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Friday, September 27, 2019

Upright Canine Observed in Lackawanna County, PA

In January 2019, I noticed something lumbering down my driveway. The window I was looking out faces over and above the drive, if that’s clear. For example I can see the roof of your car, but not always the bottom of the tire. Regardless, I notice movement. I look out and see what I initially thought was a bear, nose to the ground, kind of snuffling it’s head side to side. Casually walking down the drive on all fours.

A little geographical clarity. I live in town. The front of my neighborhood faces a major highway, but the back is all state game lands. I’ve seen some wildlife, turkeys, a deer here and there. And every skunk in the county apparently lives on my street. I don’t see many squirrels, ground hogs, or chipmunks. Which is a bit odd. I’m not very far from the city of Scranton. About 7 miles from downtown. So I’m not exactly in the sticks.

I watch this “bear” mosey down toward the street, it’s head lowered. I moved from the living room window to my bedroom window, that has a full view of the street. Sure enough, here it comes.

But something is wrong. I watch this beast stand on 2 legs and casually walk out into the road. I see pointed ears, and a long snout. Its got its head raised, smelling the air. This was no bear. I saw it in perfect silhouette under the yellow street light.

It was either dark grey or black. The yellow light threw off the true color. It stood without effort, looked like one fluid movement. It then walked across the road, casual as you please and kind of hunkered down in some scrub brush. Then I realized it was looking right into my bedroom.

It had blue eyes. I’m not sure if that was reflected light of they were glowing. It looked right at me. I lost my legs at that moment and sat down under my window. Absolutely panicked. I was home alone, with 5 cats and a dog who slept through the whole thing. I didn’t know what to do. My window is a big picture window, and if it wanted me, it easily could have gotten me.

I cautiously got on my knees to peek over the sill and I lost it. Didn’t see eyes or it anywhere. It seemed to be either moving away from the forest, behind my house or it decided to rest up in that scrub brush.

What I saw under the street light is as follows; darkish fur, high pointed ears. Long muzzle. I never saw teeth or if it had a tail. It had hands with long claws, that hung kind of limp wrist. If they were fully extended, they would hang below the knee. It walked on hocked dog legs. It looked heavily muscled, but had a tapered waist. It was about 7-7 1/2 feet tall, judging from where it stood in relation to the streetlight. It was non aggressive, even when I felt it look right at me. I was terrified, but I didn’t get a sense that it was pissed off it had been seen, as some people report.

I didn’t take a picture because I simply didn’t think to. I was in a fair amount of shock, but sometimes your phone is the absolute last thing on your mind.

There have been some odd sounds, tapping at my window, I can hear scratching of the siding. I don’t see that many animals around the neighborhood. There used to be about 7 stray cats I fed. All gone. Once the weather broke, it’s been quiet. I installed motion lights, and bought 2 game cameras. I’m hoping they are in a sense like Sasquatch, they avoid game cams. I don’t ever want to see this thing again. Those of you who want to see one, pray you never do. My encounter was non aggressive. I can’t imagine having to deal with this thing pissed off. I still can’t sleep a full night, and every sound scares the hell out of me after dark. I live alone, and the .357 I own would probably just ruffle its fur. BC

This encounter is very similar to others we have received throughout Pennsylvania. This sighting as been recorded on the PA Upright Canine/Dogman Witness Sightings Map

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