Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Aggressive Upright Canine Encounters Multiple Witnesses in Centre County, PA

Butch Witkowski recently received a telephone report of a large aggressive upright canine encounter in Rothrock State Park in Centre County, PA. Butch was on-site the next day (March 31st) and then filed the following account. This incident occurred within the 'Lycan Loop' in central Pennsylvania:

Bi-Pedal Report - March 30, 2019

First Case of Aggression Reported by a Bi-Pedal Canine in PA

Location: Centre County PA, Rothrock State Forest

Three couples hiking in the Rothrock State Forest just outside of Pine Grove Mills, PA encountered a Bi-Pedal Canine.

The couples state that between 1PM and 1:30 PM while hiking a large wolf like creature stepped out of the wooded area near a small clearing. The creature was staring at the group and when a female member of the party started screaming the creature took two or three steps towards the group bearing its teeth and growling. All witnesses agree it seemed the screaming definitely set it off to go to an aggressive movement in the direction of the group. The hikers left the area immediately running for their lives as they put it to investigators.

The description by all members of the group state the creature was between 8 and 10 feet tall, a large wolf head, yellow eyes, long muscular arms, massive body build and strange looking legs.

Investigators from the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania and Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research team met with witnesses and viewed area of sighting but no evidence found. The witnesses were very cooperative and all descriptions matched.

A more invasive investigation of the area is being planned as past reports have been in the general area of Centre County.

NOTE: Centre County has had other reports of upright canines, including Upright Canine Encounter in Centre County, PA. This encounter will be posted on The PA Upright Canine / Dogman Interactive Map - Lon

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  1. Whoa. Any word on which trail? My daughter hIke's there at night a lot.

  2. Anonymous12:32 PM

    damn, seen in broad daylight and no one thought to take a picture? =/

  3. Anonymous10:29 AM

    This isn't the first aggressive encounter in PA. P&M posted an encounter that took place near Neversink Mountain in Reading, PA.

  4. Anonymous7:48 AM

    I’m always amazed that people comment about taking photos! If you were suddenly to come upon a dogman. And were very frightened (do not tell me you wouldn’t be), I think the last thing you’d be tempted to do is get your phone out. Given that these creatures are usually accompanied by extreme fear from what is thought to be infrasound, I just don’t see it being possible.


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