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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Unexplained Experiences & Close Encounters

Randy in Kansas called in to tell of some strange missing time experiences he had:

“It began in approximately '62. My dad was a union pipe-fitter and we traveled extensively throughout the United States. In Gary, Indiana, in '62, I was about 6 years old. We lived adjacent to a large cornfield at that time I remember and I recall that as a child I would go out and play along the cornfield there and whatnot. At that time, the first time, it was bizarre because I've never been known to ever have any kind of black outs or nothing like that.

My parents were quite nice. My mother was a stay-at-home mother, so my dad worked and my mother would raise me. So, on that morning, I was out playing and she was just completely hysterical. For hours, I wasn't able to be found and they came to me alongside this hedgerow along this cornfield, seemingly just in a slump, asleep, when they found me. The last thing I recall, along that hedgerow was what appeared to be a craft of some sort. I couldn't tell you... I think I'll fast forward this because it gets better as it goes along here. Anyway, I was just brought up to the trailer and my mother was hysterical and what not and I pretty much dismissed that as a child.

Two years later in approximately '64, now we're in Burlington, Kansas, same kind of situation – trailer park, again adjacent to a large field, in Burlington, Kansas, this time was more distinct. I'm two years older and at that time I distinctly recall running across this area of this park, over a hill, to a friend's house, and I was immediately introduced to two very strange looking children. They were about my size at that time, 8 years old, but I knew that they were not children and it shocked me, just from their appearance and everything. I just immediately came to a stand-still and one of them raised up a small silver wand. This is the only memory I have of this. Later, when I was found again, this time by a sand pile outside this trailer park, dad got all over me, asked why I did not call, did not come home, etc. I had told him that I had run into these two children or what appeared to be and I was severely scolded over this. I received a very stern warning if this was to ever happen again and I didn't know what to make of it.

Now I'm gonna fast forward and this one is what makes me absolutely know that something is happening in my life that is extraordinary. Now it's year 1966. In the summer month's my mother would drop me at her sister's in south-east Kansas and she had a farm there. In the middle of the night, to make a long story short, her farmhouse was always secured and had very high top latchings with the old spring clips. They locked from the inside and had a spring clip. In the old days, in the summer months, they used to leave the screen doors open and I slept in the backroom. The only thing I can tell you about this was, I was found that night, outside her farmhouse in her field approximately a 100 yds to the west and a mile from a large pond. My uncles and everyone hollering. In the middle of the night. Never known to have slept walk in my life. We wore what we liked to call Pjs to bed. You remember pajamas? I had nothing but my shorts on, no Pjs and when I heard the screams of all my relatives, I was walking back to the screams and I heard my uncle hollering my name. It was like I came right out of a trance and I recall vividly that there was something watching me. I looked over my shoulder and there was this bluish green light emitting from the farm pond area. I just followed the voices of my uncles and my aunts. I made it up to the barbwire fence and they were hysterical and I came through the barbwire fence and my uncle grabbed me and they all just looked and the looks in their eyes of what they saw in the background was amazing. I know for a fact it happened again, in '74. From '66 to '74.”

Source: Clyde Lewis Ground Zero Radio – January 26, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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