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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Upright Canine Sightings: Otter Lake, PA / Niagara Region, Ontario

The following transcript comes from the Midnight in the Desert radio show...on a night when crypto researcher & author Linda Godfrey was the guest. Washington in Georgia called in to tell of a strange sighting he and two of his friends (brothers) had:

“I saw a creature while I was camping in Pennsylvania. I don't know if you are familiar with that area at all. I was with a couple of friends of mine and they saw it as well. It had yellow eyes and almost like a human face with very long, very big, almost kind of wrinkly ears. It had hair or fur on that as well and on the face like all the way on its face and very large hands and very skinny arms. It had, I noticed, its legs it had like the knees bent backwards, like hyper-extending, you know, in a way. The most disturbing thing about it and I didn't hear you (Linda Godfrey) comment and it still haunts me to this day when I think about it is its head movement. It kind of moved its head almost like pigeon. Very kind of darty, very quick head movements and when I saw this, it was maybe about two feet away from me. I don't think it knew I was there because I was sleeping in a Volkswagen van and it was in a campground called Otter Lake in Pennsylvania and there was a couple of hunters that were up fairly late by the fire and it seemed to be very engaged in what they were doing and it was paying a lot of attention to them, peering its head around at the campers very suddenly. At first I thought it was another camper and my eyes adjusted and I saw what it was and I was absolutely terrified and for the rest of the night me and my buddies just cowered in the van and we even called the state police and they acted like they didn't know where we were and they thought we were drunk. They kind of laughed and said we have no idea where that is. We wouldn't know how to get to you. They suggested we stay in the car and that was basically it. Not very helpful. Another thing, I don't know if it was related but I heard a really weird call, almost like a two-toned – almost like a scream, and another call all within one.”

Source: Midnight in The Desert with Art Bell - September 3, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: Otter Lake is located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania (Monroe County). The area is heavily populated with wildlife and thick cover and approximately 12 miles from the Delaware River / New Jersey border.

I received the following email from Judy Brown from Ontario Dogman and Other Creatures on Facebook after I posted the recent bi-pedal sighting in southern Ontario:

Hi Lon...it's Judy Brown from 'Ontario Dogman' on Facebook. I am not sure if the following info will help you in your investigation of the dogman sightings or not. My sighting was in the latter part of the 1960's and it occurred in what was then a small village called Cooks Mills, Ontario. This is near the border between Welland and Niagara Falls, Ontario and is close to the 3 sightings that you have gotten lately. Butch is right when he commented that dogmen are not afraid and will stand their ground because the dogman in my encounter stood in the road and stared us down for about 30 seconds before running off. I think it had been eating roadkill when we drove up to it.

My late husband also had an encounter with a dogman probably sometime in the eighties...he was driving home from work on night shift about 4 or 5 am when one ran across the QEW ahead of him. He was heading from Oakville to Welland and this happened just after the Queen Elizabeth and 403 split before he went over the Burlington Skyway. It ran from right to left across the highway so it would have been heading towards Lake Ontario. He said that after crossing the road, it jumped a chain link fence and disappeared into the tree line.

This makes 5 sightings between Lakes Erie and Ontario. I can also attest to the fact that there have been UFO sightings over Lake Erie on the Canadian side. These sightings were in an area called Lowbanks which is between Port Colborne and Port Dover...close to the Wainfleet area.

I don't know if this helps, but I thought you might like to have this information. Take care. Judy

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