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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Colorado Bigfoot Encounters & Possible Abductions

Jeff in Englewood, Colorado called in to Coast to Coast AM to tell of Bigfoot sightings in Platte River in Colorado:

“I am an engineer and I'm an eyewitness to a Bigfoot sighting here in Colorado, along the Platte River. This was about 30 years ago, so it was 1984 on Thanksgiving and a friend of mine was with me...so he also saw it. We had an extended look at this what appeared to be to us like a 7-foot guy in a gorilla suit that was intentionally stamping the ground and breaking limbs as if to scare away predators or something. We had a perfect view. We were sitting on a ridge looking over a pond at a row of trees that was along a ditch on Slaughterhouse Gulch. We saw a Sasquatch or something, you know, we were trying to convince each other that it was a guy in a gorilla suit but that didn't work and we were scared to death. So we sat there petrified as this thing broke through the trees and stomped on the ground and walked along this bank. It was a good 200 meters or more that we were in eyesight contact, right. And we both we just sat there and stared.

There had been a whole wave of Bigfoot sightings that year. In fact, a girl got kidnapped on Cherry Creek which is one of the tributaries of the Platte River and she swore that it was Bigfoot that had abducted her and carried her over his shoulder. There was another older girl, a teenage girl, who told a similar story. And when we went to investigate the next day we found footprints but they were in the snow. The same thing at the Cherry Creek sighting. We went there the next day and we found footprints but they were in the sand. It had snowed and the snow was melting and the footprints were disappearing as we saw them but they appeared to be about 14 to 16 inches.

There was another sighting that was accompanied by UFO sightings which was at another tributary of the Platte River which is now Chatfield Reservoir and there were deaths involved in that one. Then there was another sighting within a few days of that at a trailer park in the Wolhurst, the previous Wolhurst Country Club which is also along the Platte River. This girl claimed that she was out for a walk, something was rustling through the bushes and whatever it was grabbed her and threw her over its shoulder and she showed us the jacket she was wearing and it was covered in this really stinky weird hair. It was not like fur. It was more like hair but it wasn't really like hair. They were thick, thicker than a human hair. This was almost 30 years ago now. I plucked a couple of the hairs off of the jacket which smelled really bad. It smelled like wet bull or whatever. We were pretty interested at the time because there was a missing girl and we went to go on a search party and they found her just as we got there. The search and rescue team had found her and she was fine.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - March 19, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: I looked at the available reports of possible Bigfoot kidnappings...but found none in the areas reported by the witness. But then again, the incidents may not have been reported. There have been many stories of Bigfoot abductions...but those I have read provide nothing more than anecdotal evidence. I'm not saying that these events have not happened...I believe that there have been actual kidnappings by Bigfoot throughout history. In fact, some of the unexplained incidents reported by David Paulides in his '411 series' may have been perpetrated by hominid beings. Lon

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