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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Not Your Grandmother's Humanoids - Part 1

My friend & colleague Albert Rosales of the Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies has graciously forwarded another humanoid related article for publication. This narrative will be presented in two-parts:

Bizarre winged humanoid 1979
In my years of researching, categorizing and looking for bizarre entity and humanoid reports worldwide I have run into quite a few outlandish descriptions of bizarre entities encountered by different people from different parts of the world. Forget the tall blond, the popular “Grays”, even the Reptilians, there are apparently ‘others’ out there that have left the witness or witnesses wishing for an encounter with a much more ‘normal’ Zeti Reticulian “Gray”. I will attempt to summarize a few of the strangest humanoid cases in my files, but be aware that ANY encounter with an anomalous entity of any kind is strange and one should use caution and not blindly approach it unless the witness is approached by the entity or entities. One group that have been seen a lot lately are the ones who have been labeled “BEKS” or the ‘Black eyed Kids’ I urge caution in dealing with these entities and do not acquiesce to any of their requests, for example ‘ask to be let in to use the phone’.

Image of Cyclopean entity
One of the earliest reports of a Cyclopean type entity, a not so-common humanoid type even though it has been reported in modern times, originated from outside the town of Meklong, Thailand around August 1810. The time is not provided but the report from well-known Malaysian entity researcher Ahmad Jamaluddin states that on a road outside the city a Dr. Jacob Hazlitt, a missionary (does not state the nationality) reported that he saw a man dressed in silver clothing. He described the skin of the humanoid as “gleaming” and that the entity had only one eye. But it does not end here, a month after, around September in the same city or town of Meklong again in Thailand. One night a local Siamese woman was awoken by an unknown force and was surprised to ‘hear’ that the surrounding area was devoid of the usual animal noises. Looking out the window, the woman beheld a strange humanoid in her backyard. She claimed that the humanoid had only one eye and was dressed in a suit, which seemed to be made out of metal. The episode ended with the woman claiming to have been abducted into a “palace of lights.” An early abduction report? I suspect we will never know.

The following report comes from Greek researcher Thanassis Vembos who has graciously shared many of the humanoid reports he has investigated in Greece with me.

It comes from near the area of the famous ancient Kingdom of Sparta in Greece, year 1875. It briefly states that two men hunting in an isolated area heard a sound like “a baby screaming”. Then they saw a dwarf-like creature, about 2 feet tall with long hair and sharp teeth, regretfully there is no additional information. He found the report in a book of Greek Folklore by Nikolaos Politis called “Traditions”. Interesting indeed, a survivor of some sort of iron-age or stone-age tribe? We can only conjecture.

In the excellent book by Graham J. McEwan titled Mystery Animals of Britain and Ireland there are a number of bizarre encounters recounted, the following one I found most interesting:

It occurred near Woodseaves, Shropshire, England on January 21 1879 at around 22:00 when a man was driving his horse cart across a bridge when a horrible black humanoid with huge shining eyes jumped out of the trees and landed on the horse’s back. The man tried to push the creature off but it would not budge and the whip seemed to go through it. The horse panicked and went into a gallop with the creature clinging to it. The creature eventually disappeared and the man arrived at his home in a state of shock. What do we have here? A sort of spectral Interdimensional wayfarer?

From the venerable Finnish Researcher I received the following account:

Circa 1885 one afternoon in the small village of Brante, Kemio region Finland a young woman, mother of three, was picking berries in the forest when she saw something resembling a “kettle cock” on a small hill. Besides the “kettle” stood an elf-like creature carrying something resembling an axe on his shoulder. Terrified, the young woman returned to her village. After a couple of hours she returned to the location with other villagers, but the “kettle cock” and the elf were gone. Perhaps a “typical” CE3 report, the small humanoid or elf was possibly carrying some type of apparatus which was misinterpreted as an axe.

Your typical LGM or little green man
Who says that there are no such things as ‘little green men’? If the following cases are true then make room ‘little grays’.

This first incident is from researcher Keith Roberts from the veteran Tasmanian UFO research group ‘TUFOIC’. It supposedly took place around midnight one February 1948 in the small town of Berridale, Tasmania, Australia.

Two witnesses standing on their back garden sighted a bright round object hovering low above them. Sitting on the edge of the object were several small green colored humanoids that appeared to be making a weird ‘singing sound’ the object eventually drifted out of sight. Some other sources have indicated that the tune of the weird ‘singing sound’ was that of the children’s medley “Three blind mice” (!).

Four years before the above incident in late August 1944 in the locality of Christchurch New Zealand while walking among low hills, Mrs. E. M. Church encountered an “upturned saucer” sitting on a gentle slope hidden from the road. She walked up to it & stared for 8-10 minutes. Small (not over 4 feet) occupants were seen inside transparent cases. The one (of 3) outside “was just a green-colored entity in a transparent box like casing…just standing there.” (Neither head, arms, nor legs were discerned; the sketch provided from the witness shows merely an irregular column). A cloud came down and enveloped them; she walked closer, to within 20 ft. When the one outside noticed her, “his helmet flipped over automatically, and he drifted into the vehicle,” and the door was closed. The object itself, 18-20 feet across and 9 feet high, seemed to be covered with vertically laid tiles resembling wood veneer, and with a central circle of aluminum-like metal. From the center rose something like “a piece of 4 inch pipe as long as your arm,” capped with aluminum; midway on this mast was a blue light. A whirring noise commenced, and the object slowly rose vertically into the clouds. According to the witness “I felt a deep sense of loss.” This case comes from researchers Brian Musson and Bruce Harding from a HUMCAT listing.

We go forward 10 years and during the unprecedented humanoid/encounters wave in France from the fall of 1954. According to Martin Kottmeyer writing in the Anomalist #10 (and other sources) on October 13 1954 around 20:00 near the small locality of Montimont near Vrignes-aux-Bois, Ardennes, France, Mr. Sadi Levy a local merchant was returning from Vrignes-aux-Bois when near a brickyard in Montimont his vehicle suddenly stopped. Horrified, Mr. Levy saw two terrifying forms in his headlights, he described them as two small beings of a phosphorescent green color with large eyes and a tail. Then the extraordinary vision disappeared and the car re-started. A tail? Maybe the humanoids were wearing some kind of suit with hose-like protrusions, who knows?

Image of humanoids encountered
The last green humanoid report I include is from the Italian humanoid/encounter wave of 1978 following is a summary of the case:

Location. Torrita Di Sienna Italy
Date: September 17 1978 Time: 2100

Signora Ultimina Boscagli and her son Riccardo (12) heard an intense noise. It was like a round of artillery fire and from where they were standing in the street in front of their house (on the Via Pie agli Orti) they looked up to see a fireball with yellow-orange contours and a reddish trail. Suddenly, in a blinding dazzle, the object vanished. The lower part of the round shaped object had been seen to be reddish in color and very bright white in the upper part. Signora Boscagli and her son were so frightened that they retreated quickly into their house. Other witnesses of the phenomenon were Signora Santina Faralli and her son Rivo (25). Signora Faralli was indoors watching television and she heard the noise, and was aware of the dazzling light outside. Indeed the electric light, she said, was extinguished suddenly, but then came back on. Soon after that Rivo, a barber by profession, arrived at the house where he stayed for about half an hour. Then, at about 2100 he left, got into the car, a Fiat 127 started up and moved off. He had only gone a few meters when it stalled and stopped, the electrical system having ceased to operate. While he was still puzzled, a strange bright object, preceded by a beam of red light, landed on the road in front of him. The lower part of the object was discoidal in shape while the upper part was hemispherical and orange in color like the color of a priest’s hat. It was so bright that it illuminated the area around it, and it appeared to be standing on the road on three iridescent beams of light varying from yellow, to green, to red, to sky blue. The object had a diameter of three meters and it covered all of the carriageway, at the same time touching a dry stone wall with one edge. It hung in the air at about the height of the Fiat 127’s bonnet.

Suddenly, on this object---presumably a UFO a “port” opened in the fashion of a double door, one part to the left, the other to the right. Two beings emerged and proceeded down from the object. They were about 1.00m to 1.10m in height and they descended in a fluctuating motion until they were about 10 cm from the ground. In that position their heads were level with Rivo Faralli’s face as he sat in his car, and it was this that enabled him to estimate the entities height. Rivo saw that they had green coveralls and big helmets, and that part of these helmets was transparent. The creature’ skin seemed also to be green, and while their faces were to a degree human-like they were flat and lean with bony, arched cheeks, regular noses, and thin lipless mouths. The witness couldn’t see their eyes and ears as they were hidden in a shaded zone. The fronts of the helmets had what appeared to be two slender cylindrical protuberances like springs, or similar helical structures. The overall garments seemed to be of one piece and they were neither close-fitting nor large; indeed, the shapes of their limbs were visible and their proportions appeared normal as they walked towards the car. Their gait seemed to have more interest in the car than in its owner, and when they were behind him he could still see them by way of the driving mirror. In fact Rivo noticed that their awkwardness seemed more marked. After completing the round trip they headed back for the UFO to which they ascended with the same fluctuating motion as they had displayed when descending. Once aboard, the first of them settled in the bright dome---the hemispherical section. The witness couldn’t say whether the entity was sitting or standing, for he could see only its helmeted head, and part of its back. Before entering the object the second entity turned back and looked at the witness as though he wanted to say something, then checked, turned away, entered the strange craft and took position beside his companion. The port shut and form the lower part of the “body” came two very intense beams whereupon the craft rose vertically for about 10 meters, then shot away in level flight leaving a bright horizontal trail. As the UFO disappeared the headlights of the Fiat came back, automatically, and since the gears were still engaged the car started to move forward without any action by Rivo Faralli. Signor Faralli had not touched the controls when the craft first appeared as he was at first stupefied and bewildered, and then almost paralyzed with terror. For three days after the incident Rivo experienced “burning” eyes.

It was reported that in the next street, at about 2130 on the evening several television receivers went off for about a minute, and then returned to normal operation. At the scene of the landing in the middle of the carriageway there was a black circle 50cm in diameter which appeared to have been caused by considerable heat.

Source: Richard Hall, Mufon Journal #153 & Roberto Pinotti FSR Vol. 25 #4

The following eerie encounter I like to call it “The giant shrimp from Bremerton” is from the Strange Magazine website, http://www.strangemag.com/firstperson.html, and it concerns one, Virginia Staples who one afternoon in 1948 was at her home in Bremerton Washington hanging laundry in the huge basement of her apartment complex. The basement was covered with huge holes in the walls and it was rumored that there was a passage to the water. As she was hanging her clothing she got the feeling that someone was staring at her. She finally turned around and looked towards the back of the basement and froze in horror, in one of the huge holes stood a horrific looking entity. It was a creature described as about 5 feet tall, bright orange in color, with little spidery thin legs and antennae on its head that kept moving back and in and out. The strange creature began moving towards her. Terrified she backed out of the basement and ran up to her apartment, she moved out the same day. In this so-called modern age most of the earth’s vast oceans, especially the depths, are still largely unexplored, who knows what kind of creatures lurk beneath the waters?

The following two cases are also from the year 1948 and describe two very similar creatures seen in different parts of the world, I let you decide as to the plausibility of such creature existing among us ‘modern humans’.

Image of the pagan God Pan
The first case is detailed in B. M. Nunnelly’s book The Inhumanoids The location was Somerset, England (no additional specifics) when a man named Cyril Barry was outside one evening smoking a cigarette when he noticed light coming from the window of the adjacent house. He casually strode over and looked inside the room---and got the shock of his life. There, sitting at a large table was a white, humanoid figure with a bearded goat’s head complete with ten-inch long horns. Instantly regretting his indiscretion, Mr. Barry hurriedly left the area. Shaken by what he had seen and unable to resolve it, he reportedly returned to the house the following day and once again, peered into the same window. He was surprised to see that the room was now empty, dusty and in disarray as if it hadn’t been occupied for years.

In Vicente Ballester Olmos’s Catalogue of 200 type I UFO events in Spain & Portugal we find the following bizarre narrative:

During a powerful storm the owner of a flock of sheep was staying in his cabin when he heard voices outside. Upon opening the door he saw a short man that he invited inside. Without speaking the man entered the cabin. Later the witness noticed that the short being had feet like a goat or hoofs. The frightened witness screamed causing the being to flee outside. The witness then ran outside and was able to see a fireball-like object shoot up into the sky at high speed.

A much recent case describing a similar humanoid comes from the following excellent website which chronicles (or attempts to) all Spanish UFO events and encounters:

Location. Near Antequera, Malaga, Spain
Date: August 2011 Time: night

A night-watchman guarding a ‘restricted’ area near Antequera was making his rounds when he was suddenly confronted by a bizarre humanoid figure that appeared to have ‘goat feet’ and was moving over the ground as if “on a conveyor belt”. The humanoid was coming from an inaccessible area which dead-ended on a precipice, as the humanoid floated by he looked at the witness “with great intensity” and then disappeared into a nearby wooded area. The stunned guard called a co-worker to keep him company after he told him what he had seen. (Translation by Albert S. Rosales).

Source: looculto.260mb.com/ovnisenespana/desde1981.htm

Next I will present several high-strangeness humanoid encounters which will make you realize that the so-called “Grays” are the least of our worries!

Spanish researcher extraordinaire Iker Jimenez presented the following case in his manuscript “Ovnis en Andalusia

On February 12 1980 one late night at the locality of Los Barrios, Cadiz, Spain, a night watchman at a local car junkyard was sleeping in one of the junked cars because of the cold temperatures when he was suddenly awakened by someone tapping on the passenger door of the car, looking out he was stunned to see the figure of a woman with large slanted eyes, and greenish tinted skin (green again!) standing outside the passenger door. Terrified the guard grabs a club, which he usually carried with him and jumps out of the car in order to confront the strange visitor. Once outside the car and ready to strike at the stranger the stunned watchman sees a 2nd identical humanoid standing next to the original one, suddenly both figures dematerialize in front of him. He reportedly quit his job that same morning. I know of one other case from Texas in 1964 which a witness describes a female humanoid with green tinted skin.

Iconic image of the Werewolf

Of all the assorted humanoids and entities encountered worldwide the so-called mythological or folkloric werewolf has to be the most frightening in appearance. Most of us who follow this subject be it, UFOs, Humanoids, Cryptozoology, etc. are familiar with the very well-known encounters in the Bray Road area of Wisconsin. There is also the creatures encountered in places such as Argentina and Brazil which are called by the locals ‘Lobisomen” or Werewolf. The following summary if from a case I received directly from one of the witnesses who requested anonymity:

Location. Southeastern Poland
Date: summer 2012 Time: 08:00 a.m.

Somewhere in southeastern Poland, around eight in the morning in summer of 2002 I and my cousins were sitting on a bus headed out to a stay away camp where we would be for the next two weeks. On a remote road to our destination we had exited a forested area and came up on a wide field. Sitting in the back left side of the bus I looked out the right window at a small elevated area stretching from the road. Atop the small hill, I saw a large silvery figure standing upright and looking off to its side with its profile facing me. It had a long snout like a wolf and it was much taller than any man. Then from its upright position it leapt to the bottom of the small hill several times on all fours. Once at the bottom it stood upright again and it looked towards me. Needless to say, due to the bus driving onward, a thicket of vegetation that was at the bottom of the hill eventually obscured the view of this being, at which point I began to yell incoherently on the bus in broken Polish about how I'd seen a werewolf at which point everyone assumed I must be crazy. Also, in the middle of the trip at the camp, some girl stated that she'd seen a wolf looking at her directly in front of a window on the second story of the cabin she was staying in, which was also my cabin. I do not know whether I believe her or if she just wanted the attention, but certainly no one else believed her, while I tried desperately to state my case.

It does resemble the entity seen in the Bray Road area, I know of numerous encounters with werewolf type creatures in Europe, especially England, this case is the first one I know of from Poland.

Please feel free to contact the author Albert S. Rosales at garuda79@att.net with any information or questions.

October 29, 2013

I want to again thank Albert for his time and effort...Lon

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