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Monday, June 10, 2024

Experiencer Describes Multiple MISSING TIME & RELOCATION Incidents in Los Angeles, CA

The experiencer reported a few missing time/relocation experiences she had. She had four experiences, but only two are noteworthy – the two missing time/relocation cases. 

Both happened in the Griffith Park area in Los Angeles, one in November 2005 and the other in August 2006. 2005.

"I don't drink I don't smoke or do drugs. I'd always tell my brother what trails I'd be taking. Sometimes I'd go with friends. Much of the time I'd hiked on my own but my brother and friends always knew where I'd be going and no matter where you are in Griffith Park, you get lost and walk down, you're bound to hit civilization. You’re never too far unless you stumbled your way out by the zoo and then there are still vehicles that drive through that road. I really enjoyed the sounds of birds early in the morning when the sun would begin to rise. I was a slow hiker because I was out of shape at the time, so out of shape that I'd laugh with my friends about giving the local mountain lion indigestion if she ever decided to have a good meal. I was for sure easy prey. I'd carry pepper spray which gave me a false sense of security. Sometimes I'd carry a walking stick for safety reasons mainly but I thought it just got in the way. I planned the trails I wanted to explore and always told my brother and friend where I was going, again, I was a morning hiker. I spend maybe 6 to 8, sometimes 12, hours walking trails but I always get to my Dell Soul before sunset. I never planned a hike at night past 12 hours. I hiked the same trails until I felt comfortable and then I’d switch it up as my body got used to the roots. I'm a planner by nature so I'd look up the map and follow the trail. Sometimes I deviated. I texted my friend or brother what I planned on doing.

(Oz effect) The first incident happened in 2005 in Griffith Park, California. This park is in the middle of the city between Burbank and Los Angeles, the Hollywood sign, this was my backyard. I hiked almost every trail from end to end in about 3 and a half years several times and during this time I was unemployed and I did contract work on the side, so my contract schedule gave me the freedom I needed at that time to make my hiking more enjoyable. I hiked almost daily. I was addicted. When hiking near The Observatory side of the park, I'd mainly park near the bird sanctuary or The Observatory parking lot. I always began my hikes early morning, mostly right before sunrise. By sunrise, I'd be on the trail and drove home late afternoon or early evening. One morning I began walking on the bird trail sometime around 5:00 (AM). It was still dark out and I wanted to hike up to the observatory to watch the sunrise. Like many others have felt, I had the feeling of being watched but I kept walking. It is in the middle of the city and even though you'd have silent moments where you could appreciate the local fauna, the sound of the wind and trees, and the sound of Los Angeles traffic, a ‘hum’ in the background in some areas, it was never dead silent. As I hiked up the trail, I realized there was a deafening silence. I felt the vacuum sensation many have mentioned. It went on for what seemed about 30 minutes while I walked through switchbacks. I continued to feel watched and since we did not have a mountain lion, I just kept my guard up and continued to hike when finally walked out of the silent zone everything came back to life. It seemed loud when everything came back at once. It was my first experience and although I knew this was unique I thought I was the problem, maybe I temporarily lost my hearing. I'd share my story with other hikers but no one seemed to have experienced that themselves. This weird incident stuck in my mind but it didn't stop me from wanting to hike.

(Missing Time/Relocation) Many months later, sometime around November, about 7 months later, I hiked up near Taco Peak where I walked into the vacuum silent zone again. This time I'd been hiking for about 2 hours. At about 8:30, I lost track of time and came to in a different trail hours later. I was so confused disoriented and scared. The sun was beginning to set when I realized I was on the left side of the Observatory's direction, on Fire Break Trail, far from where I planned to hike. Actually, at that point, I hadn't even explored that side of the park before I had to call my twin. He and his friends all loaded into a car and went to find me. By the time they got to me, it was about 18:00. I thought I was going crazy and he thought I was nuts for having hiked the trails for more than 14 hours alone. I couldn't explain the loss of time and I cried. They felt bad for me. I just kept telling them I couldn't explain how I ended up on that side of the park and completely exhausted. I know I had to have been walking because I'd been sweating. I was dirty as if I'd gone off the trail. My muscles and body ached. When I snapped to, I knew I was so far away there was no way I could get to my car from where I was. My brother thought I was disoriented from lack of food but in my pack, I still had a cold sandwich, enough water in my camel back, and a food bar. I thought maybe something bad happened to me and I blocked it out of my mind which scared me into checking everything I wore that day. I took inventory and looked at my unopened sandwich, which the bread should have been a bit soggy from the added miles but it wasn't or, I thought, if I was knocked off my feet, the sandwich would, for sure, be smashed but it wasn't. I even checked my panties thinking maybe I was assaulted and blocked it out but, nope, there's no discomfort in that area or any clues as to what happened. I was so disturbed by this experience that I threw out all I was wearing except my camel pack. I just didn't want to wear it again. Shaking my head. I didn't didn't hike for several weeks after that. It just felt weird but I was addicted so I couldn't stay away long. I went back to hiking a week after the New Year (2006).

(Missing Time/Relocation) My third experience happened less than a year later around August (2006), definitely after the 4th of July. The plan was to park by the bird trail, walk down to the Riverside Trail up to Hogback to Dante's View, and down the Brew Trail. Somewhere near Dante's View, I lost time again. I ended up on the opposite side near the LA Zoo. I didn't know how I got to where I was on Condor Trail, way off course again. I was really disoriented, not scared but scared if you know what I mean, more confused and concerned than anything else. The sun was setting as I hiked down the Skyline Trail and waited for my brother to come and find me by a street light. The only reason I knew what side of the park I was on was because I could see I was by the I-34 and 5 freeway. I was walking in pitch black where I dragged my feet to make sure I didn't go off the off the hill only I was way off course again. He picked me up. I got a good scolding and I tried explaining that I couldn't hike back up to get my car without a flashlight and I didn't know how I ended up hiking to the wrong area. I didn't tell him of my missing time because I didn't want to hear him beem me out for the next week. He drove me to my car by the Bird Trail and followed me home. I began to carry a flashlight after that and began setting a small recorder during my hikes. I was afraid that I lost so much time and I couldn't account for it. Maybe I was losing it. Was I losing my mind? There's mental illness in my family and that's always in the shadows. This time I wasn't sweaty or dirty. I just seemed like I was picked up and moved to that side of the park as if I was just starting my hike I had a slight headache, and body aches but no pain, not like the first time. I want to say there was a couple that passed me and I asked if I was okay but I said ‘I'm fine. thank you and kept going down. Now this part I remember but I'm not sure if it was a false memory. It's more kind of a blur. Through these experiences, I never felt the fear some have expressed. I was disoriented and afraid of how I could have blocked it out like I explained it to others but I never heard anything or felt the fear some speak of or seen anything questionable. There are always moments when some hikers and I feel followed/watched. There's a time I had a couple say, ‘Don't go that way. it's got a weird vibe’. That's about it. I actually thought I might have been kidnapped by aliens. LOL! I just couldn't explain some things. I was never fearful to the point that I thought I should stop hiking. I was more concerned by these experiences.

(Weird Feeling) My last experience was shared with my teenage son. We lived in Petersburg, Illinois for a few months. Then we lifted weights together. That day I was super sore, so instead of doing another workout, we decided to go to the school track where I could walk and he'd run laps. The area was empty. No cars anywhere being a small town, everything tended to go quiet earlier than we were used to and this was around 21:00. Upon our arrival, we walked a lap and he decided to run one. I continued walking, and then I felt it a horrible sensation of being watched and the feel of a threat. I kept looking over the fence towards a pitch-black field and I couldn't shake the feeling. My son ran over and looked at me. Frantically we both said we must go now and because of each other's reactions we felt the rise of panic and ran to his truck and he frantically rattled his keys. We got in. He put the key in the ignition and we drove off screaming at each other, Go! Go! As soon as we got a few blocks away, we felt a huge sigh of relief and began talking and laughing at each other's reactions. We couldn't explain what happened and my husband thought we just fed off each other's emotions. We think of that often.  I think the loss of an insane amount of hours is what freaks me out the most. I know it's not mental because I'm sane now. LOL! I’m as sane as can be.”

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JadXvEtTV8g




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