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Monday, October 07, 2013

Daily 2 Cents: Crop Circle True Believers -- Haunted Florida Resort -- The Green Lady

Crop Circle True Believers

On a January morning in 1966, a farmer named George Pedley was driving his tractor on his neighbor’s land near Horseshoe Lagoon, just outside the Queensland, Australia, town of Euramo, when he heard a hiss. Shortly afterward, he claimed, he saw a flying saucer rise from the nearby swamp, where he believed the strange sound had come from, and fly away.

Pedley left the tractor and went over to the swamp to investigate. There he found a swath of reeds swirled clockwise into a circle, by his estimate, 30 feet in diameter. Later, with the help of his neighbor, Albert Pennisi, Pedley waded into the water among the reeds and discovered that they had been fully uprooted. The effect was something like a giant (perhaps even flying saucer-sized) floating nest, the reeds, presumably, pressed flat in the direction of a spinning craft taking flight from among them.

The local press took interest, as did other farmers, and soon five more “nests” were found. There is, if you’d like to know how they were situated, a diagram. Despite the fact that a number of residents said the circular reed pattern was a fairly common swamp event during the beginning of the wet season—and a local police officer together with the University of Queensland concluded the effect was most likely caused by a “willy-willy,” which is apparently the delightful name given to dust devils by the Australian people—the “saucer nest” story took off. Called the “Tully nests” after another nearby town, the events of 1966 made an Australian Roswell of the sightings, inspiring dozens of residents and UFO enthusiasts to record circle patterns found among the reeds for years afterward.

All in all, the alien theory raised a lot of difficult questions.

The Tully nests, too, became the precursor to a much wider and well-known phenomenon, one that has inspired countless devotees, scientific (and not-so-scientific) debate, and one fair-to-middling M. Night Shyamalan movie: crop circles. Continue reading at PSMag

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Ghost Hunter Claims 'Most Haunted' 'Rubbish'

A ‘ghost hunter’ from Totternhoe continues his quest into the supernatural as the third series of his television programme began last week.

The Dunstable-born presenter of ‘Northern Ireland’s Great Haunts’ Andy Matthews – who has lived in Totternhoe for 14 years – has been fascinated by the paranormal since encountering sleep paralysis aged six.

We spoke to Andy about the new series. He said: “My aim with this series was to reveal to a TV audience how paranormal investigators really work having been spoon fed rubbish like Most Haunted.

“Nearly all TV ghost shows are faked entertainment. Greatest Haunts is not. What you see is what you get.

“The premise of the series is not to run around screaming in the dark, but to seek actual proof through experimentation, of the existence or non- existence of ghosts.”

Andy said that in the past he has noted ‘unusual’ electromagnetic readings at Priory Church and the Old Palace Lodge in Church Street.

He also told us about his most terrifying experiences. He said: “I suppose the most striking evidence has to be the voices. I had my name called by a ghostly child.

“This sends a shiver down the spine and you feel blessed for having packed a spare pair of shorts.”

Northern Ireland’s Great Haunts is on weekdays at 2.30pm on Really (Sky 248 and Freeview 17).

For the full interview with Andy, see www.dunstabletoday.co.uk. - Dunstable Today


Haunted Bellevue Biltmore Resort

I never posted this anywhere else before online, but my dad always wanted to try to spread this photo online to look for an explanation.

Newspaper article about the photo: http://www.sptimes.com/2004/12/20/Northpinellas/Clearwater_pair_belie.shtml

The Bellevue Biltmore is a very old building for the area and there are a few other documented ghost sightings on the internet about the resort.

The most interesting this about the photo was looking at the actual blown-up photo under a magnifying glass, I was able to make out 3 distinct 'faces'. This picture linked is a scan of the blown up photo, and a bit harder to see, but you can clearly see the 'main face'.
According to the staff there is no smoking in the building and this was taken at the bottom of the stairs.

My only idea was that this was a reflection from the flash bouncing off something reflective and splashing across the wall, but looking at the actual photo the 'mist' doesn't look like it's on the wall, and looks like it is actually floating in the air.

Thought I would share.

For years, some at the Belleview Biltmore Resort & Spa have reported ghostly apparitions who wander through the halls, poltergeists who bang on doors and flip on lights, and transparent elevator operators who seem quite cordial.

A Clearwater couple think one of them likes to mug for the camera.

Joseph and Yvonne Houston say they were quite spooked recently when they picked up some pictures they had developed at a CVS pharmacy photo center.

In one photo, a misty, white image appears above and to the side of the couple as they stand at the base of a stairway in the 107-year-old hotel.

"We said, "What in the world is that?"' said Joseph Houston, a 55-year-old golf instructor. "It looks like it is looking right at us."

The picture was taken with a Kodak disposable camera about 11:30 p.m. on Dec. 4, the Houstons said. They were attending a holiday party and handed the camera to a woman, who snapped their picture.

Since getting the photos back, they have come up with a theory: The ghost is staging an earthly protest against the impending demolition of the hotel. Developers say they have a contract to purchase the property and plan to redevelop it.

"I think this spirit knows if the hotel gets torn down, it will lose its home," said Yvonne Houston, a 55-year-old aesthetician originally from England. "It doesn't want to become a homeless ghost, so it wanted to show everyone it lives there."

Mike Sanders, a Clearwater historian and preservationist who has documented the hotel's history, remains skeptical.

"It's a charming story, but I personally don't put much credence in it," he said.

The former owner of a 12th-century British hotel, Yvonne Houston said she was discussing the future demolition of the Belleview Biltmore with her husband of seven years as they strolled down the hotel corridor that evening.

"I think it knew I felt passionate about preserving the hotel," she said. "I was saying that America has so little history, so why destroy it. The British tend to try and save buildings. I think the spirit heard me. It knew we were sympathetic, and it followed us."

Kathy Rauschenberg, director of public relations for Kodak, said this is the first inquiry she has received about a ghostlike image appearing on a print from a disposable camera.

"These cameras are sealed properly so the film is not exposed," she said, responding to an e-mailed image of the picture. "I do see an image, but I can't tell you what it is. It doesn't look like a film flaw, and the rest of the picture looks like it was exposed under normal conditions."

The Belleview Biltmore's manager, Martin Smith, also looked at the picture.

"I couldn't tell you what it is," he said. "There is clearly something there. It looks like some kind of light or cigarette smoke, but there is no smoking allowed there."

When told about the couple's speculation that the apparition may be seeking to illuminate the plight of homeless ghosts, Smith said, "That's a wonderful thought."

He said he personally doesn't believe in ghosts and spirits, but he said, "People say if you don't believe, you don't see them.

"I've never seen them myself, but I have talked to many people who (say they) have."

Tales of paranormal activity taking place in the hotel have been so widespread, the Belleview Biltmore was the subject of an episode on haunted hotels for the Travel Channel's Weird Travels series. A production crew came to the area in March to shoot segments.

"There are certainly places that you can see where the ghost stories come from," said Chris Bray, field producer for Authentic Entertainment, which produced the segment. "Especially the fifth floor. It's one of the more spooky places," Bray said. "During the day, it's such a beautiful property, but definitely at night it takes on a different character."

Joseph Houston said the experience has made him a believer.

"I never went for that sort of thing, but now, I guess I do," he said. "I just wonder why it chose us." - SPTimes

Ghost Stories of St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Pinellas County: Tales From a Haunted Peninsula (Haunted American)

Ghost Stories of Clearwater & St. Petersburg


The Green Lady

(Philadelphia, PA - unedited) - In 1975 0r 1976 i was in 2nd or 3rd grade,my elementary school class went on a class trip to SMITH MEMORIAL PLAYGROUND AND PLAYHOUSE.We boarded the buses and headed to the FAIRMOUNT PARK section of the city.SMITH PLAYGROUND has been around since the 1800s it has the worlds largest wooden slide board.Our class arrived for the days fun sliding the slide and having fun with other school kids that were there also on a class trip.Myself and some of my classmates became bored so we decided to make our own fun.We scaled a fence to another section of the playground,there we came upon a swimming pool area.In this new area we can see that the pool havent been used in years there was so many leaves in the pool that its color was dark green.We began throwing rocks in the pool until we again became bored,so we scaled another fence.This new area put us out in the park there was a pathway to our right,as we began to walk down pathway i heard a female voice from behind me say "stop children". When i looked back there was this "GREEN LADY" hanging from this tree,when she came out of the tree i can see that she had scaly skin like a lizard,her skin had a design pattern which covered her from top to bottom,as if her skin was also her clothes.She walked on 2 feet and she had a small slit for a mouth.When she spoke to us we can hear her in our heads,her mouth never opened or moved.We hot tailed it back over the fences and i have never been back.I can not remember all my classmates that was there.After 30yrs of questions i found 1 classmate that remember this incident,there were probably 5-6 of us.Also thru some research i found an article from the times daily-google news archive dated 10/6/1959 which describes an incident about a green lady chasing school children with a knife.This does not fit the description nor the same green lady that appeared to us.I witnessed something truly amazing and out of this world.I feel very blesses to have experience this and truly lucky that i can finally share my story with professional people instead of the non believers. (6 witnesses) - MUFON CMS



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