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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Have We Received Another Warning?

NOTE: I posted the following information in March 2010...a full year before the devastating 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, as well as the subsequent 2011 Miyagi earthquake. In light of the recent giant oarfish found off the coast of California, could we expect similar occurances? Please read and let me know what you think:

March 6th, 2010

The appearance of the fish follows Saturday's destructive 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile and the January 12 tremors in Haiti, which claimed an estimated 200,000 lives.

A quake with a magnitude of 6.4 has also struck southern Taiwan.

This rash of tectonic movements around the Pacific "Rim of Fire" is heightening concern that Japan - the most earthquake-prone country in the world - is next in line for a major earthquake.

Those concerns have been stoked by the unexplained appearance of a fish that is known traditionally as the Messenger from the Sea God's Palace.

The giant oarfish can grow up to five metres in length and is usually to be found at depths of 1,000 metres and very rarely above 200 metres from the surface. Long and slender with a dorsal fin the length of its body, the oarfish resembles a snake.

In recent weeks, 10 specimens have been found either washed ashore or in fishing nets off Ishikawa Prefecture, half-a-dozen have been caught in nets off Toyama Prefecture and others have been reported in Kyoto, Shimane and Nagasaki prefectures, all on the northern coast.

According to traditional Japanese lore, the fish rise to the surface and beach themselves to warn of an impending earthquake - and there are scientific theories that bottom-dwelling fish may very well be susceptible to movements in seismic fault lines and act in uncharacteristic ways in advance of an earthquake - but experts here are placing more faith in their constant high-tech monitoring of the tectonic plates beneath the surface.

"In ancient times Japanese people believed that fish warned of coming earthquakes, particularly catfish," states Hiroshi Tajihi, deputy director of the Kobe Earthquake Centre.

"But these are just old superstitions and there is no scientific relationship between these sightings and an earthquake," he said. - Oarfish-omen-spells-earthquake-disaster-for-Japan


Extraterrestrial Warning?

Friday afternoon, (March 5th, 2010) I received a telephone call from a friend who had a dire warning. First off, this friend has had repeated alien contact for several years which I have documented. He has proven to me that he is not a charlatan through his verbal accounts and the physical evidence he has presented. The warning was that to expect a sizable earthquake in the Pacific, notably in the area of Japan, as well as a tsunami that will effect the west coast of the United States and/or the Baja Peninsula.

This is not the only time I have heard a similar warning. A few months ago, an 'experiencer', who I had once interviewed, contacted me that she had received a message from 'the guide' (according to her, 'the guide' was present during her abduction) to "take steps and prepare for major disturbances...to heed the 'messenger'." It upset her enough to call me several times and insist that we talk. By the way, this woman is married to a USMC officer and lives on Okinawa.

In spite of the recent major earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, I hadn't given much thought to the 'message' until I read last night the significance of the oarfish as the 'Messenger from the Sea God's Palace' in Japanese lore. For centuries, the Japanese have associated the sighting of deep sea oarfish as a harbinger of earthquakes. Many will call it superstition and that I am making too much of this...but it is an strange coincidence. Oh, don't shoot the messenger...Lon


On April 5th, 2010 I noted recent seismic activity

A 7.2 earthquake has rocked the Baja Peninsula...and there have been several moderate size earthquakes in southern California.

Last month, I posted warnings referencing the Japanese oarfish omen an an extraterrestrial's alarming message to a friend. Something to think about. Lon

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