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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jarmo Nykanen's UFO Ordeal

Jarmo Nykanen was staying at a lakeside summer cottage in Suonenjoki, Finland when he awoke to a buzzing sound in the early morning hours. The cottage was being bathed in a strong blue light. Going outside, Jarmo saw a blue light "twice as big as a row boat" approach from over the lake. It stopped and hovered offshore. The light seemed to radiate from a kind of "jelly," glowing in an unusual manner. Jarmo thought he could see a strange being inside the light. The next thing he remembered he was lying on the porch of his cottage at about 6:00 a.m. He had lost track of four hours of time.

UFO Research of Finland has, after extensive research work, classified the case as a UFO case and declared Mr. Nykanen a reliable witness. Mr. Reijo Kolehmainen, aged 28, is the secondary witness. He has not personally seen the UFOs, but three of the four landing trace areas were found around his home. The following report is based on interviews and other documents accumulated by the research organization.


Mr. Jarmo Nykanen's first contact with UFOs took place in the summer of 1973. His diary contains detailed notes about the incident. This is what happened on June 30, 1973:

Jarmo woke up at about 10 a.m. and started planning a visit to his summer cottage. In the afternoon he had a sauna bath. Then he walked through the forest to his cottage which is located on a lakeshore. Soon after the arrival he lit a fire outdoors. He warmed up some coffee and ate a bit. In the evening he listened to the radio and went to sleep two hours after midnight.

A few moments later he woke up and heard a buzzing sound. First he thought he had forgotten to turn off the radio but soon noticed that this was not the case. Then he saw a strong blue light enter the cottage from the direction of the door. Jarmo went out and walked down to the row-boat jetty. Above the lake he saw a blue light. Suddenly the light started to approach him. It stopped above the shallow water.

Now Jarmo realized how huge the light was. It was twice as big as a row-boat. The light seemed to radiate from a jelly of some sort and it glowed in an unusual way. Jarmo thinks he saw a strange being inside the light. And the next thing he remembers is that he found himself lying on the porch of the cottage. The time was 6 a.m. Jarmo went back to bed and slept til noon. The encounter had made him extremely sleepy.

The unusual events started again in June, 1975. Jarmo Nykanen heard strange knocking sounds at night. It happened three times at two-month intervals. However, nothing was seen on those occasions.


Three landing trace areas were found around Mr. Reijo Kolehmainen's home in February, 1979.

At 6:50 a.m. on February 2, 1979 a 2.5 meter crater was found in the snow at a distance of 5 meters from the house. The snow had melted all the way to the ground in the center of the crater. Strange red liquid, pieces of metal,and later a metallic cup were found within the crater. The red liquid smelled of vinegar. At 8:00 a.m. the police came. They photographed the area and took some samples.

Late in the evening of February 5, 1979 the Kolehmainen family heard a shooting sound. One constable later revealed he had seen a strange light phenomenon at the same time. On the following morning a bigger crater was found in the snow at a distance of 10 meters from the house. Similar things were again found. Later the police came to have a new look at the area. The police suggested that perhaps somenone had thrown a home-made bomb in the Kolehmainen yard. However, the Kolehmainens stated that nobody has any reason to throw bombs at them.

On the morning of February 21, 1979 a third landing trace area was found. This time there were three holes in the yard. Red liquid and pieces of metal were once again found in the landing trace. However, no metallic cup was found this time. There was no snow on the electric wires above the holes, but there was lots of snow on similar wires elsewhere.

The Kolehmainens didn't want any publicity, but the news leaked to the press from acquaintances. About ten articles were published by the press about the events.


On March 8, 1979 Reijo Kolehmainen traveled to Helsinki and asked his friend Jarmo Nykanen to guard the house.

In the evening on March 10, 1979 Jarmo started to make rounds around the house. Suddenly he saw a flash of light in the forest and he thought someone was watching him. Soon after midnight a bell-shaped mini-UFO appeared near the house. The UFO had a diameter of half a meter. The upper part of the UFO radiated blue light and the lower part radiated red light. First he thought he was watching the lights of a car, but then he realized he had encountered a UFO. Jarmo had> a camera with him and he had a couple of shots at the phenomenon. However, the flash didn't work.

Jarmo walked closer to the UFO and flashed his torch toward the UFO. Now the UFO ascended to an altitude of three meters and made the whole snow-covered area look red. Then the UFO disappeared into the sky. Later he found out that the photos didn't come out.


A few days later Jarmo Nykanen made a map of the Kolehmainen house and its surroundings. He realized that the three landing trace areas formed a triangle. And he noticed that if you prolong one side of the triangle it leads you to the cottage.

On March 16, 1979 at around noon he walked to the cottage through the forest. He took binoculars, a camera, and some snacks with him. He arrived at the cottage after 80 minutes. Then he ate his snacks and walked around the cottage.

Suddenly Jarmo heard a humming sound obliquely from behind. He turned around. At an altitude of about two meters he saw a bell-shaped mini-UFO. It seemed to be similar to the one he had seen near the Kolehmainen house. Now he started taking photos of the UFO. It radiated blue light and moved forward descending and ascending. After having taken five photos he started walking toward the UFO. Then the UFO disappeared.

Jarmo continued to research the area. After about half an hour he was walking on the frozen lake. Now he heard a humming sound from the shore and saw the same UFO in the bushes. Again he walked closer to the UFO and kept taking more photos. Then he climbed up the cliff. He tried to sneak to the other side of the encounter area. However, on his way he stumbled and inadvertently took a shot of the trees with the camera. Now the UFO directed a red beam of light toward Jarmo's face. The light was so bright that it blinded him for a while.

Jarmo hid himself behind a fir tree. Now he took his last photo, the twelfth. After a while the UFO flew a bit further away from Jarmo. Suddenly there was a flash of light on top of it. Red smoke puffed out of the UFO and a cylinder-shaped object zoomed to the sky. Pieces of metal and some red liquid were left on the ground. Now Jarmo got extremely tired and sleepy. He only took a quick look at the red spot and left for home.

When he reached the road (this time he didn't take the short-cut through the forest) he met Reijo Kolehmainen. Reijo was on his way to the gas station. Reijo noticed that there was blood on top of Jarmo's nose as well as two tiny holes. However, the holes disappeared later. The weather was fairly good. The sun was shining behind a thin cloud cover and the temperature was a few degrees below freezing. Jarmo told his story to Reijo later.


The police have not been able to explain the strange events. It is highly unlikely that the young men would have made up the story. In fact, they seem to be just as anxious to learn more about the events as the research people are. The camera used by Jarmo Nykanen was a Yaschica Junior and the film was Sakura, in color. - APRO Bulletin, Vol. 28, No. 5, Nov. 1979 - Paul Deveraux - 'Earth Lights'

Video - Jarmo Nykanen UFO Encounter

History Is Wrong

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Daily 2 Cents: What's In My Apple Juice? -- 'Glowing' Sea Turtle -- Fukushima Moms Admit Fear of Radiation

What's In My Apple Juice!?

A disgusting alien-thing was found in a couple’s carton of apple juice on the weekend.

No one knows what the blob is, but it looks like a cross between a slug and a condom.

Lorna Fisher said she and her boyfriend drank the apple juice (!) before realising there was something wrong.

‘It looked a bit funny when we poured it out but my boyfriend reckoned it was just cloudy because we hadn’t shaken it,’ she said.

‘Then we drank it. It was completely horrible. It tasted rancid, like off cider.

‘Straight away I went and cut the box open and there was this thing that just looked like an alien at the bottom.’

But what IS this!?

While it looks like an alien, we think the disgusting blob is most likely to be mould.

When apple juice goes mouldy, it forms slimy globules.

… Ew.

After she complained to Tesco that she wanted to ‘kill it with fire’, they gave her a 65p refund.

A Tesco spokesman told Metro.co.uk: ‘The high quality and safety standards we set ourselves have not been met in this instance and we’ve apologised to Ms Fisher.

‘We have asked her to return the product so we can investigate with our supplier.’ - Woman finds alien-like creature inside Tesco apple juice


Reluctant to speak, Fukushima moms admit fear of radiation, pressure from families

To stay or to flee. Mothers in Fukushima Prefecture had to make harsh decisions for their families after the nuclear disaster of March 2011. More than four years on, they still have to.

Those who remain there live in constant fear for their children’s health. But choosing to flee opened them to accusations of being bad wives who abandoned their relatives, community and husbands tied to jobs.

It is a no-win situation for those who face the decision to stay or go, because they may be unable to live up to the ideal of a ryosai kenbo (good wife, wise mother).

“Consciously or subconsciously, women are aware of the role we are expected to play in a family. After the earthquake and nuclear disaster, however, everything changed,” said Yukiko (not her real name), a mother and voluntary evacuee in her 30s. “I can’t live up to those expectations any more, and society judges me.”

All women interviewed for this story spoke on condition of anonymity.

As the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant began to play out, Tokyo Electric Power Co. established a 20-km no-go zone around the site, outside of which the government said conditions were safe. Many did not believe the assertion.

Yuriko, a woman in her 70s who lives in the city of Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture, believes the zone restrictions divided the community.

“Some people trusted the government’s word and continued to live here, but others couldn’t stand living every day in fear and moved out,” Yuriko said. “Nobody knew what to believe and communities have fallen apart.” Read more at Reluctant to speak, Fukushima moms admit fear of radiation, pressure from families


'Glowing' Sea Turtle

Marine biologists made a shocking discovery while filming biofluorescence in small sharks and coral reefs around the Solomon Islands recently. Out of nowhere, a “glowing” sea turtle came swimming by.

The critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle, glowing in neon green and red, is the first reptile scientists have seen exhibiting biofluorescence, National Geographic reported Monday.

David Gruber of the City University of New York and his team made the discovery in late July, saying it looked like a big alien spaceship gliding into view. Details and video of the sea turtle were released for the first time Monday:

“I’ve been [studying turtles] for a long time and I don’t think anyone’s ever seen this,” Alexander Gaos, director of the Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative, told National Geographic. “This is really quite amazing.”

More from National Geographic:

Biofluorescence is different from bioluminescence, in which animals either produce their own light through a series of chemical reactions, or host bacteria that give off light.

Corals fluoresce, and recent research has found the ability in a number of fish, sharks, rays, tiny crustaceans called copepods, and mantis shrimp. But researchers never expected to find it in a marine reptile…

The marine biologist captured the turtle sighting on a video camera system, whose only artificial illumination was a blue light that matched the blue light of the surrounding ocean. A yellow filter on the camera allowed the scientists to pick up fluorescing organisms.

After a few moments, Gruber stopped following the hawksbill sea turtle, saying he didn’t want to harass it. It swam off into deeper water.

The discovery has Gruber eager to explore a series of unknown questions, such as whether these sea turtles can see the biofluorescence, where do they get this unique ability of fluorescing, how are they using it, and do other sea turtle species possess a similar ability?

“It’d be fairly difficult to study this turtle because there are so few left and they’re so protected,” Gruber told National Geograhic, adding that studying the green sea turtle might be more feasible since they are closely related to the hawksbill sea turtle and slightly more common. - ‘Glowing’ sea turtle is first biofluorescent reptile ever recorded
Read more at http://www.grindtv.com/wildlife/glowing-sea-turtle-is-first-biofluorescent-reptile-ever-recorded/#G5IgWm9mvVJbTKhh.99


A Headless Spectre

Saturday 12th March 1791, The Star:

The temporary residence of the Rector of Frodensham in Suffolk, being lately robbed by some person who got in during the night, a farmer who has the care of it, employed two stout men to sit up the night after with blunderbusses. It seems that not finding the business they expected, brought on a conversation about Witches and Ghosts, which was so heightened by the credulity of the relaters, that the thief, then concealed in a press just behind them, had the address to avail himself of their panic! accordingly throwing open the doors, and making at the same time the most uncommon noise he was capable of, with correspondent gestures &c. it had such an effect upon the heroes, that falling directly upon the floor, the supposed spectre got clear off by the way in entered; notwithstanding that they still persist in affirming that it had no head and was otherwise mortally frightful.


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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A 142-Year UFO Mystery

This mysterious account was sent to the editor of the New York Herald:

Zanesville, Ohio - April 5, 1873: A most extraordinary phenomenon was observed near the village of Taylorsville, a few miles from this city. About a week ago, Mr.Thomas Inman, whom your reporter can vouch for as a respectable farmer of unquestionable truth and veracity, related the circumstance to the writer, and with his son, who was also an eye witness, is willing to make oath to the truth of this statement.

One evening about two weeks ago, while Mr. Inman and his son, a young man, were returning to their home from Taylorsville, they saw a light which they describe as looking like a "burning brush pile", near the zenith, descending rapidly towards the earth, with a loud roaring noise.

It struck the ground in the road a short distance from them. The blazing object flickered and flared for a few moments and then faded into darkness, as a man dressed in a complete suit of Black, and carrying a lantern emerged from it. The man walked a few paces and stepped into a buggy, which had not been observed before, by either Mr. Inman or his son.

There was no horse attached to his supernatural vehicle, but no sooner had the man taken his seat that it started to run, noiselessly but with great velocity, along the highway, and this it continued to do until it reached a steep gully, into which it plunged, when buggy, man and lantern suddenly disappeared as mysteriously as they came.

This phenomenon is certainly an extraordinary and unexplainable one, and sounds more like the vagary of a crazed brain than anything else. But both Mr. Inman and his son, who are sober men and not given to superstitious notions, agree precisely in their statements and maintain that they are strictly true. If it was an optical delusion, super-induced by a meteor or “Jack o’ lantern,” is it not strange that the same fancied appearances could be conjured up in the minds of two men at the same time? Here is a chance for scientists to explain the fantastical optical and other illusions and delusions which follow in the train of, and are suggested by, some strange and unexpected sight or occurrence. W. A. Taylor.

So what is the writer referring to? Was this an otherworldy craft descending to the Earth, of which appeared a humanoid of some type? Could it have been a 'time travel' machine? What was the 'horseless' craft...a propulsion or hover-type land rover? The writer of the letter was Zanesville historian and journalist William Alexander Taylor, a well-respected member of the community, who was related to former U.S. President Zachary Taylor.

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Daily 2 Cents: UFO Encounter / Lost Time -- Man Terrified By 'Hatman' -- FBI Memo...Aliens DO Exist

UFO Encounter / Lost Time

4/14/2004: I was in the back yard collecting the cat for the night, I live in a rural area of England. To the NE of the yard there are open fields with no street light,clear enough to see the local village on the horizon some 10 miles away. I first noticed the disc when it appeared over the small hill some 50 yards away. I noticed it as it was bright, big and easily seen. The thing in the surrounding area was not lit, the trees to the north were still in darkness as was the large water tower to the south. Both of these are only a few yards away from me. When I first saw the object I knew exactly what it was, there was no doubt. I felt calm, a little excited, I was the only person around which did mean that this wonderful disc could see me. I felt as if it knew I'm here and don't run. There was a thumping in my chest, a tingle in my right arm and the start of a headache. The object came over the small hill on a slight tilt, as if the front was down. It leveled and hovered. Once it was hovering it started to sway a little, then lowered very slowly to the ground. I would like to point out that I am not sure if the object did actually land. If it didn't it was very close to the ground. When it started to lower the white lights changed to a brilliant light blue. It landed or hovered for about 30 seconds and then took off again, light blue to white light. It slowly rose into the air some 20ft and then shot off at one hell of a speed straight up. I could see the light go, but soon lost it in the mix of stars. The reason why I write this, is that it was about 11.40pm when I first saw the object. When I got back inside the house it was 12.50 am. I have had a nosebleed all night, headache and I ache all over. I am not one to make things up, I have better things to do. But I can't explain this and hopefully you can. - MUFON CMS


Man Terrified By 'Hatman'

June 2015 – Louisiana, USA

Ralph in Louisiana called in to talk about his Hatman encounter.

“Three months ago, June, I never experienced this before and didn't know what it was. I didn't even think I was asleep, actually. I see a shadow at my window in my bedroom. There's no way this thing could get in through that window. It's not a window that a body could fit through. What it is, what it turned out to be, I never heard of this before, was a big hatted guy, a hat, big hat on, and a large trench-coat. He came to the foot of my bed. I was partially paralysed. I was able to kick, kinda, but the rest of my body, no. It seemed like it was 10 minutes but I’m sure it was way less than that and the only thing I could do really well was scream and it like you wanted to fight but I couldn't fight it, It was just fear fear fear fear. He was wearing a big fedora, huge, not Freddy Krueger looking, big, like an old British looking guy, big. I stopped and did some research the next morning and there was a lady I found on a coast to coast link who had been doing studies on that (editor's note: I think he's talking about author Heidi Hollis). Hundreds of people, I guess, all across the country, all over the world, are experiencing this: A man in a hat. Just to cap it off, somebody I shared a house with, the next morning said, 'Who were you fighting with?' They heard me. I mean, I was, I was screaming in this, what I thought was awake, I was screaming as loud as a large male could scream.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - September 13, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Man accused of murdering wife sues authorities after it was established she was killed by an elk

A man from southern Sweden, who was accused of murdering his wife, is suing for damages after it was established that she was in fact killed by an elk. The man, a resident of Loftahammer, is now demanding tens of thousands of kronor in compensation for being falsely accused of murder.

His lawyers are critical of the way in which prosecutors and the police handled the investigation after his 63-year-old wife was found gravely injured near the shore of a lake outside of Loftahammar in northeast Småland in September 2008. According to the man, investigators were too quick to assume that he had killed his wife. For months he laboured under the suspicion that he had murdered his wife, and he was also detained for ten days.

Then it turned out that his wife was in fact killed by an elk. When the woman was found dead on a forest path, the police immediately suspected her husband, and arrested him on suspicion of murder, just hours after she was found. After ten days in detention, he was released, but the suspicions against him remained. It would take several months before police identified the real culprit after hairs found on the woman’s body were finally identified as coming from an elk.

Police then realised the woman had been kicked to death by the animal. The man says that because of the false accusation, he was viewed as a killer by his neighbours where he lived and had to move away. Now he is asking for damages totalling 621,000 kronor (£48,500, $73,500)- 300,000 kronor (£23,500, $35,500) in compensation for suffering and 321,000 kronor (£25,000, $38,000) in compensation for lost income. - Elk, not husband, killed Swedish woman: police


FBI Memo...Aliens DO Exist

Aliens do exist, according to a top secret FBI memo found by researchers into UFOs.

Investigators at the Hakui Centre for UFO Research in Tokyo, Japan, claim they have discovered a document that proves there is extra-terrestrial life.

The FBI memo contains details about flying saucers being piloted by three feet tall aliens.

The Bureau is said to be concerned about the findings at the research centre, fearing the discovery could lead to members of the public gaining access to thousands of documents.

The FBI memo reportedly reads: “An investigator for the Air Force states that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico.

“They were described as being circular in shape with raised centres, approximately 50 feet in diameter.

“Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture.

“According to Mr (name blanked out), the saucers were found in New Mexico due to the fact that the Government has a very high-powered radar set-up in that area and it is believed the radar interferes with the controlling mechanism of the saucers.”

Whatever the details of this reportedly top secret memo, the truth is out there. - Aliens DO Exist, Says Top Secret FBI Memo Found By UFO Researchers



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Polish River Merman Video

A video that surfaced a few days ago appears to show the moment a supposed 'merman' was pulled out from a river, put on a stretcher and taken away by mysterious officials.

Captured in Poland, the short film shows a group of men in what look like white biohazard suits working with others dressed in attire similar to paramedics.

Lasting two minutes, the footage begins with the men in white suits surrounding a mysterious body on the banks of a river.

The men then lift the shape up at which point, what appears to be a large fish tail is clearly visible.

At this point the men dressed as paramedics then move a stretcher into place while their biohazard suit-wearing colleagues bring the 'being' up to them.

As they place the unknown shape on the stretcher, the 'merman' is clearly visible and lies down - his long beard resting on his chest.

Click for video - Weird creature taken out from a river in Poland

Before anyone goes ga-ga over the video, I personally believe this was a viral ad of some type. There is a merman in Polish folklore...so this may be part of a film. In reality, you'd think that there would be more officials in the video...possibly 'yellow tape' surrounding the scene as well. I'm just not buying it...Lon

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Monday, September 28, 2015

The 'Grey Ghost Cat'

This interesting account was provided by the Dundee, Perth, Forfar & Fife's People's Journal on December 13, 1919:

A grey ghost cat is striking terror into the hearts of the inhabitants of Sevenoaks Weald, Kent. The first alarm was given by pedestrians from the railway station who fancied they saw a large grey cat, with glowering, green eyes creeping along a hedgerow.

Several people, lovers of cats, called to the animal. It stopped, turned, opened its luminous optics, then gave an ear-piercing yell, and disappeared from sight. One or two, puzzled by the appearance and sudden disappearance, stopped to find out where the cat had gone to. They waited some time, looked over the hedge—but no cat!

A day later passers-by at the other end of the road which leads down to the station saw the grey ghost cat again. They stopped, called to it. Again the cat turned, opened its green eyes, yelled an awful screech, and again disappeared in a moment.

Mrs. Herbert Vibart, a resident, told me she saw the grey ghost cat, but it was held by a form that looked like that of a man.

"I was walking from Sevenoaks, where I had gone to get my watch repaired and to buy a few things for the house,” she said, "when I heard a low, purring sound, and then the sound of scratching. I turned round.

"There to the left, beyond the hedge which lined the road, was a tall indistinct form, like that of a man in a light grey suit. He was very thin, and in every way ‘ghostly.’ His face seemed oddly familiar, though I cannot describe just what it was like, but it looked like the face of a hungry man.

"Under the arm I saw plainly the grey ghost cat. It looked just like a cat, only about three times as big. Its eyes were green, and glowed like lamps. It looked savage, and I could see its grey hairs, all on end, shimmering in the darkness.

"I felt frightened, and yet I did not cry out. I called out, 'Who are you?’ Then the cat opened its baleful eyes. Its mouth opened, showing long, white teeth, and it gave a most piercing and eerie cry. When I looked again the cat had disappeared, and the man with it.”

George Summerskill, a farm hand, said he saw the ghost cat as he left the village inn. “I was coming from the house,” he said, “and I saw the cat as plain as plain could be. Mind, I have never been drunk in my life, so don’t put it down to booze! I had had about two pints all the evening, so I knew quite well where I was and how I was.

"When I first saw the cat I could not believe my eyes. There it was sitting on the fence of George Braham’s orchard. I called Braham out to have a look at the ghost cat, and he saw it as well as me. It seemed to be staring at us without moving, and was so real like that I went towards it.

"As we advanced it seemed to go further off, though it never got up and walked away as a cat would do. It simply seemed to glide backwards from us.

Then Braham called it. At once its eyes seemed to get very large and shiny. Its mouth opened and showed its teeth, and it let off a yell that made me quite start. When I looked again it was gone. We waited half an hour for the thing to appear again, but no one saw it again that night.”

The grey ghost cat is the one topic of conversation in the Weald to-day. School children are telling wonderful tales about it, while local historians are looking up their old books, and are trying to find old associations with grey cats and Kent.

A number of amateur detectives have, of course, already made their appearance, each determined to prove preconceived theories.

Meanwhile worried mothers keep fractious children in order by threatening them with the ghost cat, and the village policeman finds it interesting and profitable to instruct local visitors as to the best way and method of attempting to lay the grey ghost should they be so fortunate enough to meet it.

I searched for other references to this particular phenomenon, but none were found. I imagine many readers can attest to seeing 'ghost cats' within their residences. Most locations where I have lived had a spectral kitty or two haunting the residence. In fact I stayed in a hotel room that had a ghost cat which had the habit of jumping on the bed. Anyway...this post was 'Vinny Approved'. Lon

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