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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not Your Grandmother's Humanoids - Part 2

My friend & colleague Albert Rosales of the Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies has graciously forwarded another humanoid related article for publication. Click for Part 1 - Not Your Grandmother's Humanoids. The following is Part 2 of the narrative:

Robot type humanoid

This is another category of “Not your grandmother’s humanoid” type of entity, the ‘Robot’ of Sci-Fi fame. But if we are to believe many witnesses reports, these humanoids are not exactly stuff of science fiction. The following report is of very little known report (outside of Spain) which appears to describe some type of mechanical or robot type entity.

Again the source is the website “Lo Oculto, Ovnis en España”:

It was in the spring of 1968 (Spain was going through a phenomenal UFO wave at the time) one morning around 11:30 a.m. near the small locale of VIllar de Humo, Cuenca, Spain a 14-year old witness was working on his father’s land located in a wooded area when he suddenly saw emerging out of a line of trees located next to the Vencherque River at about 200 meters away two shiny metallic ‘objects’ or figures resembling “metal robots”, silvery in color and about 2.5 meters in height, that were walking towards the witness with their arms straight down at their sides and without moving their legs. Both entities seemed to move in unison and had square heads and thorax and on each of their hands they were carrying some sort of metallic “briefcase”. When they were about 60 meters from the witness he ran home and notified his parents of what he had seen. Immediately the adults searched the area but failed to find anything. We got ask ourselves if the report is accurate what were these apparent robotic beings doing in the middle of nowhere in Cuenca Province Spain in the spring of 1968. Some questions are best remained unanswered, I think.

Witness' sketch of the robotic entities

Next I will like to summarize a case of an apparent bedroom visitation which involved several entities including a massive robot! The case was investigated by Puerto Rican UFO researcher Jorge Martin and published in his magazine “Evidencia Ovni #3” which I summarized and translated. The incident took place late night of early September of 1994, it occurred at the village of Villa Palmeras in Santurce, Puerto Rico. The witness had apparently been involved in a previous bedroom visitation a week before however on this same night he was awakened by the appearance of two short gray-luminous figures in his bedroom. He was briefly paralyzed but was again able to move. The beings ran out of the room as soon as he was able to move but suddenly a section of the ceiling became luminous and a type of move screen became visible. Two figures now appeared on the screen; one of the figures was tall and was wearing a uniform, a metallic helmet, and what appeared to be epaulets on his shoulders. He was gray-colored with large black slanted eyes. Behind this figure stood a huge wide-shaped entity resembling a metallic robot with an almost square head on top of massive shoulders. The tall figure communicated by using telepathy explaining to the witness that they only wanted to examine him and his paralysis was totally accidental. After a few moments’ the screen became smaller and disappeared.

Perhaps some type of holographic image projected by the original humanoids seen. What was the purpose of the massive robot like creature? Was he some type of guardian or security?

Next case is from Maurizio Verga’s excellent entity catalog “ITACAT”. It supposedly took place one evening in the spring of 1980 in Aviano Italy. The UFO connection is very tentative but most of the encounters here are. A farmer was riding his motorcycle into town when he observed what he termed as a “monster-like” entity enclosed in what appeared to be a glass cage, sitting in the center of the town square. The humanoid was seated, very tall, and very erect with his hands on his knees. His entire body was engulfed in long green filaments. He had very long hair and it was standing on end. As the witness approached he was overcome by a powerful odor that made him disoriented. He walked back to his motorcycle and then heard a sound similar to glass breaking, as he looked back he saw two blond girls screaming. He apparently left the area in a hurry. I don’t know, maybe we are dealing with other dimensions alongside ours?

This is a fairly common group here, notice the absence of 'Grays'

Next case is a very curious event received from Ukrainian researcher Dr. Anton Anfalov he quoted the original source, Anatoliy Tavricheskiy writing in Crimean Riviera Magazine June 2006 #22:

One evening in July of the year 2000 in the Batiliman area, near Cape Aya, Crimea, Ukraine a Russian family from Moscow was staying at this picturesque resort on the shores of the Black Sea. The father was enjoying a view of the sea using a pair of binoculars, when he suddenly spotted a huge humanoid entity swimming in the waters. The figure was definitely not human or a common diver, the height (or length) of the figure was estimated to have been 3 meters, and was dressed in what appeared to be a tight-fitting shiny metallic suit. This very tall “man” was apparently ‘frolicking’ or playing with a huge snake-like creature, light brown in color, resembling a real “sea dragon” which swam nearby. The tall humanoid and the sea dragon were swimming very close to each other. Other witnesses gathered and watched the amazing sight for about 15 more minutes. Soon the strange sea snake departed to the open sea and the giant humanoid began to swim quickly along the rocky shore towards Cape Aya. The witnesses watched the giant for about 10 minutes until it vanished behind some coastal shrubbery. According to Anfalov, Cape Aya in the Crimea has underground and underwater subsurface ‘portals’ that connect into a system of alien bases and tunnels that stretch for several kilometers under the shore, also inter-dimensional portals that connect into other dimensions used by the aliens. Also there are numerous reports of “sea dragon” type creatures on the Crimean southern coast, which apparently live in deep underwater caves near the coast or arrive here from other dimensions. Makes sense to me.

In Gil Bar’s UFOs in Israel Timeline I found this next curious case said to have occurred on the night of July 15 1996 in Kibbutz Ma’anit, Israel. According to the brief summary two six-year old children watched a disc-shaped ‘spaceship’ land nearby and watched stunned as six small humanoids with large slit-like eyes emerged from the object and stared intently at the witnesses, The humanoids were accompanied by a strange ‘animal’ resembling a large dog with glowing red eyes. After sometime the humanoids and their ‘pet’ re-entered the craft and left. Unfortunately there is no additional information but this is not the first (and I suspect not the last) report of humanoids being accompanied by a dog-like animal or ‘pet’.

The Bible states that “There were giants in those days” but apparently they are still among us today, the following report is a brief sample, its source is Russell Kellet from FSR (Flying Saucer Review). The date given was one night in 1978 in Utley, Yorkshire, England. A lady name Rita was walking her dog, in an area near a local beauty spot she had used for many years. As she walked past a very large lorry (truck) fully loaded with logs her dog began to act out of character; it began to bark fiercely and then snarl and jump up and down. Then it went quite motionless and just stared looking towards the vehicle, that’s when Rita noticed some movement behind the rear of the vehicle. Suddenly, a giant figure in a frogman’s suit looked over the top of the vehicle at her. Terrified, Rita pulled her dog away and ran for home. She did not dare look to see where the figure had gone or if it was still there. The vehicle or truck was large and fully loaded with logs, so the size of the frogman looking head and shoulders over the vehicle must have been gigantic. The area is moorland that runs all the way to Ilkley and is famous for the mythical giant that roamed there named “Rombald” the giant. Perhaps he still around.

Another giant report comes from the land of the mythical Olympian giants, Greece. Greek researcher Thanassis Vembos writing in Strange Magazine #4 mentions an incident said to had taken place on June 29 1989 around 1430 in the afternoon in the town of Chrysopetra, Macedonia, Greece. Several villagers had previously seen strange flashes of light in the sky. Later on an elderly woman was doing some household chores when she heard a loud bang from outside. She ran out and found her granddaughter in a state of shock. The girl told her that she had seen a large white cloud form in the garden then the figure of a giant, almost 8 meters tall appeared. He seemed to be totally encased in mist and was slightly ‘deformed’. He suddenly disappeared in plain sight emitting a loud banging sound. Large footprints were found at the site of the encounter. Indeed an Olympian God/Giant in our midst!

What do we really know about the nature of our existence? Are there multi-universes and parallel planes surrounding us? Could denizens from such parallel realities come to visit us at times? I believe the answer is yes.

Image of centaur-like creature

One of the strangest humanoid creature said to be encountered from time to time in different parts of the world is the mythological Centaur (apparently not so mythological after all). Encounters with such creatures date back to the ancient Greeks maybe even before the following is a fairly modern day example taken from Graham J. MacEwan’s work Mystery Animals of Britain and Ireland

In the spring of 1966 one night near the small town of Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland, John Farrell and Margaret Johnson were driving along a remote country road passing a local estate when suddenly a huge figure appeared on the road ahead. They stopped the car and one of the witnesses looked out and saw a creature resembling a huge horse with a man’s face with large bulging eyes. Both witnesses were paralyzed with fear and could not move. The being had a huge hairy man-like face and was standing across the road completely blocking the car’s path. Thankfully, the creature only stood there for a few moments and then left.

An even more recent example can be found in “Unknowncreaturespot” a blog dealing with encounters with anomalous creatures. The incident is titled “2006 Michigan Centaur sighting”:

One night either in January or February of 2006 a woman driving alone between the towns of Battle Creek and Bellevue had to slow down for a stop sign. Suddenly a creature of very large size jumped up over a snow bank and ran “10 yards a second.” It was coming towards the car. She further described the creature as “enormous and its body as white as the snow around it.” It had tiny little legs, like animal goat legs but very small. She had the impression that parts of it were like a man and other parts of it were an animal. According to her it either grabbed, or reached for the door handle but the car was locked. She said its fingers were incredibly long, “long, long fingers and nails.” It was so incredibly fast that she did not see a face or anything else. She mentioned that another carload of people had also seen it; they stopped and looked at it at one point before driving away.

Strange encounters with unknown beings are still being reported (very frequently) the following are some of the more recent reports:

A person who requested full anonymity recently reported the following incident to me: One evening on February of 2009 in Ocala, Florida (close to the Ocala National Forest) two men were parked in their driveway talking when they heard something very large hovering above but when they looked at the sky they saw absolutely nothing. Then they heard something in the woods behind them and saw several figures with large black eyes looking at them from the woods. When they attempted to approach the figures the hovering noise ceased and the shadowy figures vanished.

The following report was also received directly from the witness requesting anonymity:

March 2010 around 00:30 a.m. in the city of Barking, Essex, England, the witness, M. R. had just gone to bed while his wife was visiting her friend with their daughter. He had a small dimly lit lamp next to his bed as for some reason he was feeling a bit apprehensive on this night. As he was laying on the bed facing the window he suddenly felt someone sit on the edge of the bed. He sat straight up to see a humanoid-looking female sitting on the edge of the bed. As he looked at her he felt she somehow ‘knew’ he was afraid. She used a hand motion apparently ‘telling’ the witness to calm down. She wore a tight-fitting gray suit with a black belt around her waist. She had black eyes and blond hair and was staring at the witness. As he stared back she suddenly vanished in plain sight. The witness feels that if he wouldn’t have shown fear the contact would have lasted longer.

The following summary was also received privately from a family who has “suffered” several encounters with a strange entity in their home. For obvious reasons they also requested complete anonymity:

Location. Bullsbrook, Perth, Western Australia
Date: April 2010 Time: various

Usually in the early morning hours a young teenage girl and her equally young female friend have reported seeing a strange crouching figure appear in the bedroom. One of the girls reported seeing the strange being crouching above her headboard staring down at her whilst she slept. Other times they have seen the strange being at the bedroom doorway standing really tall filling out the door frame in height. It is really thin and not human at all. The being has even appeared to her at her aunt’s house located several kilometers from her home. According to the main witness the being had a large head and the skin on its face seemed stretched tight. All it does is, stare at the young girls. One night while watching a movie she sensed that someone was watching and when she looked at the doorway of the room the tall thin creature was standing there. She provided additional details of the intruder, indicating that it was very skinny, with ribs showing, with bluish skin and she could see what appeared to be some sort of veins. The eyes were more like humans’ but black in color. It did not wear any clothing and she could not see any genitalia either but somehow “knew” it was a male. According to the witness there has been no attempt of communication in the part of the entity. (Encounters might still be taking place).

As of 2103 I received further information from the witnesses detailing additional experiences:

According to the ‘Belarusian UFO-Committee, UFO-com.net’ at dawn on July 28 2011 in the village of Borovka, Belarus, two soldiers patrolling a restricted military zone (in a forest) saw a silhouette of a man in a ‘puffy’ pink outfit maneuvering between the trees, apparently flying without any means of propulsion. According to their report, suddenly the flying man took a sharp turn and accelerated at about 70 meters away from the patrol. The being was about 2 meters in height and human-shaped. Have we here secret military technology being tested?

The following report was summarized and translated (by yours truly) from the very informative Spanish website “Lo Oculto, Ovnis en España”:

One night in December of 2011 between Jerez de la Frontera and Sanlucar de Barrameda, Cadiz, Spain, two employees at the local Alijar ecological park had gone to check on some of the wind turbines that appeared to be malfunctioning, some were producing more power than normal while others not enough. One night while inspecting the top of one of the turbines about 20 meters in height the men began hearing what sounded like small pebbles or rocks bouncing of the structure. Both men climbed down to investigate and were confronted by two strange humanoids about 3 meters in height, very thin, and lead-gray in color that emitted a sound similar to that of “cackling swans.” The two humanoids suddenly ran towards the brush at very high speed seemingly floating just above the ground and disappeared from sight.

The following somewhat unorthodox bedroom visitation type incident was communicated to me directly by the witness:

Location. Los Angeles, California
Date: December 18 2012 Time: 04:50 a.m.

The witness was sleeping alone in her room, however there were other family members in the house at the time, when suddenly she had the urge to get up but as she attempted to, she realized that she was unable to move. She then saw a human-shape figure of average height (1.65m) in her room which suddenly approached her and touched her head. When the strange figure touched her head she felt an intense ‘electrical discharge’ go through her body. She was able to describe the intruder as man-like with ‘steely gray eyes’ and wearing some sort of hooded outfit. She also heard what appeared to be ‘others’ walking around in the house. In the spot around her neck where the entity had touched there remained a ‘sticky spot’ and according to the witness the hand of the intruder felt ‘soft or gelatinous’. Soon the intruder and the others left and after five minutes the witness was able to move again. She immediately washed the spot where she had been touched by the stranger.

I will like to conclude this short article with a final case taken directly from the excellent Blog "Phantoms and Monsters" run by paranormal researcher Lon Strickler:

Location. Near Grass Lake, Shawano County, Wisconsin
Date: January 9 2013 Time: 14:00

Greg Posada and Eugene Pointer called the paranormal hotline with their report of two werewolves seen near Grass Lake. They claim that these two creatures that appeared to be werewolves were definitely bi-pedal. One of the creatures had grayish hair, while the other had brownish hair. Both creatures had snouts. When the creatures were observed, they both seemed to be bent down drinking water from the lake. Eugene and Greg both claim that the creatures sniffed the air and then turned and looked at them. They let off a howl that sounded like a regular wolf and ran off into the nearby thickets. The encounter occurred around 1400 hours and Eugene and Greg were both shaken from this encounter. Greg says that the brown coated creature was at least 7 feet tall, while the gray coated creature was perhaps 6 feet tall. Eugene says that this is not the end of the story. After their encounter with the ‘werewolves’ it was no more than 10 minutes later, they spied a silver disc in the surrounding forest. The silver disc was hovering, tilted and then shot up into the sky. The sighting of the disc lasted only about 3 minutes, but during the time of the sighting everything felt surreal. Everything moved in slow motion. Eugene and Greg felt relaxed and at ease while they watched the disc in the sky. Eugene does not understand how they could have two paranormal encounters in one day.

UFO’s and werewolves in the same area? Strangeness surrounds us we just have to know where to look. I have one piece of advice if you are one day confronted by something or some unknown humanoid, use caution, and remember “Only fools rush in”.

Please feel free to contact the author Albert S. Rosales at garuda79@att.net with any information or questions.

October 29, 2013

I want to again thank Albert for his time and effort...Lon

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