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Friday, January 27, 2017

Upright Canine Sighting: Huntingdon County, PA

I recently received the following account:

My information is second-hand because it came from my father, who is deceased. I was in my teens when I first heard it, which was around 18 years ago. In 1984 our family lived in a house that was located on River Rd. along the Raystown branch of the Juniata River, near Huntingdon, PA.

One early evening during the Summer 1984, he said that he was driving on River Rd. towards Rt.22. The river was on his right side and it was still light outside. He noticed movement along the near bank, thinking that there may have been a fisherman. He slowed the car to get a better look, when this creature stood up on two legs. It was not a fisherman, but what he called a 'walking wolf.'

The creature looked at my father for a second, then quickly walked into the river. He believes it either walked or swam to the far bank, but he saw it pull itself out of the water and run into the woods on two legs. He described it as at least 6 ft. high with sparse brown & gray hair on the body, and legs and arms that looked like those of a well-developed human man. It had hands with claws, and large long feet. The head was that of a wolf, with a heavy mane of hair. It bared its teeth, which resemble those of a dog or wolf. He said it didn't look like the movie 'Wolfman,' that it looked more like an actual wolf. He later found a photo from an old film that he said looked similar to the creature's head and face (without the clothes). I still have it, so I scanned it for you to see.

A few other family members have heard the story. My uncle (father's brother) believes that it was true. He said that there have been several weird animals seen along the lake and down river since the dam was constructed in 1973. I've only heard about 'Raystown Ray,' the lake monster, which I believe is an exaggeration. But then again, who am I to question anyone's story? My father was a truthful person, and never told lies or make-believe.

I know that you have gotten other walking wolf reports, and I read a few on your website. I looked at the map also. It seems that the creatures are real and that my father really did see it. If you could contact me, I'd like to talk about this. Thank you. CC

NOTE: I contacting CC by telephone after a few emails. He seems honest and feels his father actual witnessed something unusual. I added some other details to the account after discussing it with him. I have written about Raystown Ray previously. I have also been to the lake and have fished below the dam. The lake has produced some huge 'lunkers' over the years...Striped Bass, Muskellunge and Lake Trout, which occasionally slip through the dam gates into the river.

As far as upright canine sightings, I don't believe there have been any recorded accounts near the lake...though there have been a few Bigfoot encounters reported. This sighting is in the general area of Pennsylvania where we believe a majority of the upright canine activity has been taking place, even though it occurred 32 years ago. Lon

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