; Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal

Pennsylvania Upright Canine / Dogman Investigations

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3rd Bi-Pedal Canine Sighting - Central Pennsylvania (Update)

Update: Central Pennsylvania Dogman / Bi-Pedal Canine Investigation - 9/4/2015

Yellow Eyes in Dead Woman's Hollow

Exploring the Actuality of Dogman

Update: Pennsylvania Upright Canine Investigation

Upright Canine Encounter: State Game Lands #166 - Blair County, PA

Upright Canine Sightings: Otter Lake, PA / Niagara Region, Ontario

Chilling 'Dogman' Encounter - Clearfield County, PA

Upright Canine Eyewitness - West Centre County, PA

Possible Upright Canine Sighting - Mercer County, PA

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Cryptid Canid - Perry County, PA

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Does A Real-Life 'Werewolf' Lurk In The Pennsylvania Darkness?

Upright Canine Encounter - Bald Eagle State Forest, PA

White Upright Canine Observed in Cambria County, PA

Aggressive Upright Canine Encountered in Berks County, PA

Northumberland County, PA 'Werewolf'

Upright Canine Encounter in Centre County, PA

Aggressive Upright Canine Encounters Multiple Witnesses in Centre County, PA

Cryptid Canine Observed Crossing Road in Blair County, PA

Upright Canine Observed in Lackawanna County, PA

Upright 'Wolf' Humanoid Closely Observed in Bucks County, PA

Cow-Sized 'Hyena' Cryptid Observed Near Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Recent Upright Canine / Cryptid Sightings & Encounters Reported in Montgomery County, PA

'Dogman / Cryptid Canine' Shot by Coyote Hunter in Greene County, PA

'Cryptid Biped' Encounters in Cambria County, Pennsylvania (Possible Upright Canine)

Massive 'Dogman' Encountered in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania Backyard

Massive Hyena-Like Cryptid Encountered by Family in Rural Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

Massive 'Bipedal Cryptid Canine' Tracked & Killed by Pennsylvania State Police

Gruesome 'Cryptid Canine' Encountered in Berks County, Pennsylvania (FULL REPORT)

Unknown Upright Cryptid Encountered in Bucks County, PA

CRYPTID CANINE Activity Reported & Investigated in Cambria County, PA