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Monday, August 22, 2016

Incidents On-Site Reports: Pennsylvania Lycan Investigations

The Pennsylvania Lycan Investigations team was in the field this past weekend. The following reports, with a link to the original account, are being offered:

Wolfman & Bigfoot Encounters on Centre County Property

Reported by: RaK
Witness: RK (son)

Arrived at 0800 hrs. on 18 August 16, met with RaK, her husband KK and her son RK who is the only witness.

It was quite apparent from the start of the interview that the mother, RaK wanted to be involved in RK's account of the 2 events. I separated him from his mother under the pretext of him showing one of my investigators the route it took leaving the property. Once that was done the interview took place out of other's earshot.

The property was as described in the initial report along with the placement of the window where the bi-pedal was seen. A measurement of the window and the boy's placement of the bi-pedal's face is approximately 7' 6'' to 8' difference being the unevenness of the ground where tape was placed. NOTE: There is no even ground on the property. The area is hilly, rough, uneven and overgrown in most spots. The home is a 2006 Dbl. wide trailer. The land owned is approximately 3 acres and surrounded by dense underbrush and wooded areas.

The father KK and son RK took us to the mine area on the property which was caved in a very long time ago and we could not gain access nor do I believe anything other than a small animal could do same. The property has a number of game cams watching the property but they had not seen anything out of the ordinary. NOTE: The game cams were placed on the property after the events.

Caves in the area mentioned by both the Mother and Father to UFORCOP never materialized and I believe that cave story was indeed made up. The area around the home and trail leading to mine area showed no track or prints of any kind.

RK's Interview: Interviewer advised RK truly believes what he saw looking in his bedroom window that morning of September 27, 2015. He was very direct in showing the exact route taken by the creature as it ran off into the wooded area. He was clear and precise in his description of the creature and it's exit route.

Regarding the second sighting of February 22, 2016 he was vague as though he could not remember the incident but later on as we sat in the homes dining room his mother coached him through it.

Addendum: While RR was telling his story, I was with the Mother on the front porch talking and asking general questions about the area, property, etc. She eluded to seeing Bigfoot at will, mountain lions, large flying reptile looking birds. She also claims to be a clairvoyant from a very young age and sees ghosts all the time.

Completion: The investigators compared notes while in route to next location and have come to the conclusion that RK may have seen something on 9-27-15 but the Mother planted the 2-22-16 sighting into the equation. Also strange was the Father KK was not injecting anything into the conversations.

Conclusion: The sighting report of 9-27-15 is a possible sighting and the sighting of 2-22-16 is a fabrication by the mother.

RK showing route taken by creature.

Window where creature was seen.

Escape route of creature away from mine area to heavily wooded area around property.

Butch Witkowski
UFORCOP / Pennsylvania Lycan Investigations


Upright Canine Eyewitness - West Centre County, PA

Reported by: SR
Witness: SR

Arrived at 1300 hrs. on 18 August 16, met with SR and, her husband RR. We had no sooner exited the truck that RR was going on about the three mountain lions he saw and the bi-pedal paw print he found and claw marks in the trees. His insistence to follow him was met with an "I'll get to that later" by me. I advised my purpose this day was to go over the bi-pedal sighting his wife had. His wife chuckled a bit!

So SR took me through the scenario of August 29, 2015 when she viewed the bi-pedal canine standing by the pond for 10 plus minutes. We walked to the pond and she showed me where it was standing and how she viewed it from the porch. A lot has changed since 2015 to the property. Thistles now grow abundantly along the shores of the pond, and heavy brush around the pond has been cut down. She relates the thistles were not there a year ago. Also the pond has become stagnant from lack of rain this year in the area and is low. From viewing it is approximately 2.5' to 3' deep. She showed me where the creature was exactly and it was next to a guide wire to the left of a telephone pole at the edge of the pond. For her to see the creature sideways it would have been facing the far edge of the pond where it meets the road. She agreed more toward the end of the pond than the center. She is still unsure what was causing movement behind the creature and still thinks it may have been a tail as there was no obstruction from the thistles because they were not there at the time. The distance from the porch to the pond is 26 yards. She also wanted to correct a statement her husband made when I first met them and got her story. She did get her husband from bed that evening but he did not respond with a gun. He doesn't own a gun.

Porch where creature was viewed from. Front inner door open and screen door closed at time of sighting.

She did not exit onto the porch during the sighting but remained behind the screen door.

Pond at 20 feet. Left of the guide wire is the location of viewed creature.

We were then taken by the husband RR to view the print along the below photographed trail to the rear of the home.

About 1/4 of a mile in there is a print measuring 8.5" by 6 3/4" wide. Definitely a black bear, not canine. RR also showed us the alleged scratch or claw marks in a tree but beside being natural marks in the bark the marks were about 20' high. We then walked around the pond property looking for tracks of any kind and found none. Going through the wooded area below the pond nothing was seen there either. The property is a very old single wide trailer rented from the orchard owner which is behind the property.

Conclusion: SR's story did not change from my first interview with her in Farmington, PA on 5-7-16. So I will go with what she saw. Her husband just as in the Clarence PA case was trying to get himself into the investigation by fabricating the mountain lions, claw marks and canine print. As we were getting ready to leave he had us look at hand prints on the back wall of the trailer. (photo below) He said possible Bigfoot! It may have been looking into his daughter's bedroom window.

Butch Witkowski
UFORCOP / Pennsylvania Lycan Investigations


Update: Central Pennsylvania Dogman / Bi-Pedal Canine Investigation - 9/4/2015

Reported by: JF and friend Joe
Date of Sighting: 3-17-13

Arrived at 1800 hrs. on 18 August 2016 at a restaurant for supper. Called JF and asked if we could meet him after dinner. JF said he would contact Joe and they would meet us in the parking lot of the restaurant around 2000 hrs.

JF and Joe arrived at 2015 hrs and related there encounter to us. They did not deviate from the report as given by them one bit. They shared every aspect of the sighting and what they saw, how it looked, how it behaved and feelings during and after the sighting. We talked with both men till approximately 2400 hours. Joe had to go but JF took us to the scene.

It was very dark and on a narrow stretch of Rt 22. After checking a few different locations we found the spot. His description of the location was spot on. We departed the scene for our next report area.

CONCLUSION: We are of the opinion after extensive questioning of JF and Joe that they saw a bi-pedal wolf-like canine standing upright along Rt 22 in Geeseytown PA that night. We have no doubt whatsoever of what they conveyed to us.

Butch Witkowski
UFORCOP / Pennsylvania Lycan Investigations

NOTE: The next round of on-site investigations may take place as soon as the next weekend. All reports and updates will be posted here. Lon

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