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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Hillary Clinton Will Declassify UFOs -- Cloning 'Siberian Cave Lions' -- 'Exploding Teeth'

Hillary Clinton Will Declassify UFOs

John Podesta, campaign manager for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and a longtime advocate for government disclosure of UFO files, said Clinton is ready to look into the issue.

"I've talked to Hillary about that," Podesta told KLAS-TV Politics NOW co-host Steve Sebelius during a campaign stop in Las Vegas. "There are still classified files that could be declassified."

He continued: "I think I've convinced her that we need an effort to kind of go look at that and declassify as much as we can, so that people have their legitimate questions answered. More attention and more discussion about unexplained aerial phenomena can happen without people -- who are in public life, who are serious about this -- being ridiculed."

Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, made headlines in January when she told the Conway Daily Sun newspaper in New Hampshire that she would "get to the bottom of" the mystery behind unexplained aerial objects.

UFOs have been hovering around Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, for decades.

At a 2005 speech in Hong Kong, Bill Clinton told about his efforts to look into the phenomenon:

"I did attempt to find out if there were any secret government documents that reveal things, and if there were, they were concealed from me, too. I wouldn't be the first president that underlings have lied to or that career bureaucrats have waited out. But there may be some career person sitting around somewhere hiding these dark secrets, even from elected presidents. But, if so, they successfully eluded me, and I'm almost embarrassed to tell you I did try to find out."

Podesta, who was Bill Clinton's White House chief of staff, for years has called on the U.S. government to declassify UFO files. In a 2002 speech at the National Press Club in Washington, he said, "I think it's time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs.

"It's time to find out what the truth really is that's out there," Podesta said. "We ought to do it because it's right. We ought to do it because the American people, quite frankly, can handle the truth. And we ought to do it because it's the law."

After spending a year as President Barack Obama's senior adviser, Podesta tweeted on Feb. 13, 2015, that his biggest regret was "not securing the disclosure of the UFO files."

Podesta told KLAS he's been criticized for his position on UFO disclosure.

"I come in for my fair share of people raising questions about whether I'm off my rocker, but I've been a longtime advocate of declassification of records," he said. "People really want to know what the government knows." - John Podesta: I've Convinced Hillary Clinton To Declassify UFO Files


Cloning 'Siberian Cave Lions'

Two infant prehistoric big cats - dating from Pleistocene times - were found in a 'sensational' discovery last year, as disclosed by The Siberian Times. The cubs were dug from their icy grave 'complete with all their body parts: fur, ears, soft tissue and even whiskers', said Dr Albert Protopopov, head of the mammoth fauna studies department of the Yakutian Academy of Sciences.

Now cloning expert Hwang Woo-suk, a South Korean scientist who is already pioneering research work to bring the extinct woolly mammoth back to life, is in Yakutsk to obtain samples of one of the cave lion cubs.

Dr Protopopov said: 'Together with the Mammoth Museum, we took samples for cell research.' The museum's experts will study these for the presence of living cells suitable for cloning.

Hwang came to Yakutsk - capital of the Sakha Republic - specifically for this purpose. But there was dispute between the Siberian and Korean scientists over the size of the sample.

The Korean professor wanted a large section, such as part of the skull or a leg but this was opposed by the local experts who are anyway withholding one of the cubs from any research - the better preserved of the pair, called Uyan - confident that more advanced techniques in future years will ensure more is gleaned from it than if research is done now. Read more w/ picures at South Koreans kick off efforts to clone extinct Siberian cave lions


'Exploding Teeth'

Back in the 19th Century a Pennsylvania dentist wrote about a bizarre and nightmarish dental phenomenon.

The first reported case of this anomalous condition was in 1817 when a clergyman from Springfield reported experiencing excrutiating pain in one of his teeth that nobody was able to explain.

"During his agonies he ran about here and there, in the vain endeavor to obtain some respite; at one time boring his head on the ground like an enraged animal," wrote Dentist WH Atkinson.

Most intriguing of all however was what eventually relieved the poor Reverend of his discomfort.

"At 9:00 the next morning, as he was walking the floor in wild delirium, all at once a sharp crack, like a pistol shot, bursting his tooth to fragments, gave him instant relief," Atkinson wrote.

Another similar case of 'exploding teeth' occurred 13 years later when a woman who lived nearby also experienced extreme toothache which disappeared after a sudden 'bursting' of the tooth.

The phenomenon was also reported in 1871 by dentist J Phelps Hibler who treated a young woman whose excruciating toothache suddenly concluded when her tooth 'exploded' with such force and at such high volume that it knocked her over and caused her to go deaf for several days afterwards.

One possible explanation for this bizarre condition revolves around the idea that decay within a tooth can cause a build-up of gas that eventually explodes, however Hugh Devlin, Professor in Restorative Dentistry at the University of Manchester’s School of Dentistry, has his doubts.

"It is highly unlikely that gas could build up in a tooth sufficient to cause it to explode – teeth are extremely strong," he said.

Another theory is that a combination of two different metals within a patient's filling can potentially produce a spontaneous electrolysis effect and a build-up of hydrogen within the tooth, however there is nothing to indicate that any of the patients actually had any fillings. Read more at Exploding teeth



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