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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Haunted Texas Landmark For Sale -- Kitty = 95% Tiger DNA -- Deadly Lake Natron

Haunted Texas Landmark For Sale

Are you the seeker of comfort and graceful beauty? The Weinert House in Seguin definitely has it. The only problem: its former occupants (very former occupants) may not be ready to hand it over just yet.

The home turned bed-and-breakfast is said to be haunted by the kin of its former namesake, Texas politician Ferdinand C. Weinert (1853-1939).

Several guests have reported sightings of the deceased Weinert sisters Clara and Miss Ella, according to "A Texas Guide to Haunted Restaurants, Taverns and Inns." Some say they've been tucked in at night by the sisters, others awoken mid-sleep.

The sisters also "seem to enjoy putting on impromptu recitals for guests, who marvel at the piano that plays by itself when no one else is near," according to the book.

If the thought of living with ghosts gives you chills, you can always retreat to the warmth of one of the six fireplaces of this historic Queen Anne Victorian estate, which also features efficient chandeliers, granite countertops and elegant mahogany trims for its new owner.

Among the comforts of this estate, there is an activity center with a bathroom and a 925-square-foot guesthouse with a private balcony – with two bathrooms accessible for outdoor events. The large event canopy, fantastic pool, and hot tub area – along with abundant covered outdoor areas and lush landscaping – accentuate the home's potential for entertaining a good number of guests.

In addition, the residence is offered fully furnished to continue as a B&B or as private home. - Chron

Asking price: $425,000
Seguin School District, 1207 N. Austin St., Seguin, Texas, 78155
5 Bedrooms
5 Full Baths
3 Partial Baths
4,633 Sq Ft

Additional Features:
Ceiling Fans
Washer Connection
Dryer Connection
Cook Top
Built-In Oven
Microwave Oven
Water Softener (owned)
Security System (owned)
Smooth Cooktop
Hot Tub

When Darkness Falls: Tales of San Antonio Ghosts and Hauntings

Big Book of Texas Ghost Stories, The (Big Book of Ghost Stories)

Haunted History of Old San Antonio (Haunted America)

Lon's 2 Cents: Making my personal list of 'Top 10' list of cities / towns / general areas in North America with the most supernatural activity...San Antonio would definitely be on there. A current list would also include Gettysburg, PA - Sarasota, FL - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Farmington, NM - Monterrey, MX - Fresno, CA - Albuquerque, NM - St.Louis, MO - Point Pleasant, WV. There are many more locations that could be considered...but these seem to 'pop up' more than others. I'm not specifically referring to hauntings or spiritual activity...anything considered to be supernatural. Seems like an interesting project for the future...Lon


Your Cat is 95% Tiger

Researchers have sequenced the genomes of tigers, snow leopards and lions hoping to help in conservation efforts for the critically threatened big cats, The Christian Science Monitor reports.

Among their findings is the fact the common domestic house cat shares about 95.6% of its DNA with tigers, from which they diverged on the evolutionary tree about 10.8 million years ago.

Other findings included the identification of the various genes that make the big cats big, that allow them to be carnivores, and that make snow leopards adept at surviving in a high-altitude, low-oxygen environment.

The new data will help scientists measure biodiversity in the wild and assist in ensuring that populations are not in-breeding with too-close relatives, a significant challenge in seriously threatened species. Only between 3,050 and 3,950 tigers are estimated to remain in the wild. - CSM

Cats Behaving Badly: Why Cats Do the Naughty Things They Do

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Tiger, cougar or something else?

Some Stark County, Ohio residents are wondering if they will encounter what police are calling a ‘large cat’ that was spotted on Friday.

The discovery caused a several hours-long search in a wooded area, just after 4 p.m.

Stark County sheriff’s deputies, along with Navarre police and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources personnel were searching the 9000 block of Elton Street SW.

“This was all surrounded by different types of emergency vehicles,” said neighbor Candace Murphy. “I was coming down 21 and saw the chopper,” she went on.”
Steven Grimes, of Navarre, has his own opinion of what may have been lurking in the woods.

“I think it was a bobcat, because those are around here, so that wouldn’t surprise me if somebody saw that,” he said.

Whatever the animal was, it hasn’t shown its face again.

Authorities in Navarre searched on the ground and in the air on Friday, with no luck.

“We’ve got outside cats, outside horses, we’ve got a miniature that probably a cougar that would be bigger than the horses are, so we were worried about that,” Grimes said.

Several neighbors are keeping their porch lights on and plan to notify police if they see anything suspicious. - Fox 8


Deadly Lake Natron

Unless you are an alkaline tilapia (Alcolapia alcalica) – an extremophile fish adapted to the harsh conditions – Lake Natron in northern Tanzania is not the best place to live. Temperatures in the lake can reach 60 °C, and its alkalinity is between pH 9 and pH 10.5.

The lake takes its name from natron, a naturally occurring compound made mainly of sodium carbonate, with a bit of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) thrown in. Here, this has come from volcanic ash, accumulated from the Great Rift valley. Animals that become immersed in the water die and are calcified.

Photographer Nick Brandt, who has a long association with east Africa – he directed the video for Michael Jackson's Earth Song there in 1995 – took a detour from his usual work when he discovered perfectly preserved birds and bats on the shoreline. "I could not help but photograph them," he says. "No one knows for certain exactly how they die, but it appears that the extreme reflective nature of the lake's surface confuses them, and like birds crashing into plate glass windows, they crash into the lake."

When salt islands form in the lake, lesser flamingos take the opportunity to nest – but it is a risky business. The animals are all arranged in poses by the photographer.

Brandt's new collection of photos featuring animals in east Africa, Across the Ravaged Land is published by Abrams Books.

Lon's 2 Cents: Natron was used by the ancient Egyptians to 'dry out' bodies during mummification...Lon



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