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Friday, March 18, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'I Was Somewhere Else' -- Bizarre Creature of the Deep -- Was it a Ningen?

'I Was Somewhere Else'

Debra in Dallas called in to Coast to Coast Am to tell of something that happened to her when she was a young girl:

“When I was not even a teenager my parents put me in my room to punish me... as a punishment. And I was supposed to be in that room. Well, it got really quiet in the house and I thought they all had gone outside, my brothers and sisters. So I got up, walked through the living room and out the front door. There was nobody in the house so I just assumed they all went outside because it was summer-time. Well, when I stepped out the door, I was somewhere else. When I looked around, everything was burned and charred and I could see tall buildings across the way with dead people hanging out the windows. The trees were burned and I didn't really understand it back then but really as an adult, when I grew up and everything, I realized I was seeing the results of a nuclear blast. I mean everything was gone. I looked down at the ground to see if I could see a bug crawling and there was nothing. And when I looked down to see because I couldn't hear a cricket, I couldn't hear anything – when I looked a my feet, I saw that I had on some sandals that I had never seen before like they kind of laced up my legs and my dress was tattered at the end like I had been somewhere dirty, you know, and that scared me... I was really... I didn't know what to do so I turned around to go back into the house there's the door and the door was gone. I was another place. The house wasn't even here. It was gone. I didn't go any farther than to just, you know, standing on the porch, so I just decided to back up and reach behind me until I felt the door knob and that when I felt the door knob, I turned it and I got in the door and I was so terrified. And I was leaning against the door breathing and all my brothers and sisters were sitting in the living-room and they started screaming, mom, Debbie sneaked out the window. She sneaked out the window. But I didn't. I walked right past them but they weren't there and now suddenly when I go back in the door – and my parents went and checked the window and they saw, they couldn't see where I had gone out the window. But I never went out the window, I went straight out the front door. I got a whipping for that.”

Coast To Coast AM - March 11, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Bizarre Creature of the Deep: 'Winged' Green-Eyed Fish

Some fish look odd, but a mysterious, green-eyed fish recently pulled out of Nova Scotia's waters is downright bizarre.

The roughly 3-foot-long (1 meter) fish had a long pointy nose, a long narrow tail and two prominent fins that bear a resemblance to the wings of a bird.

Scott Tanner was about 30 days into a 42-day fishing trip when he spotted the freaky fish. "Everybody was just like, 'Wow, that's weird, never seen one of those before,'" said Tanner, who is a fisherman from Nova Scotia. "It was super-long, longest one I've ever done." Read more at Alien of the Deep: 'Winged' Green-Eyed Creature Stuns Fishermen


Gōjin Ishihara’s Artwork For The Weird Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters (1972)

The weird artwork of Gōjin Ishihara for the Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters (1972) – a book aimed at children. All hellish creatures feature in Japanese legend.


Psychic prompts use of dogs in 29-year-old Ark. cold case

Twenty-nine years ago this month, 55-year-old Patsy Clark was last seen getting in to a cab and was never seen again.

Five years later, Little Rock police closed the investigation, but David Clark, Patsy's son, never stopped looking for his mother.

"I hope, maybe one day, what I do have in my possession, will help me or someone else solve this”, said David Clark six years ago, when we profiled Patsy's story as part of our Cold Case series.

Monday, Clark got some help from a search team, who used cadaver dogs to help find his mother's remains.

"For 29 years now, we've been looking, and we have absolutely no leads, we have no clues, we have no crime scene”, he says.

Clark got the idea after he says the scientific evidence wasn't bringing him any closer. So he decided to think outside the box, and called Arkansas psychic, Carol Pate.

"I got that she was murdered. That she was abducted and murdered.” Pate says she's assisted in over 200 murder investigations and has never had a client as persistent and determined as David Clark. She says she hopes her visions will help law enforcement bring closure for both Clark and the entire community.

"I got some visions in that I saw a large oak tree, I got the road, I got approximately how far from the road, and which side of the road it was located."

Clark says Pate's vision brought him to a cow pasture, in what used to be a wooded area, near the intersection of Sardis and Alexander roads; 15 minutes from his mother's home. "This location is a possible place my mother could have been dumped or buried. We have searched the property and unfortunately we haven't come up with anything. But it's a process.”

He adds his life's mission is to find out what happened to his mother. And he has no intentions of giving up now. Video available at Psychic prompts use of dogs in 29-year-old Ark. cold case


Was it a Ningen?

Footage of uncertain origin shows a shadowy figure with clearly discernible arms and legs floating in the near distance.

Carried by the current, it slowly draws closer, its limbs scarcely moving as something – seemingly fish – darts in front of the camera.

Then the video abruptly ends, leaving only speculation to establish the identity of the ominous presence.

Information posted with the clip claims it shows the Ningen, a mythological creature said to lurk off Antarctica.

Estimated to be 20 to 30 metres in length, it is described as having a human appearance and even five-fingered hands.

Apparently first sighted by a Japanese whale research ship, the Ningen taken for a submarine until the crew got a closer look.

Yet no concrete evidence has yet confirmed the existence of the creature, despite several alleged sightings.

The footage – which seems to date back to at least 2006 – resurfaced on Reddit this week, where viewers offered their guesses. - Mythical humanoid monster 'caught on camera' in icy water off Antarctica

Could the video be an actual Ningen?



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