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Friday, October 04, 2013

Follow-Up: Strange Drivers

In response to yesterday's post - 'Shapeshifter' at the Lightrail Crossing? - Albert Rosales' of Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies forwarded an example of strange drivers or occupants seen in apparent normal appearing cars:

Location: Near Tualatin, Oregon
Date: September 2003
Time: night

The two witnesses, boyfriend and girlfriend at the time, had spent a nice Saturday evening at a low-key birthday party for a friend in Tualatin and were driving home to Portland in the early hours of that following Sunday morning. The woman had limited her drinking and cut it off a few hours early, knowing she would be the driver that night. He had a few beers, but by the drive home he was sober and in a good state of mind. Knowing they were both in a sober and sound state of mind is what makes what they saw much more confusing and upsetting.

They were coming up on the I-5 freeway from Tualatin, probably about a mile from the ramp, when the girlfriend saw a pair of headlights coming up on them from behind at a pretty fast rate. The road was otherwise vacant of other traffic. Immediately she assumed it was a cop, so she mentioned it to him. He turned and saw the lights and told her to get over one lane to the left. By now the lights were caught up to them and as they switched lanes the car sped up to pass.

Just before the lane divided and forked off into the on ramp, the car caught up parallel to them. He then heard his girlfriend say in a trembling voice, “What the heck is that?” He turned to look in the direction she was looking. What he saw still terrifies him to this day.

The ‘car’ was small and in the shape of an old VW bug (but he cannot confirm that it was indeed a VW). The driver wore a tiny top hat over his dreadlock hair. His head was turned a complete 90 degrees to the right, as if swiveling on his neck and looking straight at them with no regard for the road. His face is what frightened them the most. He was smiling at us, but his mouth---his smile---was not at all normal. It was huge, distorted it looked like something out of a bad horror film.

As those few seconds passed that they drove next to ‘him’, his smile grew…and grew…and grew until the parting of his lips exposed his small sharp teeth. His eyes also changed but, they could not explain in words exactly how…or into what they changed. They were silent, he doesn’t remember any noise, not even the road under their tires, the CD playing in their stereo, or the words of shock he knows were leaving their mouths. He does remember, however, that those few seconds seemed to last a long, long time. Everything slowed down and he felt as though he stared at his grin for minutes, hours, or who knows how long.

Then as the road divided and they headed down the ramp to the freeway, he turned his head back to face forward and as though a daze or weight or even maybe a curse just suddenly lifted and all things turned back to normal. He watched behind them for as long as he could see the tail lights of that car. They quickly faded, and that’s when their terror set in. The rest of the drive was spent watching to make sure they were not being followed. They spoke about it, but both avoided talking too much and becoming overwhelmingly terrified. They got home without being followed and didn’t speak of it for days, maybe weeks. But when the day came that they finally talked about that night, the terror of what they saw became very true and real after comparing their experience to confirm what had happened and what they had seen.

HC addendum
Source: Your True Tales---June 2012
Type: X?
Comments: This one comes out of one of darkest corners of the Twilight Zone - Albert Rosales

NOTE: reminds me of the images of Baron Samedi, Loa of the Dead in Haitian Voodoo tradition. Lon

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