Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Upright Canine Encounter in Centre County, PA

I recently received an eyewitness referral after a message was posted on a Facebook group page. The following information was originally posted:

"I know that dogman is real. In 2001 I saw one while hunting in PA. It was about 7ft tall. Had a head like a dog with a long muzzle. It was very strange looking with gray and black hair with a 2 or 3 foot tail. It sounded like a demon from Hell. I was 45 yards from it. I had it in my scope. It was one ugly puppy. It was standing looking towards me. It had yellow wild-looking eyes. I had my 30.06 with me with a 4 +12 Weaver scope on it. I believe it saw me. It took a step towards me then it took off to my left. I did take my safety off just in case. Moshannon, PA. in Centre County.” TY

NOTE: I was given TY's telephone number, and later contacted him. He explained that he was hunting in an area that was part of a 110 acre farm that he once owned. It was 2001 during the deer firearms season (late Fall). TY was in his deer stand. At about 10:30 AM he noticed movement in front of him (he estimated that it was 45 yards from him). Thinking that it may be a deer, he adjusted his scope and took a look. He was shocked to see a upright bipedal being, about 7-8 ft in height with a head that reminded him of a large German Shepherd with a long muzzle. The eyes were yellow-orange in color, and it was looking in his direction. The creature was human-like in stature, with a muscular chest, arms and legs. It had gray and black hair all over its body. The hand / claws looked like over-sized raccoon paws. The feet were long, and attached to canine-like hocked legs. It was making a low deep growling sound that TY described as 'demonic.'

The creature took one step forward, and TY clicked the safety off on his rifle. Apparently the creature heard and/or recognized danger and immediately took off in a direction left of TY. This was the only time that TY saw the creature.

TY did state that he had seen, what he believed, was a white Bigfoot while hunting in the same area in 1999.

We have received upright canine reports from areas around Moshannon State Forest and Sproul State Forest in recent years. Centre County is located within the 'Lycan Loop' in central Pennsylvania.

The PA Upright Canine / Dogman Interactive Map - Lon

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