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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011...going off the deep end

According to Rick Dyer, I am a 'supporter' or 'do boy' of Tom Biscardi. Anyway, here's the video - Click for video. Now, I realize that Rick Dyer and his cohorts are nothing more than a group of buffoons living on the fringes of the social order...but now they got this 'little' blog writing about them. Dyer states in the video... "these videos are for my followers. You're not one of my followers, so why are you watching?" Hey Rick, I watch and comment because 'human train wrecks' fascinate me.

As far as Tom Biscardi, anybody who is associated with me knows that I despise Biscardi's Modus operandi, especially his relationship with the Georgia Bigfoot hoaxers (Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton). Its been documented on the blog:

Skepticism Mounting Since the Georgia Bigfoot Corpse Press Release

Legend of Bigfoot: Discovery? Try Hoax

Absurdity in Palo Alto: What's Next, Tom?

Bigfoot Body Confirmed a Fake - Whitton and Dyer Have Fled - Biscardi Claims No Knowledge of Scam

Indiana Man Who Brokered Bigfoot Deal Was Friend of Biscardi

Georgia Bigfoot Hoaxer Wants His Police Officer Job Reinstated

Blame For 'Georgia Bigfoot Hoax' Placed On Biscardi

From Steve Kull's website - Rick Dyer Busted! - Read the following:

Rick Dyer's New Claims Busted Too!

Benton County, Arkansas - Rick Dyer over the past few days has made again the claim that he, Matt Whitton and another party had a Bigfoot body, dragged it out of the forest before it was taken by government officials dressed in black.

He also threw the notion out that Steve Kulls, again was involved in the hoax, after extolling Steve for the past three years. In a bold move, on the evening of December 27th, 2011, Steve, interviewed Matt Whitton about Rick's statements.

Steve Kulls statement:

"I recently saw that Mr. Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer, has had some interesting things to say pertaining to his 2008 hoax and some even more interesting comments about me.

Last night I had a conversation with Dyer’s old partner, Matt Whitton, whom made contact with me over four months ago, when Rick cut his first video. We had not talked on a one to one basis since February 2009, when I went to Georgia and retrieved the evidence, implicating C. Thomas Biscardi in the hoax, the Searching for Bigfoot Business Plan, and a statement to the police from William Lett regarding the pickup of the freezer and exchange of currency.

Whitton’s statements to me completely negate Dyer’s new claims and therefore Dyer’s statements can be considered to be just the machinations of a man desperately seeking attention, missing his long gone fifteen minutes of fame.

As I have, since completing the investigation into the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax, I stand by all my previous statements. Mr. Dyer is a non-issue and very little have any concern for what he has to say; past, present or in the future and I implore the public to do such as well."

-Steve Kulls

Steve: Now he is trying to say Steve is involved again.

Matt: Oh, well OK (chuckles), well when I talked to you, like four or five months ago, you know that guy he was working with, they made a video, and they said, you know I was with them, whenever they dragged the body out, you know like the original story, but the guy was added to it. You know I don’t even know him, either way... you know there’s so much stuff going on, other than making up a story.

You know, I really don’t wanna get associated with it, I mean it was fun, that was the thing about it, to me it was fun, until like I said, until I realized people got their feelings hurt.

Steve: Would you have any idea why he’d be going after me? Because that’s gonna cause me nothing but grief again.

Matt: I can tell you pretty simply, I mean uh, just the way Rick thinks, uh, you know, he likes to entertain himself; he likes to get a rush… It’s funny to him; he gets like an entertainment out of like watching you get a rush out of it, you know, and getting nervous…

It could be him getting a laugh. I don’t even know what he’s doing… The thing I’ve seen is that everything that me and him did with the Bigfoot thing, like whenever we put out a video, it would have, well not in the very beginning, not too long after, every video we put out, was at least 10,000 hits, everything I’ve seen Bigfoottracker.com put out now, is like 40 hits…

Maybe in a way I could see it as a business move, a strange business move, but I could see it is as a head up on things to see what the public is gonna grab on, you know, and hit up on a few different strategies…

And you know it is like an adrenaline rush I mean it’s not like jumping off a cliff, were chasing robbers, in a certain way it’s an amount of adrenaline rush like doing stuff that gets you in the public eye, some types feed off of it… It’s like any other drug once you get that original high you’re always trying to get there again. You know that doesn’t happen that’s the thing about it. You know a magician never does the same trick twice.

If I was you I will look at it like this… Whenever it is you’re on top there’s people that are gonna try to push you off, there’s going to be a lot of detractors. And my line, if I was you my line would be, I’m the original guy who busted this thing, you know and that’s the thing.

I mean I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape about it, you know it’s one of those things, it’ll all pass.

Steve: He says I’m involved, that is why would I went to Indiana…

Matt: Tom ruined our hoax by inviting you down there, that’s what happened.

It didn't take Dyer very long to respond to Steve Kull's post - Click for video. Simply stated, this guy is delusional. He states that thousands of positive comments about himself are erased from the internet daily. Well, I will swear to whatever you want me to swear to...I have never received a positive comment about Rick Dyer. 'Phantoms and Monsters' is the blog you highlighted in your previous video so it must be one of your biggest detractors on the internet. None of my 12K+ subscribers or unique readers have ever mentioned you or Bigfoottrackers.com in a positive light.

As far as Matt Whitton's statements and your assertion that he is mentally ill and that Steve Kulls took advantage of his disability...again, delusional. Your 'fans' may buy into the facade but its obvious to most reasonable people who research or just have an interest in Bigfoot that you're grasping for straws...and possibly reality.

NOTE: I'm going to make a resolution for the new year...no more references to Bigfoot charlatans and hoaxers (ex. Rick Dyer). The Bigfoot world needs some semblance of sanity and authenticity. My small contribution will be legitimate information. There will always be a story that grabs the Bigfoot world's attention that is very questionable and will deserves some comment. But from this time forward my presentation of Bigfoot news and related events will be objective, literal and tangible...Lon

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Paul Freeman Bigfoot Footage: Another Look

On Wednesday, Thom Powell posted an interesting article on the Paul Freeman video (Click for raw video) which was made near Deduct Creek, WA in 1992.

While working as a watershed patroller for the U.S. Forest Service in 1982, Freeman claimed to have encountered a sasquatch near Walla Walla, WA. His account brought him a great deal of criticism and disrupted his family’s life, causing him to quit his job and relocate. He returned to the area in 1984 and essentially devoted the rest of his life to a search for sasquatch evidence. He collected suspected sasquatch hair, photographs, and variety of casts of footprints and other body parts. In 1992 Freeman followed a series of tracks near Deduct Creek and obtained the close-up video. This clip was included in the DVD extras section of the 2003 Discovery Channel documentary Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science- DVD set at BFRO Micheal Dennett wrote a commentary/obit disputing Freeman's claims, though he did add an update that stated primate expert Jimmy Chilcutt confirmed that some of the Freeman footprint casts contained dermal ridges.

Personally, I think that the Freeman video, along with the Patterson-Gimlim film, is credible. Could it have been hoaxed...absolutely, but I have serious doubts that it was faked. The Freeman video does offer an aspect that is not apparent in the Patterson-Gimlim film...the possibility that these creatures are paranormal. I agree with Thom Powell in his assessment that this Bigfoot was not visible at points in the video where it should have been seen. This coincides with other reports I have taken as well as my personal encounter in 1981. When that creature was walking away from me it simply vanished in a cleared area before reaching the woods. Here is a previous post with the readers thoughts on this theory...including my own - Readers Respond: The Interdimensional Sasquatch.

I have included below a few links to different renditions of the Freeman video.

Freeman Bigfoot Footage

Paul Freeman Bigfoot Footage

The Bigfoot Field Guide-The Freeman Footage

Thom Powell is the author of - The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Night of the Androids

The following odd recollection was forwarded to me today:

Hi Lon -

I want to share with your readers an odd experience I had as a teenager. To some, it will sound like a bad John Keel MIB story, but it is true and I am still somewhat at a loss to explain it.

It was the summer of 1973 and I was eighteen at the time. My cousin Tony and I were out late on a Friday night and we decided to get a six-pack of beer, sit on the front steps of the nearby elementary school, and quench our teenage, summertime thirst. We hadn't been there very long when we both heard the rumble of a very loud car approaching. As it came into view, we saw that it was a 1959 Cadillac convertible (the one with the huge fins). It was moving no more than about 10 miles an hour and it was apparent that the car had no muffler. We watched it as it passed, wondering why such an unusual, old car would be cruising through our neighborhood after midnight. The car disappeared up the street, however, and we soon turned our attention to other things.

After a while, we got tired of sitting so my cousin and I got up from the school steps and decided to walk. We rounded the side of the school building and found ourselves on a dark side street with no street lights and few houses. We hadn't gone very far when, again, we heard the sound of that loud engine. About a quarter of a mile up the street, a pair of headlights swung toward us. Both my cousin and I froze.

The side of the street on which we’d been walking was wooded so we slowly edged back into the tree line and waited. The car approached and, as it slowly passed us, we could see it contained a man driving, a woman next to him in the front passenger seat, and a small boy in the back seat. The street was dark but their faces were illuminated by the glow of the dashboard lights. My cousin and I agreed afterwards that none of the three moved the entire time we had them in sight. They said nothing, heads never moved, facial expressions didn't change - they were absolutely like manikins! The Cadillac disappeared down the street and we never saw it again.

Being teenagers out late, this freaked us out a bit. We decided that we’d had enough for one night so we headed for home. As we rounded the block, a police car approached us. The car stopped and the officer asked us what we were doing out so late. Then he asked us if we'd seen anything unusual. Of course, at this point, we spilled our whole story. He calmly explained that the car contained a family of bicycle thieves. Somewhat relieved, we continued home.

After a bit, I thought it seemed awfully convenient that the police officer pulled up when he did to offer a prosaic explanation for what had been a very weird experience. You have to wonder what kind of parent would take their kid out for a night of larceny. Yes, there are some really dysfunctional families out there but this just seemed too bizarre. It only occurred to me later that we had seen no bicycles in the car. The trunks on those Caddies are huge but I don't recall that the trunk lid was even ajar (at least not obviously so). So, if they were bicycle thieves, they must not have had any luck.

To this day, I remember how eerie it was to see these motionless people driving down that dark street. If they were looking for bikes, don't you think they would have been scanning yards to see if some kid left one on the front lawn? Instead, all three of those people sat bolt-upright, looking straight ahead. You would at least expect the kid to be moving around but, as long as we had them in sight, he never did.

My cousin and I still discuss the incident from time to time and we still don't quite know what to make of our Night of the Androids. - JH

NOTE: Wasn't the Ghostbusters Ecto I Car a 1959 Cadillac? Lon

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mystery Of Incident That Inspired Hitchcock's 'The Birds' Solved?

Back in January, when it seemed like you couldn't get through one day without reading about a rash of bizarre bird deaths, you would have been forgiven for adding The Birds [Blu-ray]to your Netflix queue in the hopes of finding out ways to survive the coming birdpocalypse. The 1963 Alfred Hitchcock film remains one of the scariest cautionary tales of all time, if only because of its mystery: Hitch based the film, in part, on a 1961 incident in Monterey Bay, California, where seabirds rammed themselves into houses. Fifty years later, it seems that the impetus behind the bizarre occurrence has been discovered.

"I am pretty convinced that the birds were poisoned," said ocean environmentalist Sibel Bargu of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge to USA Today, presumably while a thunderclap exploded behind her.

The cause of the poisoning? Not a platinum blonde looking for revenge, but plankton. According to Bargu and her team, who surveyed the stomach contents of turtles and seabirds taken from Monterey Bay in 1961, "toxin-making algae were present in 79% of the plankton that the creatures ate." The toxin created was nerve-damaging, which meant the birds suffered from confusion, seizures and eventual death.

According to USA Today, a similar toxin killed four people in Canada's Prince Edward Island in 1987, after they ingested contaminated mussels.

In a circle of life twist, the birds likely ate infected anchovies, which had eaten the plankton. And how did the plankton get infected themselves? Likely from leaky septic tanks, which were installed in the early 1960s after the housing boom in Monterey Bay.


What Got Into Hitchcock's 'Birds'?

Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 horror flick The Birds [Blu-ray]in which feathered maniacs attack the residents of Bodega Bay, Calif., over the course of several days, never explained the birds' homicidal intent. But marine scientist David Garrison of the National Science Foundation has a theory about the real-life events that may have inspired the legendary film.

"The Birds": An article in the Jan. 8 Section A about unusual bird behavior and the film "The Birds" quoted marine scientist David Garrison of the National Science Foundation speculating that Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 movie was inspired by an actual event. A 1961 incident may have provided Hitchcock with research material for the movie, but the script itself is based on a Daphne du Maurier story published in 1952 in which a flock of seabirds attacks a community in coastal England."

Garrison investigated a strange event in 1991 that caused birds around Monterey Bay to act bizarre and die. He identified the culprit as domoic acid, which was produced by toxic algae off the Pacific Coast. Those acid-making algae were consumed by fish and shellfish, which were in turn gobbled by birds, who couldn't effectively rid the toxin from their systems.

"There were reports of pelicans and cormorants wandering around drunk and throwing up anchovies," said Garrison, who is based in Arlington, Va.

Domoic acid was probably responsible for another instance of strange bird behavior reported in 1961 around Monterey Bay, when Hitchcock was said to be vacationing nearby, Garrison said. The filmmaker reportedly asked to have a copy of the newspaper sent to him, the scientist added.

No link has been firmly established. But Sibel Bargu, a biological oceanographer at Louisiana State University, is following up on the Hitchcock angle by looking at zooplankton samples saved from the 1960s.

"They are filter-feeding, so we're assuming they'll be like a trash can — whatever was in the water was in their stomachs," Bargu said.

Bargu said she remembers clearly when "The Birds" was played her home in Turkey when she was a child.

"They were showing the movie and didn't let me go into the room because it was so scary," she recalled. "I always wanted to watch that movie, because it was forbidden to me." - latimes

NOTE: here are a few good links - The Birds" A History of Horror and "The Birds" and Bodega Bay. I had a 'thing' for Tippi Hedren when I was younger so 'The Birds' and 'Marnie' were favorites of mine, though North by Northwestis my favorite Alfred Hitchcock film...Lon

The Birds [Blu-ray]

Alfred Hitchcock - The Masterpiece Collection

North by Northwest


Just the Facts?: Stan Gordon's Legendary Life -- SETI's New Search -- The Muck Monster

Paranormal investigator: Stan Gordon's legendary life chase of UFOs and Bigfoot

Ten-year-old Stan Gordon of Greensburg, PA, tuned the dial on the transistor radio he’d just received for his birthday during the late Halloween season of 1959 in search of paranormal talk shows. The broadcast that mesmerized the young man that night and his passion that followed soon pushed him into a lifelong series of dramatic paranormal investigations mainly of UFOs and the Bigfoot creature.

Gordon never stopped investigating the paranormal from that day forward and today looks back on a remarkable 50-plus years that overlaps the 1965 UFO crash at Kecksburg, PA, and a 1973 intensive outbreak of both UFOs and Bigfoot that culminated in his book, Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook

He collected paranormal stories in school those early days, but at age 16, local radio opened up a UFO investigation door that never closed as the KDKA-AM station began reporting that evening of December 9, 1965, about a possible UFO crash at nearby Kecksburg. - Continue reading at Stan Gordon's legendary life chase of UFOs and Bigfoot

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook

Really Mysterious Pennsylvania: UFOs, Bigfoot & Other Weird Encounters Casebook One


SETI to scour the Moon for alien footprints

The most profound question asked by mankind is: are we alone? So the second most profound question must be: where should we look if we're not alone?

Now, two prominent scientists have published a paper suggesting that although we have an entire universe to seek out the proverbial alien needle in a haystack, perhaps looking in our own backyard would be a good place to start.

Paul Davies and Robert Wagner of Arizona State University have suggested a crowd-sourcing effort to find artificial structures on the moon. After all, lunar missions like NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter are returning some dazzling, high-resolution imagery of the moon's surface. If aliens have been there, perhaps we could spot evidence of their presence.

"Although there is only a tiny probability that alien technology would have left traces on the moon in the form of an artifact or surface modification of lunar features, this location has the virtue of being close, and of preserving traces for an immense duration," Davies and Wagner say in their paper published in the journal Acta Astronautica (doi:10.1016/j.actaastro.2011.10.022).

Indeed, due to the moon's pristine environment, any modification of lunar surface features will remain preserved for eons -- the lack of an atmosphere means features are not eroded away. Unless intelligent aliens came, saw and then covered their tracks, perhaps they left something as basic as a footprint for us to find.

Alien-hunting programs like the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) have primarily focused on looking for alien transmissions being beamed around the universe, but the probability of success is extremely low. Other methods of alien hunting are therefore being considered and the moon has just become the logical "intelligent alien hunting ground."

If these hypothetical aliens are advanced enough to traverse the vast distances between the stars, and if they decided to pay the Earth-moon system a visit over the past few million years, they may have used the lunar surface as an ideal observation post. Logical, right?.

The idea that some kind of alien artifact may have been left behind then makes sense. This "artifact" could be a footprint, spacecraft or structure -- the LRO can spot the Apollo landers and astronauts' preserved footprints from orbit (pictured top), so it stands to reason that we have the technology to carry out this proposed lunar hunt.

"Systematic scrutiny of the LRO photographic images is being routinely conducted anyway for planetary science purposes, and this program could readily be expanded and outsourced at little extra cost to accommodate SETI goals, after the fashion of the SETI@home and Galaxy Zoo projects," Davies and Wagner point out.

Although the probability for success is low, building a crowd-sourcing effort like the hugely popular SETI@home and Galaxy Zoo projects could be a very efficient and low-cost means to analyze the lunar surface.

Simply distribute images being beamed back from lunar satellites to participating members of the public -- using PC idle time (like SETI@Home) or asking for voluntary participation (like Galaxy Zoo) -- and see if any strange shapes in the lunar regolith need some follow-up investigation.

With a lot of search time using low cost crowd-sourcing techniques could result in a profound discovery if aliens did decide to camp out on our moon at some point in history. The moon may be keeping a record of their campsite. - discovery


Rick Dyer's Mugshot


NOTE: maybe he tried to steal back the Bigfoot body...Lon


Patient dies after rats bite him

At a time when chief minister Mamata Banerjee is repeatedly urging the doctors and nurses to serve the patients with a human face, a patient died at the SSKM Hospital in Kolkata on Friday after his penis was allegedly nibbled by rats.

Arun Sandhukha, 53, from Sreerampore in Hooghly, was admitted at the new emergency ward of the hospital since December 11 with pneumonia. In the morning, when his family came to visit him, he was lying on the bed in a pool of blood. “No nurse was found at the scene and he was writhing in pain. His penis had been nibbled by rats,” on his relatives Bishwanath alleged. At around 4.15 pm, Sadhukha died of his injuries. The hospital authorities have admitted the presence of rats at the ward, Bishwanath claimed.

Earlier in the day, in another case, a government doctor was found treating patients in an inebriated state at the Bolpur sub-divisional hospital in Birbhum. Kalipada Das was found in a druken state in the emergency department by a patients’ family. Facing protests, Dr Das admitted: “I drank on Thursday night due to domestic problem.” - asianage


The Heavy Stuff

Ufologist / amomalist Rick Phillips has a collection of oddities from the past year, described in The Top Five Fortean, Anomalous, And Unexplainable Events Of 2011.


The Muck Monster

Receive the following correspondence today (unedited):

Hi Lon, I'm going to relate a experience that occurred back in the mid 70's. Myself and three of my friends were teens at the time and lived in north eastern Ohio in the Akron area. there was still plenty of wooded areas that could've easily supported a so called bigfoot without to much trouble.

It was a beautiful summer night in July and somewhere around 1:30 am. The two girls wanted to go to a place we hung out at during the day quite often. We called it the "blue lake" because ....that's right the water was blue. Anyway this particular night we parked the car off the side of the road and hiked along the train tracks till we got to the edge of the small hill that led down to the lake which really was an old gravel pit that filled up when they hit a spring. Now we had all been swimming in the blue lake many times before and knew that your first step in the water took you almost to your waist and two more steps and it was over your head. Well just before we were going to descend down the sharp incline to waters edge one of us spotted a comet in the clear summer sky. We all fixed our stare to this heavenly body with its long tail slowly making its way across the sky I kept hearing a strange sound. I could best describe it as if you were walking in some fairly deep mud and that suction sound your boots would make as you took each step. While my friends were staring into the sky I turned my gaze towards the incline down to waters edge and there I saw what I thought at first was a man walking on the water but soon realized it was no man at all! At that point in my life I had never heard of a "big foot" so honestly did not know what i was looking at. After a few seconds of looking at this creature I reached over to one of my friends and said "look" which he did and then screamed and took off down the tracks followed by the two girls who just started running because of his scream but they didn't see anything. In the mean time I'm still mesmerized by this creature and looking at it just below me at around a 25-30ft. incline. It had stopped probably when it heard my friend scream when it suddenly looked right at me and started to turn to ascend the incline towards me. Has I watched it take its first couple steps towards me I was still trying to figure out in my mind what I was looking at when I decided I better run as well. I soon caught up with the girls and we all made it to the car . Now no sooner did we start the engine when suddenly we were surrounded by police cars. Lights flashing everywhere and we are trying to come up with a story of why we would be out past curfew with the two girls when the officers came up to our car. The first thing they asked was "what did you guys see back there?" We said we didn't see anything and after a brief search of the car they let us go on our way.

For years I called this thing the "muck monster" not knowing what I had seen. It sure fits the description of the Big Foot except I didn't smell anything. That could of been because of the wind direction I suppose. I just wish I had stood there just a little longer so I could have seen it in the light of the moon as it got higher on the incline. I also wish we would told the police what we saw because they must've known something by the way they came down on us with probably their whole night force. Oh well too late for that now but I would sure like to see one again someday. If I win the lottery I'm going big foot hunting for sure!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What's Up For 2012...and Beyond?

A few weeks ago a reader suggested, since I thought the worst of the 2012 prophecies were not going to occur, that I predict what we can expect in the coming year and beyond. I kindly passed on the offer...but later decided I would make a serious effort toward the challenge. I'm not a psychic per se...but my intuitive sense / sixth sense has steered me throughout my life. Anyway, here we go:

- I think an important 'first step' in Bigfoot research may come to light in the coming year. In the long term, science will continue to inch toward the realization that the paranormal may be closer to the truth than previously thought. We can only hope.

- I feel the overall strong earthquake activity will continue worldwide. I do fear for Alaska. As well, places that don't normally experience earthquakes may feel more rumbling...notably in the US Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. The Pacific 'Ring of Fire' will continue to be active.

- The Euro crisis will continue to deepen...though I see some 'light at the end of the tunnel' for the United States economy. More detail below...

- Tensions between the United States and China will increase because of continued US economic and military influence in Asia. China will continue to increase their economic rise and military build up but western technology will give the US a significant 'leg up' over emerging powers. I expect this trend to continue for many years, if not decades.

- Russia's economic and political footing will become very tenuous in the coming year. Only 20 years after the last Russian revolution, another may be in the cards.

- For the most part, people worldwide are fed up with the status quo. Demonstrations will be the result of frustration, political lies and broken promises. I see bloodshed on the streets...including American cities.

- The world stock markets (in particular the US) will see some losses early in the new year but a consistent increase will begin during the Summer and continue into 2013. Major news in medical research and lower unemployment will spark confidence in the markets.

- 2012 may very well be remembered as the year of disclosure...but not for anything UFO / extraterrestrial related. Powerful politicians from the past will be exposed for illegal activity - conspiracies first thought to be conjecture will be uncovered as fact.

- I'm not going to make any predictions for the 2012 elections since there are many variables to be played out. I will say that I doubt there will be as much 'change' as many expect. Consistent executive leadership may be seen as prudent by the time the elections come into play.

NOTE: these are my personal thoughts based on what I perceive. I feel it involves more common sense than gut feeling. Your thoughts are welcomed - though restraint, tact and courtesy is encouraged..Lon

Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age

Great Shift, The: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond

The Day After 2012

Just the Facts?: Bigfoot Hoaxer Still Yammering -- Yeti 'Finger Bone' Update -- Sierra Bigfoot Shooter

Hoaxer Dyer Tells His Story Again...MIB Stole My Bigfoot

Click for video

Again, Rick Dyer is telling us what REALLY happened during the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax scenario and offers advice (hold the laughter). They found a Bigfoot body (He said previously that they actually killed a Bigfoot) - Uncle Sam came to their house and took the Bigfoot body away - nobody thought of keeping some Bigfoot DNA in order to prove that they indeed did have a Bigfoot at one time (let alone real photographs) - Tom Biscardi rides in and tells Dyer and his cohorts how to hoax the world and make a ton of money - if you are NOT visited by the MIB you're not doing 'your job' tracking Bigfoot.

Again, he suggests that Steve Kulls was involved in the hoax. There is speculation that Dyer is attempting to place a lien on Tom Biscardi’s documentary Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax


Yeti finger mystery solved by Edinburgh scientists

The mystery of a yeti finger taken from Nepal half a century ago has been solved with the help of scientists at Edinburgh Zoo.

The mummified remains have been held in the Royal College of Surgeons museum in London since the 1950s.

A DNA sample analysed by the zoo's genetic expert Dr Rob Ogden has finally revealed the finger's true origins.

Following DNA tests it has found to be human bone.

The yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, is a legendary giant ape-like creature said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet.

Despite the lack of evidence of its existence, the yeti myth retains a strong appeal in both Nepal and the west, where it became popular in the 19th century.

The finger, which was said to be from a yeti, was taken from a Nepalese monastery by an American explorer in the 1950s.

He replaced it with a human finger he had been given by a British scientist.

It was then smuggled out of India with the help of Hollywood actor James Stewart, who hid the artefact in his wife's lingerie case.

The finger is now held in the Royal College of Surgeons museum in London.

Just recently it was rediscovered during cataloguing.

They allowed a BBC documentary team to take a DNA sample.

It has been analysed by genetic experts at Edinburgh Zoo, who concluded it is human.

Dr Rob Ogden, of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, said: "We had to stitch it together. We had several fragments that we put into one big sequence and then we matched that against the database and we found human DNA.

"So it wasn't too surprising but it was obviously slightly disappointing that you hadn't discovered something brand new.

"Human was what we were expecting and human is what we got."

Primatologist Ian Redmond said: "From what we know of accounts of Yetis, I would have expected a more robust and longer finger and possibly with some hair on the back.

"If one had just found it without the story attached to it, I think you would think it was a human finger. - BBC


Searching for Bigfoot in Texas

Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Skunk Ape. Yowie. Yeti. Abominable Snowman. In Texas you may have heard of the Caddo Creature, the Lake Worth Monster/Goat-Man or the Liberty County Monkey Man.

There are many names for the hairy humanlike creature that walks on two legs and has eluded searchers for decades. Even Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot series has been unable to find the ape-man typically described as being 6 to 8 feet tall, with a massive, bulky build.

The Finding Bigfoot crew has not visited Texas yet, but something is out there deep in the Big Thicket, say members of Texas groups dedicated to hunting the beast.

Ken Gerhard of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization has never seen one, but he thinks technology will help solve the mystery.

"I have been immersed in Sasquatch research for a number of years, and I can tell you in my mind a mountain of evidence supports the existence of these creatures," Gerhard said. When hunting season ends, he will return to the woods to look for tracks, hair and habitations and to listen for vocalizations at night.

There have been sightings along the Trinity River corridor, and a cast of a suspected Bigfoot track was made in Sam Houston National Forest, said Gerhard, a San Antonio cryptozoologist who co-wrote Monsters of Texaswith Nick Redfern.

Texas is in the top 10 states for Bigfoot sightings, Gerhard said, outranked only by Washington, California, Oregon, Ohio and Florida.

"Eventually someone is going to come up with some evidence, although it is very frustrating that we have not found a body yet," he said. "And it is a very good argument against Bigfoot's existence."

Exactly, said Mike Cox, a spokesman for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which discounts the idea of Bigfoot running around the woods. Someone would have found some verifiable piece of evidence by now, TPWD biologists contend.

"The theory is that with as much traffic as there is in East Texas that sooner or later a Bigfoot would not stop, look and listen and make the mistake of walking out into traffic and become the victim of a hit-and-run," Cox said. Or a hunter would mistakenly shoot one.

Texas has 180 known mammals ranging from bats to white tail deer, Cox said. Bigfoot is lumped with the cryptids, legendary creatures.

Bigfoot makes TPWD's top 3 cryptid list. The department gets more calls about chupacabra, which biologists think are mangy coyotes, Cox said. Bigfoot, which they call pure folklore, ranks No. 2. Then there are sightings of lechuzas, usually along the border and generally thought to be swooping owls in the night sky, not swooping witches.

As a student of Texas history and mythology and a hunter, Cox appreciates the intrigue of the Bigfoot story.

"I've been out in some pretty desolate places in the pursuit of game, so it has crossed my mind: What would I do if I was sitting up in a deer blind and …waiting to see a big buck come out of the brush and instead I saw another creature come out. But it hasn't happened yet to me," he said. "It's fun to imagine what might be there."

Biological sciences professor Jeffrey Meldrum of Idaho State University is convinced Sasquatch is not a myth.

Meldrum, who dislikes the tabloid connotations of the name Bigfoot, studies primate comparative anatomy, especially footprint evidence. From tracks he has analyzed, Meldrum leans toward the hypothesis that Sasquatch is a species of large ape. Yet the creature does not exhibit evidence of material culture or use of tools, fire or home bases.

The author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Sciencesays the popularity of the Finding Bigfoot TV series makes researchers more skeptical of Bigfoot reports.

"You have to be careful. I have been out with people for whom every overturned rock, every bent twig, every bump in the night is attributed to Bigfoot," he said.

Vaughn M. Bryant, professor of anthropology at Texas A&M University, became involved in Bigfoot research in the early 1970s at Washington State University, an area where Bigfoot is a tourist attraction.

Although he is open to possibilities, Bryant says he can't be a Bigfoot believer without physical evidence. "Photos and footprints are not enough. They can and have been faked fairly effectively," Bryant said.

His specialty is paleo nutrition and the study of coprolites, or fossilized feces.

"Quite frankly, I have tried to get out of the Bigfoot-poop business because it is very time consuming and didn't really lead anywhere productive," Bryant said. At A&M he is studying excrement found in the Paisley Caves of Oregon that is 12,000 years or older.

Plus, he noted, most universities don't encourage their professors to publicly ponder Sasquatch.

"If you are in academia, if you start talking about Bigfoot, people start to wonder: Has this guy lost his mind or what?" Bryant said.

Lyle Blackburn, a member of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, has heard snickers when he is asked: "Do you believe in Bigfoot?"

It is a question that provokes the author of the upcoming The Beast of Boggy Creek: True Story of the Fouke Monster "Belief implies some sort of faith. Either the animal exists or it doesn't. There's no faith to it," Blackburn said.

The Bedford resident described Bigfoot as one of the larger mysteries of the world. "The point is, I like camping and I like hunting and I like mysteries, and it sort of combines all that," he said.

"It's not about the end goal always. It's about meeting people, having fun and hearing some really cool stories. So if you look at it that way, it's an interesting subject, and if turns out to be true, all the better." - chron


Justin Smeja 'Sierra Bigfoot Shooter' on the radio

MN.B.R.T. Radio with Justin Smeja Sierra Bigfoot Shooter

Simulcast on Squatch Detective Radio & Crypto 4 Corners Radio covering all 4 time zones - New Years Day 1/1/2012

Monday, December 26, 2011

20 Years Since the Fall of the USSR

How much have we learned about Soviet cryptozoology, ufology and paranormal events since the fall of the USSR? There certainly have been a high number of dubious supernatural claims from Russia, its former republics and satellite countries (as well as China) since 1991. Alien bodies, blobsquatches, CGI UFOs, etc...as well as a number of 'news agencies' willing to advance the agendas of the hoaxers and government entities. First, let's take a brief history lesson.

Twenty years ago, on December 25, 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as President of the Soviet Union, declaring the office extinct and dissolving the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, a massive communist empire that had existed since 1922. The USSR had been in a long economic stagnation when Gorbachev came to power in 1985. In order to bring about change, he introduced several reforms, including Perestroika and Glasnost (openness). Glasnost opened the floodgates of protest and many republics made moves toward independence, threatening the continued existence of the USSR. In August of 1991, a group of Communist Party hardliners frustrated by the separatist movement attempted to stage a coup. They quickly failed due to a massive show of civil resistance...but the already-faltering government was destabilized even further by the attempt. By December of 1991, 16 Soviet republics had declared their independence, and Gorbachev handed over power to Russian president Boris Yeltsin, ending the USSR.

Since that time, Western science has descended upon the records and files that had been kept secret for almost 70 years. In the case of cryptid research, I believe there has been some significant cooperation and discovery. Instead of posting a long list of examples, I'm going to offer several links to 'interesting' allegories from our Russian comrades.

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