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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Witness Report: Central Maryland Bigfoot

I received the following report on Wednesday:

I was given your link by the local UFO community concerning Bigfoot sightings.

Around 2001 or 2002, I started working for the USPS as rural letter carrier in Westminster. I had previously worked for Westinghouse at it Oceanic Plant in Annapolis for 13 years prior to that. Northrop Grumman had purchased Westinghouse some year earlier. I was called to sign papers concerning my security clearance at Oceanic after I had told them I had found a job with USPS. So after signing the papers and listening to their debrief I headed home. On Route 97 a female woman was attempting to flag me down help. She looked like a member of my art group, so I pulled over. It was not the person I though but she said that a Bigfoot had gabbed her friend and taken her into the woods.

Without thinking I went into the woods. About the time I realized it was exceptionally stupid to do so, I spotted the a girl being carried. They were so far in front of me, I would have not have said it was a Bigfoot. A few seconds later I spotted a military helicopter in the sky and it was circling. It got lower and I saw the crew man open the door and place a weapon on a mount. I had picked up a large stick. I tested it strength on a side of tree and needed to pick up another. After picking up the second stick I could see the crew man point at me and whatever was carrying the girl.

I became very frighten almost to point I wanted to run. However within seconds a blonde girl, who was naked from the waist down, came running towards me. She rushed past me and continued running. I know the copter was following whatever had grabbed the girl. When I made it back to the road, Maryland State Troopers had pulled over. The blonde girl was so frighten she ran out to her friend in the car. She was still naked from the waist down. On my way back I had spotted her clothing and picked it up.

The police detained us at the location. I listened to the girls tell their version, but later I was sent to my vehicle. Two troopers asked what had happened separately. Later one of the troopers came to my vehicle and said "your people want you to leave now." He made other comments suggestion I was still in the military (I am former Marine and cut my hair very short).

I used to workout at Choe's Hap Ki Do from 1985 till 1993/92 non-stop. I had a sparring partner who we later learned was an FBI agent. He had told us he worked for Social Security. I picked him up from where he said he worked on several occasions before class. After we found a weapon in his bag he said he was an FBI agent. He stopped coming to class after that. Well...he showed a few days after the Bigfoot incident and said that I had spotted a biker/survivalist who was wanted by the authorities. He was indeed a huge man over six feet tall and ugly as hell...and that he was not a Bigfoot. I told them I was too far away to get a good look at it. Whatever was carrying the girl had shoulders so wide that the girl's waist could easily fit between his shoulder muscles and his neck with gaps on both side. This implied that whoever was carrying her was 7 to 8 feet tall.

I grew up in Randallstown and we had heard the Sykesville Monster stories. I heard tree knocks almost every time I entered the woods as a youth. I did not know about tree knocks until a few years ago.

I also delivered mail at the Woodstock PO for about two years. Several of the customers claimed to have seen Bigfoot. When I was delivering back then there was a prime-ape sanitary. I know of one incident when numerous Federal authorities were at that location because of a series of Bigfoot sighting. They were blaming the sanitary on allowing one of the apes escaping and not notifying the authorities.

I still technically work for USPS in Westminster. I am in a non-pay status, but not Bigfoot related. It is long story. Last year on my new route a drunk driver went off the road and made circles in a farmer's field. A few days later I was told some youngsters made additional circles in other farmer fields. I was told lights had been seen above fields and this was the motivation of the kids. The police came and demanded that those farmers harvest their crop where they had circles. The formers were very upset with the demands of the Federal government. It seems the Feds were worried that news media would spot the circles and made a big deal.

The day the farmers harvested their crop a policeman from Taneytown, who lives in Westminster, stopped on my route and had me pull in front of his garage. The farmer who had a field behind his home was discharging his rifle in that direction. Eventually the local police showed up and I was able to continue on my route. I had a parcel for his home. He claimed that Bigfoot were stealing his corn crop. I was told to leave after dropping off my parcel. Several years earlier while on another route a farmer had clearly faked crop circles one day. A few days later another set of crop circles appeared. I was told they did not look like faked circles and was told to harvest his crop. While continuing on my route two customers claimed to have seen a very large Bigfoot.

I had reported a very clear sighting of three Bigfoot many years ago while lost in the Elkridge area. I attempted to report it to websites in Maryland. About a year later one site responded back and took my report. I told them I might have had other less clear events. They said having a second sighting would discredit my sightings. SN

NOTE: Since I live in the area (currently in Randallstown, MD...formerly lived in Sykesville, MD from 1976-82) I'm going to try to dicepher some of the information SN provided. The incident SN described in the Annapolis area actually did occur. I was told about this by a local BFRO investigator not long after it had happened. In fact, the BFRO investigator stated that there had been sightings in the same general area for many years. As well, this area is only a few mile east of the Patuxent Research Refuge...the site of the infamous 'Maryland Goatman' and other strange anomalies. SN's information about State and Federal/Military authorities is consistent with other incidents in and around the Baltimore/DC metro area. Unusual sightings (UFO and cryptid) are sequestered and buried. Any investigator who lives and works in this area knows that all too well.

The Sykesville Monster sightings are also fact. In the early to mid-1970's there were several encounters (3 documented) with a Bigfoot-like being in and around Sykesville, MD. When I started to investigate the sightings after my encounter in 1981, I discovered that there were at least 8 other sightings and encounters along the South Branch of the Patapsco River during the same period. Between 1981 and 2001, there have been 4 Class-A sightings within the Patapsco River / Liberty Reservoir watershed according to the BFRO. Woodstock, MD had 2 documented sightings, one in 1972 and another in 1993. It seems like there are more Bigfoot in the Woodstock area since SN was told of other sightings since that time.

There have been reports worldwide of UFOs & Bigfoot seen in proximity together for quite some time. Many of these reports have come from Pennsylvania and continue to be investigated by Stan Gordon. These incidents of 'lights, crop circles and Bigfoot' in and around Westminster, MD are not surprising. I have received similar reports since the early 1990s. Lon


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