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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: The 'Man' in the Barn -- Communication & Encounter? Two Reports...Possibly Same Event in Phoenix, AZ -- Kesha Seeking 'Sex Ghost'

The 'Man' in the Barn

Janet in Washington called in to tell of a weird story that happened on her friend's farm:

“I used to have a horse for 18 years and for 11 of those years I used to have to board her out because I was working out of state and my parents wouldn't take care of her on our property so I had to board her out. The lady who take care of her told me one time, it took a couple of years to tell me this but she said one night when she was checking the horses she was checking out the barn. She knew it was locked. A neighbor was stealing her grain and it was costing her a lot of money so she kept the barn locked. So, she saw a guy walking towards the barn from the house, probably 300 feet or yards or whatever, feet or something. So she kind of went and followed him, you know, and when she got up to the barn, she noticed there was no footprints but the guy was walking in front of her and she got up kind of close enough and the guy walked right through the door. Then when she unlocked the barn and went inside. I think she was standing in one of the other stalls with another horse and then this friend of mine, Elaine, she got kind of scared. The guy kind of started coming towards her so she went into my horse's stall and when the guy got really close, and came up to the door, the stall door, Elaine used her fingernail and jabbed her in the side or something and made her rear up. The guy disappeared. And then it was a day or so later, she happened to notice there was like a little, hair had been removed from her belly. I don't think it was a really big spot but they shaved it, whatever they are. They shaved a little portion, maybe the size of a playing card, like a deck of cards – playing card. It took me a long time to tell me and I didn't disbelieve her at all. I found her to be very credible. I just thought that was really strange. My horse didn't act any different. She was always the same horse, so I think this Elaine friend of mine thought that maybe she should not tell me. I might freak out about it or something which I didn't. I just thought it was, well, that's peculiar. I didn't think much of it until you guys (the guests that night were David Perkins and Christopher O'Brien) that started talking abut mutilations and I forgot about that thing with my horse."

Source: Coast to Coast – March 30, 2014

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Communication & Encounter? Two Reports...Possibly Same Event in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ - 2016-03-24 - 11:10PM: I was at my home on my patio having a smoke with my friend just hanging out for the night. Now, for the past 2 years I have been consistently seeing things at night, random flashing/multi-colored lights, lights moving in the night sky with the ability to change direction and speed with ease that does NOT resemble anything like any of the aircraft I've seen or know of. I first noticed the light before my friend (Army Vet). Because of my previous experiences I'm constantly staring at the sky at night. I first saw it slowly, from a dim to extremely bright light, just once. So I take a drag of my cigarette as I'm staring up where I saw the flash, and after the "cherry" of my cigarette lit up and dimmed from my drag the light flashed again. I pondered the thought of what I could be seeing and the possibility that it could be communication of some sort. After 4-5 more randomly taking drags of my cigarette while staring up at the and seeing the same flash immediately after my friend finally noticed the look on my face and decided to look up as well. The second he looked up and in the direction I said I was seeing this thing it flashed. He was in total disbelief after our 10 minute sighting. We watched this "flash" not only continue on slowly in the sky, but it also stopped, changed colors, but most importantly we observed it change direction which indicated to us it wasn't a satellite, airplane, or anything explainable. We were feeling almost in a daze after and "off" after or sighting as we sat in my living discussing what we just witnessed minutes before. As we sat and tried to come to terms with what just happened, my home felt different, I don't know how to explain it and we both noticed the change in atmosphere. The second we noticed the change a broom in my coat closet under my stair, which was leaned against the back wall of the closet, lift up off the ground and slam against the door of the closet which was ajar/open about 10-12 inches. Although both events, while amazing and mind boggling, cant be explained. WE believe the broom in the closet was them letting us know, that THEY knew we saw them, and that they saw us as well.

I did attempt to video the object but was unable to get it in frame as there were no reference points for me to judge where in the sky I was pointing the camera. so its basically an audio recording of the event unfortunately. - MUFON CMS


Phoenix, AZ - 2016-03-24 - 11:56PM: I observed an object moving across the sky making no sound bigger than a plane with a street light looking color amber color nothing like a plane or anything I've ever seen it's either another form of spacecraft that our government is doing or is something from another planet it was enormous you can see the size of the plane on the second video compared to the orb that I saw move across the sky....I'm not crazy.. I have an associates as a medical lab tech I'm well educated and familiar with aircraft satellites and helicopters. Half awake it's late here and I have to work in the morning. Video is real. Look into it not edited. Couldn't get it out faster. - MUFON CMS


Kesha returns to haunted guesthouse to seek out sex ghost

Real-life Ghostbuster Kesha has signed on to go spook hunting for a new TV show.

The pop star, who sang about a ghost lover on the track Supernatural, returned to the guest house where she claims she came across the apparition who inspired the song to shoot an episode of U.S. show The Haunting Of..., which will air next week (28Mar16).

This time, the Tik Tok hitmaker, who is currently battling to free herself from a record contract at Sony after accusing her longtime mentor and producer, Lukasz 'Dr. Luke' Gottwald of sexual assault and battery, will visit the Texas bed-and-breakfast with psychic and medium Kim Russo.

Talking about her ghostly encounter with a randy spirit, Kesha previously told radio host Ryan Seacrest, "I don't know his name! He was a ghost! I'm very open to it."

Kesha revealed the spook gently caressed her and made her feel sexy without having "ghost sex" with her.

Meanwhile, Kesha isn't the only pop star to harbour an interest in hunting down spirits. Country singer Carrie Underwood recently enjoyed a birthday ghost hunt as she turned 33 in Glasgow, Scotland earlier this month (Mar16).

She shared photos of her day of adventure in an undisclosed location with fans on Instagram.com, where she posted images of herself wearing a shirt that read, "I ain't afraid of no ghost".

She also donned night-vision goggles and a head lamp as she stood next to an object with a white cloth over it and a face drawn on to look like a ghost. She added the caption, "Birthday shirt. Going ghost hunting in Scotland! #iaintafraidofnoghost #scary." - Kesha returns to haunted guesthouse to seek out sex ghost


Shadowlands Podcast #54 - Lon Strickler


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