs.

Daggs puts the cost of the animals he has lost at around $1,250, but it's much more than that to him. He has emotional ties to them.

Daggs had grown very fond of the first male that was mutilated. His voice cracks a little when he speaks about him.

"It hurts me severely," said Daggs. The animals were very much a part of his family.

Calhoun County Sheriff George Aleman is leaning towards this being the work of a human, and not a very nice one.

"It wasn't a wild animal, which would tear the meat," Aleman says. "This was too clean to be an animal. Whoever did this knew what they were doing."

Aleman said this is an ongoing investigation and is being handled by the county as a case of theft of livestock and mutilation.

By the way he speaks about a group of self-proclaimed Satanic worshipers that were in the area in the late '70s, the sheriff has seen some strange things.

That group was linked to cattle mutilations similar to this, but Aleman is not linking this to devil worshipers.

"This could be someone who has nothing else to do but hurt animals for kicks," he says.

The Calhoun County Sheriff's Department is offering up to $2,500 for any information regarding the sheep mutilations. They are asking that anyone in the area who has had animals go missing or mutilated to also contact them. - Chron

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Uncomfortable Close Encounter

Ohio - 10/15/2013 - unedited: 1:30 am I was heading onto the freeway and I noticed something bright to my left and looked. At first I thought it was a huge star or some type of military base object. All of a sudden it shot up like a shooting star but then shot down and back to where it was. It was a second ordeal. Thats when my heart stopped. Im going 60 on the freeway and some type of energy made me keep looking at it not letting me pay attention to the roadI knew at this moment this wasnt something normal.I thought I was going crazy. I had to keep rubbing my eyes thinking maybe I was just making this up. Then it started following me! I called my friend immediately. I told them what was happening they told me to stay on the phone that maybe they where using my radioactive waves. My phone kept dropping calls. On top of that at one point my phone turned off and I turned it back on and a thing on my phone popped up asking me if Id like to turn on my cellular connection. Well duh its a cellphone why would a message pop up like that? I knew it was following me because I lived 40 minutes away and it followed me for that long. Every exit I got off of. You know how when your driving at night and you see the north star or the moon? Well you take different exits and roads and the side that moon is on changes side from side from the direction your going. Well this object stayed on my passenger side. When I stopped it stopped. I got out of my car and stopped at a gas station asked a random lady look am i crazy is this object moving? At first she said no and looked down and i said please mam please look again and she did and she said holy s**t its coming in our direction. I told the woman what was happening and she said leave it alone stop watching as long as it wasnt hurting us. But I couldnt let go. It sounds super crazy and I still feel crazy but it was like something was watching me and it was listening to me. No happy feeling. I felt danger. Oh I forgot to tell you This all started over Lake Erie. WATER. I felt like it was tapping into my phone call i felt a strike of energy through out my body. Like it knew i was intrigued so they took advantage of me watching. I lost contact dont ask me how its like i cant remember. I woke up not remembering. I didnt tell you the weirdest part. You know how I told you about my cell phone going crazy well when I went into my house I went to turn on my mudroom light and it didnt work. I thought my mom was playing a joke on me making fun of me. I kept trying to flick the switch a hundred times. So I went upstairs in the dark and flicked the switch that works as well for the same room and it worked. So i was like what So I went back and tried the other switch that wasnt working and it turned on. Like some energy through my fingertips. I also wanted to mention another reason I knew it was no airplane helicopter radar thing or military thing was because while I was on the free way it had 3 random bolts of lighting come from the top very quickly. Like some type of radiation thing. I felt like I saw one streak of lighting bolt underneath as well very light. I never felt like this before. I dont connect people for such things. But with this I felt like I needed to talk to someone about it. Someone who understands and doesnt think Im crazy. - MUFON CMS


Snorkeler finds rare giant oarfish off California coast

A California marine instructor's leisurely weekend snorkel turned into the discovery of a lifetime when she found the carcass of a massive, eel-like creature of a species thought to have inspired legends of giant sea serpents.

Catalina Island Marine Institute instructor Jasmine Santana spotted the 18-foot (5.5-meter) oarfish, which is as thick as a man's torso, while snorkelling in clear waters off the island's coast on Sunday afternoon, the institute said.

The creatures are found in all temperate to tropical waters, but because they dive to depths of 3,000 feet (915 meters), they are rarely seen and remain largely unstudied. Little is known about their behaviour, the nonprofit educational institute said.

"Jasmine Santana was shocked to see (a) half-dollar sized eye staring at her from the sandy bottom," the institute said in a statement. "Her first reaction was to approach with caution, until she realized that it was dead."

Oarfish have a pug face, a crest running the length of their bodies and a skeleton of bone rather than cartilage common to fish species like sharks. They can grow up to a length of 56 feet (17 meters). Because of their strange appearance, they are believed to have inspired legends of giant sea serpents.

It took a group of 15 adults to pull the fish's massive carcass up the beach to a better viewing area, the institute said. Its longest serving employee, Mark Johnson, could not believe his eyes. "In 32 years here," he said. "I have never seen anything like this!"

The body of the fish appeared almost perfectly intact. The institute sent tissue samples and video footage to a University of California at Santa Barbara fish expert, and is awaiting a final determination on the species.

A spokesman for Guided Discoveries, the educational nonprofit that operates programs on Catalina Island, said the sea creature's skeleton will likely be put on display for visitors. - Yahoo



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