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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Upright Canine Encounter: State Game Lands #166 - Blair County, PA

There has been another reported sighting of an upright canine in Pennsylvania. This particular sighting was near an area that our team has received previous activity accounts. The following information are notes taken by Butch Witkowski after speaking to the witness:

Location: State Games Lands #166 - Blair County, PA

Here are the notes I took when I spoke with the witness on Sunday 21, 2016. I’m waiting for his written statement and a map pin pointing the area he was in when the sighting occurred.

Witness said he was walking a trail in State Game Lands #166 adjacent to the swamp area near the creek. He had his shotgun for a walk in order to get a few shots off at some crows. The sun was just starting to set but there was plenty of daylight left. When he got past the swamp there is a large patch of mountain laurel that is very high, maybe 5 to 6 foot in places. It was at the patch of mountain laurel he felt uneasy - like he was being watched. (NOTE: at this time in the conversation the witness' voice changes and he is distraught. After a slight pause he continues the report.)

He turned and looked at a patch of mountain laurel growth over his shoulder. He could see something standing in the growth. As he turned to get a better look he saw two muscular legs under the laurel, but could only see from the shoulders up as it was behind a large patch of growth. It was at least 8 foot tall and had locked eyes on his eyes. I asked what the color of the eyes were? He said yellow and it had from what he could see a wolf-like head and dark gray or black short fluffy hair. It never took it’s eyes off him as he backed away. (Witness chokes up again)

As he made his way out of the area he had a real bad feeling about what just took place. He has hunted the area all his life and never had anything out of the ordinary happen in the game lands during hunting season or out of season.

I asked him how he found me. He said he was looking for a few weeks on who to report it too but never found anyone other then Bigfoot people and this was not a Bigfoot. He came across my website on Google mentioning our hunt for a bi-pedal wolf-like creature and he filled out the report.


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