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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gen. George Patton, Human Experiments & Bigfoot

I received the following communication from a reader, who will remain anonymous. Some of the information has been redacted as well...but the main context is intact:

I was listening to the Bigfoot episode of Arcane Radio. (Government Encounters With Sasquatch)

When I was in high school - once upon a time - I had a teacher who was in the 3rd Army. He was in the hospital ward with Patton, when the guy was slapped. Worshipped the ground Patton walked on. When they were liberating the death camps in Germany, Mr. P. was with Patton. They went into one of the labs. Patton left, sick. He couldn't take it. Mr. P. walked out with him. He gave Mr. P. his famous ivory handled pistol and bullets, and told him to go back and put them out of their misery. What they found, according to Mr. P. had once been human. He went in, and did what Patton told him to do. He walked out, and started drinking that night. He drank until 1970 or so, sobering up when he began teaching school. He's the reason I became active in politics and became a writer.

I asked him about what he found that day. He said he would never speak of it. It was too vile and too horrible. Patton couldn't take it. From what I gather, they then destroyed everything they could find, including notes and records. Patton did not want a repeat of the experimentation.

I never thought much about it until your discussion of Dulce. I live in Lincoln County, in Ruidoso Downs, so it is a NM thing. There is so much military going on here, you finally give up even wondering about it. I never even thought about this - but Mr. P said that Patton stressed the fact that he did not want anyone coming across the records to repeat the experimentations.

Is this what they are doing there? This just leads to any number of questions including the death of Patton. Mr. P swore he was murdered. This state was basically on lock-down during and after WWII due to the bomb, Los Alamos, and the whole nine yards. I've never given the Dulce story any credibility, but I could see the possibility of someone having rescued other records and continued
the horror.

According to one of my sources the majority of 911 calls to the Ruidoso Downs police are dealing with our friendly local Bigfoot. My neighbor has seen it twice. It prowls around our condos. Freaked her one night. Has freaked a friend. Something has tried to open my front door. When I looked out the peep hole this huge dark hand was over it, having opened my storm door, which I now always lock. A few nights after than, something peed all over my door. This has happened several times. It pees a good 5 feet off the ground.

No one wants to talk about it. I finally managed to get confirmation that one of the top hunters is tracking one about a mile east of me - as the crow flies. We have very weird stuff going on here.

I enjoy your blog. Downloaded your latest book onto my Kindle the other day. Haven't had time to read it yet.

NOTE: Fascinating information. I'm hoping more may be forthcoming. Lon

Underground Alien Bio Lab At Dulce: The Bennewitz UFO Papers

The Dulce Wars: Underground Alien Bases and the Battle for Planet Earth

Dulce Base The Truth and Evidence from the Case Files of Gabe Valdez

Killing Patton?: The "Not So" Strange Death of World War II's Most Audacious General

Friday, January 30, 2015

Stan Gordon: Mysterious Creatures, UFOs, and Other Strange Incidents Reported Across Pennsylvania During 2014

Mysterious Creatures, UFOs, and Other Strange Incidents Reported Across Pennsylvania During 2014

Strange encounters reported from 51 counties across the Commonwealth

From Researcher: Stan Gordon


Daylight sightings of large cigar shaped objects, encounters with strange creatures such as Bigfoot, black panthers, mountain lions, and Thunderbirds (huge birds with massive wingspans) were among the odd incidents reported by Pennsylvania residents during 2014. Some people also reported strange footprints, fireballs moving across the sky, mysterious animal screams, mystery booms, and many types of UFO observations as well as other paranormal incidents. Numerous observers obtained photos and videos of various phenomena as well.

Crossing my desk were strange accounts from 51 counties of the commonwealth. I also received some reports from neighboring states as well. I have been taking calls from the public since 1969 on such unusual matters, and such reports continue to be called in or e-mailed to me on a regular basis. Witnesses also report their sightings to other researchers or research organizations. I maintain contact with many researchers and UFO and Bigfoot organizations. Some of these sources include the "PA Chapter of MUFON" www.mufonpa.com, Peter Davenport’s “National UFO Reporting Center,” www.nuforc.org, the "Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society," www.pabigfootsociety.com and Lon Strickler at “Phantoms & Monsters,” www.phantomsandmonsters.com/.

It was in 1959 as a ten year old, that I began to keep records of mysterious events that made the news. In 1965, after the Kecksburg, PA UFO-Crash landing I began to conduct in the field investigations of UFOs and unusual animal encounters. In 1969 I began to take calls from the public who wanted to report UFO sightings or other strange incidents. In 1970 I established the first of three volunteer research groups that would investigate these mysterious events across the state for many years. Since then I have investigated thousands of oddities which continue to be reported on a regular basis. After some many years of investigation into these incidents, it might be a surprise to many that I have never personally seen a UFO or Bigfoot.

Since the time I began my on the scene investigations, I learned that while many incidents reported may initially seem quite strange and unusual, when proper investigations are conducted, many UFO sightings, strange animal observations and other paranormal events are determined to have a natural or man-made explanation. Many UFO observations are determined to be misidentifications of meteors, bright stars and planets, re-entering space debris, searchlights, launches of Chinese lanterns, or a meteorological event such as sundog. In some cases Bigfoot has been determined to be large shaggy dogs or bear, and some Thunderbirds were just observations of turkey vultures or blue herons. However not all such yearly reports of strange incidents can be so easily dismissed.

The Chestnut Ridge, which extends through Westmoreland, Fayette and Indiana Counties, has a long history of UFO and Bigfoot sightings as well as a variety of other strange incidents that have taken place, and additional incidents were reported during 2014.

The following are some of the incidents that came to my attention during that year:

On the afternoon of January 29th, two people traveling near Madison observed a cigar shaped object hovering in the sky that “looked like a cruise missile sitting still.” The silent object had no windows, propellers, or markings. In April, during the afternoon, a large solid black rectangular shaped object was observed at tree top level near Donora.

In May, two people traveling at night on a rural road near West Newton saw a tall, dark fur covered man-like creature with glowing eyes step out in front of their car. The driver had to swerve to miss hitting the creature, which stood in the roadway as the car continued on. Bigfoot activity reportedly occurred in Westmoreland, Fayette, Allegheny, Butler, and Schuykill counties.

On a beautiful afternoon in September, a man walking in a rural area of Indiana County observed a cigar shaped object going in and out of a cloud. The object was black in color and was hazy and not sharply outlined. The man was able to photograph the object. Other cigar shaped objects were reported throughout the year across the state.

Researcher Jim Brown investigated a UFO sighting which took place on September 24th, low on the eastern horizon over the Chestnut Ridge near Fairchance in Fayette County. The object was described as a huge hazy, gold-orange colored cigar shaped object. The object was observed for about ten minutes as it hovered over the ridge and then suddenly vanished from sight.

A man taking a walk near Elizabeth Boro on the evening of September 20th, watched a bright spherical object high in altitude quickly zoom across the sky from north to south. The object suddenly dropped straight down from the sky and was lost from view. It was about 15 minutes later when the man heard a loud jet engine noise and went outside to see what he believed was a military jet aircraft moving toward the area where the object was last observed.

Numerous witnesses from different locations report observing huge birds with wingspans estimated to be twelve feet or more in width. The term “Thunderbird” has been used for years to describe these giant flying creatures. In late March near Jeanette, a man taking an afternoon walk observed what at first appeared to be a dark small aircraft in the sky, but it was gliding too fast and the wings were turned up at their ends. He realized that he was watching a huge bird with an estimated wingspan of fifteen feet. In July, a man who was an experienced bird watcher was taking a daylight drive through a rural area of Indiana County. He noticed what looked like a small airplane but when it began to flap its wings slowly, he realized it was the biggest bird he had ever seen, and estimated that the wingspan exceeded twelve feet.

In late September on the other side of Jeanette from where a huge bird sighting was reported in July by another observer, a man walking in his back yard that afternoon had a strange experience. He heard a strange rah-rah-rah animal sound coming from above. He looked up to see moving overhead at about 200 feet, a huge flying creature. The witness said that the creature was dark black and had leathery skin instead of feathers and looked more like a huge bat than a bird. The body of the creature from head to tail was about six feet or more in length, and the wingspan appeared to be at least twelve wide. The witness reluctantly mentioned that what he saw looked more prehistoric than a normal bird. Other similar reports came to my attention from other areas of the state.

In early November, a man was taking a walk in a rural area of Fayette County. He was looking down at a creek and noticed in the distance a very tall man-like figure. What he saw appeared to be all black and the arms slumped down to the side. The head of the figure was hitting the top of a tree branch which the witness estimated would have made it stand to be between 7 and 8 feet tall. The observation only lasted about 20 seconds. The man stated, “no way a man could be that tall.”

I have been investigating the Kecksburg, PA UFO crash-landing incident since the day it occurred in 1965. I received several new leads on the case during 2014. December 9, 2015, will mark the 50th anniversary of this UFO event.

To report a UFO or Bigfoot encounter or any strange event from Pennsylvania contact Stan at 724-838-7768 or via e-mail at paufo@comcast.net. Visit Stan’s website at: www.stangordon.info.


Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook

Really Mysterious Pennsylvania: UFOs, Bigfoot & Other Weird Encounters Casebook One

Kecksburg - The Untold Story

Alien Paranormal: Bigfoot, UFOs And The Men In Black

Daily 2 Cents: Unknown Entity in Colorado -- Creature in the Tree -- Frightening Craft Encounter

Unknown Entity in Colorado

5/11/2008 - Colorado: this figure only showed up on my outdoor surveillance camera. It looked like some form of odd looking animal and seemed to shift positions throughout the day. Screen captures in 2 different positions and then an actual picture of the house. Please give me your input. This has had us stumped for many years. No one has an explanation.


Creature in the Tree

When I was a little boy I lived in a tiny two-bedroom house with my parents and four siblings. One night my brother and I were standing at the front window staring outside as it rained. This was a strangely quiet moment for the two of us, despite the lightning and thunder. We just stood there, mesmerized by the patter of the raindrops against the cold glass, drawn to the troubled sky. The greatest part of our attention, however, was focused on the tree.

There was only one tree in our front yard, a cruel-looking rotted thing that never had any leaves. This particular night the wind had whipped it into a horrible frenzy, its spindly black branches raging against the storm as though it resented every stinging drop of rain. Wordlessly we stood, just far enough away from the glass to keep from fogging it. All at once, a terrific streak of lighting lit up the sky, and in the branches, staring down at me-at us-was a deformed creature the likes of which I’d never seen.

Now, all of these realizations came at the same time: 1) It was solid. 2) It stood on two feet, on one particular branch, at one particular part of the tree. 3) It knew we were there. 4) My brother saw it too. 5) I was, simultaneously, seeing it through my own eyes and my brother’s eyes, and it was not the same! To me, the thing appeared to be a grotesque caricature of a farmer-a flattened-down, deformed cartoon farmer wearing a flannel shirt, overalls, and a head-splitting grin, holding a metal pitchfork at his right side.

At the same time, I was aware that what my brother saw in the very same space at the very same time, was a similarly deformed caricature of a skeleton, with thick bones and empty eye-sockets. The lightning flickered and blinked out, and in the fraction of a second it took to get used to the dim glow of the far-off clouds that back-lit the tree, it became clear there was no longer anything there. When one receives a shock that is so tremendous that it surpasses tears-like a spectacular blow to the head, or the unexpected snapping of a bone-there is only the wait. The wait until the violence washes over you. Will you feel pain? Will you lose consciousness? There is only the wait. My head filled with heavy rushing blood that battered the insides of my eardrums. In an excruciatingly slow movement I turned to my brother at my side, my eyes leaving the tree and traveling in an arc that cut across the fence, the porch posts, the window frame, the wall, and finally his face. In his eyes was reflected all the fullness of my experience. We didn’t say a thing to each other. There was no need. I was only six or seven. In the years that followed I have seen nothing remotely like the thing in the tree. My father eventually cut the tree down. Why, I don’t know–we never did tell him.


Frightening Craft Encounter

I was driving alone up into the mountains of Bountiful, Utah. The city sits at the foot of a chain of mountains. They are well traveled and there are many trails and camping spots throughout. I was going up to meet friends at a camping spot 2/3 of the way up the mountain. As I stated there is a lot of traffic, so I thought nothing of lights following me up the road. I was driving a small car,so when I saw lights gaining on me I pulled over as it is a dirt road with narrow spaces and VERY steep drop offs,and there are many four wheel drives and bikes and four-wheelers up there doing their thing. So back to the location, I was at a point called dead man's curve by locals, (with good reason as several people have died by going over the edge).The dirt road makes a u shaped curve with at least a 1000 foot drop.it is not straight down but it is VERY steep. Being in a small car I pulled over to let the big truck following me pass. It did not. It disappeared. It was probably about 100 yards behind me and as I have said, there is nowhere but down to pull over! I got out of my car to see if that was actually what happened!I heard and saw nothing unusual. Because of the brush,(scrub oak ) it was difficult to see down the drop, so I walked down the road away from my car. That is when it get's weird! off to my right I heard something up slope from me (meaning up the mountain above me in the brush) What comes to mind (obviously is a deer or squirrel or a bird, etc.). But then I noticed about four shapes moving in the brush , I thought hmm people hiking, maybe the people in the disappearing truck? I then noticed I could not focus on them,when I looked straight at them I could see nothing! When i defocused my eyes and looked out of the corner of my eye I could see shapes,bi pedal, nothing more.Then I saw a flash, but it was strange just under,the visual spectrum, before,invisibility,but detectable. I then was scared this was NOT normal! I saw them working their way down the hill towards me, as well as heard them working their way towards me so like any half sensible fool I decided to get the hell out of there!I beelined towards my car, at that point I heard a high pitched whine,and I started jogging! I made it to my car it started thank god and i took off! I had to drive up to a turn around point about 400 yards further up the road, or keep going up the mountain about a 1/4 of a mile before I could turn around again. I decided at that point i did not want to be alone anymore so I decided i would chance a dead run back the way I came! While driving (dangerously fast for the terrain) I looked in the rear view mirror and saw not truck lights but several lights well placed enough for me to know it was NOT a truck following me but an airborne craft of some kind! Much bigger than a truck but smaller than say, a Kenworth, it was somewhat round but misshapen I can see it in my mind but I did not focus on details as I was trying to get the hell away from it! It then disappeared again! I reached the turnaround, and stopped,trying to decide what the hell I was going to do! Being on that point in the mountain I could go up? Or go down back to civilization and maybe some help? That clinched it! I decided to go back to where i came from! AT that point the craft (yes i could see it clearly it was a craft, popped up from the drop off that many people have died on, at that point I was done with the whole situation and i punched it back down the mountain, lights following me the whole way just until I reached the houses again. I don't know where it went nor do I care, I feel I am one lucky s.o.b.! I have other stories as well, one of which is verifiable by others. - MUFON CMS


Woman unwittingly drove around for more than a decade with 13 pounds of marijuana in van door

A New Mexico woman got a big surprise this week when she discovered her van had a hidden secret. Melodie Peil bought the 1990 Chevy at an Alamogordo dealership in the early 2000s. Since then, she’s used it to shuttle her four kids and two grandkids all over the state, but that’s not all the eight-seater has been shuttling around.

“Lo and behold, we discovered something that didn’t belong there,” said Peil. Tucked away in the passenger side door of the family-friend van was 13.5 pounds of marijuana. “It was pretty shocking,” she said. Peil said she was having a hard time getting the door to lock, so a friend pried open the panel to fix it. That’s when bricks of more-than decade-old marijuana fell out.

Police say the drugs were likely stashed there by the van’s previous owner, more than 13 years ago. “It was packaged typically how the drug traffickers package marijuana. You know, they wrap it in foil, they wrapped it in saran wrap real tightly,” said Alamogordo Detective Lieutenant Roger Schoolcraft.

Peil didn’t just drive the van to the grocery store and back. It’s gone through at least 10 border patrol checkpoints in New Mexico and it passed every time. Police say it’s likely because the weed was so old and it was packaged so well. Police have now destroyed the pot. As for the previous owner, all the family knows is that he is from Germany. - KRQE


Watch out! Whew...that was close!



Government Encounters With Sasquatch

Chile: UFOs Over the Atacama Region

Alien worm in dead spider (WTF video)

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Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies

Mysterious Messages: A History of Codes and Ciphers

The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11

Don't Know Much About History, Anniversary Edition: Everything You Need to Know About American History but Never Learned

Does Bigfoot Exist in Scotland?

Does Bigfoot exist in Scotland...or, for that matter, the United Kingdom?

There is the story of the 'Big Grey Man of Ben Macdhui' (posted below)...but a witness states she encountered a 7 ft human-like 'black beast' in 1980 near Carmyllie, in the council area of Angus on the Scottish eastern coast.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of reported 'Bigfoot' sightings in the United Kingdom. What are people seeing?:

A Bigfoot hunter believes the mythical beast could still be roaming the Angus countryside.

Charmaine Fraser, 41, claims to have seen a Bigfoot near a disused sandstone quarry during a morning walk with her gran’s dog as a child.

She has now gone public on her sighting and wants people to help her prove the existence of the mysterious creatures.

Charmaine, who is orginally from Monikie and now lives in Edinburgh, said she saw the 7ft, black beast with no neck and broad shoulders in Carmyllie in the early 1980s.

She told The Courier: “I was with the dog and we were coming down the path that leads to the track running past the bottom of the property and out to the farm road.

“Just before I got on to the track, the dog stopped suddenly and started to growl, whine and bare her teeth.

“I looked up to see a large black figure further along the track standing with its back to me.

“It was reaching up to a branch on a tree at the side of the track and was tall, of thick build with no neck and wide shoulders.

“I remember standing in shock for a second or two before screaming and turning to run back to the house.

“As I screamed, it slowly started to turn round but I didn’t hang about to see its face.

“Needless to say, my reports of seeing a monster were not taken seriously and dismissed as it probably being a neighbour.

“For years I wondered what it was and have recently found out about other possible sightings further north-east.”

Charmaine, who has a degree in psychology from St Andrews University, said the creature was “like a gorilla standing upright”.

She said she saw a figure in the same area shortly afterwards with a “humanoid shape” and eyes that shone orange when headlights picked it out in the darkness.

Charmaine said the area near the quarry at Carmyllie used to be pine woods but almost all has since been cleared for housing.

She said: “My sister found a den made of branches in the woods, with five or six animal skulls arranged in a semi-circle.

“The strange stories I’ve heard makes me think something could still be there.”

Mum-of-one Charmaine has since joined the British Bigfoot Research team and has urged people in Angus to come forward with their own sightings. - The Courier


In 1925, a respected and well known climber Professor Norman Collie reported to a stunned audience at a meeting of the Cairngorm Club his experiences with the Fear Liath Mor (as the 'Big Grey Man' is known locally) on Ben MacDhui in 1891. Collie explained that he had been coming down from the peak when he heard footsteps behind him. At first, shrouded in mist, he rationalized that it must just have been an echo of his own footfalls.

"I was returning from the cairn on the summit in a mist when I began to think I heard something else than merely the noise of my own footsteps. Every few steps I took I heard a crunch, then another crunch as if someone was walking after me but taking steps three or four times the length of my own. I said to myself 'this is all nonsense'. I listened and heard it again but could see nothing in the mist. As I walked on and the eerie crunch, crunch sounded behind me I was seized with terror and took to my heels, staggering blindly among the boulders for four or five miles nearly down to Rothiemurchus Forest. Whatever you make of it I do not know, but there is something very queer about the top of Ben MacDhui and will not go back there again by myself I know."

Collie never returned to the mountain, and to his dying day firmly believed there was "something very queer about Ben MacDhui."

Ben Macdhui is the biggest mountain in the Cairngorms, Scotland and the second highest in the UK. The summit rises from the southern part of a huge sub-arctic upland unique in the British Isles. It is a harsh environment where nothing grows except the hardiest of alpine plants. When the cloud rolls in summits can be shrouded for days...in winter the weak northern sun often does not penetrate the deep glens for weeks.

During the World War II, Peter Densham was a mountain rescue worker, locating and saving pilots who had crashed in the Cairngorms. One day he was at the top of Ben MacDhui when a heavy mist started to fall. He sat and waited for conditions to improve. After a while he began to hear strange crunching noises and suddenly felt a presence close by. He stood up to investigate, but was immediately seized by a feeling of panic. Before he realized what was happening, he was running down the mountain, dangerously close to the sheer cliff edge. He said afterwards ‘I tried to stop myself and found this extremely difficult to do. It was as if someone was pushing me. I managed to deflect my course, but with a great deal of difficulty.’ Densham would later state:

"...tell me that the whine was but the result of relaxed eardrums, and the Presence was only the creation of a mind that was accustomed to take too great an interest in such things. I shall not be convinced. Come, rather, with me at the mysterious dusk time when day and night struggle upon the mountains. Feel the night wind on your faces, and hear it crying amid rocks. See the desert uplands consumed before the racing storms. Though your nerves be of steel, and your mind says it cannot be, you will be acquainted with that fear without name, that intense dread of the unknown that has pursued mankind from the very dawn of time."

Above: the 'Brocken Spectre' at Ben MacDhui, some say the supposed image of the Fear Liath Mor or 'Big Grey Man'. Left: Prof. Norman Collie

Another mountaineer Alexander Tewnion wrote an account of his 1943 experience for The Scots Magazine:

“Of all the experiences that have come my way, one stands out above all others in its strangeness. This was when I shot the Fear Liath Mor, the Big Grey Man of Ben Macdhui. It happened like this. In October 1943 I spent a ten day leave climbing alone in the Cairngorms. Rations were short then, and I carried a revolver and ammunition to shoot any hares or ptarmigan that came my way. One afternoon, just as I reached the summit cairn of Ben Macdhui, mist swirled across the Lairig Ghru and enveloped the mountain. The atmosphere became dark and oppressive, a fierce, bitter wind whisked among the boulders, and, fearing a storm was imminent, I took hurriedly to the Coire Etchachan path. Above Loch Etchachan the path angles easily downhill. I was swinging along at about five miles an hour when an odd sound echoed through the mist - a loud footstep, it seemed. Then another, and another. Spaced at long intervals!”

“I am not unduly imaginative, but my thoughts flashed instantly to the well-known story of Professor Norman Collie and the Fear Liath Mor. Then I felt the reassuring weight of the loaded revolver in my pocket. Grasping the butt I peered about in the mist, here rent and tattered by eddies of wind. A strange shape loomed up, receded, came charging at me! Without hesitation I whipped out the revolver and fired three times at the figure. When it still came on I turned and hared down the path, reaching Glen Derry in a time I have never bettered since. You may ask, was it really the Fear Liath Mor? Frankly, I think it was. Many times since then I have traversed Macdhui in mist, bivouacked on it in the open, camped near its summit for days on end on different occasions - often alone, and always with an easy mind. For on that day I am convinced I shot the only Fear Liath Mor my imagination will ever see.”

An artist's rendering of the Fear Liath Mor or 'Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui'. Credit: The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates

Since that time, many people have reported a strange being or felt an overpowering sense of impending doom or panic while on the mountain. One of the most recent encounters occurred in the early 1990’s when three men were walking in a forest just outside Aberdeen. One of the men noticed a human-shaped figure running across the trail not too far ahead of them. He told his friends, and when they all looked in the same direction they saw what they described as ‘a strange, not-quite-human face.’ A few weeks later, the same group was driving in the area when they realized they were being followed by the same tall, dark being. The creature kept pace, even at speeds of 45 miles an hour, but eventually tired and gave up the chase. Again, these men felt a distinct sense of terror and foreboding.

What is the Grey Man of Ben MacDhui? Some say that it’s merely a myth...that climbers of Ben MacDhui are letting the high altitude, grim surroundings and legends get the best of them, making them perceive they see something that isn't actually there. But in many cases, those who have seen and experienced the phenomena are respected scientists and mountain climbers...the sort of witnesses who should not be prone to suggestion.

One theory is that the mountain is home to Bigfoot-like hominids. In fact, in 1965, huge footprints were found in the snow. They measured 14 inches and seemed to show a creature with an enormous five foot stride between footsteps. But the hominid theory has many detractors. While the Cairngorm Mountains are rugged, they are not comparable to the Himalayas or other major ranges where these hominids have been reported to roam. Could a breeding population of humanoids stay mostly hidden in such an area for centuries?

Almost all the reports have a strong paranormal/supernatural aspect to them. In many cases, the Grey Man seems more like a demon or a ghost than a living, breathing creature. Then there is an extraterrestrial or alternate universe theory…namely, that these creatures are able to move in and out between our world and another plane. Many visitors to the mountain notice sensations of strangeness, depression and terror...some have actually noticed ‘boundries’ where these emotions suddenly start and stop. Novelist Joan Grant's experience on the mountain gives a excellent account of this phenomenon. Overcome by sudden fear while climbing the mountain, she became convinced something was pursuing her. She ran down the mountainside and described "I had run about a half a mile when I burst through an invisible barrier behind which I knew I was safe. I knew I was safe now, though a second before I had been in mortal danger; knew it as certainly as though I were a torero who has jumped the barrier in front of a charging bull." Prof. Collie and most all other "victims" of Ben MacDhui described this same feeling of passing through a barrier and becoming "safe". Ben MacDhui also has a strange, almost subliminal "ringing" or singing that is literally felt in the air. This tone has no explainable source other the mountain itself.

The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates
The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology: Werewolves, Dragons, Skyfish, Lizard Men, and Other Fascinating Creatures Real and Mysterious
Three Men Seeking Monsters: Six Weeks in Pursuit of Werewolves, Lake Monsters, Giant Cats, Ghostly Devil Dogs, and Ape-Men
Scotland's Guardians

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Lifetime of Encounters and Abductions

The name of the witness and some identifying names of the exact location have been changed to protect the principal, as requested:

Mrs. Pat Norris, 28, lives with her husband, Carl, and three children in a suburb of Mobile, Alabama. On the evening of February 3, 1983, she had visited a friend in Mobile and when the friend's husband arrived from work, Mrs. Norris left and headed home on Highway 90. She had turned off the Highway and when about 90 minutes' ride from her home she heard an explosion. At this point, her car began to vibrate and continued to do so, making it difficult for her to steer. She negotiated another turn off the road she was on, brought the car to a halt, opened the car door and leaned out and down and looked to ascertain if the transmission could have been causing the trouble. It had not.

Mrs. N. continued driving and the vibrating stopped. She executed another turn onto another road and saw that the woods ahead were brilliantly illuminated. At first she thought that there was a helicopter search in progress because of the lights and was very frightened. She again stopped the car, and at this point sighted a huge object about l/2 mile west of her. She now feels the explosion she had heard earlier was the object coming down over a clay and gravel pit in the vicinity.

The thing was huge — later estimated to be 7 to 8 stories (70 to 80 feet) high and "six telephone poles" (210 feet) wide, and appeared to be moving toward her at 4-5 miles per hour. The evening had been clear and cool and she had driven with the car windows closed. After the explosion, she noted a "chopping wind, a high-pitched sound and a roaring sound" as well as the vibration. She particularly noted the "whipping of the wind — like a tornado."

When the object reached a point fairly close it stopped and all of the noise stopped. It was completely silent and Mrs. Norris lost all of the fear she had felt before. She then got out of the car to get a better look. She strained to take in every detail — feeling like a child with "unbelievable happiness."

Mr. Norris said that although Pat told him of her sighting after it happened, he didn't realize how important it was to her until she started checking books out of the local library pertaining to UFOs and "related subjects."

She estimates the time duration of the sighting as five minutes. As the craft appeared Mrs. Norris' attention was drawn to a top deck with a long window which she estimates 53 feet and through which she viewed 20 to 30 persons, apparently oblivious of her presence, walking about as if they were changing shift. The wall behind them was curved and white. There were no instruments. The people did not give the appearance of looking out. The beings were pale skinned, dressed in white one piece suits. She judged them to be about our height, five feet 10", quite slender but with chests larger than ours, the top of the head more prominent, no hair, and having the lower half only of ears similar to our own. She noted nothing out of the ordinary about the eyes. What did draw her attention was the great grace of their movements. The atmosphere seemed "sterile."

Below this top deck window was an opaque window. The area around it was all white. This window was in sections and was inset. The glass was tinted.

Below the center of the craft a door was closing from right to left. (See drawing). And she looked onto a street that was dark as if made of asphalt or possible concrete. Off to the side of this street was tubular rectangular equipment. All across the craft she saw rivets and portholes. She said she could see the portholes "inside out" as she peered into the craft. She saw some construction that included "huge I beams like they put ships together with and beams holding the glass in there." The bottom side was tiered upwards. The construction reminds her of a ship or submarine. She said it seemed possible, very likely, it could have been constructed here on Earth.

The very bottom of the craft was formed into a cross made with one foot square mirrors and an observation deck hung down and around the bottom with beings in it. In this case, unlike the top deck, the people were peering out, while overhead she heard a very low pitched but clearly audible (almost like a growl) "announcing" coming from the area of the observation deck now closest to her.

Mrs. Norris said she believes they didn't realize she was there until directly over her position.

As drawn, she saw four pipes projecting six to eight feet out from the craft set in three or four foot square boxes. They had a hollow flange on the end like a tank cannon and she believes "it looked like a weapon."

The craft took a southerly turn as it went on from where she was parked. She said it was staying in the wooded area and did not cross Highway 90 again. Possible it was doubling back towards Irvington and Pascagoula. It lit up the wooded area, and all beneath it as it moved on off. It had white spotlights and to the side blue and red lights that intermingled, pointing up to the clouds and then down to Earth.

She told Mr. Brown she had prayed she might have such a sighting. She had extensive dream material both prior to and after the February 4 incident. The late dreams contain a detailed physical examination and scan of her emotions, which we expect to present later, when prepared.

After the object was out of sight, Pat continued on home, arriving at 1:10 a.m. - APRO - Field Investigators Bob Gribble and Ed O. Brown


Pat Norris' sketches

Pat Norris Interviewed in 2013

After sighting a huge craft in 1984, Patricia Norris reported the incident and was interviewed by Field Investigator Ed. O. Brown.

“Mr. Brown took the report here in my home,” she said.

He took a detailed report of her experience and learned that she had hoped she would have such an encounter. In fact, she had many dreams that included “physical examinations and scans of her emotions,” by alien entities.

Brown also spoke with her husband, who said he learned of the incident after it had occurred. But he did not realize how much it meant to her “until she started checking books out of the local library pertaining to UFOs and ‘related subjects.’”

However, Norris soon realized that perhaps her wish to have an alien encounter had not been such a great idea after all because it her life was changed forever.

“My husband divorced me soon after this happened,” she said adding that she never remarried. When asked why he would divorce her she replied, “Well, I can't blame him... it still freaks me out and it still goes on.”

By going on, she meant that abductions continued to occur and still do to this day. In fact her 1984 sighting brought back memories of being taken as a child.

“I only started to remember this after I saw the ship,” she said. “I was 3 to 4 years old when it started and at that time, she was not afraid. “I remember being above our house, then and now. They have always been in my life and my life seems unreal.”

Over the years she said, the aliens “have done physical, mental and emotional tests on me,” and she now realizes that the aliens “feed off our emotions… they test me like a lab rat. They have left marks and scars on me.”

When asked if the aliens were Greys, Insectoids, Reptilians or others she replied, “I’m not sure about naming them but all the ones you’ve named and others too have tested me... The ones I've always seen are small Grays and the tall ones - the old ones. They are all different in looks and actions.”

Norris said she is consciously aware when the aliens come for her. She has also seen other abductees while she was aboard a UFO.

“I have seen other people being worked on and I’ve seen other beings being worked on. On one occasion, she said she was in what appeared to be a hospital “where it was all glass and it’s like a hall of mirrors. Hundreds of people were being tested.”

On another occasion, she “woke up by a lake and people were standing around everywhere, and the ship was over the lake. I tried to talk to a woman (but) she didn’t speak English. Everyone was just looking at the ship… then we all went in the ship.” - United Paranormal International - January 2014

United Paranormal International

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