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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bizarre Scene at Chinese School

The students at Taiping Middle School were enjoying a nice break from their studies, a rarity in China, when insanity struck. A crazed employee at the school burst out of the building without any clothes on. Seemingly, at random, he approached a number of students before fixing his attention on one sixteen-year-old girl.

Although labeled a middle school, the institution actually provides education to high schoolers. It is located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of southern China and has a student body of over 2,500. The man at the center of this bizarre and horrifying story is a 30-year-old with the last name of Hou. Employed as a janitor overseeing the school’s science laboratories, Hou has worked at the school for nearly a decade. Before now, he had never had any behavior issues at work. By all accounts, he was well liked by students and staff. How quickly things change.

As the naked Hou cornered the sixteen-year-old student against a wall, male classmates watched in horror. They appear frozen in panic, as were a few teachers standing nearby. They, however, quickly sprang into action and tackled Hou to the ground, freeing the frightened girl from his grasp. Staff detained the naked employee until police arrived to arrest him. In all, the incident lasted less than two minutes, but that was more than enough time for residents in the neighborhood to capture the weird encounter on their cellphones.

According to the police, Hou has a history of mental illness. He was diagnosed with an unspecified condition in 2011, but doctors stated that since he had not acted on any of his thoughts, he was considered cured. Clearly that diagnosis needs to be changed. Hou remains in custody and the school is considering whether it should fire him. The fact that school administrators have not already terminated the janitor is startling. As inept as they appear to be, at least they have already contacted a psychiatrist to assist the unfortunate girl who caught Hou’s eye. While his actions did not cause her any physical harm, the school has agreed to pay all of her psychiatrist bills moving forward. - Crazed Chinese Janitor Ruins Recess

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