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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Multiple Bigfoot Sightings - Armstrong County, PA

George called in to Coast to Coast AM to tell of his many Bigfoot sightings while working his and his daughter's farms in Apollo, Pennsylvania:

“On my farm in a public area with houses around. I'm a farmer, I went up to do some electrical fence work. Over a four day period. I went up the first day, went up there I could smell an outhouse but from a thousand feet away. I didn't relate anything. The next day I went up there, I see a large footprint in the ground. I said, Wow, what a crazy nut to be walking around up here. Perfectly human standard, just like our footprint. The next day, I'm putting the fence in. It's in the evening, sun hitting it coming out of the west and as I hit this fence and it caught my eye and I'm on the top of this hill, 10 or 15 feet away from, there's a Bigfoot walking away. Beautiful. Hair shining. It looked like an ape walking except it put a fear in me. This one, it put a fear kind of like, you cower. I turn around to run, I got on my tractor to get away and I said, Wait, I got a chance to run it over with this tractor, I'm gonna chase this thing. But by the time I swung it around, it was gone.

Before that, I called an investigator to look at it. I cast the footprint and before they could come over, they put two trees over our farm road. The guy came, he had a PhD. He saw the footprint. (he says a word that I can't make out) crease was there but the footprint was just like ours but it's big. The investigator went up and we looked at the site where we saw it and he said, you know what, there was three of them here. He says, there she is, there's the mate and there's the little one. There were three and yet it was in sight of our farmhouse and the neighbors house.

That was the event on my farm. Thing is, over on my daughter's farm, a year or so later, now I know that in the woods where Bigfoot walks, now there's a trail. Anyway, I'm out there doing some haying. I had to re-stack this hay. I'm looking through the little wood section, into another field and there is a red, fur-standing... at first I thought it was maybe a deer briar or something but it wasn't. It was a red coated Bigfoot. Not real red but a reddish-fur and it was walking in the woods and I couldn't do anything then so I told me my daughter, you know I saw a Bigfoot down in the corner of the marsh, in the back corner. And again, there are people around. This is around people. This isn't out like in the middle of nowhere, way out in some place. So I called her boyfriend there and of course they laugh at you but he went over to the pub and there's five guys talking about a red Bigfoot. So my eyes were right. I did see it. I happened to see it twice, how about that?”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - March 19, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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