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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Texas Sheep Mutilations Interest MUFON -- Spooky Lighthouses -- 2013 Pittsburgh UFO Conference

Texas Sheep Mutilations Interest MUFON

PORT LAVACA, TX - The investigation into how and why 21 sheep were either stolen or mutilated in Calhoun County is taking an interesting turn - the culprits might be from another planet.

Wayne and Karen Daggs, of Port Lavaca, lost their last two barbado sheep. They discovered one missing and another dead Tuesday.

A member of the Mutual UFO Network read about the missing and mutilated animals in an Advocate article that published in the Houston Chronicle.

Charles Stansburge, the organization's section director, traveled Tuesday to the Daggs' property from Rosenberg to investigate.

The organization plans to help the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department however it can.

The latest casualty did not have a wound behind its ear, which was found on most of the previously killed sheep.

"I can't think of a reason aside from rituals or malicious mischievousness for the mutilations," said Calhoun County Investigator Bobbie Vickery.

Coyotes and vultures devoured the animal below her neck, so it was impossible to know whether her reproductive organs were removed, a trend discovered in the other dead sheep.

"The coyote might have happened upon the sheep after it was killed," Vickery said.

However, he cannot explain how the coyote entered the fenced property or where the missing sheep went.

It is not clear how the sheep were removed, either dead or alive, from the property, he said.

Investigators lack evidence, such as tracks, that anyone has been inside the Daggs' fence, Vickery said. Both surrounding brush and the fence line are free from disruption.

"No one knows the purpose of the mutilations," Stansburge said. "The crime is not solvable."

Stansburge was involved in similar organizations in Colorado and has investigated abductions, UFO sightings and animal mutilations.

Smooth, laser-like incisions, a lack of blood and absence of predator and human tracks are common characteristics of the mutilations that Stansburge has investigated.

Cattle and horses account for the majority of the animals he has seen mutilated.

In the early 1990s, a horse was found with nothing but bone above the neck, without a trace of blood, he said.

An examination determined that the horse's entire nervous system had been removed. And the incision around the neck was precise, as if it was made with a laser, he said.

A small bag was found about 50 feet from the horse. Investigators could not open it, but its contents clanged like metal when shaken.

The container opened when an investigator tossed it across a desk at police headquarters. It revealed tools that included a contraption that might have been a laser gun, Stansburge said.

The local newspaper covered the strange occurrence, which prompted "men in black" to arrive later the same day, he said.

They asked for the bag before anyone told them it existed, he said.

"The men in black told the police and the newspaper that they had not seen or investigated anything," he said. "They told the paper to recant the story."

Alien races have inhabited or visited the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, Stansburge said.

Robert Morning Sky, Native American author of "The Terra Papers," retells his grandfather's accounts of saving an alien from a spacecraft that crashed into the earth in a 1947 galactic battle.

The alien showed Sky's grandfather and his buddies the history of Earth on a crystal after they nursed him back to health, Stansburge said.

The beings were fighting to keep inhabited worlds safe from devastation, he said.

"At least five species are protecting our galaxy, and another is on its way," he said. "Some are here to cause havoc, but they are being pushed back."

"No one knows the purpose of the mutilations," Stansburge said. "The crime is not solvable."

Fletcher Gray, the senior field investigator for Mutual UFO Network, is expected to arrive in Port Lavaca Wednesday to assist Stansburge with his investigation.

"We're looking at mutilation in general," said Calhoun County Sheriff George Aleman. "The last incident I remember was in the 70s - satanic worship stuff." - Victoria Advocate

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Mutual UFO Network Announces Fall UFO Conference

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce the 6th annual 2013 Pittsburgh UFO CONFERENCE to be held Saturday Nov 2 2013. The location will be at the Westmoreland County Community College in the Science Building, 145 Pavilion Lane, Youngwood, PA, 15697. (724) 925-4000.

For those who are fans of Ancient Aliens, UFO Files, or just wonder about the possibility of intelligent life in the universe, you now have a chance to meet and mingle with real-life professionals who scientifically investigate these things. An organization called MUFON shuns the UFO TV limelight and instead, their highly qualified experts, who include individuals from all the sciences, go about quietly investigating reports of unusual sightings and experiences that possibly involve the extraterrestrial.
Join us for a full day packed with informative speakers, interesting discussion and vendors on today’s hot topics in Ufology. Events start on Saturday November 2 from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The Pittsburgh UFO Conference will feature an illustrious group of speakers including:

Renowned UFO researchers and authors include Journalist Linda Moulton Howe; Kathleen Marden who is the niece of Betty Hill; Stan Gordon on Mysterious Encounters; PA MUFON State Director John Ventre will speak on The Case for UFOs; and Michael Lee Hill on Lake Erie UFOs. These speakers promise to make this an enjoyable and informative event.

On Saturday evening there will also be a special meet and greet dinner buffet with all of the speakers.

Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. Special rate packages are available on the conference website. For additional information go to www.mufonpa.com or phone John Ventre at (724)-836-1266.

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Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

'Carrie' viral video - Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

In the video, a man in a coffee shop accidentally spills his drink over a young woman who is working on her computer. Turning on the culprit, she raises her hand in the air and the man is physically thrown backwards across the room and pinned against the wall. Horrified onlookers gasp in terror as the girl proceeds to slide all the tables across the room and then screams so hard that all the paintings fall off the walls.

Far from being a genuine recording of psychic phenomena however the video is actually a stunt set up to help promote the new remake of the movie Carrie based on the Stephen King novel. A special pulley system was rigged up to hoist the man in to the air while all the people sitting around the girl are actors. Only the hapless customers who witness the ordeal have no idea what is going on.

The stunt is the latest in a long line of convincing pranks that have left innocent bystanders shocked and confused. Some argue that stunts designed to scare people should be avoided due to the potential to give someone a heart attack while others dismiss such concerns, instead seeing them as little more than harmless pranks.


Sykesville Ghosts & Legends Walking Tours

Tour begins at:

The Sykesville Town House
7547 Main Street, Sykesville, MD 21784

Stroll Historic Sykesville and learn about:

- The Legendary Sykesville Monster sightings

- The Jail on Norwood Ave

- Police sightings in the cemetery

- The ghost of Baldwin's Station

- AND much more

Each Twilight Tour will last approximately 60 minutes

Go to Sykesville Ghosts & Legends Walking Tours and Sykesville Main Street - Sykesville Ghosts & Legends Tours


Spooky Lighthouses to Visit...If You Dare!

Every good ghost story requires an isolated location, howling winds, and things that go bump in the night. You’ll find plenty of all three at America’s haunted lighthouses, where paranormal lore and legend make for an especially exciting visit during the spooky season. Each of these beautiful beacons is said to have at least one resident spirit, so grab a flashlight and explore this fall—if you dare.

1 - Cape May Lighthouse: Cape May, New Jersey

Standing guard where Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic, this 1859 gem draws nearly 100,000 annual visitors. For most, climbing the 199-step tower is a Jersey Shore rite of passage that rewards with far-reaching panoramic views. But what if you’re more interested in Cape May’s rich ghost lore? Wait until nightfall, then hop on a red trolley for the Ghosts of the Lighthouse Trolley Tour, which shares the stories behind many of the town’s haunted places en route to the lighthouse. As you ascend the spiral staircase, be on the lookout for one of the more famous residents: a ghostly woman in a flowing, white gown carrying a lantern in one hand as she holds a child. (Info: 800/275-4278. Price: $20 for adults; $15 for kids ages 3-12.)

2 - St. Simons Lighthouse: St. Simons Island, Georgia

This lighthouse on the southern tip of one of the Golden Isles is the setting for one of Georgia’s most famous ghost stories. In 1880, the light keeper, Frederick Osborne was killed in a gun duel with his assistant keeper, who was never convicted of wrongdoing. For over a century, many who have climbed the 129-step tower have reported hearing unexplained footfalls on the stairs or seeing Osborne’s restless spirit standing at the balcony railing. (Info: 912/638-4666.)

3 - Point Sur Lightstation: Big Sur, California

Perched on the famous rocky coastline between Big Sur and Carmel, the beacon that has protected sailors and fishermen since 1889 was named one of America’s most haunted lighthouses by the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.” During the show’s visit, the hosts claimed to encounter the spirit of an admiral and heard accounts of unexplained laughter in the stairway and desk drawers opening mysteriously in the light keeper’s quarters. Year-round, you can take a three-hour daytime or moonlit tour; alas, the two October ghost tours are already sold out for 2013. (Info: 831/625-4419. Moonlight tours: $20 for adults; $10 for kids ages 6-17; free for kids 5 and under.)

4 - White River Light Station: Whitehall, Michigan

On the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, a few hours’ drive south of Traverse City, this compact lighthouse-turned-museum no longer guides ships but may have a very dedicated head keeper still caring for it. Captain William Robinson, who served for 47 years and died here, is said to pace around the building and even do some occasional dusting. The lighthouse is open for visits June-October. (Info: 231/894-8265. Admission: $4 for adults; $2 for kids ages 2-12; free for kids under 2.)

5 - St. Augustine Lighthouse: St. Augustine, Florida

A star turn on the SyFy series “Ghost Hunters” has brought street cred to this lighthouse in America’s oldest city, and the Dark of the Moon Paranormal Tour (billed as “all ghost, no gimmicks”) leaves you wondering if the place is, indeed, cursed. Since 1874, when several members of a family, including children, were accidently killed during the lighthouse’s construction, a long list of folks have claimed to have witnessed strange happenings, from voices on the staircase to the wafting scent of cigar smoke to a ghost-like man in the basement. Bring your own flashlight; after the tour, you’ll otherwise be armed with only a glow stick to investigate further. (Info: 904/829-0745. Price: $25 for adults; $20 for kids under 12.) - Fox News

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