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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Female Werewolf in Iraq -- 116 Sheep Killed in Sussex, UK -- Explosion Sounds Erupting in East LA County

Female Werewolf in Iraq

Chris called in to tell of something his friend saw while serving in Iraq:

“My buddy was in Iraq about 10 years ago, something like that. He always tells this story about, he thinks he saw a werewolf but this is definitely a female werewolf, right. How he knows this – it sounds gross but I don't know how to describe it in a better way. He rescues dogs and some of them are neutered so that time of the month happens – he said that this werewolf, it had the female attributes. It had boobs. And also it's smell. It smelled like that time of the month. I don't know how to explain that in the right way but he said he knows. It was on the side of the road and they stopped on the side of the road and it crossed right in front of them. They were in a truck or a car or something. And they got out of the car and it turned around and looked at them and it came, I'm saying, well, he's saying, three feet away. This thing comes up to him and it stinks like so bad and he can't even... the only thing he describe was like a dirty dog, like he would get from a pound (Art Bell cuts him off to end the show).”

Source: Midnight in The Desert with Art Bell - September 3, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


116 Sheep Killed in Sussex in ‘UK’s worst attack’

A flock of 116 sheep have been found dead in a field in West Sussex in what police have called the ‘UK’s worst sheep attack in living memory’.

The sheep, many of them pregnant, had been herded by dogs into a tight group against a fence and gate where they panicked and either died from shock or were crushed in the flock, police said.

The horrific discovery was made by farmer Gordon Wyeth at the West Dean Estate, near Chichester, early on Monday afternoon.

A total of 116 sheep, worth about £17,000 to Mr Wyeth, died in the field just north of the A286, near the old railway bridge at the eastern end of the village.

Sergeant Tom Carter from Sussex Police said: “I have never seen or heard of sheep-worrying on this scale before and this was a terrible sight. “While there are no signs of any of the animals being savaged, we are all but 100 per cent certain that their deaths were brought about by dogs.

“The flock was last checked around lunchtime on Sunday, so the incident could have occurred at any time over the next 24 hours.

“However, if as we suspect it was a dog attack, it may well have happened in daylight and we want to hear from anyone with information about it.

“This is not just about Mr Wyeth’s livelihood - and it will cost him at least another £2,000 to dispose of the carcasses - but also his emotional attachment to the animals that he has raised and nurtured.”

James Osman, the National Farmers’ Union adviser for Sussex, said: “This is the worst incident of its kind in living memory and talking to colleagues around the country, the number of deaths is double what we have come across in the past.

“We are in full support of the police’s efforts to discover whose dog or dogs were responsible and urge anyone with information to get in touch with them.”

Sgt Carter added: “We have seen a rise in sheep-worrying incidents and as Spring approaches more dog owners will be heading for the countryside to exercise their pets.

“We urge people to keep their dogs on a lead while they are walking in rural areas and around livestock.

“So often in these incidents the owners are horrified by what their dogs have done, but they have to accept that even the most docile of pets can quickly turn into a killer given the opportunity.”

“A farmer can legally shoot a dog that is chasing livestock and seek compensation from the person responsible for the animal, so please don’t take the risk.” - 116 sheep killed in Sussex in ‘UK’s worst attack’


'Mountain Ape' Encounters

A while ago someone posed a question about why there aren’t any Sasquatch stories from any of the early Rim Country pioneer families. The short answer is… there are. There are not as many as we might think there would be, but there are a few.

Even long before we came along, the Native American tribes all had legends of “the hairy man,” who lived deep in the forests and came out only at night. These beliefs and legends persist to this day among tribal traditionalists. I had the distinct honor and privilege last year of spending some time with some of these folks, who trusted me enough to be completely open in telling me about their Sasquatch-related knowledge and what they believe… stuff that has been handed down over many generations. It was an experience that I will always remember.

One of the earliest stories I have found from the first Rim Country pioneers was a daytime encounter by David Gowan, who is credited with the “discovery” of the Tonto Natural Bridge. Gowan spent his later years living in a remote cabin on a mining claim along upper Deer Creek, in the Mazatzal Mountains west of the present Deer Creek Village community. He actually died up there in 1925, and is buried next to the Deer Creek hiking trail, a few miles up from the trailhead. As the story goes, Gowan was walking the trail down off the mountain, leading a string of pack burros with ore from his mine, when he came upon two very large “mountain apes” blocking the trail. Gowan and the creatures stood facing each other for awhile, and when they appeared unwilling to move Gowan simply led his burros off-trail, making a wide circle around the creatures, and continued on his way. Later, after Gowan died, people using his old cabin reported being screamed at and having the cabin pelted with rocks during the night, which is common Sasquatch territorial behavior. Apparently a family group had settled in the area, and didn’t appreciate the human visitors. Gowan’s old cabin burned in the Willow Fire in 2004, and subsequent flash floods have virtually destroyed the once-idyllic site, leaving only a small part of the stone foundation still visible. Read more at Bigfoot Sightings Abound In Early Rim Country History


Explosion Sounds Erupting in East LA County

Out of nowhere on Tuesday night, around 8 PM, Alex Arevalos, a student and graphic designer in Alhambra, California, ten miles east of downtown Los Angeles, heard a single, loud thud.

He immediately asked his sister if she'd slapped his bedroom wall. "She said she didn't, so I automatically blamed the train," Arevalos, who lives near train tracks, told VICE.

Then on Thursday around midnight, two similar sounds woke up Arevalos's father, and when father and son spoke about it in the morning, the younger Arevalos became convinced it was something abnormal. "This time as soon as I heard it, and heard the walls shake a bit, I listened for the train, but didn't hear anything," adding, "I can tell the difference now [between] the train and the booms."

Arevalos is far from alone. According to the local news site Alhambra Source, residents first reported hearing the booms on February 16 when a woman named Noelle Dominguez alerted her neighbors to them in a private section of the community social network nextdoor.com. "I know this sounds weird. But since [I've been] living in Alhambra, every other night or so I hear a loud explosion-like noise," she wrote. Soon, other nextdoor.com users shared similar experiences with the booms, according to Alhambra Source. Read more at Explosion Sounds Are Literally Shaking an LA County Town and Nobody Knows the Cause



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