Saturday, April 02, 2016

Chilling 'Dogman' Encounter - Clearfield County, PA

I recently received the following encounter account:

Dear Mr. Strickler,

I apologize for the delay in regards to the info concerning the 'Dogman' of Clearfield County.

This is going way back for me but I read your article and thought perhaps, it just might help you out a bit.

Around 1976/7, in the Madera area of Clearfield County. This would have put me at six or seven years old.

We lived just above the town of Madera. It was very remote, few homes in that area, and very wooded.

My dad would often patrol with the local officers from the Game Commission. I am pointing this out due to the fact of how he reacted when we saw this thing. He was a big guy, and very little scared him. We often shook our heads when he would go outside at night to scare off a bear with only a pitchfork. He knew wildlife, knew what their habits were, knew if they were going to be a problem on the farm, etc.

On this night, we were woken by a loud commotion near our front porch. We had outside cats that hung around the porch, and they would scatter when a raccoon or other animal would approach the front of the house. When they scattered, it was quite loud, hence the noise that woke us.

I remember hearing dad giving his typical angry sigh because he had to get up and see what was out there. He had gone downstairs, the house was quiet, we were all waiting to hear the door shut. Instead we heard dad let out a bellow. This had us all running for the stairs. He was standing back from the door, gun in hand, and his face was, well, I guess you would say, scared. As I've said, nothing seemed to scare dad so seeing that look on his face made us all stand there uncertain.

Outside, standing in profile, looking right back at us, and no fear, this thing showed no fear at all. In fact, I remember thinking that it was angry, it just looked mean. It was a canine, certainly NOT a dog. It looked like a hyena from the front shoulders to the head, the back end was way smaller than the front shoulders and head. I do not remember seeing a tail. The fur was odd, sparse and shaggy looking, it just didn't look like fur, it's hard to explain. The snout was not long and narrow, it was 'stubby', but big, the whole body was huge. From it's back end to it's head, it was almost the width of our porch, this would put it at least seven feet long. It was huge.

It stood looking in at us then looked out towards our barn, back at us again then just simply, and very slowly, walked a few steps, then it took off. It was so fast, literally it was like seeing a blur of color, then it was gone. We all just stood there, then mom asked dad what it was and dad yelled for us all to get upstairs.

He stayed up all that night, never went outside to check the animals, never even opened the door.

Oddly enough, we never talked about it. Nobody ever mentioned it again.

I wish I had more information to give you however, this does give you a possible time stamp. I spent most of my life up there, in that area, and it was a unique area for sure. Many things happened up there that were unexplained, and I was glad to move away when I was thirty-three. I do still live in the Clearfield area, but no more thick forests.

Hope this helps a bit.

Sincerely, ASM

NOTE: This sighting, though 40 years old, adds to the number of legitimate upright canine sightings / encounters reported from Clearfield and the surrounding counties. I've updated the map below:

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