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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kongamato: Winged Terror

The name, Kongamato, means overwhelmer of boats (possibly breaker of boats). The cryptids have been sighted in Zambia, Kenya and Namibia by both natives, Europeans and Americans, including a well known cryptozoologist. Africans when shown a picture of a pterodactyl, agree that the cryptids look like it. Is it possible that these flying reptiles have survived since the Age of the Dinosaurs?

During the Jurassic and Cretaceous Ages, about 65 million years ago, there were flying reptiles, pterosaurs. Nearly all of their fossils found have been in marine deposits, so it’s most likely that they were fish eaters who lived near coastal waters.

Most pterosaurs ranged from size of a sparrow to that of an eagle, but the pteranodon had a wingspan of 27 feet and the quetzalcoatlus had one of up to 60 feet. Africans reported seeing flying animals that match the description of pterosaurs for ages and reported that some people have been killed by them. Those who were shown pictures of the pterodactyl agreed that it was Kongamato.

Africans don’t see it as a supernatural being, like a mulombe, demon. They regard it as a horrible beast, worse than a rogue lion. The Zambian Kaonde tribe used to carry charms, muchi wa Kongamato, for protection from the beast. Some believe that seeing Kongamato is a death omen. Kenyan Steve Romandi-Menya, said Kongamato, which they call Batamzinga, is said to eat decomposing human flesh and dig up corpses if they’re not buried deep enough. The Kitui Wakamba natives believe it flies to the ground from Mount Kenya nightly.

In 1925, a native explored a Zambian swamp that was known as demons’ territory and was wounded by a strange huge bird. When he was shown a pterosaur’s picture, he screamed and fled in horror.

In 1956, engineer J.P.F. Brown saw two prehistoric-looking creatures flying over Fort Rosebery, Zambia around 6 PM. They had long tails, narrow heads, pointed teeth and a wingspan of approximately 3 to 3 1/2 feet. Local Awembas aver they live in caves near the Zambezi River.

In 1957, a man went to a Fort Rosebery hospital ER with a severe chest wound and told the doctor that a huge bird attacked him in the Bangweulu swamps. When asked to draw a picture of the creature the sketch resembled a pterosaur.

In 1988, biologist Roy Mackal PhD led an expedition to Namibia where reports of a creature with a wingspan of up to 30 feet were gathered. He’s a vice-president of the International Society of Cryptozoology and was the Scientific Director of the Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau between 1965 and 1975.

There was no hard evidence to prove the existence of Kongamato; however team member James Kosi, reportedly saw the cryptid from about 1000 feet away. He described it as a giant glider shaped creature that was black with white markings.

During a 1932 expedition, Ivan Sanderson had an encounter with a Kongamato-like creature called Olitau by the natives in the Cameroon. He shot a fruit eating bat that fell into the water. As he was trying to retrieve it he fell and when he regained his footing, party member George, yelled at him to look out. Sanderson saw a black eagle-sized creature with bat-like wings and pointed teeth flying at him, so he submerged. When he emerged it was gone. It reappeared and flew at George before it soared away. When they returned to camp, they told the natives about the encounter. The Africans asked the explorers where they encountered Olitau. Sanderson pointed toward the river. The terrified natives ran off in the opposite direction with their guns, leaving valuables behind.

Two species of birds live in Zambia’s swampy regions that might be mistaken for the cryptid. The shoebill stork is a dark feathered bird, has an 8 feet wingspan and a prehistoric appearance. There’s no evidence of the bird acting aggressively toward humans, which they try to avoid. The saddle-billed stork has a wingspan up to 8 feet long, a bright red bill with a stripe and black and yellow feathers that run from the eyes down into the stripe and orange stripes on the sides of their head. Kongamato is featherless and has teeth; these birds don’t. It’s possible that the birds could account for some sightings. Many natives believe that monsters lurk in swamps waiting to attack interlopers. A person might see these birds and believe it’s Kongamato.

Some have proposed that the creature that attacked Sanderson and George was the mate of the bat Sanderson shot. Fruit bats don’t attack humans and they’re not black. Sanderson was an extremely knowledgeable and internationally respected zoologist and didn’t recognize the creature.

Skeptics suggest sightings of Kongamato came from the natives’ imaginations who worked at archeological digs where fossilized pterosaurs were discovered in Tendagaru, Tanzania, before World War I. The digs were over 900 miles from Zambia. There have been no reports from Tanzania.

The Popobawa is another flying African cryptid. The alien creatures have also been sighted in America, such as the Thunderbird and Texas’ Big Bird. Is it possible that these avians survived since prehistoric times? The coelacanth, a fish believed to be extinct, was caught in the 1930s. Since then, schools of these fish have been discovered. The tuatara, an iguana-like reptile, is a survivor from prehistoric times. They’re called living fossils. Maybe, some day, there will be scientific proof that the Kongamato exists and it will join their ranks. - Cryptozoology A To Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature / Kongamato Pterodactyl


Deep in the bush of east central Africa, lives a beaked, flying creature called the Kongamato. This fascinating animal first received widespread attention when explorer Frank Melland described it in his 1923 book In Witchbound Africa. The Kongamato ("overwhelmer of boats"), is described as a large, reddish creature with leathery wings, devoid of feathers. Eyewitnesses who are shown an illustration of the pterodactyl unanimously agreed to this identification of the Kongamato. "The evidence for the pterodactyl is that the natives can describe it so accurately, unprompted, and that they all agree about it. There is negative support also in the fact that they said they could not identify any other of the prehistoric monsters which I showed them...The natives do not consider it to be an unnatural thing like a mulombe [demon] only a very awful thing, like a man-eating lion or a rogue elephant, but infinitely worse... I have mentioned the Jiundu swamp [northwestern Zambia] as one of the reputed haunts of the kongamato, and I must say that the place itself is the very kind of place in which such a reptile might exist, if it is possible anywhere." (Melland, 1923, pp. 238, 240.)

"The Kaonde people of the North-Western Province [of Zambia] used to carry charms called "muchi wa Kongamato" to protect them at certain river crossings from the Kongamato"...The creature was described by the Kaonde of old as a huge red lizard with membranous wings like a bat spreading five or more feet, and with teeth in its huge beak. In the 1920’s, Headman Kanyinga from the Jiwundu Swamp area near the Zairean border instantly identified as Kongamato a picture of a pterodactyl...Nevertheless, as recently as 1958, the science journalist Maurice Burton wrote in the Illustrated London News in 1958 that there had been several reports form Africa of a pterodactyl-like creature, with speculation that the Bangweulu Swamps might be one of its habitats. He pointed out that off the coast of Africa, the coelacanth, a deep sea contemporary of the pterodactyl, had been caught by fisherman..." Tales of Zambia

“Though dragons have completely dropped out of all modern works on natural history, they were still retained and regarded as quite orthodox until a little before the time of Cuvier;...For instance, Pigafetta, in a report of the kingdom of Congo (The Harleian Collections of Travels, vol. ii, 1745, p. 457.) ‘gathered out of the discourses of Mr. E. Lopes, a Portuguese,’ speaking of the province of Bemba, which he defines as ‘on the sea coast from the river Ambrize, until the river Coanza towards the south,’ says of serpents, ‘There are also certain other creatures which, being as big as rams, have wings like dragons, with long tails, and long chaps, and divers rows of teeth, and feed upon raw flesh. Their colour is blue and green, their skin painted like scales, and they have two feet but no more. The Pagan negroes used to worship them as gods, and to this day you may see divers of them that are kept for a marvel. And because they are very rare, the chief lords there curiously preserve them, and suffer the people to worship them, which tendeth greatly to their profits by reason of the gifts and oblations which the people offer unto them.’ And John Barbot, Agent-General of the Royal Company of Africa, in his description of the coasts of South Guinea, (Churchill, Collections of Voyages, 1746, p. 213.) says: ‘Some blacks assuring me that...there are winged serpents or dragons having a forked tail and a prodigious wide mouth, full of sharp teeth, extremely mischievous to mankind, and more particularly to small children.’" (Gould, Charles, Mythical Monsters, W.H. Allen & Co., London, 1886, pages 201-202)

Dr. J.L.B. Smith (famous for his investigation into the living fossil, the coelacanth) wrote in his 1956 book Old Fourlegs about flying dragons that lived near Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. "...one man had actually seen such a creature in flight close by at night. I did not and do not dispute at least the possibility that some such creature may still exist." (Smith, J.L.B., Old Fourlegs, 1956, pp. 108-109.) Indeed a game warden named A. Blaney Percival stationed in Kenya noted that a huge creature whose tracks only revealed two feet and a heavy tail was believed by the Kitui Wakamba natives to fly down to the ground from Mount Kenya every night. In Kenya the creature is called "Batamzinga." In Search of Prehistoric Survivors: Do Giant `Extinct' Creatures Still Exist?

A very credible account was described in 1956 by engineer J.P.F. Brown near Lake Bangweulu, Zambia and reported in the April 2, 1957 Rhodesia Herald. Brown was driving back to Salisbury from a visit to Kasenga in Zaire. He stopped at a location called Fort Rosebery, just to the west of Lake Bangweulu to get his canteen from the trunk. It was about 6:00 p.m. when he saw two creatures flying slowly and silently directly overhead. He observed that they looked prehistoric, with a long tail and narrow head. He estimated a wingspan of about 3-3 1/2 feet. One of them opened its mouth in which he saw a large number of pointed teeth. Further reports of such odd flying creatures come from the Awemba tribe that claims they live in caves in cliffs near the source of the great Zambezi River. In 1957, at a hospital at Fort Rosebery (the same location J. P. F. Brown had reported seeing strange flying creatures the year before) a patient came in with a severe wound in his chest. The doctor asked him what had happened and the native claimed that a great bird had attacked him in the Bangweulu swamps. When asked to sketch the bird, the native drew a picture of a creature that resembled a pterosaur. In 2010, Genesis Park staff mounted an exploratory trip deep into the Bangweulu Swamp. Zambian fisherman were interviewed and all-night vigils were conducted. But no definitive evidence for the existence of the Kongamato was obtained.

To the west in Cameroon, the natives describe a nocturnal, bat-like creature called Olitau. Likely the same as the Kongamato, this creature was observed by an exploration team under Ivan Sanderson in 1932. Modern reports of the Kongomato continue to surface. In 1998 Steve Romandi-Menya, a Kenyan exchange student living in Louisiana, declared that the Kongomato is still known to the bush-dwelling people in his country. The creatures are said to feed on decomposing human flesh, digging up bodies if they are not buried to sufficient depth.

In 1942 Captain Charles R.S. Pitman wrote a nearly 300 page volume describe the fauna of Uganda and the surrounding regions in great detail. He records the natives superstitious fear of looking upon the wailing tree hyrax at night lest they die (even though they were not afraid to capture the animal in daylight). He then discusses another animal that the natives described. "When in Northern Rhodesia I heard of a mythical beast, alleged to have a similar death-dealing attribute, which intrigued me considerably. It was said to haunt formerly, and perhaps still to haunt, a dense, swampy forest region in the neighbourhood of the Angola and Congo borders. To look upon it too is death. But the most amazing feature of this mystery beast is its suggested identity with a creature bat- and bird-like in form on a gigantic scale strangely reminiscent of the prehistoric pterodactyl. From where does the primitive African derive such a fanciful idea?" (Pitman, C.R.S, A Game Warden Takes Stock, 1942, pp. 202-203.) - genesispark.org


An interesting note from pterosaur researcher Jonathan David Whitcomb, in reference to the possibility of a Kongamato crossing the Altantic Ocean:

With the right winds, butterflies can sometimes get across the Atlantic Ocean, at least from North America to Ireland. So could a kongamato get across the Atlantic from Africa? I like to think of it from another perspective: Could a species of large pterosaur be prevented from crossing the Atlantic if countless of the flying creatures flew off the west coast of Africa for countless centuries? What could prevent their eventual migration?

One species of crane flies over the Himalayan Mountains regularly, sometimes at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Large nocturnal pterosaurs, under the right wind conditions, could cross the Atlantic, from Africa. As more sighting reports come in from Africa and North America, we need to look at the possibility that some of the flying creatures on different sides of the Atlantic may be closely related or even the same species.

Pterosaurs in Cuba

. . .I had been in Cuba for perhaps four months and the SeaBees were engaged in constructing new barracks for us . . . It was a beautiful, clear summer day . . . I was looking in the direction of the ocean . . . I am an artist with sharp eye for detail and was determined to drink in the visage before me for future recording on paper. I saw two pterosaurs flying together at low altitude, perhaps 100 feet, very close in range from where I was standing, so that I had a perfectly clear view . . . The vertebrae of their backs was noticeable, mostly between the shoulders. I would estimate their wingspan to be roughly ten feet.

U. S. Marine Eskin Kuhn witnessed two of the long-tailed featherless flying creatures (obvious pterosaurs) flying at “close range” at the Guantanamo Bay military installation in Cuba, in 1971.

Live Pterosaurs in America: Not extinct, flying creatures of cryptozoology that some call pterodactyls or flying dinosaurs or prehistoric birds

Pterosaurs: Natural History, Evolution, Anatomy

Searching for Ropens and Finding God: Walking by faith and working with people of other faiths, in a quest for the discovery of modern living pterosaurs

Daily 2 Cents: Odd Find in Tampa Attic -- Would Animals Swim Differently on an Alien Planet? -- Tracking UFO on Radar

Box found in Tampa attic has coins, a map, a hand and a mystery

Mike Lopez's sister was recently cleaning out their grandparents attic in Tampa, Florida, when she came across a box with strange contents. Neatly organized with copper wire, the box contains coins, a map, a photograph and a hand. The hand is secured to the box with copper wire and has a ring on one finger. Lopez says he believes the photo is of his great grandparents Eve and Ernesto Lopez.

"It seems as though this belonged to my great grand parents because there is a picture of them in there," said Lopez. He also believes the box may have something to do with the mythical pirate Jose Gaspar. Lopez isn't sure when the photo or the box were made. The map has some clues. It's a map of downtown Tampa and shows the Hillsborough River and two bridges.

Rodney Kite-Powell, curator of the Tampa Bay History Center, was interested to examine the box and its contents. Kite-Powell noticed the photo is from the studio of the Burgert Brothers. He believes it is of the couple on their wedding day. The coins however, do not appear to be authentic spanish treasure.

"They're a little thin to be Spanish Coins or old coins in general. Generally older coins were thicker," said Kite-Powell. After a close examination of the map, Kite-Powell believes it's likely from the 1920's or 1930's. "It's fascinating, but I just don't know what to make of it aside from the fact that it's probably not Jose Gaspar's hand, these probably aren't Spanish coins," said Kite-Powell. Mike Lopez still believes the hand in the box is real. - WFLA


Would animals swim differently on an alien planet?

If finned swimming animals evolved in an ocean on an alien world, what would they look like? Quite possibly a lot like the ones on Earth, a team of researchers says.

A new study that examined certain swimming species’ motion in the ocean found a surprising and elegant ratio embedded in the way they move. This ratio, described in the journal PLOS Biology, reveals a surprising case of convergent evolution over a diverse array of unrelated animals – and could help engineers build better swimming robots.

Previous work has found that there are striking similarities in the way that animals move through fluids (whether water or air). It’s part of a trend toward understanding the detailed physics of how animals move – perhaps with the intent to use these rules of movement to design more agile robots, said John Costello, a marine biologist at Providence College in Rhode Island who was not involved in the paper.

“I do think it’s part of a growing wave of understanding biological motion. … For many years people have been satisfied with generalities about thrust production,” said Costello, who has researched shared patterns of movement across swimming and flying species.

A team of researchers at Northwestern University first began to wonder about common rules of movement after studying the black ghost knifefish. The black ghost knifefish lives in freshwater streams in South America, and it moves around primarily using an undulating fin attached to its underside. This is unlike more well-known fish like trout or salmon, which sweep a tail (and the rear portion of their bodies) back and forth. Instead, the knifefish causes a wave to undulate down its thin fin, which runs most of the length of its body.

During their previous work on the ghost black knifefish, the scientists noticed that the fish’s maximum speed occurred when a total of two waves of motion could fit across the length of its fin, and they wondered whether there might be a common rule across different species.

The scientists studied 22 very different species of finned swimmers, using video recordings, lab studies and computer modeling to determine what pattern, if any, might exist. They even trimmed the fin on a fin-swimming robot – which looks something like a torpedo with a ribbon strung underneath – to see whether that made any difference.

They found that there was indeed a pattern in their motion – though it wasn’t quite what they expected. As it moved, each animal seemed to follow a specific pattern: the ratio between the length of each undulating wavelength and the amplitude (or height) of each wavelength was about 20 to 1. That is, every full back-and-forth wiggle of the fish’s fin was 20 times as long as the wiggle was wide. For each species they studied, including skates, rays, the black ghost knifefish, the cuttlefish and the Persian carpet flatworm -- that ratio remained 20 to 1.

“We found in every animal for which data are available, our prediction was correct,” said Neelesh Patankar, a mechanical engineer at Northwestern and one of the lead authors on the work.

“Physics puts constraints on the kinds of solutions nature can have and survive,” Patankar said.

And if complex alien life were ever to be found on another planet using a fin to swim, this same ratio would probably emerge, said Patankar’s co-lead author, Malcolm MacIver, a bioengineer at Northwestern.

“There’s only a certain number of ways in which animals can move effectively,” MacIver pointed out. If those alien animals were moving through liquid water on another planet, then the same fluid constraints apply. “Water’s water,” he said.

The findings could help scientists learn how to better build underwater robots that swim quickly and efficiently, the researchers added. Such skills are critical, for example, when sending underwater vehicles to deal with oil spills – and they can’t yet swim with the level of precision that these animals can.

“There’s a real need for underwater robots that can move with more agility,” MacIver said. - Would animals swim differently on an alien planet?


Tracking UFO on Radar


-We were off the coast of the eastern seaboard, not 100% sure but I think we were off the Carolina's. The boat was doing work ups getting ready for deployment, we had a full deployment crew.

-Me and a couple of other ET's heard some of the watch standers on the island talking about seeing something crazy, they said something about trying lock on to it with the Nato Sea Sparrow Director's onto the object. Me and a handful of guys on the night shift ran up to the O-10 where the watch standers were watching it. They had the mounted Binoculars trained on the object. I thought they were mistaking two stars one of which looked like a pulsar (due to my pretty extensive knowledge of astronomy). The object then appeared between the two stars again, the other guys saw the object as well. We all thought we might be imagining it, asked each other a couple of times if they saw it too. We all agreed that it was there.

-When I first noticed it, i thought I was imagining it. How could a star disappear then reappear right in front of me? I watched it through the mounted binoculars changing colors between blue, white, purple, and pink at high speed, it kept pulsing.

-It seemed to stay motionless, the problem was that the altitude was just high for any of us to make out exactly what it looked like, from our vantage point we could see that it may have been hovering and possibly moving but just can't say for sure. After about 5 minutes of viewing the object as we were all trying to get a look at it, a bright flash filled the sky in the location of the object, it looked like it shot with an incredible speed and was gone. We were traveling North, the object was northeast of our Northerly heading. Our speed was approximately 15 to 20 knots.

-The three watch standers at there post reported that two similar objects had come out of the main relatively stationary object and then rejoined the main object.

-During my time watching the object CIC (Combat Information Center) was trying to get a radar lock on the object with the Nato Sea Sparrow Missile Directors. The directors (which are radar directors, fire control radar) kept trying to lock onto the object then it would drop back down to the horizon, the OS's (Operation Specialists) trying to drive the director back there again. Every time they would drive to get a lock the lock would fail and the director would be driven back down again. It seemed to me that the object was overriding the directors drive control or that the radar receiver was being over powered and being forced by internal programming to protect its receiver, (to get away from the source of the electromagnetic radiation) it could have been over-driven by the object being to close but more than likely the object was jamming the radar. I can't say weather it was jamming the object passively or actively, just that the radar was being jammed.

-After the sighting I checked the SPN-43 and SPS-49 radar in CATCC neither of them had a radar return, although at that altitude the chances of a radar return are very slim.

-I tried to report it to my chain of command, they laughed at me and said that we didn't see anything. We probably just excited, I didn't expect that reaction especially when CIC reacted the way they did. - MUFON CMS



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Air Force UFO Sighting, Nebraska 1958

True Stories of Doppelgangers

Crash at Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval and Cover-Up of a UFO

The Grand Deception: They're Already Here, Have Been For A Long Time, And They're Still Coming...

Stars on the Earth: Domes and Stargates, and How To Interact with Them

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Mother Ships or Simply the Right Size for the Occupants

I was talking with a friend of mine whom I have known since the third grade. We were talking about the changes that have taken place on Long Island New York over the last 50 years. We were discussing the days when we had only one highway to drive to the end of Long Island in order to reach Montauk Point. The Montauk Point area is also the location of Plum Island and Camp Hero. During the 1940's until recently both were active extremely strange institutions of secret ominous activates with long lists of odd events happening for many years following World War II. Long Islanders considered them dangerous if not evil places.

My friend and I were talking about our life on Long Island when we were teens in the early 60s around 1963 to 65. Those years were a time when Long Island was having numerous UFO sightings being reported. My father had been told during that time period that a few people in our town had seen a group of UFOs a over a town golf course which was still being talked about by all the local people when a few sightings came along of people witnessing large UFO;s flying low over Great River which ran out in to the Great South Bay and on to the Atlantic Ocean.. All of these sightings were still the talk of the town when this next event took place. One night my Dad read aloud after dinner as the family still was sitting at the kitchen table from the Long Island Press (which was a favorite newspaper on Long Island at the time) an article describing how hundreds of Long Islanders traveling along the Sunrise Highway ( which was the only main highway that was used to travel to then end of Long Island in that time period) had called in to the local police reports of an enormous UFO traveling low over Sunrise Highway as it traveled out towards the end of Long Island towards the Atlantic Ocean.

The people who witnessed this huge craft insisted it was at least a half a mile if not bigger in circumference. The people who saw this huge craft all reported the same details of a enormous oval craft slowly hovering over the highway at times as it made its way in silence following the highway below out to the end of the roadway frightening those who were traveling under it on the highway lanes. It followed the roadway to its end and continued on towards the end of Long Island and the Atlantic Ocean.

There were no offerings of what it could have been in the article or comments other than the description of this huge metallic shinny windowless craft and the mention of many other UFO sightings being reported over Long Island during that time.

I have often had that event flash through my mind over the years when I learned of other sightings of huge unexplained crafts being reported from all over the world. These huge crafts seemed to have taken on the name of Mother Ships.

I thought about this and wondered if we have this correct in our thinking or if we simply are missing another explanation to the enormous size of these unknown crafts thinking they are something they are not.

It is true that the enormous size of the crafts many have witnessed over the years may well be main carriers of large populations of other life forms and their equipment and living areas or there is one other strange idea that could explain there massive size. It may sound simplistic but why could the difference in size of UFO.s simply be an indication of the different sizes of the aliens traveling in them?

How many times have we been told of history that talks to us about giants walking on the earth? How many times have the idea of extremely tall beings being seen over history have we come across in our search for answers to our past and understanding of our possible futures?

I really thought about this when I came across the reported incident where our astronauts were reported to have had an encounter with a huge space man that was so large and tall that they had to open the cargo bay of the space shuttle so he could stand towering over our men in the open cargo bay in order to have a meeting with them.

There is no reason at all to think that other life forms in this enormous universe are similar in size to the humans on earth. In fact there is no reason to think that they are like us at all in any way shape or form. I think we should consider that shape, size and form of those who may visit this planet may be anything from bug size to building size and all things in between.

I now wonder in pure fascination what may pilot those enormous crafts and can only keep my mind open to the endless possibilities that could exist inside those metallic walls from huge populations of aliens to simply huge aliens!

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The UFO Invasion: The Roswell Incident, Alien Abductions, and Government Coverups

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Elizabeth Lake Flying Devil

The legend states that the Devil created the Elizabeth Lake and placed one of his own pets inside it. If you swim deep enough, eventually you will find a secret passage direct to the underworld which isn't entirely far fetched, as the lake lies directly over the San Andres fault line. From this lake a horrible monster came to be.

The following is a short mention of the legend in the Los Angeles Daily News:

It was once named La Laguna de Diablo because early settlers thought a monster lurked inside its watery depths.

But Los Angeles County's largest natural lake, Elizabeth Lake in the Antelope Valley, is now considered heaven by nature lovers, who are attracted by its inherent beauty and its scores of animal and bird species.....

The lake's modern history dates back to the early days of California's founding.

In 1780, Father Junipero Serra named it La Laguna de Diablo because those who lived near the lake formed by the San Andreas Fault believed it contained the devil's pet.

In the late 1800s, Tiburcio Vasquez and other Banditos used the lake as a hideout for their stolen cattle and horses.

It was later named Elizabeth Lake for a young girl who lived nearby and slipped in to the water. She wasn't hurt, but friends dubbed it in her honor as a joke and the name stuck.

And just in case the legend of the Elizabeth Lake monster might scare away any potential buyers, Walker said the last reports of the monster's appearance were in the late 1800s, when several men claimed they witnessed the ascension of a huge monster with bat-like wings from the lake.

"Of course, this is all legend and folklore," Walker said. "Here, we don't think about it. Most people don't even know about it. It's just an old story." - DailyNews - Los Angeles, CA

The Tombstone Thunderbird

There have been no reported sightings since the 1880's, but there were a few between 1830-1886. The creature has been described as having bat wings, the neck of a giraffe, the head of a bulldog, six legs, a length of at least fifty feet, and emit a horrible nauseating stench. Several ranchers and owners of land around Elizabeth Lake abandoned or sold their property at losses to get away from the beast. Supposedly Spanish missionaries dubbed the lake Laguna del Diablo and Indian legend also supports the rumors that the Devil created the lake.

The first recorded sighting was by a Spaniard Don Pedro Carillo in the 1830's. He built a ranch on the shores of the lake, but one day a fire of unknown origin burnt every single structure down all in a single night. In the 1850's, American settlers tried to establish themselves near the lake, but screams at night, unnatural noises, visions, and other experiences that they would not relate drove them away.

A few years later Don Chico Lopez and Don Chico Vasquez established a ranch along the lake and for several months everything was fine. Then the workers reported livestock and animals disappearing. This was followed by a giant winged shadow passing over every night. Soon the residents had multiple sightings of the beast. Bullets reportedly bounced off the creature's hide. As ranch hands quit, and animals kept disappearing, the owners were forced to sell. The land was eventually sold and the ranch abandoned.

Several months after Miguel Leonis, a burly Basque immigrant, purchased the ranch on Elizabeth Lake, the creature began eating his animals as well. But Leonis would not have it. He lay in wait for the beast and then savagely attacked it when it emerged at night. As bullets bounced off its tough hide, he engaged it closer, beating it with his rifle butt across the nose and then punching it in the eye. The creature supposedly retreated back to the lake and eventually fled to Arizona.

The creature was later linked to the area around Tombstone, Arizona. A photograph was presumably taken in the early 1890s of several cowboys and ranchers holding up what appears to be a pterodactyl. The beast was apparently seen flying in the area, and was lured by some ranchers into a trap in the Huachuca Mountains, west of Tombstone, where they killed the creature. Some stories link the monster of Elizabeth Lake to the monster in the old picture of the pterodactyl, stating that they are the same creature. The picture apparently appeared in the Tombstone Epitaph though the original photograph disappeared.

Elizabeth Lake has mostly been quiet since the encounter with Miguel Leonis. There has been a lot of speculation if the creature ever existed at Elizabeth Lake...but there is little doubt that several Spanish dons, settlers, and western ranchers avoided the location, even though it was some of the most fertile land in the area.

NOTE: The spirits of Miguel Leonis and his wife are said to haunt their historic adobe. You can read about it at Miguel Leonis Adobe and Leonis Adobe Museum.

There is another great source on these sightings at American Dragons of the West. In my opinion, the Elizabeth Lake sightings may have been something other than a flesh and blood creature. Some of the Ancient Alien and Hollow Earth mysteries included encounters with large birds that seemed indestructible....bullets would bounce off the surface. Some of the large birds would spew fire and projectiles, as well as latch onto people and livestock from a fair distance above. I know is sounds similar to the film Cowboys & Aliens - but then again...maybe this legend is where the story line came from. Lon

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Tales Of The Weird And Bizarre

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Daily 2 Cents: What's 'Jade Helm 15'...Really? -- Humanity Won’t Survive Another 1000 Years on Earth -- Wizards and Witches Gather in Kiev

What's 'Jade Helm 15'...Really?

Jade Helm 15 is set to kick off in seven states this summer, sending Special Operations forces from all four main branches of the military onto civilian soil to conduct hostile take-over training – and civil-rights advocates are sounding the alarms.

This is how the military describes it:

“The nature of warfare is always changing and U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s mission is to make certain the Army’s various Special Operations Forces are trained, equipped and organized to successfully conduct worldwide special operations in support of our nation’s interests,” said command spokesman Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, in a statement to the Washington Post a few weeks ago. “Training exercise Jade Helm is going to assist our Special Operations Soldiers and leadership in refining the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat.”

But plenty on social media aren’t calmed by the explanation, in part remembering the recent similar operation in Broward County, Florida, that saw Blackhawk helicopters flying above community streets while soldiers loaded citizen participants into white vans for transport to internment camps. It was all a staged exercise but for those watching, the scenes that unfolded were alarming.

The looming Jade Helm exercise, set for July 15 through Sept. 15, labels Texas and Utah as hostile areas. Global Research also reported the military says New Mexico “isn’t much friendlier.” Other states participating: California, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada.

And another: “Using Foreign Troops with Jade Helm Martial Law is TREASON.”

Yet one more poster pointed to recent reported Wal-Mart closures in Texas, California, Florida and Oklahoma with concern, saying the cited “plumbing problems” cited as the reason for the sudden shut-downs just don’t meet the smell test.

“Employees impacted by the Wal-Mart closures were given just a few hours notice about the six-month shutdown,” the blog Inquisitr wrote. “Approximately 2,200 employees will now be without a paycheck during the ‘extended repairs.’ … The abrupt Wal-Mart closures announcement has reportedly left employees confused and Americans pondering the existence of Wal-Mart underground tunnels and Operation Jade Helm conspiracy theories.”

One of the theories?

Inquisitr reports: “One of the widely circulating rumors associated with the Jade Helm Wal-Mart story on the Internet speculates that the military will use the underground tunnels to move undetected around certain states with the stores being used as either a communications hub or FEMA camps.”

The fear is ratcheted by the fact city officials who govern the areas of the impacted Wal-Marts say the stores haven’t filed any permit requests for plumbing problems, Inquisitr said.

Meanwhile, a presentation made to Big Spring, Texas, City Council members by Tom Meade, a retired special forces senior non-commissioned officer, to explain some of the upcoming Jade Helm exercises emphasized residents shouldn’t worry about private property trespasses.

“We won’t trespass on somebody’s property without the agreement of that landowner,” he said, in a YouTube video of the presentation.

He also described the operation as a joint military-interagency activity involving members of all military branches, the FBI, the DEA and other law enforcement agencies. Meade said the FBI, for example, will do some questioning at one of the airports in Arizona.

One council member asked about the operation’s involvement of NATO and U.N. personnel.

“Currently … it is U.S. only,” Meade said. - Is Operation Jade Helm 15 a Prelude to Martial Law?


Stephen Hawking: Humanity Won’t Survive Another 1000 Years on Earth

"He's worried about the future of the human race. You know, he thinks that human beings are, I suppose naturally aggressive," said Professor John Webb, the director of the lecture series at the University of New South Wales that made Hawkings talk possible.

"That may have been useful at some point in the early history of humanity enabling us to find food and get a partner and things like that, but he thinks that aggression that remains with us today is now the thing that could well end up destroying us.”

"I think he's put a time on it to make us realise we've got to take better control of what we're doing."

The 73-year-old, who suffers from motor neurone disease, addressed sold-out crowds at the Opera House both Saturday and Sunday. He touched on a wide range of topics like the nature of the universe, new discoveries about black holes, and other scientific questions, while peppering his talk with life advice.

"I want to share my excitement and enthusiasm about this quest, so remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet," Hawking said. "Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at."

Hawking touched on a similar idea about humanity's fate during a speech in London earlier this year, saying that he believes "that the long term future of the human race must be space and that it represents an important life insurance for our future survival, as it could prevent the disappearance of humanity by colonising other planets."

He also addressed what he called humankind's "ambivalent attitude" to science.

"We have come to expect a steady increase in standard of living that science and technology have brought. But people distrust science because they don’t understand it or feel they can control it."

He emphasized a better understanding of science so the public could make informed decisions about issues like the greenhouse effect, nuclear weapons and genetic engineering.

The physicist even had a chance to show off his sense of humor when he took the last question of the night.

"What do you think is the cosmological effect of Zayn leaving One Direction and consequently breaking the hearts of millions of teenage girls across the world?" the moderator inquired, to audience laughs.

"Finally, a question about something important, " Hawking answered, before using it to make a point about theoretical physics and the possibility of parallel universes.

"It would not be beyond the realms of possibility that somewhere outside of our own universe lies another, different universe and, in that universe, Zayn is still in One Direction." - Stephen Hawking: Humanity Won’t Survive Another 1000 Years on Earth


Over 2,000 Wizards and Witches Gather to Hold Ritual in Kiev

Over 2,000 psychics, wizards, healers and even witches are set to gather in the center of Kiev on April 30 to hold a ritual based on the “tried-and-true rituals of the civilizations of the world” and to “charge up” protective amulets for peace, harmony and ballistic protection prior to deployment in the country’s conflict zone.

Over 2,000 adherents of Esotericism, who call themselves psychics, wizards, healers and even witches, are set to gather at St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery in Kiev on April 30, the Ukrainian news website Vesti reported on Tuesday.

The square that stretches between the Monastery and another of Kiev's most well-recognized buildings, Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, will then serve a ground for a mass moleben for peace and harmony, based on the “tried-and-true rituals of the civilizations of the world”.

The coordinator of the event, Sergey Grechishkin, says that the people who are set to take part in the ritual have paranormal capabilities and are "decent people with kind hearts”; Grechishkin also refers to himself as Sabirius and claims to be a wizard who has reached the highest level of enlightenment.

“I am ready to stand for all of the major operators of the moleben – 13 masters of the primary circle,” he adds.

The self-styled magician assures that the idea of holding such a ritual came to his head when the military operation in the east of Ukraine was first launched.

“It will be a joint appeal to the higher forces. Each of us will do it in his own way. We will ask them to help people to recover from this bloody attack of anger and hatred and save those who found themselves in this wild bloodbath. The second ritual is a “charging up” of protective amulets for the warriors and residents in the conflict zone, which will then protect people from bullets, frags, knives and batons,” he says.

The website, however, notes that the date of the ritual, April 30, is often referred to as the date of the witches' Sabbath in the history of Ukraine. The magician also explained that it is a day associated with special astronomic activity and the square where it is going to be held is the “spiritual center and the heart of Kiev and the whole of Ukraine”. - Sputnik News


Hi folks...I need some help from my readers. I'm sure most of you are familiar with Reddit.com Recently, I have noticed more and more of my Phantoms and Monsters​ posts are being lifted and repost on Reddit without even a link back to the original post...especially in the Humanoid and Paranormal sub-Reddits. I'm asking my readers to help me monitor Reddit and to report these violators to the sub-Reddit moderators or directly to Reddit. I have had this problem with other bloggers & aggregators before, but Reddit is getting out of control and it's costing me revenue needed for the blog. Thanks for your help in advance. Lon



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Illuminati Entertainment Celebrity Death Conspiracies

Is the so-called 'Illuminati' orchestrating high-profile deaths within the entertainment & pop world? I found the following article today...and it's a bit hard to fathom in my opinion. Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen, but it's interesting to read what others actually believe. What do you think?

In pop culture, the Illuminati has been featured many times over in movies, TV shows, video games, and comic books. It’s unclear if this secret organization that allegedly influences world affairs and has many prominent personalities as its members is still in existence today. But because it’s appeared in dozens of entertainment mediums, it’s heavily associated with celebrities.

Many enthusiasts believe that the secret organization has masterminded many of the most controversial deaths in history. Some of the political figures that purportedly died by the hand of the Illuminati were John F. Kennedy, Jr., his brother Robert, Abraham Lincoln, and even Princess Diana. Yes, these theories sound absolutely absurd and we don’t know if there’s any truth to it.

But how about we take a look at the celebrities who were rumored to have been rid of by the Illuminati?

10. Cory Monteith

The Glee star had just completed his rehabilitation treatment for his battle with drugs and he was supposedly sober and clean already. Which is why it came as a shock when reports surfaced that Cory Monteith was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room in July 2013, apparently of a drug and alcohol overdose. Illuminati watchdogs claimed that his death was simply a ritual sacrifice.

9. Anna Nicole Smith

In her short, but tumultuous life, Anna Nicole Smith experienced many hardships, the worst tragedy of which was the death of her son. It was said that she never quite recovered from his demise and a few months later, she died of an apparent drug overdose. Many chalked it up to depression, but Illuminati theorists believe that her death was one of the ritual sacrifices of the organization.

8. John Lennon

It appears that John Lennon made many controversial statements that got him into trouble, to the point that he was considered a threat by the INS and FBI, which had him under surveillance. Illuminati theorists believed that his assassin, crazed fan Mark David Chapman, was ordered by the organization to kill Lennon to silence him.

7. Amy Winehouse

She was as talented as she was troubled. For years, Amy Winehouse struggled with alcohol and drug addiction and in one of her last concerts before her death, she was even slurring and stumbling onstage, clearly under the influence. The concert didn’t push through as scheduled and this put a dent on her career. Winehouse was said to have spoken out about a member of the Illuminati trying to make her into the shape of a triangle, the Illuminati symbol, which she didn’t agree to. She died of a drug and alcohol overdose in 2011.

6. Kurt Cobain

Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain was said to have been involved with the Illuminati in the sense that they wanted to use him for their mind-control experiments and studies. Cobain showed a lot of skepticism in the procedure and was reluctant to participate. Because of insubordination, he was viewed as a threat and he died from a gunshot wound on April 1994. It was ruled a suicide, but many tend to wonder if that was an accurate conclusion.

5. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s death was a shocker, though many weren’t surprised by the cause: a drug overdose. Houston had been battling with drug addiction for many years before her death, but it was believed that she had already sobered up. Rumor has it that she was rid of as blood sacrifice of the Illuminati, though the reasons of why the members supposedly wanted her gone are unclear.

4. Brittany Murphy

She gained recognition in the teen flick Clueless, after which she went on to do more serious roles. But Brittany Murphy was perhaps featured most prominently in the news when she suddenly collapsed and died under mysterious circumstances. After an examination, it was said that her cause of death was pneumonia and anemia, but when her husband mysteriously died a few months later, a toxicology report showed that the couple’s home contained a high level of toxic mold in its foundation. But Illuminati theorists claim that the poisonous stuff may have been put there on purpose.

3. Aaliyah

Just when her music career was taking off and her future seemed so bright, 22-year-old R&B singer Aaliyah died in a plane crash. She and her entourage perished not long after taking off from the Bahamas. Illuminati fanatics believe that the singer may have been sacrificed by the organization so that fellow R&B up-and-coming star, Beyonce, who’s said to be a member of the elite circle, could rise to stardom without any competition.

2. Philip Seymour Hoffman

Like many of his fellow actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman succumbed to death from a drug overdose in his New York City apartment. It’s said that when the Illuminati are out to make blood sacrifices, they usually target individuals who are already struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Seymour Hoffman was certainly an easy target if it’s true that he fell victim to the organization.

1. Michael Jackson

Purported to be an Illuminati member, the king of pop may have gotten on the organization’s bad side when he started speaking out against them and how they were trying to control the music industry. Michael Jackson also said that there was a conspiracy to destroy his name by labeling him a pedophile. His words may have caused him his life because on June 2009, Jackson was found dead of an apparent drug overdose in his home.

Source: 10 Celeb Deaths Related To The Illuminati

NOTE: The author, Lorena Abano, recently wrote an article about celebrities who may be possessed as well...so I'm not sure of her agenda and/or state of mind. Lon

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