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Monday, February 29, 2016

Mysterious 'Stone-Throwing' Activity

The following mysterious article was appeared in the New York World on January 12, 1890:

The people on the plantation of John W. Brooks, near Culpeper Court House [Brandy Station, Virginia] have been thrown into a state of terror by phenomenal occurrences in a house on the place which was until quite recent occupied by the family of Richard Moten. Moten and his neighbors allege that hot stones have been thrown into the house through closed windows without breaking the glass, and that the furniture could not be kept in any particular place by reason of some invisible influence that caused it to move about the rooms and even to travel up and down stairs. This peculiar state of things was developed last September and has continued uninterruptedly since.

The effect of sudden showers of hot stones and unexpected encounters with perambulating chairs and beds on Mrs. Moten's nervous system has been such that to save her life her husband considered it necessary to move from the neighborhood. The family came to Brandy Station and a World correspondent had an interview with the husband on the subject of the phenomena.

While protesting entire disbelief in the power of disembodied spirits to return to earth and assert their presence by impish pranks, Mr. Moten is unable to account for the strange occurrences at his former home. He contends that they cannot truly be accounted for on psychological grounds, and rather inclines to a belief that they are due to mineral magnetism, but in just what manner he is at a loss to explain. Ho continued to reside in the house despite the protests of his wife in the vain hope of discovering the source of the disturbances, and his investigations were conducted in such a manner, he says, as to leave no doubt in his mind that they were brought about, not by supernatural, but by other than human sources. Here is his version of the mysterious visitations :

"On returning from work one day near the end of September I was surprised to find my family huddled together outside the house, As soon as she saw me my wife cried out: 'Oh, Richard, the house is haunted! Stones have been dropping into the rooms all the afternoon.' Insisting that the stones had been thrown by neighbors' children, I succeeded in quieting her fears and induced her to re-enter the house with me.

"Looking around on the floor of the north room I discovered stones as large as hen's eggs lying on the floor. I picked them up and threw them out into the yard, thinking some practical joker had been trying to frighten the children. As I had cause to remain home the next day I thought I would just keep an eye open to detect the joker. About ten o'clock in the day a scream from my wife caused me to run into the kitchen, my wife lay in a faint on the floor and near her were four large stones. Picking up one of those I found it the least bit warm, and on examining; the rest I found them of the same temperature. I then sent for Mr. Brooks to come and make an examination. I showed him the stones which were scattered hero and there over the floor. Taking a chair, he sat clown to examine them. While doing so a stone that seemed as if it came through the window-glass struck Mr. Brooks on the foot. On examining this stone we found it to be hot. Mr. Brooks, thinking some one was playing a joke on us, got a gun and commenced firing at random into the cornfield to see if the mischievous person was hiding there. As the shooting availed nothing we re-entered the house to see if we would be disturbed again by the mysterious stones. After waiting for an hour or so, and as no more stones fell, Mr. Brooks left for home feeling at a loss to account for this strange mystery.

"We lived in the house for five months, and during that time the stones fell frequently. On one occasion the children were hauling walnuts under a large tree. Coming into the house to answer a call of their mother, they left the walnuts under the tree until they could return. Not ten minutes after they entered the house the walnuts came flying through the open door and fell on the floor in a shower. People in the neighborhood became afraid to come near the house. The stones seamed to come through the window-glass and also through the door when standing open. How the stones came through the glass without breaking the panes is a mystery to me. My little girl once said she saw a hand against the window just as a stone came in the room.

"While eating one evening a stone fell from the coiling over the table into my coffee. After taking the stone out of the cup I drank the coffee as if nothing had happened. My family objected to it, but I was not the least bit afraid. The same evening my little boy's spelling book was swept from his hand as if some one had snatched it from him, At this moment several stones, which seemed to come through the window-glass, fell on the floor. My brother threw one of the stones in the fire, and it immediately leaped out of the fire back into the room. He tried this twice, with the same result each time. Flat-irons would fly across the room, and articles downstairs would come upstairs on a fly over the banisters. My wife grow ill and could stand this no longer, so I moved. The house is still vacant."

The Everything Ghost Hunting Book: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Exploring the Supernatural World

The Catholic Demonologist Handbook: A Comprehensive guidebook to understanding ,diagnosing and solving Ghost and Demonic Hauntings.

Haunted Virginia: Legends, Myths, and True Tales

Haunted Virginia: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Old Dominion (Haunted Series)

Daily 2 Cents: Little Wet Shiny Man -- Black Leopard Seen Roaming St. Andrews, Scotland -- LA Judge Morphs Into Reptilian

Little Wet Shiny Man

San Juan Capostrano, CA - 3/7/2015: I was driving on 74 Ortega Hwy to Lake Elsinore, after work around 9:30 PM. It was raining and I turned my brights on because I thought there was debris on the road. I saw a small man like creature all wet standing there. "It" was 1-2 feet tall, muscular, dark colored like the trees, it looked shiny and not hairy but it was wet. "It" was in the middle of the road & when I turned my head lights brighter "it" turned "it's" body in my direction but I couldn't see any eyes. "It" then ran across into the forest as I passed. There was no where for me to pull over and my phone had no reception so I couldn't tell anyone until I got home. Since then I've purchased a dash cam and I intend on capturing it on film if I cross paths with "it" again. - MUFON CMS


Police Chase Runaway Unicorn

MADERA COUNTY, Calif. (Feb. 26, 2016) – It certainly made people do a double-take.

Some California residents were rubbing their eyes and wondering if they were seeing things after a “unicorn” made a run for it this week.

Juliet spends her days making dreams come true, posing as a unicorn for photo shoots for Fresno-area photographer Sandra Boos. And during a shoot Wednesday night, Juliet got loose.

“She threw her head up, pulled the lead rope out of her hands and that was it. So at that point she ran off and the more we pursued her, the further she ran,” Boos told KMPH.

Everyone who saw the unicorn had a surreal experience, including police who responded to the call.

“We got a call of a unicorn running in the roadway on 12th Avenue near Road 32,” said Officer Justin Perry.

For more than three hours, Juliet ran down roads and avoided capture. A helicopter was even called in to help spot her, but nothing seemed to work. Juliet was simply too spooked to slow down.

Finally, local resident Renee Pardy remembered her horse, Shady, was friends with Juliet.

“That’s the nature of horses. They want to be in a group—they’re herd animals—and so we had been chasing Juliet, the unicorn for so long that she was looking for a friend,” Pardy said.

Juliet followed Shady into a trailer, bringing an end to the chase. And Boos finally got a sense of a relief.

“I was standing with the (California Highway Patrol) at the time and a call came over the radio that said the unicorn is in custody, and there was a huge sigh of relief, a few tears, and some laughter. It was the comedic relief needed in the moment.” - Did you see that? Unicorn leads police on 3-hour chase


Black Leopard Seen Roaming St. Andrews, Scotland

A big cat has again been reported prowling just yards from houses in St Andrews.

Drew Lumsden spotted the beast as he drove daughter Kaitlyn, 7, from their home on the south-east edge of the town to her swimming class last week.

The landscaper insisted the black animal was the size of an alsatian or labrador dog but had a feline gait and long tail.

He said: “I am 100% certain it was a cat. It was certainly no dog.”

Big cat sightings have been reported in that area before, with a flurry in 2012.

The animal spotted last Thursday evening was in a field about 300 yards from the road near the Grange Inn.

Drew said: “I was taking my daughter to swimming just before 6pm and she saw it first.

“She thought it was a fox at first but it was no fox, it was black.

“I could tell it was a cat by its head and the length of its tail. It was walking along, as casual as anything.

“I stopped to take a photograph but it was too dark and pictures came out grey.”

The pair stopped and watched the creature for more than five minutes.

Drew, who was one of several people to spot a big cat at Rathillet a few years ago, returned the next day to look for paw prints but found none.

Four years ago there were several sightings of a creature resembling a black leopard in the same area and Lumbo Den and a wooded area near Strathkinness Low Road.

Local historian and artist David Joy said he had seen the cat several times, once just yards from his door at The Grange, and had found remains of rabbits which he said had obviously been eaten by something large.

Just a few weeks earlier there were a series of sightings reported over just a few days of a creature resembling a black leopard with a 4ft long tail around Kilmany.

Fife has previously been named a big cat hotspot, with a plethora of tales of large felines roaming the countryside.

Police revealed in 2014 that they had had 10 reports in the previous two years.

One was of a man being attacked by a big cat in Strathkinness.

Many believe in the Balbirnie Beast, said to be on the loose around the Glenrothes area.

In 2006 Fife Constabulary thought it had found proof of the animal when it produced a cast of paw print which experts said may have been from an 18-month-old big cat, but others argued it could have been a large dog.

Sightings have also been recorded at Saline, Leven, the Lomond Hills, Letham, Bishop Hill and Blairadam. - Big cat spotted prowling near homes in St Andrews


LA Judge Morphs Into Reptilian

West Los Angeles, CA - 1994: I was in Muni Court and in front of Judge who momentarily changed shape into a Reptilian. Once the Reptilian sensed that I showed no fear, it expressed fear at me and then changed back into a human form. I was standing about 10-15 feet from the Judge. I felt that my lack of expression caused the Reptilian to express fear at my solemn look. My thought was of disbelief, because I was in court for a traffic violation. Nobody else in the courtroom seemed to notice the physical change of the Judge. This only took about 5-10 seconds. My case was rescheduled and the next time I was to go in front of that Judge, she recused herself and would not see me again. I saw what I saw. I will never forget this incident. I have told only 2 people of this incident. The Judge was dressed in a black robe, and her face was what changed. I did not see her hands at the event as they were on the desk and were blocked by the podium where I stood. No words were spoken during the shape change.

The Judge did not want to speak to me after the event, but had the bailiff tell me to return at the next scheduled court date. I never saw the Judge again in my return visits to the court. There were probably 15 other people in the courtroom including court officers/reporter - MUFON CMS



Mummified captain found in 'ghost ship' he sailed in for seven years after death

“Close Encounters in Afghanistan”

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Mysterious death of Pope Francis aide alarms Vatican

Woman carries child’s severed head through streets of Moscow

UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record

The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors

Keepers of the Garden

Secret History: Conspiracies from Ancient Aliens to the New World Order

Unexplained Events: Possible Abduction & Surgery

I received the following email a few days ago:

Hello and Good Day. I hope you are well. I'm writing to report an incident that occurred on November 9, 2015. I've been chased by high-strangeness my whole life, but this is strange on a whole other level for me.

On this day I was leaving my landlord's house in Denver at about 6:30 pm which is after dark. He didn't follow me out which I thought was very unusual. I took about 4 to 5 steps and was violently pushed down. There was no one there. About halfway down to the concrete porch I heard the strangest noise I have ever heard. A moment later I hit the concrete with my left wrist and right kneecap immediately injuring them. I thought they might be broken at the time. My landlord heard my scream and ran out. He told me "you tripped right here" and helped me up. I made it to my car and around the block to my house. I iced my injuries and fell asleep at 2am.

When I awoke at 5am to the alarm, I realized that both injuries were healed completely. No pain or scratches or marks. However, I had most definitely undergone arm surgery. I should have been in recovery. I left for work and couldn't use my right arm at all as it felt as if I had been hung or drug by my right arm. I arrived and asked my co-worker to please lightly rub it. He ask me what this scar was at the point on my shoulder where the pain was truly horrible. I looked at this very fine and healed incision scar with disbelief. As the day became night and closer to closing time, the arm healed. The only thing I could still feel there was something deep inside of it. I could feel it easily in my shoulder for three months, but now it is more healed inside and I can feel it when the arm is worked hard. The scar is a very fine laser healed incision but easily visible when you know where to look.

This incident took place one week after my doctor discovered that my third kidney is missing (born with 4 kidneys). My fourth kidney was missing when I was 16. I had un-elective surgery that day too. So, as odd as it sounds, I was pushed down by an unseen force, heard an unnatural sound on the way down, healed miraculously from my injuries in three hours, and had arm surgery somewhere in there. Have you ever heard another story like mine? Thank you for taking time to read this account. I'd love any advice or resources that you may have. Sincerely, DD

NOTE: I referred the experiencer to an abductee support group after offering my opinion. Lon

The Custodians: Beyond Abduction

Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances

The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee

Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'Shadow People' Infestation in Military Hospital -- Horrifying Close Encounter -- Bizarre Light

'Shadow People' Infestation in Military Hospital


I send you this email from France, from a city in the North called Rodez.

I'm sorry for my english skills, I understand better than I wrote.

I've heard about the shadow people long after I've started to see them. I'm not the only one. We're four friends, we met this year and we feel almost "haunted" by something hidden in the shadows. At the beginning, we thought it was a ghost haunting one of us, or a place but it's largest. So we found this speculations about shadows people and we knew it was it.

We're going to a school in a military hospital, with a psychiatric annex. Today, we sleep in buildings built to keep soldiers with psychic troubles.

My mum is someone with a big influence on the "supernatural" world. She see ghosts, she can feel them. She thinks I'll be just like her when I'll get older.

I just don't know if the "older" is now. I'm almost 18.

Coming back to our "guests", we don't really know what they want. We haven't seen red eyes, but my friends saw a hat. I just saw it in a corner of my eyes, it moves too quickly to be sure that I really saw something.

But I feel it. When we were in our room, one night, my bed cracked under it's weight. I felt it go down, so I'm sure something was there.

We also hear it walking, it opens doors and close it. One of my friends saw it. It was a "free-stander", tall and it was watching at us. The second, smaller, walked on my bed.

We always see a shadow, but once, I've saw something like the air get thicker in this place. And it was a human torso. Just head and shoulders.

I'd really like to know if we can protect ourselves from it. Because even if it's just watching, it start to scare us. M

NOTE: this does seem to be a 'shadow people' infestation. The location is no doubt a problem...allowing the entities to gather a variety of negative energies. There are likely more than 2 entities on the site. I gave the writer several ideas on protection and ways to calm the activity. Lon


Horrifying Close Encounter

I live in Puyallup, Washington. At the time I was living with my wife and our first son in University Place, Washington. I'd like to mention that I do not believe there are aliens from other planets. I'm more in line with the late John Keel, believing that these things are indeed happening, but they are more of a malevolent spiritual type of entities. I don't know why I never reported this before; I suppose one reason might be at the time this happened there was no internet to speak of. Another reason I hesitated to report this is because part of this whole experience seemed like it was a dream, but part of it seems like I was awake. That makes it hard for me to nail things down from a factual standpoint.

I don't recall the exact year this happened, but it was in the early 1990's. I don't recall the month, but I do remember it happened around 3am.

It started out with me dreaming that there was some sort of panic in the house; I remember hurrying back and forth from the back door to the front door to the windows because there was some sort of UFO over the house. I remember seeing it, but can't really describe it. What freaked me out more was when I looked out the front door, there were two (maybe three) humainoid figures that were dark in color (either black or very dark gray). They had no facial features or any features to speak of. Just dark shapes.

This is where it gets confusing for me because it suddenly switched to me being in bed, my wife sleeping next to me. There were one or more of the same exact entities at the foot of the bed. This is the part where I could swear I was awake. I remember looking over at my wife, who was sound asleep. For some reason I could not make a noise, even though I tried. There was a heavy weight on my chest. I tried calling out the name of Jesus, but I could not speak. The fear was incredibly strong. It was fear on a level I had not experienced before. I don't remember them doing anything to me other than what I would describe as very strong oppression and a feeling of being physically paralyzed.

At some point I was able to move and there was no longer anything in the room. My wife woke up and told me to grab my Bible and hold it close to me. So I did that, and I was able to go back to sleep. There were no other problems that night. When I woke up in the morning, I was still holding my Bible and I noticed my chest hurt a lot, like someone had punched me in the ribs really hard.

I don't have any idea what brought this on, and there were one or two other times later on where this same type of thing happened, but it was never even close to being as horrifying as the first time. - MUFON CMS


Bizarre Light

Verne in Lake Elsinore, California called in to tell of something bizarre that happened to him and his wife while visiting Canada:

“My wife and I were visiting in Barrie, Ontario in our relatives home by a lake there, near the Labatts brewery. Anyway, we had retired for the night, and I was awakened by a light coming in through the curtains, into the room. It was a single bed and I was sleeping by the wall with my wife on the other side. It woke me up but she continued to sleep. I just had a sense that something was... no noise, it was completely quiet – but I just had a feeling or a sense or something that this thing with tremendous power was approaching or coming over the house. When it was completely over the house and the light wasn't coming in through the windows anymore but I could see the light outside, I immediately fell asleep. The next morning, when I woke up, I had a headache and my wife, who slept through the whole thing, also had a headache. That's the only time in our lives that we both awakened at the same time with headaches.”

Source: Darkness Radio – February 22, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Bria



BEKs '05

Mysterious Icon Found at Bethlehem Church

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Arcane Radio Presents: Patrick Meechan - Haunting Survivor / Author & Exorcist

This week we welcome back haunting survivor, author & exorcist Patrick Meechan to Arcane Radio. During Patrick's last visit, we experienced technical difficulties. He is returning in order to tell his harrowing story.

Author Patrick Meechan is a survivor of two consecutive, yet unrelated haunted houses. Through his experiences he learned how to engage in spiritual warfare according to the Bible. He shares his knowledge in his books (Published by Crown of Thorns Publishing) and also on his blogtalk radio program the Patrick Meechan Program on KAPOW RADIO. Patrick also ministers deliverance and has performed numerous exorcisms. To contact Patrick or to have him speak at your church or event please use our contact page.

220 Fifth Street - A terrifying true story of a seemingly ordinary house in a small mid-western town, 220 FIFTH STREET rivals the all-time great novels of its genre. This time however, there is no Hollywood hype. The story is entirely true and will have you on the edge of your seat, rethinking what you thought you knew about the spiritual realm. Finally, a haunted house story of truly Biblical proportions!

Nightmare in Holmes County - This prequel to 220 FIFTH STREET documents the true events of one man's eight year long battle with the powers of darkness. This controversial book will bring you face to face with the reality of Spiritual Warfare!

This event is listed at Arcane Radio Presents: Patrick Meechan - Haunting Survivor / Author & Exorcist. Join us on Monday, February 29th at 10PM ET / 7PM PT

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Unknown Bi-Pedal Creature Sighting: Southern Ontario

I received the following information from a previous witness (Wayne) on the evening of 2/25/2016:

This evening, my wife saw something run across the road bent over. It was just beyond the shine of the headlights. She estimated it about 6 to 7 ft. Her words were 'what the hell was that?' It crossed a 10 ft road in about 2 sec. The location was just outside Beamsville, Ontario. Around Bartlett Road and Route 81. About 5 km from last sighting heading towards Beamsville. I might add the week before we heard the loudest scary sounding wolf howl I have ever heard.

The previous sighting the witness is referring to is Yellow-Eyed Beast - Southern Ontario

I requested further information and received the following:

Not much more. But last week in that area we heard the longest scariest howl I ever ever heard.

The 2014-15 Winter sighting I posted on May 16, 2015 is as follows:

Hello - I have been following reports of Bigfoot here in southern Ontario for some time. And from some of the descriptions I think some may be Dogman reports. I personally had something happen to me. We were driving to a job site and it was snowing. Approx. 60 yards away, a dark shape crossed the road hunched over. I said to my wife to be careful, there is something ahead. Then I saw a small shaped head turn and look at the van. It's eyes were yellow - then it disappeared into the brush.

Also, a co-worker was driving out of Wainfleet, Ontario when something huge and black bound across the road. It was along the north stretch of the Welland River towards Welland, Ontario. All they said was it had the shape of a wolf. Now both are familiar with animals - it was unlike any canine type animal they had ever seen and was no way they were getting out of the car. Wayne

After receiving this email, I contacted Wayne and asked if he could add any further information:

Hi - general description for our sighting. It was seen around 12 midnight. Seen something hunched over and crossing the road. The beast was dark coloured. It stood up, then turned and looked at us with it's yellow eyes. It had to stand roughly six, maybe six and a half feet, as there is a street sign about that height. It was snowing - about a half a mile outside of Vineland, Ontario heading west. There is forest that comes down from an escarpment and farm on the other side. If you look on Google Maps, find Vineland, Ontario. Head west towards Beamsville, you will see a set of woods that dips towards the road and farmland on the other side.

I always keep an eye out for deer or coyote running out ahead of me. It kind of moved across road hunched over. When it got to the brush, it stood up and turned its head. All I could see were it's bright yellow eyes. Sorry that's about all. Wayne

The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the U.S.A. (Unexplained Presents)

The Haunting of Sigma: A Dogman Legend

Tales From Dogman Country

Hunting the American Werewolf