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Sunday, October 16, 2022

CRYPTID CANINE Activity Reported & Investigated in Cambria County, PA

Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigators Thomas Carroll and Bernadette McDaniel submitted the original report on 4/30/2022. I received the updated report on 10/16/2022.

Here is an updated report on the Wilmore Dogman report:

I was able to meet with the witnesses at the site of the second encounter. We spent an hour checking out the area. We were not able to locate any physical evidence this trip but the witnesses pointed out the location of their experiences. They also related several other experiences in the area around Wilmore Reservoir over the years by themselves and other family members including what I believe to be mostly Bigfoot. But there was one winged humanoid sighting by the witness's father.

Bernadette and I believe that this area may be on a migration route for Bigfoot and we expect more sightings in the Spring. I plan on checking the area a few more times this Winter and this spring.

Original report below:

Bernadette and I were unable to investigate the site of the first canine encounter due to a fishing derby and limited parking. We did however investigate the second encounter site. We arrived at around 11 am. The second location is a mix of swamp area and open timber. After following the creek north for approximately 100 yards we discovered a large print about 5 inches wide and 14 inches long. While searching the area around the print Bernadette heard a 'whoosh' sound followed by the sound of something large running toward her. We searched the area but could not find anything that would have caused a loud whooshing sound  After this time the woods became eerily quiet the birds stopped singing. No other prints or signs were found. I hope to return to investigate further in the coming weeks. I have included a picture of the print and a picture of the map with a pin on the location of where the print was found. 

The latitudes and longitudes are as follows:

40.446642, -78.712169 - This is where we had originally started fishing the first day

40.449203, -78.707376 - This is roughly where the stalking started, this is a rough estimate as I can't see the path through the trees on google maps. I remember the exact location though and could point out the exact area in person

40.446562, -78.686292 - This is the swamp next to the bridge in the 2nd incident

For driving directions, to get to the first spot you would turn off Route 22 onto Wilmore Road and continue until nearly the end of the road where you'll find a bridge going over the creek, it's in a deep valley between a farm and some sort of electrical station, very easy to find. To get to the second spot you would get off Route 22 at the Admiral Peary Highway, eventually, you'll come down a hill into a holler, here you turn onto a small gravel road called Spinner Road. You'll follow this road until you cross a bridge near a farm, then there's a second bridge just beyond this farm where the second incident happened. There are also back roads that can get you from one spot to the other. It's also possible to walk the creek itself from one spot to the other. These areas are both easy to get to and relatively close to Ebensburg. I would happily guide investigators to these spots.

Thomas Carroll

NOTE: The location is in Cambria County, PA, a very active county for upright canines. The Wilmore Reservoir is a location of repeated sightings of cryptid canines: White Upright Canine Observed in Cambria County, PA , and 'Cryptid Biped' Encounters in Cambria County, Pennsylvania (Possible Upright Canine) Lon

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Join me for a special Wednesday night discussion as I welcome Pennsylvania UFO / anomalies investigator, friend, and colleague Stan Gordon to Phantoms & Monsters Radio.

Stan began his interest in the UFO subject and other strange incidents at the age of ten in 1959. He began in the field investigations of UFOs and other mysterious events in 1965, and is the primary investigator of the December 9,1965 UFO crash-recovery incident that occurred near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Stan is a former PA State Director for MUFON, and has been involved with the investigation of thousands of mysterious encounters throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Stan has been featured in several films & documentaries. Stan's 4 books are the culmination of his extensive field research. His latest book is titled 'Creepy Cryptids and Strange UFO Encounters of Pennsylvania: Bigfoot, Thunderbirds, Mysteries of the Chestnut Ridge and More.' Stan's website can be found at http://www.stangordon.info

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In this episode of Phantoms & Monsters Radio, I present Dogman experiencer Matt Hiryak, and Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team members Timothy Renner & Chad Redding.

This sighting happened on April 30, 2022 in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania in the Birdsboro Preserve. This area is just north of French Creek State Park and the forests intersect with one another. There are roughly 15 to 20 square miles of dense natural woodlands in this area. It is one of the largest forest areas in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Matt Hiryak and his 12-year-old daughter were fishing at Hay Creek when they observed a gruesome cryptid canine in the trees across the quarry. Matt will describe, in detail, the incident, which was a harrowing and life-changing event. The Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team is actively investigating the incident.

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