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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reader Submissions: Tillie Pierce House / The Woman In Black

The following narratives describe encounters experienced by two readers:


Hi Lon!

After Phenomenology 105 was over at the Eisenhower Conference Center on March 24th in Gettysburg, my sister, Jeanne, and I stayed two nights at the historic, quaint and haunted Tillie Pierce House. We were the only guests in the Inn both nights so any noises were either ours, creaks of the old building or something paranormal. We stayed in the Pink Room, which is on second floor in the front of the house. Here is what happened the first night at around 4:20 AM: We both woke up to movement down the hallway towards the front of the house. It sounded like creaks on the floor as if someone was walking down the hall, but we also heard the noises above our room. Then we heard the creaks/knocks coming to our room. I looked at the door, expecting something to open it as "someone" was definitely AT our door. Then I felt a huge chill come over my entire body. (I was in bed.) (I get a chill/goose bumps when a spirit is near me, typically, so I felt the presence of someone very near.) The feeling lingered only a few seconds and then was gone. We slept the rest of the night in peace.

The following night at around 11:30 I sat in the hallway and tried to make contact with the ghost cat that has been reported. I was told that one could hear meowing and, two weeks ago, two people saw the apparition of a cat walk through a door. So I had my P-SB7 (ghost box) turned on and was calling out, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty!", hoping to hear some meowing. Instead I heard the voice of a human spirit say, "Cat!" very distinct and clearly. That night in bed we heard some creaks in the house, but nothing like we had heard the night before.

The Tillie Pierce House is a beautiful, quaint and historic place to visit. The location is ideal and I truly believe it is haunted. The spirits are just curious and I never felt afraid.

Julie H.

Gettysburg Unearthed:: The Excavation Of A Haunted History

Ghosts of Gettysburg: Walking on Hallowed Ground

Haunted U.S. Battlefields: Ghosts, Hauntings, and Eerie Events from America's Fields of Honor



One evening in 1991, while enjoying a nice walk on my first visit to London, I nearly bumped into a woman. Apparently I was distracted by the sights because I certainly didn’t see her before almost walking into her. She was wearing a black dress and bonnet (of a style from the early 1800s much as I had seen on display in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum). She held a small purse in her hands. Her face was plump and decidedly English. Her expression was quite sad. We stood less than an arm’s reach from each other, face to face. Her eyes barely caught a glimpse of mine because she was, with apparent despair, dropping her head as if defeated. As she did so, she asked, “Have you seen my brother?” Uncomfortably, I said, “I don’t know your brother, so I don’t know if I’ve seen him.”

Then I looked behind her. Four meters away stood two men looking at me. I thought that perhaps they were escorting this troubled woman who was out in the dark of London asking strangers questions. The two men said nothing. Then she and I walked past each other. After I walked five or six steps, I turned around to watch her, concerned about her and curious to know what she was doing. But she wasn’t there. This was an open area. There was no obstacle that could have blocked my view of her. There was nothing for her to hide behind. My view was not obstructed by people. She just wasn’t there. Puzzled, I continued my walk and said out loud, “Well, I guess this is creepy old London.”

I’m thinking that those two men didn’t see her and only saw me talking. Perhaps she was only visible to me. That would explain why they said nothing to me.

Anyway, nine years passed. Again, I had business to do in London and would soon go there for a second visit. So I went to a bookstore in Los Angeles to get a useful book about enjoying London. I like to walk and wanted something compact and not heavy. From the shelf, I removed a book titled, Walking Haunted London: 25 Original Walks Exploring London's Ghostly Past It featured several walking tours, each tour three to five kilometers long. To give the reader a better sense of history, the author usually began each by telling of battles and interesting commentary pertinent to the area. Then he wrote of specific ghostly events that have been observed by credible people such as Tower Guards, Winston Churchill, and countless people for a few hundred years.

At the bottom of page 23, I was intrigued to see a story tour titled, “The Woman in Black.” This was the story of Phillip and Sarah Whitehead. The author wrote that ever since she died, many people have witnessed that she appears out of nowhere with sad downcast eyes and is heard to say the one phrase she so often spoke in life: “Have you seen my brother?” My arms had goosebumps.

I could have lived my entire life without discovering the story of Sarah Whitehead. In fact, after that chance meeting with Sarah, the story eluded me for another nine years - and that book has since been out of print for many years. I contacted the Bank of England and they mailed information to me about Sarah Whitehead. I also contacted the author of the book and we chatted.

During my second visit to London, I was hopeful to see her again — and why not? For some reason I was fortunate to have had that experience. But I didn’t see her again.

I’ll never forget Sarah’s face. She looked as human, alive, and truly there as anybody. She didn’t look ghostly or like an apparition in any way. I marvel at the fact that Sarah was aware of my presence. She wasn’t talking to empty space. She wasn’t five feet to the side of me talking to nobody. She was extremely close and talking to me and only to me. I wonder what would have happened if I touched her hand and said, “Sarah, I’ve got some news for you. Philip is dead. Your search is over. It’s time to move on.” - Kent M.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo: Unknown Entity - Gas Plant - Kenedy, Texas

Original image


I received the following information and image from Ken Pfeifer. It was forwarded to Ken by one of his readers...then sent to me so it could be published:

Nov. 2012 - I was working the night shift on an x-ray crew at a material gas plant. This was around 3 am and there was only four of us in the plant at the time. I took this picture after seeing something swaying side to side out of the corner of my eye. I was in the basket of a man lift coming down when I took the picture. By the time I unhooked my harness to get out of the basket the creature was gone. The police were called and walked premises. The officer told me there were 26 UFO sighting calls throughout that night. If you zoom in you can see the silhouettes of eyes and elongated mouth. I have no doubt of what I believed I seen that night. The other person that saw it with me took off running for the truck.

Followup received from witness:

You can use my name and the picture was taken near Kenedy, TX. I appreciate the quick reply. The picture was even printed in the local newspaper in Kennedy. I had sent the picture to the officer who came to the plant and assume he sent it to the newspaper.
Thanks Darryl.

NOTE: OK folks...what do you think? Lon

What is it?

Alien Encounters in the Western United States

Fallen Angel: UFO Crash Near Laredo, Texas

Haunted Texas: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Lone Star State (Haunted Series)

Just the Facts?: South Carolina UFOs...and a Bigfoot -- FBI's Most Requested FOI Memo -- Brilliant Lights Over Sandia Mountains

Followup to 1980 South Carolina UFO Sightings...and a Bigfoot

A reader sent this in response to the Easley / Anderson, South Carolina UFO Encounters:

On the night of December 2, 1980, around 10PM, driving on Hwy 59, in Oconee County, SC, between Earl's Grove and Fair Play, I saw the same thing. It was beautiful, amazing. It was very cold that night. I was on a very long straight stretch of highway. I literally parked the car, and turned off the engine so I could hear it as it hovered and passed over the highway in front of my parent's home. There was no sound.

I quickly turned into the drive and watched as it followed the old farm road. I quickly parked in front of my parents' home, ran in, and out the back, with my mother. It followed the tree line from the far right, back over the yard, and hovered over a huge oak tree (which is now deceased) Suddenly, it was gone.

The following night, a friend's father saw the same thing, near Westoak.

I'm dropping a couple maps in to show you where the house was, and the layout of the are. (not releasing maps...Lon) I also add the maps, because, according to my best friend, who still lives near the area, there is a bigfoot who is still there. My mother would find the footprints on the property. There were bent saplings, crossed saplings, and any number of just plain weird things. When my friend's daughter was about 4 she saw one on the side of Pine Grove Road. Several months ago - back in Sept. or so, when her nephews were hunting the area, back toward our old place, they encountered one. There is a report filed in Oconee County, on Dairy Farm road, that was right behind our place.



Brilliant lights over Sandia Mountains

Albuquerque, NM - unedited: I was in my hobby room about 11:30pm on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 on the 2nd story which has an unobstructed view of the Sandia Mountain range. I turned out the light and looked towards the mountains as I do every night and saw an object over the mountain range which is over 10,000 feet that had very bright red and green lights but the red lights were brilliant red and were actually beams of light in the shape of very long triangles. One at the top of the object pointing up and one at the bottom pointing down to the ground. Both beams were 50-100 feet long and had very sharp points at the tip. The green lights must have been very small because I didn't notice them anymore. It moved back and forth over the mountain top then came down a little and started moving west over the houses in my direction so I immediately ran down the steps and out into the back yard which took about 15 seconds but it had disappeared. No sound, no planes, no helicopters. Just silence. There is a tram north of this sighting but the object was farther south and looked nothing like the tram as it was moving around and flying over the mountain. There is also a restaurant and light towers up there but all were north of this sighting and they are stationary. I have seen lots of planes and helicopters in this area, even hot air balloons, but I have never seen anything with beams like that. - MUFON CMS

Ufos over New Mexico: A True History of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Land of Enchantment

On the Trail of the Saucer Spies: UFOs and Government Surveillance


Man attempts to kill woman with 'poisoned shoes'

A Japanese man who allegedly tried to kill a woman he was stalking by putting poison in her shoes was arrested on Thursday.

The woman, a colleague, did not die, but developed gangrene in part of her left foot, they said. It was not known to what extent she was injured or if she had to have any amputations.

Tatsujiro Fukasawa, 40, allegedly put hydrofluoric acid, a highly caustic chemical, in her shoes in December last year. He is believed to have obtained the chemical, which is used in oil refining or to dissolve rock, at his workplace.

Fukusawa has denied the allegation. Hydrofluoric acid can be absorbed through the skin into the blood, and can led to systemic failure, including heart attacks.


FBI's Most Requested FOI Memo

The FBI says its most viewed public record is a memo from 1950 recounting a strange story someone told an agent about three "flying saucers" that were allegedly recovered in New Mexico.

The so-called Hottel memo was first released in the late 1970s under the Freedom of Information Act, but it's been viewed nearly a million times since 2011, when the FBI launched an online database of public records called the Vault.

Dated March 22, 1950, the memo was addressed to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and written by Guy Hottel, then head of the Bureau's field office in Washington, D.C. Hottel was reporting what an Air Force investigator said that someone else told him about the crashed saucers.

The following details of the report have perhaps fueled the hopes of those who want to believe: "They [the saucers] were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only three feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed fliers and test pilots."

For the record, FBI officials said in a statement on Monday (March 25) that the Hottel memo "does not prove the existence of UFOs; it is simply a second- or third-hand claim that we never investigated."

Bureau officials also say there is no reason to believe that the story has anything to do with the infamous 1947 Roswell crash in New Mexico. Hoover did actually order his agents to verify any UFO sightings after the Roswell incident and until July 1950. That the Hottel report was never investigated suggests "our Washington Field Office didn't think enough of that flying saucer story to look into it," the FBI statement says. - Live Science

Are Aliens Real? Aliens and UFOs Proof

UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973

The Official FBI Reports on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) Released Under the Freedom of Information Act


The Amityville Horror: Another Lutz Son Breaks His Silence

First there were the flies, a plague of them that, even in December, swarmed inside the imposing clapboard house as George and Kathy Lutz were unpacking their belongings.

Then there were the cold spots in rooms and hallways, the odd smells of perfume or excrement and the jolting sounds at night.

George became increasingly volatile and would wake at the same time — 3.15am, a time that would later assume a sinister significance.

Other disturbances were far more terrifying: objects that flew across the room, walls oozing green slime, the crucifix that turned upside down on the wall, the hidden red room in the basement and — who can forget — the glowing eyes at night of some demonic, pig-like creature.

As for the Catholic priest who came to bless the house, the site of a mass murder only 13 months earlier, the Lutzes only found out later he had heard a voice tell him to ‘Get out!’ as he sprinkled holy water in a bedroom — the one he told the couple that no one should sleep in.

By then, they had fled in terror with Mrs Lutz’s three young children from a previous marriage, taking little more than the clothes they were wearing. Continue reading at Daily Mail

The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Curse: Fact & Fiction (Murder In Amityville / The Amityville Curse / The Secret of Amityville)

The Night the DeFeos Died

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Taking a Brief Break

Hi folks...I need to take time away from the blog for medical reasons. The situation is not serious and the amount of time I will require will be minimal, though I will need rest during treatment. In the meantime, please feel free to forward personal experiences and anecdotes. I promise to return ASAP. Thanks for reading...Lon

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easley / Anderson, South Carolina UFO Encounters

The Easley Progress in Easley, SC printed the following article on Sept. 17, 1980:

There was something ' strange, and beautiful, and incredibly big floating just above the tree tops in front of Larry Joe Garrett's house on Fruit Mountain Road last Thursday morning.

It was unlike anything Garrett has ever seen before. It left him almost transfixed, in a state of awe and exhilaration. The euphoria lasted 24 hours before Garrett said he felt normal again.

Garrett saw the strange flying object at 5 a.m.

About three hours earlier Jerry McAlister of Pamell Road in Anderson had seen something similar. McAlister also described a feeling of excitement and exhilaration after the sighting.

The object has not been identified.

But that does not make it any less real to Joe Garrett. He related his experience to The Progress.

"I had gone out in the yard to work on my wife's car," he said. "She works on the second shift and was still asleep. I heard a buzzing sound, sort of like a big swarm of bees. Or like a Honda, way off In the distance. I looked down the driveway to see if a car was turning around, but I didn't see anything. As I turned back, toward my wife's car I got a glimpse of something over the top of the trees."

"That's the Goodyear blimp!" was my first thought. Then I realized it wasn't a blimp. It was something a lot bigger. I couldn't see it very good, so I walked around to the front of the house. And there it was, out in the clear, right up over me. It was big. Real big. "How big?" he was asked. "Oh, it was as big as Belk's store. But a whole lot taller," he said.

He staunchly stands by his estimate of the size of the object. He says when he looked at it, the object reminded him of a large battleship he had seen once in the Norfolk, Va. harbor.

He described the windows as being very long, and totally black, except for one window that shone with a blinding, glaring light. Garrett said this could have been the sun reflecting off the window, but he couldn't tell for sure. The glare was too bright.

He was specific about the color. He said it appeared to be a metallic, purplish-gray. He was sure the bottom side of the object was metal, of an exceptional smoothness. He saw no seams, although he said there was what appeared to be a metal pipe protruding from the underside.

Garrett could not see the entire shape of the object. He said It appeared to be tilted backward, so that what he saw, primarily, was the bottom of the "saucer." However, he saw enough of the upper part to be sure that it was dome shaped.

"It was shaped sort of like the big water tank up town," he said, "Except a whole lot bigger."

The description given by McAlister in Anderson matched Garrett's in most respects except for the lights. Garrett, who saw the object in full daylight, said there were no lights on it. McAlister saw the object before daylight, and said it carried blinding lights all around its perimeter.

Both men described the object to artist Mickey Tate of the Pickens County Sheriffs Department. Neither man conferred with the other, but the sketches Tate drew from their description were very similar except for the protruding lights reported by McAlister.

The sheriff's deputy theorte-ed that the lights could have been retractable, to be pulled into the fuselage of the craft when not in use.

Although several people were reported to have seen the "flying saucer" in Anderson, no one else, apparently, saw the big object in Easley. Garrett said his next door neighbor was not at home at the time, and the neighbor across the street was probably busy with her children inside the house.

After he had watched the strange object for a minute Garrett said he ran into the house to call his wife. But when he got inside he stopped, thinking to himself that his wife would say he was crazy if he told her what he had seen. He hesitated a moment in the kitchen, then ran back outside to reassure himself that the object was still up there above the trees. When he got outside it was gone.

Later in the morning Garrett's wife convinced him that he should report the sighting to someone. He called the Pickens County Sheriff's Department, and it was then that he heard for the first time that a UFO had been sighted in Anderson, also.

Many theories nave been advanced as to the origin and the identity of the strange object. The Easley Progress called the Greenvllle-Spartanburg Airport's control tower to ask if an unidentified craft had been picked up on radar.

The individual contacted at the tower said the object did not show up on radar. He expressed considerable skepticism that there actually had been an unidentified flying object in the area.

Some persons believe the flying object might have something to do with a Government project of some sort, possibly a weather balloon. Others wonder If it was something sent over from Russia or some other unfriendly country. And then there are those who fear that it was an interplanetary space craft.

Whatever it was, it was not a figment of Joe Garrett's imagination. He saw something very big and beautiful in his front yard last Thursday. He convinces you, when you talk to him about it - Easley Progress (South Carolina), Sept. 17, 1980

NOTE: On the same day, Sept. 11, 1980, a similar craft was observed in Anderson, SC at 4:20 AM...approx. 4 hrs. prior to the Easley sighting. The sightings were 15 miles apart. Two friends saw a rounded, seamless disc-shaped UFO that made a whining noise. It hovered over trees in a yard 100 feet away from his bedroom window. It rotated and wobbled. Physiological effects included red burning eyes, swollen glands in neck, headache. - MUFON UFO Journal, April 1981


UFO still hovers in Anderson man's memory

Jerry McAlister still believes the object that hovered over his house on Broadway Lake more than 20 years ago was a UFO.

“I can still remember everything that happened. That thing was huge,” Mr. McAlister said. “It was solid steel. You could even see the rivets in it. We thought, ‘It ain’t going to land here is it?’ But it just hovered and slid off.”

Sitting in the living room of his Boston Street home in Anderson recently, Mr. McAlister, who is now 67, recounted his close encounter with an unexplained, large flying object on Sept. 11, 1980. He woke to the sound of a strange noise, like the whirring of a helicopter, at 4:20 a.m. Then he lived in a ranch-style house on Parnell Road, near Broadway Lake.

When he went to the window, he saw a “large flying saucer hovering over the lawn,” he said.

Even now, Mr. McAlister can remember watching some of the young pine trees in his yard wilting under the flying object as it hovered, he said. When he saw it, he called the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, and deputies responded.

No one knew then what the object was.

But it didn’t take long for news of the UFO sighting to spread through the community and across the nation. Today, Mr. McAlister has a scrapbook of letters, drawings and articles from local and national publications that told his story.

Several of those stories appeared in the Anderson Independent-Mail. Headlines after the sighting was reported read: “Several Anderson residents convinced strange object was UFO” and “Town buzzes with excitement after possible UFO sighting.”

In one photo, a local restaurant owner was pictured next to a sign that read “Welcome little green men.”

A small clip of the news item even made it into a newspaper in Paraguay in South America. That clip was mailed to Mr. McAlister. He still has it, along with the note that came with it and the stamp that was on it, tucked away in that scrapbook.

Stories also appeared in two national tabloids in 1980, the Globe in November and the National Enquirer in December.

Mr. McAlister also appeared on the television show “That’s Incredible!” that aired on the ABC at the time.

“It was a hot thing for a month or two,” he said. “Right after it happened, people were calling from all over the place wanting to set up (recreational vehicles) in our yard. They thought it might be coming back.”

When asked if anyone ever doubted him about the story, Mr. McAlister said, “No. Nobody said I was crazy, because a lot of people saw it. It was something.”

In fact, six days after Mr. McAlister’s sighting, a story appeared in The Easley Progress newspaper about a man spotting a UFO there. And on Sept. 16, the Independent-Mail reported that two more people saw “whirling lights” in the sky above Broadway Lake.

Not long after the sighting, Mr. McAlister and his then-wife Faye moved. For a while Mr. McAlister worked for the Iva Rescue Squad. For the last seven years, he has lived alone in a small single-wide trailer on Boston Street. That scrapbook has been stored away in his bedroom.

“Since I’ve been here, people have asked me about it,” Mr. McAlister said. “But I guess over the last four or five years, I haven’t said much about it. It was something back then. I ain’t never forgot it.” - Independent Mail - Anderson, SC

South Carolina UFO's & Extraterrestrials!: A Look at the Sightings &

Forgotten Tales of South Carolina

National Geographic Tales of the Weird: Unbelievable True Stories

Just the Facts?: 'Blazing Orb' Over Russian City -- Punxsutawney Phil 'Indicted' -- Mysterious 'Ape-Like' Creature in Dorset

'Blazing Orb' Seen Over Chelyabinsk, Russia

According to the News Agency “Доступ” (Access), the “blazing orb” was first noticed over the city’s Kopeyskoye highway where it was photographed. The previous night of the 19th saw another strange luminous occurrence as locals in the northwest part of the city reported seeing a glowing fog descending from the sky.

Meteorologists theorized that the glowing fog could have been attributed to street lights reflecting off of ice crystals in in the air, but the giant ball of light still has everyone stumped. Could it be related to the meteors that hammered Russia last month or did the city of Chelyabinsk come face to face with visitors from space?

The city of Chelyabinsk is being bombarded with strangeness ever since the 'meteor' crashed there earlier this year. So I haveto ask everyone, what the heck is going on?

RUSSIA AS IT IS: Transformation of a Lose/Lose Society

UFO Case Files of Russia


Deceased woman rises from the dead

There was drama at Manor Hotel in Bulawayo after a woman who had been presumed dead after collapsing while allegedly having sex suddenly woke up just after police officers had put her body into a coffin.

The incident occurred on Tuesday last week at about 12pm. Sources said the woman woke up saying: "You want to kill me, you want to kill me."

A number of people who had gathered to witness the woman's "dead" body being removed from a room at the hotel reportedly fled from the scene. Some are said to have fallen while others tripped over each other in fear of the 'resurrected' woman.

"It was like a movie. People were running away in different directions. It was a scary incident because we were all convinced that she had died because she was just cold. Miracles surely do happen," said a source.

According to the source, police officers who attended the scene seemed moved by the woman's rise from the dead but kept their cool and tried to calm her while she accused them of trying to kill her.

"They had no choice. Surely it was going to be something else to see them also running away. It's their job and they had to remain clam and ascertain what was really happening."

After the woman had regained composure, the police officers are said to have left the hotel with an 'empty' coffin. The woman's unidentified partner reportedly sneaked out of the hotel moments after the cops had left while she was taken home by a colleague.

Sources identified her as MaNdlo and was said to be a 'new patron' at the hotel. When our news crew visited the hotel this week, she was said to be away.

"No one really knows her well because she was just new. We are hoping that she will be back within the course of the week," said a source.

The hotel's manager Raymond Nariti said he did not know what really happened.

"The police officers came with a steel coffin but they left without carrying a body. So I do not know what happened," he said. - Bulaway24


Mysterious ape-like creature photographed in a Dorchester, Dorset park

What is it? Witness said it was the size of a gorilla. - Daily Mail

Bizarre History: Strange Happenings, Stupid Misconceptions, Distorted Facts and Uncommon Events

Phantoms & Monsters: Cryptid Encounters


US UFO reports down 36 percent since Summer 2012

MUFON Executive Director David MacDonald said the increase in UFO reports occurred in July 2012 when 850 domestic cases were filed compared to 625 the previous month.

"The second half of 2012 included about a 10 percent monthly increase over the first half of the year," MacDonald said, "and that trend stayed in place until February 2013. With 2012, we had an average of 600 UFO reports each month from the United States. In February we saw just 381 domestic reports and we have taken in 328 reports so far in March 2013."

NUFORC Director Peter Davenport said his reporting database spiked about mid-June 2012 and remained high through January 2013. Davenport reports the same drop in UFO reports in February 2013 with lower numbers continuing into March.

"Beginning in mid-June of 2012, the volume of seemingly credible reports rose dramatically for reasons that we still do not understand," Davenport said. "The elevated volume of reports continued until approximately mid-February 2013, at which time the number of reports returned to its 'traditional' volume of approximately 300-400 per month."

With MUFON averaging about 600 U.S. UFO reports each month in 2012, the February 2013 totals are approximately a 36 percent drop in reports nationwide. NUFORC is reporting a similar percentage drop in February. - MUFON


Punxsutawney Phil 'indicted' in Ohio over spring prediction

Authorities in the US state of Ohio have issued an "indictment" against Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog famed for predicting spring's arrival, after he got it wrong this year.

The groundhog forecast an early spring when he did not see his shadow as he emerged from hibernation on 2 February.

But tongue-in-cheek prosecutors in Ohio's Butler County accuse the rodent of deliberately misleading the public.

They say such a felony should be punished by death.

"Punxsutawney Phil did purposely, and with prior calculation and design, cause the people to believe that spring would come early," wrote Mike Gmoser, Butler County prosecutor, in an official-looking paper.

'Very harsh'

He added the wrong prediction amounted to a felony "against the peace and dignity of the state of Ohio".

But Bill Deeley, president of the club that organises Groundhog Day, said Phil has a lawyer and would fight attempted extradition by the Ohio authorities.

He added the death penalty would be a "very harsh" punishment for the much-loved rodent.

"We'll have to plead our case one way or the other, but I think we can beat the rap," Mr Deeley said.

There has been much chatter on social media about Phil's incorrect prediction that spring would come early.

Temperatures in the region remain low, with a storm due on Sunday that could bring several inches of snow with it.

Each year thousands of people visit the tiny western Pennsylvania town of Punxsutawney, depicted in the 1993 comedy Groundhog Day, to witness Phil's prognostication. - BBC

Punxsutawney Phil and His Weather Wisdom

Groundhog Day (15th Anniversary Special Edition) [Blu-ray]

Monday, March 25, 2013

'Here Be Dragons': New Katrina Abductions Interview / Recent Reptilian Encounter

On 2/20/13, I conducted a new radio interview with Joe Montaldo, head of ICAR and the host of "UFO undercover": http://paranormalradionetwork.org/2013/02/20/ufo-undercover-guest-x-new-orleans-police-officer-talking-about-his-reptilian-experiences-while-on-the-force-during-hurricane-katrina-inside-one-of-our-local-malls-doing-training-exercises.aspx This is the most comprehensive interview on the topic of my reptilian abductions, thus far. We managed to speak for almost 2 hours. (Note: there is a long news/promo intro, and the program itself does not begin until 12 mins in). Mr Montaldo was able to share relevant info from the dozens of other people who were involved in my 2005 mass abduction. Many of these other abductees, along with myself, were used to help train these reptilians in crowd control. And a large number of them were also were also working in military/police fields. At the time, I was an officer on the New Orleans police. During the course of the program, there are several instances where our phone and internet connections experience strange interference. This even resulted in my phone being disconnected several times, despite the fact that I had a five bar perfect 4g signal. Joe himself testifies to some of the obtuse internet and phone issues he has experienced in the course of dealing with abductees. I have spoken more in depth about these issues in my previous articles on the Phantoms & Monsters blog. The latest article is here http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2013/02/infernal-machine-reptilian-alien.html. It links to the article prior to it, which itself includes an index link to all my previous articles.

In response to this interview, I received an interesting email from another reptilian abductee. Apparently, the reptilians left an odd symbol on her fence. It took her some time to find the identity of the symbol. She eventually discovered it was the African dogon tribe's "sigil" representation of the reptilians from Sirius. In my 2003 abduction, as I discuss in the interview, I had a symbol representing the constellation Draco drawn on the hood of my car. These seem to be messages regarding our specific individual lineages. Reptilians often inform their abductees that they are descended from reptilian bloodlines. They are very specific about the nature of this pedigree. So specific, that they are able to determine which abductees is from what reptilian family line. Joe Montaldo actually did a show on this topic a few years ago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiuTqCDE0zY. One of my past articles, published here in July, also dealt with this specific issue: http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2012/07/grails-snakes-and-test-tubes.html. This article also contains a full correspondence with the same abductee who received the “sigil” mark.

One of the predominant issues in my interview concerned the notion that reptilians have an interest in preparing for crowd control. This extends beyond the "shopping mall" training scenario. Even my 2003 abduction was in a convenience store, with functional fluorescent lighting. These assertions have brought some degree of derision and reflexive skepticism. But, the fact remains that reptilians have been seen used as "security" in numerous abductions. They have been witnessed as employed in this role by greys, and even some human looking E.T.s. Artist David Chace has drawn numerous reptilian abduction accounts, for decades. He has an active thread at concept art forums http://www.conceptart.org/showthread.php?136530-Dahami-s-Reptoids-and-Aliens, and recently gave an in depth interview http://www.examiner.com/article/alien-artist-david-chace-on-positive-reptilian-public-relations-and-ufology. Here are 2 of his renditions of reptilians that were seen serving in a security role, aboard a large multi-species space station. Note the level of extreme, and somewhat anachronistic, militarism in their armor and equipment. ( http://tinypic.com/r/vfz62r/6 http://tinypic.com/r/x5to5e/6 ) - 3 inch diameter clubs, and near full suits of armor? And this was in a relatively quiet facility, mostly filled with greys and humanoids. This reminds me of the reptilian's use of those laser backpacks in the herding of humans, in the simulated 2005 mall riot. The noise, sparks and shrapnel were a step up over rubber bullets and tear gas.

As something of a "warrior culture", reptilians seem to operate at a different level than what modern humans are accustomed to. It's almost like something out of the middle ages, or even bronze age warrior societies. This is highlighted by instances where reptilians have engaged in biting behavior. This happened to another abductee at the 2005 mall abduction,and it also occurred in my 2003 abduction. As we discuss in the interview, reptilians have enough jaw control to cause severe bruising with these nips, without breaking the skin. This sort of behavior is also seen in earth canines, which are able to nip with just enough force to assert dominance, without drawing blood. Admittedly, it is extremely intimidating to see. They lunge very quickly, and accurately. I can see how it may be useful in intimidation of unruly crowds. It certainly is a deterrent against trying to tackle or wrestle them, as I learned the hard way in my 2003 initiation. I'd rather be struck by a baton,then get slammed by another bite like that. It was like diving into a shallow lake, and landing your collarbone on a rock.

It's not that large a leap to move from security mercenary, to crowd control and full policing. Recently , in Italy, the mercenary organization formerly known as blackwater was brought in to counteract rioters http://darkernet.in/greece-blackwater-mercenaries-guarding-govt-and-overseeing-police-coup-feared/. Blackwater was used in Katrina, but not until weeks after the unrest largely died down. In this case, they are being deployed to intentionally battle rioters. So we now have a clear pattern of escalation. In the case of the reptilians, its hard to determine who came up with the civilian policing idea. Was it elements in our own government who requested their preparation? Or was it the reptilians who promoted themselves as able to take on such a role?

Based on what abductee Ken Bakeman saw, reptilians were first used in joint operations between our government, and the greys in the 1960's (http://www.kenbakeman.com/reptilian_index.html). At that time, the reps were being used by greys as mercenaries. Our government's dealings with the greys led to us having to interact with reptilians. But, in the late 1970's, some reptilians started being used directly in some of these government operations. And by 1990, they were actually using some to supervise crash retrieval.
http://www.kenbakeman.com/auxiliary_12.html. This runs parallel to what we've seen in the human military, over the past 15 yrs. Before 9-11, the CIA did not publicly work with mercenary groups. Now, its a known common practice. It evolved from a loose association into a professional relationship, over time. Just recently, the founder of Blackwater detailed his close operational linkage with the CIA (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/03/14/exclusive-erik-prince-on-blackwater-s-secret-cia-past.html) As of this moment, the notion of reptilians being used in policing operations seems far fetched to some. But, how quickly will it too become "common practice"?

Of all the types of races visiting earth (Nordic, grey, mantis, reptilian) the reptilians appear to be the ones best suited to this work. Their particular history, culture, and physiology simply fits this role better than any other species. These reptilian "Dragons" have a long tradition of projecting dominance and fear, throughout the globe. In order to re-assert their relevance in the modern world, they are preparing to escalate their presence to a legitimate institution. We are not the first species to fall within the sphere of this protection "service", and we won't be the last. But, we only have our own instability to blame for attracting their interest. Can anyone argue that their is too much stability in the world today? Based on the direction things are headed, we may see reptilians used worldwide, very soon. How many times have we seen violent crowds overwhelm police? It is happening all over the planet, with more frequency than ever. It is not a matter of if the "powers that be" allow reptilian deployment, it is only a matter of when.

As a side note, I did have a new experience a few nights ago. I woke at around 3:40 am, on March 16th, in my bed. For some reason, I felt compelled to rise up. I sleep on my stomach, so I was starting to turn as I elevated myself. When I was only elevated at about a 45 degree angle, I heard a loud hissing at the foot of my bed. I froze. Whatever reptilian was off in the darkness seemed to have been startled by my sudden movement. I felt an unusually strong amount of disorientation and fatigue. Because of the amount of fear and anxiety I detected in the tone of that hiss, I decided to slowly descend back to my pillow. I didn't even risk trying to make eye contact, because it sounded like it was prepared to attack. Within 20 minutes, I was asleep again. Its hard to call this sleep paralysis, because I had full muscle control. Based on the height of the origin of the hiss, this reptilian seemed to be on the shorter side. It couldn't have been over 5 1/2 feet. Was it possibly one of those smaller adolescent reptilians that are sometimes sent to grab, and return, abductees? If so, there may have been several of them. As many abductees have attested to, younger reptilians travel in groups, for safety. And, it sometimes takes several of them to lift, or forcibly escort, an abductee for transport.

The next few days after this incident, I was unusually anxious. As in a few past abductions, my stomach and senses seemed to be unusually sensitive. I also had completely unexplainable bouts of anger. As I have detailed in past articles, this aggression amplification issue is a common side effect from reptilian abductions. Based on what reptilians have told numerous abductees, this is a result of gene therapy treatments. These procedures activate, and repair, recessive reptilian alien DNA. Reptilians naturally have a higher aggression response, and they can’t avoid imbuing this characteristic when they activate these recessive genes. As Joe Montaldo himself has said, reptilians only abduct humans who have traces of the reptilian hybrid bloodlines they created. There are many other researchers who have come to this same realization. I believe I may have been subjected to yet another one of these gene treatments, based on this new bout of symptoms. I still haven't returned to full equilibrium. In past abductions, it has sometimes taken a full week to feel somewhat functional again. For more info on these gene treatment procedures, you can read these previous articles I've written on the topic (http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2012/07/grails-snakes-and-test-tubes.html and http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2012/02/update-abductee-exposes-reptilian.html). In the course of the 2nd article, I talk about another "bedside reptilian" encounter from 2011. That incident is also covered within the interview.

Matt R.

If you are a journalist, producer, or researcher, you can contact me at circlepanama@gmail.com

NOTE: I do not endorse or impugn any of the narrative posted by the author. It has been posted solely as the opinion of the author without any input by myself (unless I was quoted). The narrative has been published, as received, without any edits. I will state that I believe that there are other humanoid beings living among us, either alien species or entities bio-engineered from terrestrial lifeforms. Beyond my statement you are left to your own conclusions...Lon

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Just the Facts?: What Is It? -- Manatees Dying in Droves -- 'I Wish They Would Return'

What is it?

In a photo posted to twitter by Jonah King from Mississippi: @MattMoneymaker1 do you have any idea what this is? It was found in rural southwest Ms being eaten by buzzards. pic.twitter.com/Ykfq5cRKG5


Manatees Dying in Droves on Both Coasts of Florida

Large numbers of manatees are dying on both coasts of Florida.

In the southwest, a persistent red tide in the Gulf of Mexico has killed nearly 200 manatees this year. These tides are algal blooms, and occur when microorganisms called dinoflagellates proliferate, staining oceans and releasing toxins into the water and air. Harmful to organisms including fish, manatees and humans, the toxins attack the nervous system, causing short-term memory loss, paralysis, seizures and ultimately death.

In the east, near Cape Canaveral on the Atlantic Ocean, manatees are also dying. But there the cause is unknown.

“There are indications of the animals being otherwise completely healthy — but having died of shock and drowning,” said marine mammal biologist Ann Spellman, with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the state agency tasked with the investigation.

In July 2012, manatees started turning up dead in the Indian River Lagoon; now, there are 80 dead animals, 50 of them since the beginning of February.

“They’re all dying from a cause that we suspect is a common one — common to those manatees — but right now, is still unknown,” said Kevin Baxter, spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Continue reading at Wired

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Mystery seal pup found in forest

A pup harp seal rests on the ice floes on March 3, 2008, off the coast of the Magdalen Islands, Quebec.

A seal pup was found in a forest in eastern Sweden on Sunday almost six kilometres (four miles) from the closest body of open water, raising questions as to how it got there, Swedish media reported. A seal pup was found in a forest in eastern Sweden on Sunday almost six kilometres (four miles) from the closest body of open water, raising questions as to how it got there, Swedish media reported.

"A somewhat confused person called and said he was out walking in the woods where he had found a seal pup. I thought he was joking at first," Uppsala police inspector Henrik Pederson told news agency TT. Hunter Robert Sandefors, who was asked by police to take care of the pup, said the seal had probably made its way into the woods on its own, based on tracks visible in the snow. Police said the seal had probably crawled three kilometres over sea ice and three kilometres into the woods. "He must have gotten separated from his mother and gotten lost and gone in the wrong direction," Sandefors told public broadcaster Swedish Radio. The seal was taken to the nearby Dalaelven river, where it was released and swam away. - Phys.Org


Lloyd Pye: I'm co-leading a 12-day tour of Peru's incredible megalithic sites in August!

In early August I will be co-leading a “trip of a lifetime” tour of Peru, and I want to personally invite and urge each of you to seriously consider joining it if your circumstances permit. The price for it is astoundingly low because my co-leader, Brien Foerster, is a Canadian who married a Peruvian woman, so he has lived there for many years and now operates one of the most highly-regarded tour companies in Peru. He gets deals almost nobody else can secure, and now I can offer my friends and acquaintances the chance to directly benefit from his connections.

All of you have seen films and photos of Machu Picchu. It is one of our planet’s most iconic symbols of exotic travel, #1 in South America and #2 behind the Pyramids of Egypt for instant recognition worldwide. Imagine yourself there, walking its hallowed grounds. If you join this tour you will do exactly that, as well as walk a half-mile length of the incredible “Inca Trail” that stretches from Cuzco to Machu Picchu. And that’s just one aspect of these 12 incredible days (and 4 more in Bolivia if you add the extension to mind-boggling Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku!).

We will visit the massive stonework of Sacsayhauaman, above Cuzco. More massive stonework at Ollantaytambo. We will fly over the gigantic figures drawn on the desert floor at Nazca. We will ride a boat out into the Pacific to view the enormous Candelabra of the Andes carved into the side of a large hill to seemingly “point” incoming aircraft toward the plains of Nazca. We will visit Ica to examine the incredible Stones there, which appear to show ancient history depicted in great detail, including scenes of humans and dinosaurs living in proximity! Amazing things, all.

Another focus of the trip will be the newly famous “conehead” skulls of Paracas and elsewhere in Peru, and indeed around the world. These are skulls that contain fully twice the cranial capacity of humans of today! Who were these people? How could they be so radically different from humans? Can they even be considered humans? These are issues that will be thoroughly discussed and debated during the tour, whose co-leader, Brien Foerster, is now considered “The Man” when it comes to coneheads. You will learn all about them from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

From a personal standpoint, I can tell you I went on a tour very similar to this one when I was a much younger man, back in 1993, 20 years ago. Without exaggeration, I can say that it was one of the seminal experiences of my life. I was simply astounded every day, when a new “miracle” would be presented to us for consideration and debate. How could it be that such a primitive culture as the Incas could create such fantastic stone edifices and structures? It seemed impossible to me then, and it remains impossible to me now. But impossible or not, I can assure each of you that this trip will affect you like no other you can or will take in your lifetime. It will leave you with memories, and questions about humanity’s past, that will never leave you.

Let me also add that the tour I took in 1993 was the exact same cost as the tour you will be offered at the link below. Seriously. This is only because of Brien’s many connections in Peru, where he has been arranging and guiding such tours for years. Accommodations will be topnotch, transportation will be in bathroom-equipped buses, and every effort will be made to assure maximum comfort and enjoyment by everyone who joins us. There is room for only 30 on this trip (the buses carry only a few more for the leaders, guides, etc.), so if you have even the slightest bit of interest in considering this as a vacation option, please take it seriously NOW.

One last point: If you yourself can’t take time from a busy schedule (which I realize many of you have), or if you don’t think you’re in good enough shape to trek quite a bit in mountainous terrain at high altitudes (you have to be in a modicum of shape to tackle this), please consider gifting the trip to any children or grandchildren you have who would enjoy it and benefit from it. Measured on any scale of wonderfulness, this tour really WILL be a “trip of a lifetime.” You simply cannot give a more rewarding or appreciated gift.


Lloyd Pye
Panama City Beach, FL

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'I wish they would return'

Augusta, Georgia - 7/1968 - (minimal editing) - I was just a child back then, but these beings would come by to see us from time to time, we lived in the middle of the woods then, being our nearest neighbor a mile away approximately, today, on Google maps, this has changed significantly.

The first time I can remember seeing them, I had a strange feeling something was leaping up behind me, at first I thought it could have been a small plane flying real low, due to a small air crafts airport neer by, but on second look i could see what it really was, they where heading west in a ship not much larger than a corporet jet, with no wings and no tail, just the tube, then I looked up and there it was. I only remember seeing front cockpit like windows on it, yet other witnes says there where windows down the entire ship with beings inside. I was cleaning out a swimming pool we had in the back yard, I remember thinking that I could turn the hose at the ship and wet it if I wanted. All this is clear to me as if it happened yesterday, yet, there is much more.

During and after the sightings, I remember the feeling I had was like that of receiving a visit from a close friend, or friends.

I remember as if in a dream playing with them, and mind conversing with them, without moving our mouths, yet, another witness to the event has assured me that it wasnt a dream so I dont really know what can be true and what is imaginary, remember that in the summer of 1969 Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, well , part of my dreamed memory without witnesses was that of traveling with these beings to the moon and back, yet upon seeing footage of the lunar mission, I realized that this may be a fragment of my imagination due to the exitement of the era.

I am convinced they saved my sisters and my life, for before all this would take place, an accident - a big piece of furniture fall on us, yet in the last minute, we, my sister and I dissapeared from beneath the furnature and reappeared to a side of it, witnessed again in amazement by my mother.

What makes me think they saved us? well, the ship had no door, and they would appear as if through some kind of star gate, more or less the same way my sister and I disappeared from beneath this falling furniture and appeared to a side.

Little by little we stopped receiving their visitations, and shortly after, we moved to a different country.

My experiance was totally positive, and it really would be nice to re establish contact with them, all though nearly fifty years have gone by since then, yet it was a beautiful time of my life. - MUFON CMS

Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions: Abducted by Aliens for Decades

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