Friday, March 11, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Arizona Rancher Struggles With Cow Mutilations -- Screaming Green Humanoid -- Mystery Sea Creature Washes Up On Acapulco Beach

Arizona Rancher Struggles With Cow Mutilations

Kit Metzger quickly swiped through the pictures on her iPhone, trying not to linger too long on the gruesome images.

Metzger, who heads the approximately 90,000-acre Flying M Ranch had just come inside after a day spent discussing prairie dogs and grassland restoration.

Now, she was talking about a different topic entirely.

The smartphone screen showed pictures of Metzger’s cows, but some were barely recognizable with chunks of skin or other body parts removed. After being killed and mutilated, her animals had been left on the ranch.

From Internet searches of similar mutilations and discussions with the local livestock inspector, Metzger wonders whether the killings are somehow related to satanic or other sacrificial rituals.

“I can’t tie it to anything but that’s a clue,” she said.

Other ranchers in places like Colorado and Missouri have experienced similar livestock mutilations, but have been unable to come up with any sort of explanation. Theories about religious or even extraterrestrial connections were tossed around, but not proven. No arrests have been made.


Metzger’s photographs show cattle with their eyeballs taken out, their ears or lips cut off and circular chunks sliced from their bodies where their inner organs were removed.

The cuts are clean and precise, as if made by a sharp scalpel, she said.

From her own research and analysis of the dead cows, Metzger said the killers appear to inject them with a painkiller, sedative or muscle relaxant-type drug that makes the animals go limp. Then they insert some sort of tube into the artery and wait until the cows’ hearts pump all of the blood out of their bodies. There is rarely any blood on the ground around the carcass, leading Metzger to believe the people are somehow collecting it. Those same techniques, including the draining of blood, have been found in cattle mutilation cases in New Mexico and Colorado.

“It’s just really strange” she said.

The killings at Flying M Ranch have been going on for years — the first happened in the early 70s — and Metzger said she has tried everything to catch the perpetrators, but to no avail. She hopes that going public with the story will finally make the killers stop and leave her ranch alone.

“This is getting to the point where it’s getting ridiculous,” she said.

The killings always seem to happen around certain dates — mid-July, October and right around Easter, Metzger said.

Flying M has tried sending out ranch staff to watch over the cattle at night and set up cameras near water tanks and entryways into pastures. But most of the time they have only gotten images of headlights and haven’t been able to trace tire tracks on the ground, Metzger said. They have contacted officials with the Forest Service, the Coconino County Sheriff and the Arizona Game and Fish Department, who are all on the lookout.

Besides the strange and creepy nature of the cow deaths, they also have dealt a financial blow to the ranch. Metzger estimated that the four or five cows that tend to be killed in this way each year are worth about $16,000 to the ranch. If the cows were pregnant, that’s thousands more that is lost. Plus, calves left alone will have problems developing without being on their mother for their first year, she said.

On top of that, it’s Flying M’s gentler cows that tend to become victims because people can more easily walk up to them and drug them, Metzger said, adding that several of their favorite cows have been killed.

So far, Flying M’s neighbor and fellow Diablo Trust member Bar T Bar Ranch hasn’t experienced any similar cow killings, said Judy Prosser, the ranch’s owner and president of the Diablo Trust. She guessed that it might be because her ranch is harder to access than Flying M.


Recently, the mutilations have been found among elk as well. Last August, officials with the Arizona Game and Fish Department came upon three dead elk near Flying M Ranch, northeast of Anderson Mesa. The animals’ lips and sexual organs had been cut out of them, said Larry Phoenix, Flagstaff field supervisor with the department. It looked like somebody had driven out cross country and then dumped the animals, where they were found by officials, he said.

“It was something we hadn’t seen in a really long time,” said Phoenix, who has worked for the department in this region for about 20 years.

There isn’t any evidence showing how the animals died, he said. The department looked into whether the killings could be related to Satan worship, but hasn’t found any direct connection, Phoenix said.

“It’s just one of the possibilities based on the lips and the sexual parts being missing, but there is no hard evidence that leads us down that path,” he said.

The case is still ongoing, he said.

As for what Flying M will do with Easter coming up later this month, “we’ll be on the lookout,” Metzger said. - Local rancher struggles with cow mutilations


Mystery Sea Creature Washes Up On Acapulco Beach

It looks like something from a terrifying horror movie, but this is the mystery sea creature that’s baffled experts after washing up on a tourist beach in Mexico.

The monstrous 4-metre (13-foot-long) beast was discovered on Bonfil Beach, in the city of Acapulco, in the south-west Mexican state of Guerrero.

Stunned beach-goers stood around the beast and began taking photos - while also speculating on the possible species of the creature.

The creature’s body was washed on the shore by strong currents that have been affecting parts of the Mexican coast.

Rosa Comacho, the coordinator of the Civil Guard and Fire Brigade believes the animal had not been dead for a long time - but it has started to rapidly decay.

She said: ‘We have no idea what type of animal this is, but I do know that it does not smell bad or have a fetid aroma.

‘It is four metres long and was found on Bonfil Beach.’

The photos of the mysterious creature have since provoked huge debate online - with some suggesting that it might be a type of giant squid, while others have suggested that it is a whale.


Screaming Green Humanoid

2002 - Lake Havasu, Arizona

Scott in Mesa, Arizona called in just as the show was ending with a strange story:

“Eight years ago I was in Lake Havasu. Me and my brother decided to go and find coyotes out in the desert and so we brought my uncle's two dogs with us and as we were out on the trail we heard kind of like a, I guess we'll call it, a wailing type scream and the dogs started to whine so we were like okay, this is kind of weird and so we decided to go see what it was and we walked over a hill and about, I'd say, 300 yards away there was some sort of, uh, I want to call it a green humanoid. It was kind of like a dark green. It was screaming at the sky, like looking up and throwing rocks around and the dogs at that point started to growl. Me and my brother were kind of just standing there in shocked silence. And it looked directly in our direction. It stopped what it was doing and looked right at us. At that point, my brother was just like, we gotta get out of here! And so we booked it back over to get back to the house. (Linda Moulton Howe, the guest, asks him to further describe what he saw) It looked like it was sort of freaking out and screaming towards the sky, throwing rocks – like in distress or something.”

Source: Coast to Coast – December 16, 2010

Transcribed by Jamie Brian




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