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Monday, May 09, 2016

Upright Canine Eyewitness - West Centre County, PA

Butch Witkowski received a face-to-face upright canine witness report this past weekend while at Benner’s Campground in Farmington, PA. This report was presented by a married couple who live in western Centre County, PA:

In August of 2015, the woman was standing inside her home looking out at a bright full or close to full moon, when she saw a large canine looking creature standing at the edge of a pond (approx. 25 yds distance) just staring at the pond. It was upright and had a short snout and short pointed ears. It had what appeared to be narrow flat feet. The only movement noticed was a tail swishing back and forth. She watched it for 10 minutes and it did not move as it continued to stare into the pond on the property which has apple orchards and is close to a State Game Lands 33 and 176.

The creature was standing sideways to her so she only saw a side profile. Her husband also advised their 1 year old Bulldog went out the next day and squirted all tires on their vehicles to mark his territory. He’s never done that ever. She was sure the full moon was at the end of the month but didn’t remember the date. (Note a moon phase check for August 2015 reveal full moon on August 29 and 30 August). She estimates the height of the creature to be 8 ft.

NOTE: The only other description of a short snout creature was the Nov. 6, 2014 report. The two dog incident at SGL 331

The interactive map now reflects this new report and several updates on previous reports. Reports from Maryland (within 50 miles of the PA border) have also been noted. Upright Canine Witness Sighting Report Locations - Pennsylvania

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