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Smoky Mountain Sasquatch

The following reports and narratives originated from the Great Smoky Mountains in western North Carolina:

Here is a submitted report about a possible Bigfoot in McDowell County. Apparently, the weird incident happened in Little Switzerland near the Blue Ridge Parkway during the fall of last year.

The man who submitted the report states he has a keen interest in the subject and has read hundreds of reports on the BFRO Web site. He is a member of another Bigfoot research group and has investigated an alleged sighting in another state.

Last fall, he was invited to visit an elderly friend who lives in Little Switzerland. "I arrived after dark on a Tuesday and discovered that my friend's summer home is located at the top of a mountain," he writes on the BRFO site. "Her 'development' consists of about 60 homes tucked away in the woods on steep slopes accessed via a series of narrow gravel and macadam roads."

His first thought was that this development was built in a likely Sasquatch habitat. "Indeed, as we sat watching TV after dinner, I began to have the creepy sensation of being watched, although my friend told me that neither of her neighbors was in residence that night," the man wrote. "After the news, about 11:30, I told my friend I was stepping outside from some night air, when in fact my intention was to have a look around and listen to the woods."

The man wasn't outside for more than five minutes before he was startled by what sounded like wood knocks coming from the woods. He reportedly heard a single thump that came from the woods, followed by another "answering" thump five to 10 seconds later, coming from a different direction. The sounds were repeated every couple of minutes for perhaps 15 minutes and it sounded as if the second knock changed positions slightly. He estimated that they were a couple of hundred yards away from where he stood.

The man noticed a nearby woodpile. He picked up a log and added a third knock to the mix by hitting a nearby tree. The first knock was heard again quickly, almost as an answer to the man's knocking against the tree. After few more times, the knocks stopped and the man went inside for the night.

The next day, the man went out running for some exercise. As he ran through an undeveloped area, he again had the feeling of being watched. While he was out, he found two, human-like footprints in the soft dirt of a nearby hillside. The next night, he again heard the knocking sounds coming from the same general direction. But this time, he also heard "a plaintive, eerie howling" coming from behind the house.

"It sounded every 30 seconds of so for perhaps 20 minutes, he wrote in his report. "I told myself it could be a dog tied outdoors. I decided not to interact that night. I just had a feeling that it was not the thing to do."

That night, the man was awakened from his sleep by the sound of a heavy thumping on the roof. As he sat up in bed, he heard another couple of thumps that sounded as if they came from the area over the closet.

"Soon I was fast asleep again, only to be scared awake by what was clearly pounding on the walls of my room that was so loud, my first thought was, 'Someone is breaking into my room!,'" he wrote in his report.

He sat up in bed and turned on the overhead light in his room. He felt like this sound had to be caused by a Bigfoot because of the loudness and the height of the outside walls. The sounds soon died down and the man had the feeling that the creature was leaving for the night. He heard nothing more.

"Next morning over breakfast, my hostess asked me if I had been awakened by that that 'awful pounding' on the roof," reads his report on the BFRO site. "We traded our stories. My friend told me that nothing of the sort had happened before in the 25 years she and her husband had lived in the house."

The elderly woman was concerned about the noise and asked what it could have been. The man said he didn't quite know but would confer with some neighbors.

"Before leaving my friend to continue on my trip towards eastern NC, I inspected the area around her house for footprints," reads his report. "I found none, but I discovered that a tall tree grew up through the back deck through a hole that had been cut for it. The tree would provide easy access to the deck and roof, while the low roof in front would make the roof accessible from that position." -


When Joy walked out of her Mountain City, N.C. home and saw the giant, dirty handprint on the back of her vehicle, the first thing she felt was anger.

She’d just spent the prior evening washing and polishing the blue Jeep to a sparkling shine.

As she got closer to the vehicle though, her anger quickly turned to confusion, fascination and fright.

About 10 inches in length, the handprint seemed to dwarf the taillight of her car.

She knew that something had put the handprint there overnight because the vehicle had been spotless just hours before.

She had left her bedroom windows open that night and recalled hearing her dog barking wildly, but just assumed her Collie had spotted a cat, opossum, or some other unwelcome critter.

But now, she had an eerie feeling. “The first thing I thought was that it had to be a bear,” she said. “But it doesn’t look like any bear print my husband and I have ever seen.”

The print didn’t reveal any claw prints or marks, just a palm, fingers and thumb.

Another odd detail was that the print was left behind in what appeared to be creek sand, not dirt or mud.

Did someone try to pull a prank?

Joy's family has a quarter-mile long driveway, which leads to their large, wooded farm, and lives about a mile from a main road. “If someone was trying to make a joke, then they sure went to a lot of trouble,” she said.

When she showed family members the mysterious print, they gawked and told her it was “Sasquatch.”

“They were serious,” she said.

“Sasquatch” is an alleged ape-like creature, inhabiting densely forested areas. Most U.S. reports come from the Pacific Northwest, though there are websites dedicated to Bigfoot sightings in Virginia and North Carolina, particularly in the Blue Ridge Mountains and along the Appalachian Trail.

Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, ape-like creature on two legs. By all accounts, many people believe in its existence and contend that the same or similar creatures are found around the world under different regional names.

The scientific community considers Bigfoot to be a combination of folklore, misidentification (usually a bear), and hoaxes, rather than an actual creature.

Joy admits she isn’t sure what left that strange, giant handprint on her car. The family hasn’t seen or heard anything strange since the incident, “but I’m keeping my windows shut from now on,” she said. “Just in case.” - witness report


Tom was a man with a mission. He found his life's calling unlocked for almost 20 years ago in the woods near Old Fort. That's when he encountered Bigfoot.

Many people over the years have seen what they believed to be sightings or physical evidence of Bigfoot. But Tom is different in one respect. The creature he saw came back. And, as it turned out, there was more than one. Indeed, he now believes, there's a whole colony of them.

Where, exactly? He's a bit guarded about exact locations, but said he sees the creatures "way up Curtis Creek, near the Parkway."

What brings them back, again and again, to the woods Burnette haunts?

He has several guesses. For one, he believes a large community of them have lived in the area for a long time. And because their home territory coincides with the woods he haunts, they have become familiar with him.

In other words, he has made peace with them. Although he says he has not come face to face with the reclusive creatures, he has found what he believed to be gifts left for him; mushrooms, meat, and other items harvested from the woods.

"They know I'm not out to hurt them, that I'll protect them," he said. "They're used to me now." That familiarity has led to several opportunities to observe them, at a distance, for more than just a few seconds, he said.

So how is it that more people haven't seen them? Simply, he answered, because people tend to think of Bigfoot as a dumb beast, no smarter than a bear. In fact, the Bigfoot culture is well developed and they are highly intelligent creatures.

"They're more aware of you than you are of them," he said. "These are very alert creatures."

After years of observation, Tom believes the Bigfoot domesticates the wild animals of the forest the same way humans domesticated dogs, and for the same reasons.

"They use bear to hunt," he explained. "They hunt in groups."

Earlier this spring, Tom got what he believes is confirmation of this theory, when he came very close to a hunting party accidentally.

"I felt sure something was watching me," he said of one day's excursion into the woods. "I turned around and felt eyes on me." He didn't see anything out of the ordinary, he explained, but long years of romping the woods has taught him the limitations of the human eye in the dense foliage.

He raised his cell phone and took pictures of the woods in front of him. It was only after he had detail shots printed at maximum enlargement that he saw the evidence he had in hand.

One eerie picture shows what appears distinctly to be a humanoid face, with flat, wide mouth and heavy brows. The face's left are the shapes of what could be faces of bears or other beasts.

Tom was chilled to think he had come so close to a hunting party, but said that, by this time, if the Bigfoot had wanted to hurt him they could have done so. The fact he has remained unharmed is evidence, he said, that the Bigfoot mainly hunts small game.

This latest close encounter is not the first. Several years ago, he continued, he found what he believed to be an infant Bigfoot left on his property. Why would a mother Bigfoot abandon her baby?

Tom suspects that the baby may have been in danger from a male. He said in the primate kingdom, a male will sometimes kill an infant in order to get the female to go into heat. Holding the infant, he made what he now regards as a great mistake.

"I took it back into the woods," he said, "and left it, hoping she would come back for it." Sadly this did not happen. Days later, he found the skull of the young creature; whether it had been eaten by dogs or killed by an adult Bigfoot, he didn't dare speculate.

He explained that he realized this was the evidence the world had been waiting for. He photographed the skull, then sent it to Texas laboratory for DNA analysis. Today, he is upset about the lab's progress, and speculated he might have to go to court to get the thing back into his possession.

Meanwhile though, two pictures he shot of the skull are featured in the book he published a while back about his observations. Entitled "Natures Secret Agents," the book is a dialy account of his experiences and observations over the years. Many sightings are detailed, along with the occasional exchange of gifts and, sometimes, terrifying harassment by less friendly members of the Bigfoot community.

Tom has learned to keep his distance. He tries to get the best photographs he can, but does not ever wish to put them on the defensive. The size, strength and cunning of the creatures means no human would stand a chance. He feels safe so long as he maintains a healthy respect for the Bigfoots' privacy and space.

He said that several years ago an Indian chief told him the Bigfoot is the guardian of the forest and all the animals in it. After several years observation, he is inclined to agree.

"They don't want anything to do with us," he said, because they know the violent ways of Man. "I want to share what I have learned so that we can understand them, not fear them, and respect them and their home." -

Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth & Discovering the Truth

Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend

What Would Sasquatch Do?: Using Primate Behavior to Look at the Bigfoot Mystery

Bigfoot and I: A Personal Journey Into the World of Sasquatch

Daily 2 Cents: Earliest Images of Jesus Found? -- Elvis' Teeth 'On Tour' -- Family Gift...or Curse?

Earliest-known images of Jesus found in Egyptian tomb?

Spanish scientists have discovered what could be one of the earliest-known images of Jesus Christ, painted on the walls of a mysterious underground structure in an ancient Egyptian tomb.

A team of archaeologists led by Josep Padro from the Catalan Egyptology Society (SCE) has unearthed a mystery underground structure in buried tombs, which date back to the 6th and 7th centuries, in the ancient Egyptian city of Oxyrhynchus.

The structure is decorated with Coptic images - or paintings by a group who number among the earliest Christians - and may contain one of the earliest-known representations of Jesus Christ.

Padro, who has spent over 20 years excavating sites in the area, described the discovery to La Vanguardia newspaper as "exceptional".

Padro said the underground stone structure was "incredibly good, but we don't know what it is".

According to The Local, the archaeologists found "five or six coats of paint on the walls, the last of which was from the Coptic period of the first Christians."

Among the plant motifs and inscriptions was the "figure of a young man, with curly hair, dressed in a short tunic and with his hand raised as if giving a blessing," according to Padro.

"We could be dealing with a very early image of Jesus Christ," he added.

A team is now translating the inscriptions surrounding the figure.

The Egyptian ministry will take responsibility for developing the archaeological site, which was discovered by a joint team from the CSE and the University of Barcelona. - Business-Standard


Ghost Sex?

A Ukranian-born actress is scaring up lots of publicity after making this outrageous claim: She's had sex with a ghost -- twice.

Natasha Blasick made the spirited confession Tuesday morning on British TV show This Morning and said she found the experiences "really, really pleasurable."

The first experience happened when she was alone in her room.

“I was laying in bed and then I felt something enter the room and I couldn’t see anybody," she said, according to the Mirror. “I could feel that somebody was touching me and the hands were pushing me against my will and I could feel the weight of the body on top of me.

"I couldn’t see anybody but I could feel the pressure, the energy, the warmth pushing in different directions.”

She added: "I enjoyed it."

The ghost then left, but Blasick said it returned a month later for more, the New York Daily News reports.

Although Blasick is married, she said her ghost sex antics have given her something more than traditional nookie ever could.

“It was fun. I think ever since I was a child I always wanted to know if there is anything more to this world, I was always asking the questions, and I think this made me feel kind of reassured that there is something more than what we can see with the naked eye," she said, according to "It gave me comfort and support and love, and it did answer questions for me that there is something else out there.”

Blasick isn't the first performer to extol the virtues of ghost sex.

In September, Kesha revealed to Ryan Seacrest that a randy romp with a male ghost helped give birth to her new song, "Supernatural."

"It's about experiences with the supernatural... but in a sexy way," she told Seacrest. "I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural. I don't know his name! He was a ghost! I'm very open to it."

Claims like Blasick's arouse skepticism from paranormal experts.

Alexandra Holzer, a ghost researcher and HuffPost blogger, says people who experience ghost sex don't feel "warmth" of the kind that Blasick alleges.

"The people who report having sex with a ghost report feeling pressure on them and even penetration, but ghosts don't have warmth," Holzer told HuffPost. "When they're in the room, it's a very cold environment." - THP


Elvis' Teeth 'On Tour'

Patients at a dental surgery in Malvern may be forgiven for feeling all shook up.

Beacon Dental Care on Pickersleigh Road is set to be transformed from Heartbreak Hotel to Toothache Hotel for one day only as staff dress up to remember the King and take charge of his very own crown.

The reason for the Elvis Presley-themed event on Wednesday (April 30) is both the 60th anniversary of his first hit That’s All Right and to raise awareness of mouth cancer.

The practice will take temporary charge of the King’s Crown – a model of Elvis Presley’s teeth together with the genuine crown made for the star by former Memphis dentist Henry J Weiss.

Elvis’ legendary music will be played in the waiting room.

Dentist Dr Karen Sutton says the day has a serious message behind it, raising awareness of mouth cancer with free mouth screenings on offer.

“Beacon Dental Care is thrilled to have been selected to be one of only a dozen dentists in the UK to host the prized object which is on loan for a day,” said Dr Sutton.

It is believed Elvis had toothache shortly before his death in August 1977 having visited a dentist the night before.

Elvis’ crown was bought in auction in February 2012 for $11,000 by Michael Zuk, a Canadian author, dentist and obsessive collector of celebrity teeth. Five people a day are reported to die in the United Kingdom from mouth cancer. - Malvern Gazette


Family Gift...or Curse?

The first time I experienced anything paranormal I was 5 years old. Of course, at the time I had no clue what was going on, or whether it was a normal occurrence for people.

I always kept my bedroom door open so the light from the bathroom could shine in and I wasn't in complete darkness. One night I was up secretly reading when I should have been asleep and it was the first time I saw her. I remember all the sudden I was overcome with a fear and dread that I had never experienced before. I also felt I was being watched. I glanced to the doorway and there stood someone. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a little girl, like me. She was probably around 8 years old, was wearing a dirty long dark colored dress, she had long brown hair that hung slightly into her face, and oddly, she looked wet all over. I was confused. Why would some random girl come into my house? Why was she wet? Why are her parents letting her out this late? Normally, seeing another girl I would have spoken to her and asked if she wanted to play or something of that nature, but the fear I had wouldn't allow it. I just stared at her. She slowly lifted her head and glanced at me and I saw she was very pale, had dark eyes and dark circles under them. She then raised her arm almost robotic like, with twitchy sort of movements, and started moving her index finger in the "come here" motion.

Even at 5 years old I listened to the voice in my head and my gut telling me not to follow her. I covered my head with my blanket because as everyone knows, nothing can harm you or see you when you are under the shield of your "invisibility cloak".

I woke up the next day and told my mom about the girl. She shrugged it off and said I was probably dreaming. I accepted that, it was possible, but I had never had a nightmare before. That night, I laid in bed trying to convince myself it was a dream. I decided to stay up and wait to see if she came back just in case it wasn't.

She came back.

I knew I wasn't dreaming this time. I had the exact same terrified feeling as she stood at the door beckoning me to come with her. Again, I hid under my blanket. I didn't mention it to my mom, but after a week of the girl returning every night I decided to tell my dad.

He nodded his head as I told him and told me he was going to let me in on a little secret. He told me that his side of the family has a "gift", or as some of his family call it a "curse." That confused me so I asked him what he meant. He explained that he had the ability to see and speak to people who aren't alive anymore. I understood somewhat, but still was confused how he could do that. He told me his mother had the ability to hear them and her mother could hear, sense, feel emotions and communicate with them. He said from what I've told him, it seems as if I had the abilities of his grandmother, as I could feel what they felt and if they were good or bad as well as see them. He told me if I ever have that bad feeling to listen to it, as it is a gift and won't let me be fooled by "nice faces". I took his advice to heart.

That little girl visited me every night, no matter what room I was in (only in my house though) until I turned 10 years old. At 10, I finally had the courage to tell her to leave me alone.

I just remember so vividly how she would always try to get me to follow her. I know you will probably think I'm making this up or crazy for this next statement, but sometimes she even had a dollar (or what looked like a dollar) waving it in her hand trying to get me to follow her (I know it sounds insane, but I swear to you on my life she did). Of course I was curious as to what she wanted to show me, but my dads words and my feelings about her always kept me from going with her.

When I was older, I asked my mother about the little girl. Her face became pale and she just looked at me. She asked almost as if it were a disease, "You have it too, don't you?" I told her yes and she proceeded to tell me to never tell her when I saw or heard things unless they were threatening to harm someone or give her message. I agreed. She proceeded to tell me that a very long time ago, there was a man and his wife that lived there with two children, a boy and a girl. She said the two children died by drowning in the well and that it was ruled accidental, but everyone suspected the father had murdered them.
I tried looking it up, but they live so far out in the country, its hard to place the address back then.

In case you are wondering, I do have the gift. I can sense, see, hear and feel emotions from spirits (the emotion feeling I can feel on any person dead or alive). Sometimes it has felt like a curse, but I've learned to embrace it.

Even after 21 years, I still look for the little girl whenever I visit my parents and will always wonder, what if I had followed her? -


Star Wars 'Tatooine' Film Sets

The Matmata caves in Tunisia which stood in for Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine home in the Star Wars films have been turned into the Sidi Driss hotel.

The Mos Espa set was specially built for the films and left intact after shooting finished. It is now abandoned and in danger of being swallowed by shifting sand dunes.



Rarely Seen Crime Scene and Evidence Photographs Discovered in LAPD Archives

Controversial Artifacts No One Wants To Examine Thoroughly -
Is There Something We Are Afraid Of Discovering?

The Challenge Of Finding Alien Life, And Not UFO

Parapsychologist Alexander Imich is Now the World's Oldest Living Man

Giant Mystery Fish of Japan

Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah

Skinwalker Ranch: Path of the Skinwalker

There's Something in the Woods

This Week On 'Beyond The Edge' Radio: Christopher O'Brien - Paranormal Researcher / Author 'Stalking the Herd'

Join Eric, Lon & Sean as we welcome our colleague, paranormal researcher Christopher O'Brien to 'Beyond The Edge' Radio.

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Since 1992, Christopher O'Brien has investigated over one thousand paranormal events reported in the San Luis Valley--located in South-central Colorado/North Central New Mexico. Working with law enforcement officials, ex-military, ranchers and an extensive network of skywatchers, from 1992 to 2002 he documented one of the most intense waves of unexplained activity ever reported from a single geographic region of North America. His ten-year investigation resulted in the three books of his "mysterious valley" trilogy, The Mysterious Valley Enter the Valley: UFOs, Religious Miracles, Cattle Mutilations, and Other Unexplained Phenomena in the San Luis Valley and Secrets of the Mysterious Valley His meticulous field investigation of UFO reports, unexplained livestock deaths, Native American legends, cryptozoology, secret military activity and the folklore, found in the world's largest alpine valley, has produced one of the largest databases of unusual occurrences gathered from a single geographic region. His next book Stalking the Tricksters: Shapeshifters, Skinwalkers, Dark Adepts and 2012 distills his years of field investigation and research into an ingenious unified paranormal theory that is sure to create intense interest and controversy.

His most recent book Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery addresses questions on who or what is behind cattle mutilations. It also offers an objective look at the history of our venerated relationship with cattle, among the first domesticated livestock. Is there a connection between these ritualistic cattle deaths and humankind's ancient practice of animal sacrifice? Why are there no Brahman cattle mutilations in India where cattle are revered to this day? Are aliens gathering genetic material for unknown purposes? What about the thousands of pounds of scientific forensic evidence? Are some hidden sections of the military conducting secret projects that--for some reason known only to them--involve the mutilation of hundreds of livestock and other warm-blooded animals. Are they monitoring the spread of "mad cow" disease?

Stalking the Herd is an in-depth examination and analysis of this complex, multi-layered mystery and this book scrutinizes the various explanations that have been proposed over the years and proposes new theories that have chilling implications.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Humanoid Incursion Reports 6

Here are a few more selected reports that detail real-life incursions / encounters by humanoid beings:


Near Tocopila, Chile - Summer 1996 - afternoon

A family of four was driving on their way to Tocopila. Halfway there the father, who was driving, changed his mind and decided to return, explaining that by the time they arrived at Tocopila everything would be closed. He took a secondary road that passed by an empty airfield and located in an isolated plain.

As they drove near the airfield they all noticed a strange triangular-shaped mark on the ground, however they did not stop to investigate. Soon they began hearing bizarre screams resembling those of a woman being attacked. Immediately after that they all saw a brilliant humanoid figure at least 3 meters in height, shining like brilliant metal. It's face was oval-shaped and its eyes almond in shape emitting a brilliant light. Astounded the witnesses watched as the shiny giant creature stepped in front of their car and signaled them to stop. The mother began screaming as the creature turned its head towards them and emitted a brilliant beam of bluish light from each eye. The whole time the driver slowed the vehicle down until it was going a minimal speed. They were able to notice that the creature had extremely long arms; it was of thin build, and was wearing a one-piece shiny silvery outfit. It was totally hairless. As the mother screamed hysterically the creature disappeared in plain sight and everything returned to normal. The witnesses quickly drove away from the area.

Source: Ramon Navia, 'La Verdad Oculta', Chile / Albert Rosales



Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin - September 1975 - 11:00 pm

The witness was watching the sky to the south of his mobile home when he saw a large saucer shaped craft slowly proceed down and just above the trees from east to west. He followed it with his eyes as it passed just before him about 100 ft away. It then settled silently in the corner of the next field about 1500 ft away. The witness walked over to where he saw it was a clear, cool, moonlit night. He took no flashlight or camera and felt no fear. He easily found the craft as a very bright light shone from beneath it at the far southeast corner of the field.

As he approached about 20 ft from the craft he noticed an individual in the light from the bottom of the craft directly before him. The human-like figure appeared to have on a form fitting white suit. The eyes were covered in what appeared to be goggles or protective bubbles of tinted glass or plastic, he then noticed a second similar figure to his right only about 6 ft away. The witness was a bit startled, as he did not notice the approach of the figure. However his attention returned to the figure standing near the object by the light. This figure was busily attempting to catch a grasshopper; he held what appeared to be a glass sample container in his right hand and a stopper type lid in the other. He emitted a strange type of giggle as he finally caught the grasshopper. The figure in the trees rejoined this one carrying a sample jar as well. In it the witness could clearly see in the light that it contained a sprig from an oak tree with leaves and acorns attached. They were both about 5 ft tall and lean.

The witness then heard a sound of someone walking through the field of drying corn just to the south and behind him. It was a slow, steady type of walking sound, which someone would make walking on a field of dry grass. As it approached it stopped and then sped up as it walked around the witness. Into the light of the craft then appeared another figure in the same type of suit. He also carried a sample jar. The jars were about 4 inches around and about 15 inches tall with wide mouths and black stopper caps. In this jar he had an ear of the corn. The third arrival hastily pointed out the witness to the other two as they all looked directly at him. He could only smile and wave, and then turn slowly and walk back to his home. The craft hovered silently about 4 ft off the ground. Nothing protruded from it except the bright light from an opening in the bottom. The opening was about 4 ft in width. He could see no stairs leading up to the opening. The witness did not see the object depart.

Source: UFO Wisconsin



Lake Como, Pennsylvania - February 6, 1976 - 11:30 pm

Mrs. M.J. and her cousin C.W. were returning home by the lake road when they stopped to watch “shooting stars.” When they reached home, they were missing about 3 hours of time. The next morning M.J. had a sore stomach and a very inflamed navel, and C.W. had a small puncture mark on her spine with 4 little marks around it.

Under hypnosis M.J. remembered that 4 short strangers in black “snowmobile suits” with helmets over their heads had approached the car, while hovering over a field was a helmet shaped object 30-40 ft in diameter, with a big white light in the middle and little lights recessed around it. She found herself outside the car, and the beings came up and pulled at her arm; then she remembered sitting on a cot inside a room with a rounded door, where there was a chrome cylinder. A “nurse” wearing a face mask, with big black eyes, accompanied by a “doctor”, brought up a needle; M.J jumped off the cot, but was caught and fastened to it, and the needle was inserted into her stomach. Then a number of people with chalk white, cat like faces, wearing cream-colored robes, appeared; they had scaly skin and long fingernails, small noses and no visible mouths. She noticed also “a whole mess” of controls and gauges, up to the ceiling. The craft was in flight at this time.

She could see a man (of normal type) bending over C.W. She also observed a “pedestal” chair, and a box with lines going across it, on which, as on a TV, she saw “a baby crying, a war, people in the jungle with knives” and other scenes, for about 10 minutes. Then she remembered leaving the craft and returning, with C.W., to the car.

Source: Douglas Dains CUFOS / Dr. Gary Truce



Near Viale, Entre Rios, Argentina - August 1987 - afternoon

A lone hunter was out in a wooded area collecting firewood for the long stay in the area when he suddenly felt a sense of "adventure" or laziness as he put it. He stopped whatever he was doing and looked around him looking for something to do in order to "recreate" himself. He noticed nearby some brush moving aside and expected some type of animal to suddenly come out, but to his great surprise two strange figures emerged from the brush, both appeared identical to each other, both in appearance and clothing style. At first he thought these were hunters but was surprised as to how they were able to cross the river without any difficulty. He saluted the figures in a friendly manner, but they ignored him but suddenly stopped at about 30 meters from the witness.

Curious he approached the pair and as he did he noticed that they wore a one-piece tight-fitting rose-colored coveralls, it was so tight-fitting that it clearly showed the creature's body contours. They were not taller than 1.50m and their thin bodies did not appeared to be in proportion to their large heads. They had large staring eyes without eyebrows, with a very small nose and very thin almost unseen lips. Their heads were totally bald and very wide. One of them was carrying something resembling a thin rod in his hand. The witness could not distinguish if the rod was a separate instrument or an extension to the hand.

As the witness attempted to walk away his body suddenly became numb...he wanted to walk but could not but strangely he remained calm. At that moment one of the humanoids grinned as if to say that everything was going to be OK...that they were his friends. The humanoids then continued on their way at a slow pace, apparently floating just above the ground. The moment that they disappeared into the brush the witness was able to immediately move again. He then returned home canceling his hunting trip.

NOTE: below is another report from a nearby location, from the same writer but from different witnesses...Lon


Viale, Entre Rios, Argentina - August 1987 - 5:00 pm

Several youths were walking along a stream in order to find a suitable spot to fish when they suddenly came upon a very short creature only about 1/2 meter in height. It had a large oval shaped head and somewhat disproportional to the size of its body and completely bald. It had two very large round staring eyes. At first the creature appeared to have been bend down looking for something and it stood up upon seeing the children, which did not notice any arms on the creature. It wore a one-piece tight-fitting red coverall.

One of the boys screamed in surprise, this apparently caused the diminutive being to sprint away towards the woods, at that same moment a second similar creature that had been hidden from view joined the first one and both disappeared into the brush. The children also ran from the area terrified. Around the same date but late at night, a bus full of passengers reportedly saw an extremely bright disc shaped craft hovering above the roadway.

Source: Reported by witnesses to Fabio Picasso / Albert Rosales



El Yunque, Puerto Rico - late February 1991 - 7:30 pm

Freddie, his wife and their young child were taking a drive around the rainforest area on Route 191. After cruising the area the road took a turn and the pair inadvertently took a detour deep into the forest. After a while they came up to a camouflaged gate deeper into the forest and after inspecting it they decided to drive through it. As they drove on the path in the woods they noticed that it was well lit by blue light bulbs on each side of the road. They drove through some hills for about 2 miles when the road abruptly ended. At it's end there was a large metal gate and a building on the other side of it. At that moment two six-foot tall man-like figures appeared and ordered the pair to stop and asked who they were. The men wore tight-fitting black one-piece suits, resembling diver's outfits, a wide black belt, black gloves, and large black boots with gold-colored metallic straps. They also wore large dark oval shaped helmets with dark visors. Their faces were not visible.

In eerie metallic-electronic sounding voices the strangers ordered the witnesses to step out of the car. The child remained sleeping in the back seat. One of the men took a long thin metallic tube with a mirror like tip and examined the vehicle. The figures asked the witnesses how they got there and then looked at the sleeping child inside. They then held a short conversation in a grave guttural language resembling German. One of the "men" then left the area and a blue pickup truck now arrived at the scene. Two men wearing blue coveralls were in the vehicle and spoke in Spanish to the witnesses, again asking them how they got there. The men then looked at the child and commented something in a low tone of voice to the strange figure in black that remained on the scene.

At that moment Freddie noticed a glint of light coming from what appeared to be a rectangular shaped hollowed out area in the nearby wooded slope of a hill. There appeared to be several huge glass like doors and inside there was a disc shaped object, that was encircled in rectangular shaped windows and was 30 ft in diameter, it appeared metallic & aluminum in color. Thinking that he was seeing something he was not supposed to see, he quickly averted his gaze. The men did not appear to notice that Freddie had seen anything. The men in the blue pickup then ordered the couple and their child to follow them out of the area in their vehicle. They were quickly escorted out onto the main road.

Source: Jorge Martin, Vieques Poligono Del Tercer Tipo



Kiev, Ukraine - 1998 - night

Alla, a local woman, was in her bed submerged in dark thoughts, her husband and her three children were alcoholics. She saw no future and had serious thoughts of committing suicide. Suddenly someone knocked on her front door. She could only say, “Who is there? The time is late”. But she did not have time to react as two strange entities suddenly appeared inside the room. The figures were generally humanoid in appearance with very black claw-like hands with long nails.

The entities knew exactly what their purpose was...then said politely, but firmly, “Don’t do what you are planning, it is better that you come with us.” Where? For what? And who are you, Alla replied. Her guests explained that they lived in a planet with “shape shifting beings” that can change their shape and density at will “It is difficult for those beings to perform physical tasks, that’s why at times they ask humans for help”. Their species also lacked females of their kind, and were having trouble in continuing their species. It was difficult for their women to give birth and that’s why they invited terrestrial females to their planet. At this point, Alla half got up, intending to put her shoes on, but the strangers stopped her, saying, “No footwear is needed.”

Her next memory was in appearing in a large room on board a large spacecraft. She saw three compartments on board and in one she noticed about 20 human males of different ages, the second compartment was empty, and in the third room she saw two elderly adult women that were talking to each other. In apparent bewilderment one of them was saying to the other, “I can’t understand, whether I am still in this world, or already dead and in heaven?” Surprised, Alla wondered why the aliens needed those elderly women. At this moment the door opened and the aliens appeared, accompanied by a younger human woman. “Hello” she said to everyone. One of the “captive” men then said, “Here is one more prisoner”. Moments later the young woman explained to Alla that she had met the strange entities as she left a dance hall, at which time they proposed sex to her. After getting over her shock, she agreed, since her life was full of marital and family problems anyway. The aliens then performed medical checks on both women and also performed some type of “IQ” test, that including remembering chemical formulas. The aliens were evidently testing their mental capabilities. The aliens spoke with the captives in the Russian and Ukrainian languages, but communicated among themselves in a strange “sing-song” language.

Apparently Alla did not pass any of the tests given to her by the aliens, so she was apparently returned back to her home...the other female taken from outside the dance hall remained with the aliens. While speaking with the other earth woman on board the spacecraft, Alla noticed five small globe-shaped spheres, resembling ball lighting and seemingly behaving like intelligent beings. They positioned themselves in a row. The alien commander then proceeded to tell them something, which Alla understood as, “My dear, you returned! Well go to your place.” Alla then saw six small containers on the control panel resembling ordinary wine glasses; the spheres obeyed and placed themselves inside those containers, changing into the shape of a mushroom.

Source: Leonid Terentyev, “UFO Captives” and Tatyana Nuraliyeva

NOTE: I attempted to find more on this report but nothing was available. Tatyana Nuraliyeva, who I believe to be a spiritual healer, was the probable source of this encounter...Lon

Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds

The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors

Real Encounters, Different Dimensions and Otherworldy Beings

Daily 2 Cents: Djinn Encounter in Afghanistan? -- ‘Time Travel’ Murder -- NASA Honors William Shatner

Djinn Encounter in Afghanistan?

We were deployed to southern Afghanistan and one night we had set up this position to secure a sight and it was around 2 in the morning and only me and the forward gunner were awake. I'm just scanning pretty zoned out when a figure stepped out from a corner about 75 yards away, he was man sized taller than a regular afghan but hey (remember this is all through night vision on a semi bright night) and he appeared to be a human . then the thing turned and looked right at me with eyes so bright my night vision started to burn out (meaning it was so bright it was burning the system, usually done only by really fucking bright shit like the sun). So that freaked me out and I pulled my NVGs off and those eyes were like neon red blood. Blood red bright as the sun. So this freaks me out and I pull my machine gun over and train the thermal optic on to it and those eyes were so hot it started to burn out that optic (same concept as before but with you know heat) but his body was so cold he stood out from the background which is really weird. I slowly loaded it and then the eyes moved like he cocked his head at me and turned and walked off and was gone. I didn't say a word of this while we were there or to any one in the army since we've gotten back. -


The strange case of the ‘time travel’ murder

A woman's body is found in London. DNA turns up a hit, yet the suspect apparently died weeks before the alleged victim. Here, forensic scientist Dr Mike Silverman tells the story of one of the strangest cases of his career.

It was a real-life mystery that could have come straight from the pages of a modern-day detective novel.

During the late 1970s... the idea of being able to identify someone from a few tiny drops of blood seemed like something out of science fiction”

A woman had been brutally murdered in London and biological material had been found under her fingernails, possibly indicating that she might have scratched her attacker just before she died.

A sample of the material was analysed and results compared with the National DNA database and quickly came back with a positive match.

The problem was, the "hit" identified a woman who had herself been murdered - a full three weeks before the death of her alleged "victim".

The killings had taken place in different areas of the capital and were being investigated by separate teams of detectives.

With no sign of a connection between the two women and nothing to suggest they had ever met, the most "likely" scenario was that the samples had been mixed-up or contaminated at the one obvious place that they had come together - the forensic laboratory. A complaint was made by the senior investigating officer. Continue reading at BBC


NASA Honors William Shatner With Distinguished Public Service Medal

After nearly 50 years of warping across galaxies and saving the universe from a variety of alien threats and celestial disasters, Star Trek’s William Shatner finally went where no other member of Starfleet has gone before. This weekend, the acclaimed actor and director was honored with NASA’s Distinguished Public Service medal, the highest award bestowed by the agency to non-government personnel.

The honor was presented to Shatner Saturday evening in Los Angeles at his annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show, where he raises money for a variety of children’s causes. The citation for the medal reads, “For outstanding generosity and dedication to inspiring new generations of explorers around the world, and for unwavering support for NASA and its missions of discovery.”

“William Shatner has been so generous with his time and energy in encouraging students to study science and math, and for inspiring generations of explorers, including many of the astronauts and engineers who are a part of NASA today, ” said David Weaver, NASA’s associate administrator for the Office of Communications at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “He's most deserving of this prestigious award.”

A life-long advocate of science and space exploration, Shatner gained worldwide fame and became a cultural icon for his portrayal of Captain James Tiberius Kirk, commander of the starship USS Enterprise in NBC’s science fiction television series “Star Trek” from 1966 to 1969. It was a role he would reprise in an animated version of the series in 1973, seven major films from 1979 to 1994, and more recent “Star Trek” video games.

Shatner’s relationship with NASA dates back to the original series, with references to the space agency and its programs that were incorporated into storylines throughout the television and film franchises. In 1976, when NASA was ready to introduce a reusable spacecraft as the successor to the Apollo program, a new space shuttle prototype, originally to be named Constitution, was dubbed Enterprise in honor of the Star Trek universe and the work of Shatner and his series co-stars.

More recently, Shatner donated his time and vocal talent to host the NASA documentary celebrating the 30th anniversary of space shuttle missions. To honor the final flight of shuttle Discovery in 2011, he agreed to recreate his famous Star Trek television introduction in one of the last wake-up calls for the astronauts of the STS-133 mission.

In 2012, he hosted a video presentation previewing the dramatic mission of the Mars rover Curiosity and voiced his support for NASA spinoff technologies that come as a result of investments in science, technology and exploration.

Other past recipients of the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal include astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory director and Voyager project scientist Edward Stone, theoretical physicist and astronomer Lyman Spitzer, and science fiction writer Robert Heinlein. The award is presented to those who “… have personally made a contribution representing substantial progress to the NASA mission. The contribution must be so extraordinary that other forms of recognition would be inadequate.”

Besides his acting and directing talents, Shatner is a prolific author, having taken the reins for nearly 50 books, and is an accomplished horse rider and breeder. - NASA

Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection (Star Trek I, II, III, IV, V, VI + The Captain's Summit Bonus Disc)

Star Trek: The Complete Original Series DVD (Seasons 1-3)

Star Trek: The Original Series: Season 1 (Remastered Edition)


Blue UFO Spotted Over The Netherlands

A blue-colored UFO, videotaped by a Netherlands resident, remains unexplained.

Blue? That's something new.

OpenMinds.TV reports that, on April 11, Dick Smits was at home in the town of Maassluis -- south of The Hague, the seat of government of the Netherlands and the capital city of South Holland.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and Smits was videotaping a boat on a canal. He spotted a blue object hovering in the sky for several minutes, so he turned his camera on it and zoomed in.

From the angle that Smits caught the object, it looks a little like a classic flying saucer (see bottom left), with a curved bottom and a dome on top.

At another point in the short video, the blue-tinted UFO moved slightly (bottom right) so that its structure seemed a little less like a flying saucer and, perhaps, more manmade. Could that be some sort of cockpit on the right side image?

When the Rotterdam-based RTV Rijnmond TV organization interviewed Smits about what he videotaped, he didn't indicate how the blue object eventually disappeared from view.

Smits reportedly told the broadcaster that he just didn't know what the object was.

And nobody has come forward to claim ownership of the baffling blue object. - THP



Darwin Considered the Existence of ETs, and Alien Origins of Life on Earth

Do Animals Have Near Death Experiences?

Godzilla – Breathing New Life into a 60-year-old Legend

Santeria Is Cuba’s New Favorite Religion

Rare Indian Burial Ground Quietly Destroyed for Million Dollar Houses (can anyone say 'they're herrrrrreeeeee'?)

Phantoms & Monsters: Strange Encounters

Phantoms & Monsters: Cryptid Encounters

Cryptid: The Lost Legacy of Lewis & Clark


Beware of Man-Eater Plants

My wife and I were watching a TV talk show recently, when the subject of flesh-eating plants was brought up. They mentioned the Venus Flytrap...even Audrey II from 'Little Shop of Horrors.' I told my wife that I believed there were some plants known to eat flesh...I was sure I had posted something about this many years ago. Anyway, this is what I found:

In 1881 German explorer Carl Liche told the tale of a horrid tree that would feast upon the Mdoko tribe of Madagascar. In a terrible ceremony, He watched as the tribes people would sacrificed one of their own to a man-eating tree. Prodded by javelins a young girl was forced to climb the giant plant which resembled an giant pineapple. The top was fringed with long hairy green tendrils and a set of tentacles surrounding a pool of honey-sweet fluid. As she reluctantly drank from the pool, in Liche's words:

“...slender delicate palpi, with the fury of starved serpents, quivered a moment over her head, then as if instinct with demoniac intelligence fastened upon her in sudden coils round and round her neck and arms; then while her awful screams and yet more awful laughter rose wildly to be instantly strangled down again into a gurgling moan, the tendrils one after another, like great green serpents, with brutal energy and infernal rapidity, rose, retracted themselves, and wrapped her about in fold after fold, ever tightening with cruel swiftness and savage tenacity of anacondas fastening upon their prey.”

In the book Madagascar: Land of the Man-Eating Tree author Chase Osborn claimed that both the tribes and missionaries on Madagascar knew about the hideous tree, and also repeated the Liche account. Some researchers claim that Liche's recitation was completely fabricated. In fact, Willy Ley, the author of Salamanders and Other Wonders: Still More Adventures of a Romantic Naturalist stated that there was no killer tree that grew in Madagascar, no Mkodo tribe, and apparently Carl Liche himself never really existed.

In the book Under The Punkah Phil Robinson recalls the tales of his uncle, who traveled throughout the world. He described a "man-eating tree" that was to be found in the northern Sudan along the Nile Valley. In the account, Robinson's uncle describes the tree:

This awful plant, that rears its splendid death-shade in the central solitude of a Nubian fern forest, sickens by its unwholesome humours all vegetation from its immediate vicinity, and feeds upon the wild beasts that, in the terror of the chase, or the heat of noon, seek the thick shelter of its boughs ; upon the birds that, flitting across the open space, come within the charmed circle of its power, or innocently refresh themselves from the cups of its great waxen flowers ; upon even man himself when, an infrequent prey, the savage seeks its asylum in the storm, or turns from the harsh foot-wounding sword-grass of the glade, to pluck the wondrous fruit that hang plumb down among the wondrous foliage. And such fruit ! Glorious golden ovals, great honey drops, swelling by their own weight into pear-shaped translucencies. The foliage glistens with a strange dew, that all day long drips on to the ground below, nurturing a rank growth of grasses, which shoot up in places so high that their spikes of fierce blood-fed green show far up among the deep-tinted foliage of the terrible tree, and, like a jealous body-guard, keep concealed the fearful secret of the charnel-house within, and draw round the black roots of the murderous plant a decent screen of living green.

J.W. Buel wrote in Sea and Land that the Ya-te-veo ("I-see-you") plant is native to Africa and Central America, and having stems that resemble "many huge serpents in an angry discussion, occasionally darting from side to side as if striking at an imaginary foe," while attempting to consume humans. It is further described as having a short, thick trunk topped with spine-like shoots with dagger-like thorns along their edges. These barbed shoots hang down to the ground and become suddenly animated when an unsuspecting animal walks between them. The victim is then impaled and crushed against the trunk until it is drained of blood which is then absorbed by the plant.

This description is similar to the 'Devil's Snare' or 'Vampire Vine' which is said to live in the dark recesses of the Nicaraguan jungle. In a short story in Lucifer Magazine, the following was quoted:

Mr. Dunstan, naturalist, who has recently returned from Central America, where he spent nearly two years in the study of the flora and the fauna of the country, relates the finding of a singular growth in one of the swamps which surround the great lakes of Nicaragua. He was engaged in hunting for botanical and entomological specimens, when he heard his dog cry out, as if in agony, from a distance, Running to the spot whence the animal's cries came. Mr. Dunstan found him enveloped in a perfect network of what seemed to be a fine rope-like tissue of roots and fibres... The native servants who accompanied Mr. Dunstan manifested the greatest horror of the vine, which they call "the devil's snare," and were full of stories of its death-dealing powers. He was able to discover very little about the nature of the plant, owing to the difficulty of handling it, for its grasp can only be torn away with the loss of skin and even of flesh; but, as near as Mr. Dunstan could ascertain, its power cf suction is contained in a number of infinitesimal mouths or little suckers, which, ordinarily closed, open for the reception of food. If the substance is animal, the blood is drawn off and the carcass or refuse then dropped.

Now...the big question. Are any of these plants real? There are certainly plants in the world that eat meat. Charles Darwin was fascinated by them and spent fifteen years of his life studying them...ex. the Corpse Flower, Venus Flytrap, and other various 'pitcher' plants that consume small mammals and insects that fall into their clutches. As far as man-eating plants that grab and ingest humans or large animals...maybe we should just save it for the horror movies. Lon

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