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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: The Green Man -- Frightening UFO Encounter -- Jurassic Prank

The Green Man

Deb in Milwaukee called in to Darkness Radio to tell of something her daughter observed when she was four years old:

“One of the most striking stories involved my daughter. When she was four years old, she woke up in the middle of the night and came running into my bedroom and she was just terrified insisting that the green man was in her room. I tried to reason with her. I was tired myself and wanted to sleep but she would have no part of going back to her bedroom. So I just hauled her into bed with me because I needed to get up in the morning. So, years later, over the course of time she stopped talking about the green man and I didn't think too much of it given that she was only four at the time but my dad died in 2001...her grandfather.

We were sitting at my dining room table. We were looking for pictures for the funeral. We wanted to put a montage of photos up and we were going through some really old pictures. You know, newer and older, but these were exceptionally old like the little brownie camera pictures. And she was looking at them and she picked up one of the photos and she looked at me and she said, 'Mom, this is the green man.' Now she was 17 at the time. She had never forgotten this and I said, 'The green man?' Then I remembered and I looked at the photo and I didn't have any idea who the elderly man was. He had a vest on. He was obviously older. I turned to my mother and said, 'Do you have any idea who this is?' And she said, 'Oh yeah, that's your dad's grandfather.'

Now he had been dead prior to my birth. So he wasn't anywhere in the picture. She never would have known him but she told me what had happened. She was sleeping and she was somehow laying on her arm and her arm had fallen asleep and that's what woke her up and when she opened her eyes she saw this man bending over looking at her toys which were in bins at the foot of her bed with his back to her... and he was glowing green. That's why she called him the green man and she was terrified. She said she had to pull her arm out from underneath her head and she did it really fast and at that minute he spun around and looked right at her and she realized he'd seen her and she'd seen him and then that's when she ran out of the room and came into my room. But I thought it was just interesting that somebody... I just think he was here to check on the kids because he'd never met them and he was curious.”

Source: Darkness Radio March 21, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Sink Hole Mystery in Susquehanna County

LENOX TOWNSHIP, PA -- One home in Susquehanna County has signs warning people to stay off the property. The homeowner says the signs are not just warning trespassers.

"This is what my granddaughter found. It was just a small hole like this and that's what it turned into," Sheila Petrochko said.

Finding holes on this Lenox Township property near Kingsley has become a regular occurrence lately for Petrochko.

"I walk through my yard and I'm finding more holes everyday," Petrochko added.

She also thinks her yard is starting to sink. "Is my ground going to open up? Am I going to fall into a hole? Are my grandchildren? That's what I'm concerned about," she said.

In her 10 years living here, Petrochko said there have never been any holes.

"Nothing new has happened in the area besides a well that Cabot drilled and they finished about a month and a half ago," Petrochko said.

According to a Pennsylvania DEP spokesperson, there have been no other complaints about possible sinkholes in this part of Susquehanna County.

Late this afternoon, a DEP inspector ruled out natural gas drilling as the cause. State officials believe the holes were caused by natural subsidence.

The state isn't exactly sure what naturally caused the holes to form.

Cabot Oil & Gas pointed out its gas well is about a mile from the homeowner's property.

The gas company said they are not responsible for the holes in Petrochko's yard. Lenox Township Supervisor Fred Benson agrees.

"I just think it's a settlement. It ain't got nothing to do with the gas from my estimation," Benson said.

Petrochko said she just wants to know why the holes keep popping up.

"I feel like I'm yelling and screaming. I would like to find out what happened and why and how we are going to fix it," she said.

A spokesperson for DEP said that an inspector placed meters in the holes. It determined that there was no natural gas present in the areas where the holes have formed.

A DEP spokesperson added that natural subsidence can be caused from rain or even the type of fill someone has in their driveway. - The Mystery of the Holes in Susquehanna County


Frightening UFO Encounter

Indiana - 2015-08-26 - 10:15PM: I was in my back yard sitting at a bonfire when I heard a hum coming from the left of me up in the sky. When I first saw it I thought it was a jet because we have a lot of planes fly over our house. But then I realized it was totally stationary and it was spinning clockwise. It had a very blinding light on each edge of the triangle. Then out of the blue another one appeared and they started spinning in sequence together. I felt a strong physical weakness while I was looking at them. Kind of like a beam was striping me off all my strength. I was with my dad at the time and we were totally in awe at these things in the sky. After the encounter I felt scared and I had a since of being worth nothing. It scared me so much that I couldn't write a report until now because I thought they would come back and abduct me. But now that it has been almost a year I feel safe. I was looking at the two objects and they started blinking and fading in and out until finally disappearing leaving the sky looking kind of warped. - MUFON CMS


Massive Alligator Snapping Turtle Reportedly Caught in Alabama

Photos of this large—and dangerous—alligator snapping turtle started cropping up online recently, and has been attributed to Wes Prewett of Alabama. The humongous turtle was apparently caught in Lake Mitchell near Clanton and weighed near 200 pounds, but we are still trying to confirm the details. Judging from the beast’s mouth, one bite could very well take your head off. Although experts agree that a bite from an alligator snapping turtle is not significantly strong than a humans, keep in mind that humans can bite pretty hard.


Jurassic Prank

A man wearing a ridiculously life-like dinosaur costume managed to scare more than a few passers-by.

The hilarious stunt, which was pulled off by Australian radio hosts Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, saw their unsuspecting colleagues being chased through a car park by an eerily realistic Velociraptor.

It's not the first time that this particular type of dinosaur costume has been unleashed in a prank video however it remains so impressive that it is very easy to scare just about anyone with it.

The reactions, which can be seen in the footage below, are about typical of someone who has unexpectedly happened across a 7ft dinosaur inside a deserted, dimly lit car park.

Click for video - Jurassic Carpark



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