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Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society Names New Eastern Assistant Director

The PA Bigfoot Society members have elected Sean Forker as the group's new Eastern Assistant Director.

Sean joined the PA Bigfoot Society in 2004 and has remained an active member since. He has assisted in the planning of the 2008 East Coast Bigfoot Conference and currently investigates reports and cases in the Northeastern region of the state.

Sean is a co-founder of the Keystone Bigfoot Project. He is a former founder and president of the American Bigfoot Society. Sean currently sits on the board of directors of the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers. Sean is also the co-creator and color commentator of Beyond The Edge Radio. He has served in a variety of voluntary positions as a member of the PA Bigfoot Society as well. Sean brings with him a life time of interest in the subject and over 9 years field experience.

Sean's duties will include but not be limited to assisting the other leaders of the PA Bigfoot Society, managing and leading his fellow researchers and members of the eastern part of Pennsylvania. He will help to coordinate upcoming meetings, hikes, outings and events. Sean will also work with the leaders with organizational duties on an as needed basis.

The current PA Bigfoot Society leadership team consists of:

David Dragosin - Western PA Assistant Director
David Rupert - Central PA Assistant Director
Sean Forker - Eastern PA Assistant Director
Eric Altman - Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society

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Thank you
Eric Altman
Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society