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Monday, July 11, 2022

Unknown Upright Cryptid Encountered in Bucks County, PA

A Bucks County, Pennsylvania witness describes his encounter with a 6-foot-tall upright cryptid near his home. The area is well-known for canine cryptids from previously reported incidents.

I recently received the following account:

"Lon, back in 2020 I moved to Doylestown, Pennsylvania to be near my son and grandchildren. I found a small cabin-like apartment in Bucks County. I live near farms and woods. I signed my lease on August 6th.

On the evening of August 7, 2020, my son and I came to the apartment to move some stuff in. We were both standing at the rear of his truck on the driveway when we both turned around, not because we heard something, but we just happened to do so. We noticed a black odd-looking creature creeping at the end of the driveway, trying to go past us in the direction of the farm across from my cabin. It quickly turned around and was gone fast. We both agreed that it didn't look like a dog or a coyote.

We finished unloading that evening and I was constantly asking him what he thought the creature was. He said he didn't know, but it was weird looking. I wrote it down because that's what I've always done.

7 months later, on March 1, 2021, it was a cold and windy early morning. I had put the trash out hours before and was working on the computer. I heard a loud bang, and right away I knew it was my trash can. So, I put my jacket and shoes on, and grabbed my flashlight. It was a little after 3 am in the morning. The reason I grabbed my flashlight is because its very dark out front and there's wildlife in the area because of woods and farmland. When walking on my driveway to the road you can't see at all, unless its a full moon.

As I got down to my trash can and started pulling the can up from the ground, I hear a car horn blowing and the sound of someone slamming the breaks. As I looked towards the stop sign, I see this black figure in the lights of the car, standing in the middle of the road. It drops to all fours and starts heading in my direction. I noticed the guy standing in the road. Within seconds, the creature had reached my driveway. It noticed my flashlight and stood up on 2 legs, boxing its front paws and growling. It sounded like a snore. It had yellow eyes and stood about 6 foot. It had black spiked hair and had drool dripping from its mouth. Suddenly, the car peeled wheels and made a left turn towards my driveway. The creature dropped to all fours and was gone in a blink. The car stopped in front of the driveway and the guy yelled out, "WTF was that?" He then proceeded down my road.

I was walking backwards, shaking nervously towards my front door. I got inside to find myself still upset and shaking my head. I stood at the door with the outside light on and waited for the car to return. After a few minutes the car blew by my driveway and proceeded the original way he was heading when he encountered the creature.

This creature looked like something on steroids from a horror movie. I know what I saw, Lon. I don't drink or do drugs. I take care of my wife who suffered a massive heart attack and has dementia. I haven't seen this creature since then. When i sit outside at night now, I am packed with 2 guns. I researched this and found nothing, but I continue looking in case something pops up. I hope I never see this creature again. I still think about when I go outside at night to sit and relax. If you have any stories like mine, I am interested in knowing about it. You may find this sounding crazy, but my background is that I worked for police and fire department in Baltimore County, Sparrows Point Police, High Tech Security, private bodyguard, bank security, Baltimore Blast Soccer security and Pinkerton Security." DW

NOTE: I believe that this may have actually been an upright canine incident. I am going to discuss this event in more detail with the witness, and will follow-up here. I have received similar reports, around the same time period, from Doylestown, PA - Upright 'Wolf' Humanoid Closely Observed in Bucks County, PA and Red-Eyed Hairless Canine-Like Cryptid Seen in Doylestown, PA. Lon

Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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