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Monday, March 14, 2016

Possible 'Angel' Encounters

My colleague Jamie Brian transcribed & forwarded three accounts that are possibly related to 'angels'...at least, that is what the witnesses felt:


Chris in Mississippi called in to tell of an angel encounter he had as a youth:

“It was in the early 70s. I always slept on the top bunk of my brother's, we had bunk-beds. We didn't have any air conditioning and it was real hot, it was in Mississippi. For some reason I went and slept on the couch in the living room that night and I was laying there and then all of a sudden I rolled over and I looked and it was like three angels. They had almost effeminate male characteristic with a glow around them which I researched a bit, is called the Glory of the Glow. It was almost like a fog. I rolled back over and though, wow, that was weird. And then, I don't know how much time passed but I rolled over again and I saw them again – the three faces. They were just looking at me. Then I looked down at the couch and I realized I was maybe three feet off the couch. It was like they were holding me up off the couch. It felt like was off the couch up in the air. I rolled back over and I said, man this is getting to be a really strange dream. I'm not sure how much more time passed but the next thing I know I'm standing up on the floor. I never got up off the couch, you know, groggy and woke up, I was standing in the floor. I was looking down at this little fan, portable fan, and it was on fire and the whole wall was on fire. There was all this black msoke in the house so I ran and got my mom up and my sister and my brother and we all ran outside and I didn't tell my mom for like two weeks and when I told her she was like, why didn't you tell me, they were angels who saved us.”

Coast To Coast Radio - February 17, 2016



Wayne in Lakewood, Washington called in to tell of a strange encounter he had that he believe might have been angels:

“This was back in March or April, end of April, 1966. I'd just gotten out of the airforce. I was in the hospital. I had the New Testament completely through in about a week's time towards that end and I really felt God was talking to me, wanting him to serve me. One day I called my friend and I said lets go up into the mountains and have a retreat, have a visit. And we had planned to do this and he cancelled out on me at the last moment so I ended up going up alone. I don't think if I had gone up with him, this would have happened. I went up to Mount Constance, Lake Constance or Mount Constance of the Olympic (mountain range). It's a 7 mile hike. I was on my way up there and I met one couple on the way and they gave me a fish. I put it in my napsack for dinner, got up there and it was getting pretty late already. I tied my napsack to a tree. It was very cold, there was ice all around – ice on the lake. There was a spot around the tree about 30 feet in diameter that it was clear ground even though I had a down bag with me. It was layed down, so I got into my sleeping bag. It was starting to get dark. All of a sudden, there was 20 to 30 mountain sheep around me. Wild mountain sheep that were just starting to lose their hair. Really rough looking. They would be quiet for a few minutes then all of a sudden they'd start making noise and running around and I'd stick my head out and yell and they'd kind of scoot off a little bit in the distance and then they'd come back around and start milling around and moving around me. That happened all night. It kept me awake all night. By the time it was daybreak, I woke up, staggering, no sleep, threw my duffel bag together, got my napsack and head down the mountain, got down to my car which was only about 3 miles down the rough road to the highway. Got down to the highway and started driving and I was so tired, I fell asleep behind the steering wheel and started hitting the bumps – this was the first year they had bumps on the highway and that woke me up. Woke me up enough to say, Jesus, you're gonna have to help me get home and within in a minute there were two men on the freeway that I picked up and they kept me awake talking to me, all the way in to Olympia, about 30 miles away. I said, where can I let you guys out? They said, right here will be a good spot and it wasn't at an exit or anything. It was kind of on the farmland, dairy flats. I said okay and I let them out. I looked out and there was hardly any traffic so I pulled out, started to pull away, turned around to wave goodbye – GONE!”

Coast To Coast Radio - February 17, 2016



Steven in Kentucky called in to tell of a bizarre experience he had in 1994:

“22 years ago yesterday, I was in a horrific auto-mobile accident and I died in a ditch-line on the side of the road. I had an out of body experience and two angels, one on each side, touched my shoulder and told me, my work is not done here and just slowly pushed me down and, long story short, I ended up in (sounds like Mobil or Noble??) Kentucky in the intensive care unit in a coma for two weeks and as I came out of the coma, one of the most beautiful, Shirley Templed-locks, red-headed woman was sitting there holding my hand. I had no clue who this lady was and of course no way to vocalize anything because all of the tubes and everything that was down my throat, in my body and things and you know, she told me, you're gonna be fine, you're gonna be okay. She was talking and I could hear her but her mouth wasn't moving and she said, I'm going to get someone and I'll be right back. So, a few days later, when they had taken the tubes out and things, I asked all the nurses and all the hospital staff, I mean, just everything trying to find this lady, I just wanted to thank her and, you know, she was such a great comfort at the time that happened and to this day I don't know who she was or anything and in my mind she has always been an angel.”/

Coast To Coast Radio - February 17, 2016

NOTE: When asked what I believe 'angels' are, I respond that they are not related to humans...but originate from another level of the multiverse. These beings seem to have a hierarchy...and association to a divine source. Some may say that this explanation is similar to my depiction of non-terrestrial and/or alien beings. That would be a legitimate assumption since I don't directly connect angels' existence to any organized religion or faith. The beings described in the Torah, New Testament of the Holy Bible and the Koran are, for the most part, conjectural tenet written by humans. I have some justification for my theories, but that will need to be presented at another time...Lon

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