Thursday, March 03, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Vera Farmiga's Paranormal Experiences Since 'The Conjuring' -- Crashed Plane Disappears -- 8000-Year-Old Handprints Not Human

Vera Farmiga's Paranormal Experiences Since 'The Conjuring'

From the fire on the set of The Exorcism to all of the strange happenings surrounding those involved with the production of Poltergeist there is a long and strange history between horror movies and real life freaky occurrences. It turns out that The Conjuring franchise can now be added to this legacy, because lead actress Vera Farmiga has actually experienced two unexplainable incidents since starting work on the series.

Last fall, I had the pleasure of being a part of a small group of film journalists invited to visit the set of director James Wan’s The Conjuring 2, and it was while interviewing Vera Farmiga about her part in the upcoming sequel that she divulged details about two horror film-esque events that she has experienced since becoming part of the growing franchise. One occurred during pre-production on The Conjuring, and one happened right at the end of filming… but they’re connected incidents as both happen to involve a series of three scratch marks. Read more at Vera Farmiga Has Experienced Some Crazy Paranormal Activity Thanks To The Conjuring


8000-Year-Old Handprints Not Human

Anthropologists probing the discovery of tiny 8000-year-old hand prints in an Egyptian cave say they were not made by human hands.

Explorers stumbled across the tiny hand imprints in a Saharan cave after unearthing more than 5000 images carved into the stone in Egypt's southwest border with Libya 14 years ago.

But a study of the 13 tiny hand prints show that not only are they not human - but that they are believed to belong to tiny lizards.

The cave, which is also known as Wadi Sura II, has been the focus of study for Emmanuelle Honoré of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research for years. Read more at Scientists discover 8000-year-old tiny hand prints in ancient cave were NOT made by humans


Crashed Plane Disappears

An extensive search in Terence Bay, N.S., had ended after emergency officials found no signs of a reported plane crash by a concerned resident Tuesday evening.

The Halifax Regional Fire department says they received the 911 call at 6:09 p.m. on Tuesday. The call prompted the start of a joint search by the fire department, Halifax RCMP, the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, and the Coast Guard.

“Five different fire stations ranging from Sambro to stations in Seabright responded with nine trucks,” said Mike Blackford, Division Commander 2 for Halifax Fire. “They checked every vantage point on different locations on land.”

Tim Slaunwhite contacted police after claiming to see a plane crash in Terence Bay, N.S.

Tim Slaunwhite made the call to police. He describes what he saw in the sky as “jaw-dropping.”

"As I looked up I seen an explosion - watched it to my amazement,” said Slaunwhite.

Slaunwhite says he didn’t think twice when he called 911.

“You could see the plane basically lowering itself, going down and down and down, and then all of a sudden it broke in two - it just broke in two,” said Slaunwhite. “Then all of a sudden within 10 seconds the front end caught on fire."

The fire department searched for an hour before calling off their search.

“They felt like they did everything they could,” said Blackford.

While fire crews searched on land, JRCC and the Coast Guard searched the waters just off the shores of Peggys Cove.

“We are looking for debris and to confirm the report,” said Captain Cameron Hillier, Joint Task Force Atlantic Public Affairs. “We will perform an exhaustive search and if nothing is found, we will call it off.”

JRCC's search was called off around 9:30 p.m. Cpt. Hillier says earlier in the evening, Air Traffic Control advised them that all aircrafts were accounted for and they didn’t receive any emergency locator transmitters.

“ELT are pieces of equipment that goes off when an aircraft is in distress,” adds Cpt. Hillier. “Despite no ELT trigger, HMCS Halifax, a Cormorant helicopter and Coast Guard ship Sambro are searching the area.”

Halifax RCMP also tells CTV News no planes are overdue or missing.

But Slaunwhite is convinced of what he saw.

“To me it had to be a passenger plane,” said Slaunwhite. "From smoke trail to fire to descending to the water, you just, thoughts go through your mind - you know, nothing good." - Emergency crews find no evidence after report of plane crash near Peggys Cove


In Uganda, Election Season Means Spike in Witch Doctor Child Sacrifice

The number of incidents of child sacrifice — in which witch doctors abduct children to use their body parts in potions or rituals – in Uganda increased significantly in 2015 as the nation braced for election season, thanks to desperate political candidates seeking any possible advantage at the polls.

In Uganda and other parts of Africa, members of the political class with access to the financial resources necessary to pay a witch doctor have long turned to supernatural tactics in the hopes of attracting voters. “Child sacrifice cases are common during election time, as some people believe blood sacrifices will bring wealth and power,” Shelin Kasozi tells Kenya’s The Star. Kasozi works with Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM), a group that specializes in helping children who have survived attempted sacrifices.

The report says 13 cases of human sacrifice were reported in 2015, the same number as the year before. Two fewer children and two more adults were confirmed to be the victims of human sacrifice in 2015. Six of the cases of children in question were found to be directly related to Uganda’s elections. The charity notes that these are only confirmed cases, however, and that many cases of missing children have yet to be resolved and could turn out to be cases of ritualistic sacrifice.

Ugandan law enforcement can confirm a body has been the victim of a sacrifice due to the wounds found on it. Many bodies are found missing organs like hearts or livers. Some are cut into pieces, decapitated, or castrated. Read more at In Uganda, Election Season Means Spike in Witch Doctor Child Sacrifice



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