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Monday, September 30, 2019

Bigfoot Incidents: Louisiana, California & Kentucky

“I grew up in the outer suburbs of Shreveport, Louisiana, and my grandparents had a lake-house where I live now on Lake Bistineau. My summers were working the gardens and cleaning catfish. My winters were deer and duck hunting. Later in years, I took up turkey hunting and still love hunting and fishing. But due to odd things I've encountered in the forests in some areas, I wont hunt those particular areas any longer. The torn up deer and hogs scared the crap out of me. As well as noticing the dead quiet sections of forest where I felt very odd being there and had a creepy feeling. Not much in the woods scared me.

The first time I ever heard of any Bigfoot or Sasquatch was after the Boggy Creek movie. I've hunted all around that area of southern Arkansas and never saw or heard anything odd or out of place. That doesn't mean boogers weren't there, I just had no idea what to look or listen for. I damn sure do now after several odd and scary events. Since those days I've learned a lot more and I've seen prominent evidence of what could be boogers, especially off a 12 mile bayou that runs off Caddo Lake. On the back side of an old game reserve that borders that same bayou is where we got chased down by something screaming at us and ripping and tearing through the briers on the bank. It was pissed that we were there, big-time! We were frog gigging that night it happened in July. Once all that crap on the bank started I immediately cocked my .45 auto and slid a slug into my 12-gauge all the way down that bayou to the landing several miles downstream. I had nightmares about that damn thing for several years.” CK


“I saw a Bigfoot back in 1978. I was 19 then and was night fishing in a small lake in California. I heard something moan like a woman in travail. Then it grew louder. Then I saw a tall black shadow figure across the lake. It stopped and gave me a stare. I froze. Then I felt as if I was being surrounded. I looked up at my watch. Then it was gone. I heard something crash in the bushes behind me but I was forced to go that way. I was waiting for it to grab me. I kept my rifle raised. I went through unharmed but it was very quiet. I went to my truck and as I was driving off, I caught a glimpse of a shadow gorilla type figure and I sh*t you not, it had red glowing eyes. I floored it and never went back.” AI


“We hired a fishing guide last year to take us bass fishing on a Kentucky lake at night, on the Land Between the Lakes side. It was a full moon that night, no noise or nothing. He told us about an encounter he had in Turkey Bay on LBL side. He said he was fishing alone back in there and got his bait hung on the bank and as he went to retrieve it, this big thing shot up the bank into the woods screaming and growling as it ran. About 30 yards, it stopped and was still screaming. Needless to say the guide got out of there. Turkey Bay on the LBL side above Rt.68 Bridge.” TE

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Saturday, September 28, 2019

'Sky Snake' UFO Carried Beings & Scout Craft

“I saw the exact sky snake object. I was standing ground level and saw it by my naked eye on May 25 (2019) at around 10:00 through 11:00. It was clocking in at about 10 football fields long. I saw windows and beings. It was undulating in an ascending way. But the best part it opened up like a carrier. Like an octopus or squid, out spewed hundreds of saucer ships, and out of the saucers came energy orbs, zillions of them. I have seen a lot but this shape... it explains clearly to me how they are transporting them. Mothership carry saucers or scout ships and out of ships, probes of energies or, like, drones for exploration and up close observation. It was amazing... night skies were super clear, all stars so no moon. It came from the eastern direction. My phone could not grab the image...” AT


“These snake-like objects are very real! I used to be on the fence about them until I saw one with my own very eyes. I've seen a gold triangle just floating it the air before, and I've seen big glowing orbs in the sky but nothing has shocked me as much as seeing one of these. It was last year, the 28th of August (2018) around 11:00 PM in Bedfordshire, UK. I couldn't workout how the thing was flying because the bloody thing was flying sideways. It was just bending and folding, then straightning itself. It creeped me out! Sky Serpents are real.” RD


“A few years back (probably 2016). The girlfriend and I were out in the yard having a cigarette (later in the evening). What seemed like from out of nowhere, a triangle UFO slowly flew directly overhead. The reddish/orange circular lights grabbed our attention. It was flying very low and completely silent. There was a fourth light in the middle of the triangle though. It could possibly have been man-made, though I wouldn't rule out alien. It was a very odd experience. One of a few odd sightings flying in our skies. This was in Hamilton, Ontario.” Mark


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Friday, September 27, 2019

Upright Canine Observed in Lackawanna County, PA

In January 2019, I noticed something lumbering down my driveway. The window I was looking out faces over and above the drive, if that’s clear. For example I can see the roof of your car, but not always the bottom of the tire. Regardless, I notice movement. I look out and see what I initially thought was a bear, nose to the ground, kind of snuffling it’s head side to side. Casually walking down the drive on all fours.

A little geographical clarity. I live in town. The front of my neighborhood faces a major highway, but the back is all state game lands. I’ve seen some wildlife, turkeys, a deer here and there. And every skunk in the county apparently lives on my street. I don’t see many squirrels, ground hogs, or chipmunks. Which is a bit odd. I’m not very far from the city of Scranton. About 7 miles from downtown. So I’m not exactly in the sticks.

I watch this “bear” mosey down toward the street, it’s head lowered. I moved from the living room window to my bedroom window, that has a full view of the street. Sure enough, here it comes.

But something is wrong. I watch this beast stand on 2 legs and casually walk out into the road. I see pointed ears, and a long snout. Its got its head raised, smelling the air. This was no bear. I saw it in perfect silhouette under the yellow street light.

It was either dark grey or black. The yellow light threw off the true color. It stood without effort, looked like one fluid movement. It then walked across the road, casual as you please and kind of hunkered down in some scrub brush. Then I realized it was looking right into my bedroom.

It had blue eyes. I’m not sure if that was reflected light of they were glowing. It looked right at me. I lost my legs at that moment and sat down under my window. Absolutely panicked. I was home alone, with 5 cats and a dog who slept through the whole thing. I didn’t know what to do. My window is a big picture window, and if it wanted me, it easily could have gotten me.

I cautiously got on my knees to peek over the sill and I lost it. Didn’t see eyes or it anywhere. It seemed to be either moving away from the forest, behind my house or it decided to rest up in that scrub brush.

What I saw under the street light is as follows; darkish fur, high pointed ears. Long muzzle. I never saw teeth or if it had a tail. It had hands with long claws, that hung kind of limp wrist. If they were fully extended, they would hang below the knee. It walked on hocked dog legs. It looked heavily muscled, but had a tapered waist. It was about 7-7 1/2 feet tall, judging from where it stood in relation to the streetlight. It was non aggressive, even when I felt it look right at me. I was terrified, but I didn’t get a sense that it was pissed off it had been seen, as some people report.

I didn’t take a picture because I simply didn’t think to. I was in a fair amount of shock, but sometimes your phone is the absolute last thing on your mind.

There have been some odd sounds, tapping at my window, I can hear scratching of the siding. I don’t see that many animals around the neighborhood. There used to be about 7 stray cats I fed. All gone. Once the weather broke, it’s been quiet. I installed motion lights, and bought 2 game cameras. I’m hoping they are in a sense like Sasquatch, they avoid game cams. I don’t ever want to see this thing again. Those of you who want to see one, pray you never do. My encounter was non aggressive. I can’t imagine having to deal with this thing pissed off. I still can’t sleep a full night, and every sound scares the hell out of me after dark. I live alone, and the .357 I own would probably just ruffle its fur. BC

This encounter is very similar to others we have received throughout Pennsylvania. This sighting as been recorded on the PA Upright Canine/Dogman Witness Sightings Map

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Unexplained 'Weird Kid' Encounters

Here are a few more unexplained BEK and other weird 'kid' encounters:

I've started with a new routine, so I bought a bike.

Decided I would go a 11pm to midnight stroll before heading home to sleep. Supposed to say I didn't after this.

There is an canal system in Glasgow perfect for cycling so I followed it quite far out with my light and bell at the ready in case I crossed paths with someone although that's probably not likely given the time of night.

I got off my bike at a bench. There is a wall behind those bricks where disused railway tracks, decommissioned in the 50s.

My phone started to play up and the light from my phone seemed a bit weaker than usual. I followed the light across the muddy canal and to my horror i saw what looked like a boy and a girl in the small island in the middle. I asked if they where okay but didn't get much of a response. I asked again do you need help, I can call the fire brigade police or whatever. Just as I said that my phone died. I only had the moonlight to go on now .

Remembering the light from my bike I turned it on and scanned the area again there was no one there. Thank God nothing else came of this as I was sh*tting myself, replaying not to scenes in my head. I cycled home and freaked out a bit. Turned my phone on when I got home it had 61% so WTF happened? Nobody believes me, but that's life. DB


I live in Brookhaven, in Atlanta, and in a good neighborhood. Although I live in an amazing neighborhood, there are a set of 4 duplexes right on the same road next to each other, with large, new homes surrounding us, and I live in one of those duplexes and all my duplex neighbors are fellow millennials that are trying to make it. Except the one to the right of us. We don't know who lives there, rarely see anyone come or go, and even my neighbors in the rest of the duplexes have no clue who it is that lives there. We have both back doors to our duplexes, and front doors as well.

I'm in the backyard, letting my dog out at about midnight and I see something very strange: A child goes to a neighbor's door in an "old-fashioned" dress. This was a little girl at midnight, in what I would describe as an Easter Sunday type of dress: pleated with a big bow on the back. It was dark so I just saw her outline with the silhouette of the dress and bow with her long hair. She looked the height of a six-year-old but with no adult accompaniment. When I saw her I immediately was scared. I think because I immediately my brain went down the path of: "We've seen no kids there ever, it's midnight, she's wearing funny clothes, my neighbors and we think this guy is a shut-in, OMG, is this a BEK?!?!" But also even talking about it with my husband, all my hair just raises on end. I scooted outta there fast to avoid it, but I wonder if that was a BEK trying to get into that person's back door? AG


I live in rural Vermont and am an amateur author. It's my hobby you could say. But I've been interested in BEKs for quite some time and wanted to write a book about it. However, I've been doing research on BEKs for about a week now and two nights ago my wife and I were awoken by a knock on our front door at about 2:40am. It was a pretty loud knock, not smashing but just loud thuds in three's. I told my wife I'll go downstairs and check it out. However when I got closer to the door I had an odd sensation of fear come over me, it was a very strange feeling that I can't really explain. I hesitated for a moment, ten seconds or so. But then I "bucked-up" and opened the door and to my surprise it was just a kid. At first I thought it was the neighbor's kid who lives down the street as he's around that age, 13 or 14. He had his head down and was wearing a dark grey hoodie on.

I asked him kind of angrily what he wanted. He then continued to stand there and say nothing. I then raised my voice and said "his name" and that's when he looked up at me. I don't believe I've ever felt fear like that before in my life. His eyes were completely black, not to mention his pale skin. I slammed the door in his face and locked the deadbolt. It was defiantly NOT the neighbors son. I then proceeded to run back upstairs right by wife to get to the window to see if I could see him but he was gone, just like that...gone. I've gotten barely any sleep and cannot stop thinking about this and just can't make sense of it. I've since stopped all research for obvious reasons. DA

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

'Black-Eyed People' Encounter Accounts

I recently came across a few interesting accounts:

My friend and I are walking around my neighborhood at night cause we were really bored. We passed this park that's in my neighborhood and we heard singing. So we looked over at the park and saw a little girl all alone sitting on a swing. She had long brown hair, a pink polka dot dress and a red bow in her hair. We couldn't see her super well at first because the park wasn't super well lit. So we kept walking passed the park because we felt this overwhelming fear when we saw her without any cause. But as we were walking, still looking at her, she turned her head and stopped singing (she was singing 'Ring around the Rosy') we were walking a bit faster at that point. But I felt drawn to her, even though I had this overwhelming fear I also felt like I should go to her, but I fought that and I kept walking. She then stood up from the swing and started walking.

When she walked out towards the street (which we were on the other side of) she went under the street light. Then I saw it. I made clear eye contact with her and her eyes were pitch black. She then started to run towards us, which only my friend noticed because I was caught up in looking at her eyes. My friend grabs my arm, pulls me and yells "BOOK IT!" We start running as fast as we can down the street. As soon as we got to my porch and my mom came outside, we turned around and she was just gone. After that I had sleep paralysis of her just standing in my room staring at me with her dark dark eyes. I had a dream about her and always felt some sort of presence around me but I never actually saw her out there again. But anytime I'm outside at night I always feel an extremely strong fear of seeing her again. CH


I was with a few of my friends. We drove down an alley to get to a parking garage. Standing in the center of the alley was an old lady with white hair wearing old fashioned white clothes. Even from a distance I could see she was staring at me. As we got closer I noticed her eyes were completely black. I started shaking and I didn’t really believe what I was seeing. I really thought that I was fabricating it in my mind because of having read about it previously. So I asked my friend in a shaky voice “does that lady have black eyes?” And he replied “dude, what the f*ck man”. And his voice instantly became shaky. We just turned around and went in another entrance to the parking garage.

When we walked by the alley again a minute later she was standing in the same spot. Every moment she was in sight, she was staring into my eyes. It was extremely unsettling, but nothing came of it.

My friend wasn’t just messing with me. We both saw her piercing black eyes. Glad I didn’t have to talk to her. I was shaky enough as it was. She looked to be around 70 years old though. Really odd experience. FG


I wanted to share a story my dad has been telling my family for a long time. It took place about 15 years ago (2003).

We used to live in Mexico. More specifically in Mexicali, Baja California, in an urban area. This story is a bit different since he saw a woman instead of a child but it still counts, right?

So, one afternoon my father was doing the usual when he heard some knocking on the door. He quickly answered and was met with a caucasian woman, a bit on the chubby side wearing some really old clothes that looked handmade and clearly weren't from this time period. She was looking down at her feet. She told him "Me da agua señor?" ("Can you give me water, Mr.?") to which my father replied "Ahi está la manguera" ("There is the water hose"), but the woman insisted on coming in. My father told her no. So she looked at him straight in the eye and that's when my dad saw it. Her eyes were completely black. She walked to the side of the house and proceeded to defecate on the side walk. My father lost track of her after that, and the next thing that happened was a bit weird. From that day onward for about a month an owl would constantly fly and stand on the same place where she defecated.

My father isn't usually a superstitious fella. Even though it may sound a little bizarre, he has always told the same story. AR

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