Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Cryptid Canine Observed Crossing Road in Blair County, PA

I recently received the following account:


I remember listening to you on Coast to Coast so I re-listened to a 2017 show you did this weekend.

Sunday (this past weekend), Sept. 1st, around 3:30 pm I was on the road from Bellwood, PA in Antis Township, Blair County, that goes up Skelp Mountain to Sinking Valley. It's right off exit 41 of Interstate 99. The road goes parallel to I-99 for a short piece. On the left there is a PENNDOT location for winter supplies, then a park and ride. Just past that I was pulling off the road to pick some weeds for drying for my wife. Just as I was pulling off up ahead of me, about 50 yards or so, something walked across the road coming from a patch of woods that is between this road and I-99 northbound lane and crossed heading up into the woods to the mountain.

I do not know what it was, but I know it was NOT a deer, was NOT a bear, was NOT a dog. It was on all fours, dark colored and between a brown and black (it was overcast Sunday afternoon). It was on all fours, close to the height of a horse. Not a huge horse, but I was in a Toyota Tundra and the back was as high as my hood for sure. It was very lanky built, thinner and muscular. Long legs with a snout head of like a dog or wolf. It had very long back legs and I'd say a good 3 feet under the belly to the road as it walked on all fours.

I only saw it for a 5 second time frame or so as it went across the road and up the bank into the thick woods. I drove up fast and jumped out but it was too dark in the woods at that time to see anything. It was gone.

I am 58 and I've hunted and fished in Pennsylvania all my life, or most of it. I've spent quite a time of my life around these woods and streams and I know I never saw anything like this before. It did not look my way, just crossed and was gone. I know it was not a deer, or horse, or bear for sure. I have no way of knowing what it was, or is, but it fits some of the descriptions you have discussed.

I just wanted to report it to you. Thanks. JB

I called JB as soon as I received the report. I asked if this could have been an elk, but his response reasonably eliminated that. JB said that the hind end was raised higher than the shoulder, similar to what a human would look like if it tried to walk on all fours. JB thought that it could have easily raised itself to a bipedal position and that it may have reached 8-9 foot in height. The head was similar to that of a canine. In fact, JB said it reminded him of his relative's mixed wolf / German Shepard dog. The location is approximately 3 miles from the Homer Gap, PA sighting in 1998. The Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team is following up this report. Lon

This encounter is very similar to others we have received throughout central Pennsylvania, in particular the area we have designated as the 'Lycan Loop.' This sighting as been recorded on the PA Upright Canine/Dogman Witness Sightings Map

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