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'Crawler' Humanoid Encounters in Maryland, New York & Belarus

Crawler Humanoid Encounters

3 different encounters with tall pale humanoids by separate witnesses in Maryland, New York and Belarus.

"This event took place over a year ago, but I hadn't really thought to post about it until now. I don't want to dox myself, but I live in Maryland, and I was with my now ex-girlfriend at her house. It was a rural area, surrounded by woods in all directions. It was night, and we were going to visit her grandparent's house a short drive away. We got into her car, and while she was fiddling with her phone and the aux cord, I saw something in the brush, illuminated by the headlights. It was tall, pale grey, thin with a gaunt face and stretched limbs. I don't think it stood to the standard 8 feet of a crawler, but my lack of depth perception makes it hard to accurately perceive distance and height. All it did was watch, its seemingly hollow eyes fixed to me. It was gone before I could point it out to my girlfriend, and I didn't have the bravery or stupidity to investigate. I wish I had concrete evidence of what I saw, but all I have is my word and a terrifying memory." SS


"I've had some run ins with a pale, humanoid creature. It was in the summer and early fall of 2014. I was walking down the road 2 of the times I saw it, driving the third, each time late evening. Not quite dusk, but getting there. Same stretch along some swampy woods near my home, north of Binghamton, NY. There is an old pasture that separates the road from the woods by about 50-70 yards or so. The 2 times I saw it while walking, it kept pace with me from just within the trees for about a mile each time. I could tell it was there, but couldn't get a good look at it. I've had coyotes and feral dogs do the same thing. I always assumed it was because they are trying to decide whether or not to attack. Which is more than a little unnerving when it's a unknown humanoid thing (I would know how to react to a coyote or dog coming at me. I had no clue what would have happened if this thing came at me).

The time I saw it when driving, it was out in the open when I spotted it, but it went back into the trees very quickly. That was the best look I got of it, but some brush obscured the hips and legs. It was short, maybe 5-5.5' tall, and I could tell it wasn't proportioned like a human. It's torso was too short and the arms were too long. Didn't get a great look at the head. It was facing away from me, and either the head was low without much neck, or it was just holding its head down as it ran. It was uniformly pale, off white in color. At the distance and lighting conditions it was in, I couldn't tell if it was fur, skin or whatever, but it appeared to be the same color all over. I haven't seen it since, but I have occasionally had the "red-alert" feeling when in the same woods hunting, even though there wasn't any visible reason. Not sure if there is a connection, because I get a similar feeling when I run across coyotes or bears and the like, but it always struck me as odd that I couldn't notice the cause(consciously, at least. Part of me definitely noticed something)" VN


"I never saw a UFO, but I saw an entity mostly associated with UFO. I grew up in the USSR, in now northern Belarus, until I was 13 years old.

37 years ago, my mother and I saw an entity outside looking in at us through the window. It was hairless, pale white, huge bulging black eyes and it had teeth that were very small, very well spaced, skinny and pointed. Almost like an angler fish.

We hid for hours and until we heard my father drive towards the house. We both looked out the window to see the being then stand up from behind a wall. It was much taller than a human and it was hiding behind that wall and I believe waiting for us to come outside. My father drove up the driveway, we saw the silhouette of its body from the back. It was hunched over staring at the car. My father saw it in the headlights and what it looked like perfectly. He drove at it and it ran away into the brush around the house.

It never made a sound, it seemed smart but cautious and the overwhelming feeling I got that night that it was viscous and violent. My parents spoke with police as we were so horrified about the encounter. After speaking to police or KGB we were relocated and forced never to speak of the event to anyone. With in 30 hours I was living in a new home nearly 100km away.
I have searched for so many years for an explanation. I’ve spoke with government officials in Belarus, I have interviewed with people who lived near our home then about 10 years ago. I have no answers." IS

Unknown Hairy Creature (Possible Bigfoot) Charges Hunter in Georgia Woods

Possible Bigfoot in Rural Georgia

A hunter in rural Georgia encounter an unknown biped hairy creature that dropped all four and charged the eyewitness. Was this a Bigfoot...or something else?

"I come from a family of hunters. It was not uncommon for my mom and stepdad to go out early morning and not come home until well into the night on occasion. In rural Georgia, it is fairly common for land owners to lease out their acres for hunting to different folks depending on the seasonality, and they type of hunting they are doing, and deer season for archers begins at the end of the summer.

My mother has this story that I loved to hear as a child that as an adult, had a horrifying twist. One afternoon, my parents struck out to hunt for the day. The land they leased that particular year ran alongside a power line route. These routes are clear cut through woods and create a man-made field. A hunter can set their tree stands up in the thickets surrounding these fields and wait for grazing animals to come by.

Around dusk, my mom started to look out for my step dad to come and pick her up. He would usually help her get situated in her stand, then go and find his on setup further down the trail. As the sun began to sink, she saw him walking down through the power line clearing. My stepdad is a brolic type man that has a wide gait in his walk. He swings his arms a bit as he walks (I mean it’s kind of similar to a caveman to me). Even in the low sinking light, she could make out his silhouette and could see that he was zig zagging from side to side of the clear cut field. He’d obviously forgotten where they had set her stand up and was trying to find her, so she stood up and waved her hands to get his attention. At that moment, the creature she thought was my stepdad noticed her. It dropped down to all fours and darted into the woods, making a strange low growl as it did. She waited for what seemed like an eternity for my step dad to come and get her. She was terrified and in tears.

This was a story shared many times in my childhood when I asked for a scary hunting story (they have plenty of them). It’s not that I didn’t believe my mom, but we all know that the night can play tricks on us and heighten our imagination, so when I asked for this story in my teenage years imagine my surprise when my step dad spoke up.

A man of few words, and a lack of imagination, he raised his head at the dinner table. “I’ve never told either of you this, but I think I probably should. That night, the creature wasn’t running away from your mother. I was walking along the line of the woods towards her tree stand when I noticed it. I smelled it before I actually saw the thing. It had a pungent odor, almost skunk like and it seemed to be a little over 6-foot tall covered in thick, course hair. It saw me about the same time as I was drawing back an arrow to take aim. At first, it growled then dropped to all fours and sprinted towards me as I released the arrow, knocking it in the arm. I was shaking and just missed the intended hit. The animal veered to the side and kept running.”

To this day, I wonder what that creature was." RS

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