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Sunday, June 16, 2024

MISCHIEVOUS SASQUATCH Experiences in Southeast Texas

A southeast Texas witness describes the various Sasquatch-related incidents that he and others had experienced, including mischievous Sasquatch activity.

I received the following account:

"I grew up in southeast Texas about 40 miles west of Houston and lived on a small farm. Sometimes at night, there would be something screaming out in the fields from time to time. My neighbors heard it as well. One morning while waiting for the school bus at the end of our driveway I looked down and noticed a very large barefoot print in the sand. The heel had been run over by my dad going to work but the rest of it was plain as day. About 12 inches long and at least 7 inches wide was still exposed that you could see. I knew it was a Sasquatch print. I wanted to show someone but here comes the bus and I had no time to run back home and get my brother to take a look. That afternoon when I got off of the bus to see the track again, so many cars went in and out of the driveway that day that it was now completely gone. I was sure disappointed about that. I tried to tell my brothers and a few friends about it but they really did not believe me.

There was a neighbor in the 1970s who lived on the property directly north of ours. He went deer hunting, shot one then took it home. He tied up the deer to field dress it, hanging from a tree limb. His wife called him in for breakfast and after he came out to field dress the deer he looked and saw the deer he tied up was not there. He noticed it being drug over a fence and into the woods but he never saw what had it. Everyone said it was a big cat that got it. But looking back now, I know that big cats pick up their prey with their teeth and walk forward. This deer was being dragged. Cats do not drag anything backward. And how would a cougar be able to pull the deer down from the rope it was tied up with? If it was a cat that got the man's deer, the big cat would have been the last thing he saw going over the fence and into the woods, not the deer.

Anyway, I was talking recently to a friend of mine who grew up next door to me. He is in his 50's now and I am in my mid 40's. He told me he went fishing in the 1990s on the lake that was on the property where the man had his deer drug off. He said while he was walking up to the lake in the woods that he saw trees that had the bark stripped off of them about 9 feet off of the ground and it looked like there were claw marks on the bark as well. While he was fishing there that day he began to get the feeling of being watched. That made him feel nervous but then he noticed a very strong musky odor that he never smelled before and he got the heck out of there fast. He said when he goes to visit his parent's place, he can still smell that smell from time to time in the air. He also said he and his brothers would hear whistling and whoops on their property but never saw what was making the noise. He said they also heard stuff walking on two feet on their property at night but never saw anything either.

Another incident in the exact same area in the 1960s where some guys went swimming at their lake one evening. It was about 1/2 mile from my home. While two brothers and a couple of friends were swimming, their car horns started blowing. there were no houses close by and they thought that my uncle was over there messing with them. They got kind of spooked because they could not see their car since it had become dark. So they got out of the lake, grabbed their flashlights, and ran over there to where the car was parked. They told me that there were very large footprints all in the sand around their car. They knew then it was not my uncle messing with them because the prints were so large it would have had to be an extremely large person to have left it. But nothing was ever said about a Sasquatch. They just thought it was some large man without shoes on.

One more thing that happened to my older brother and cousin makes me think it too was also a Sasquatch. My mother had a twin sister and they were always doing stuff together. So one evening there was a special at church and my parents and my aunt and uncle went to it. My older brother and cousin stayed at my aunt's house while the grown-ups were all at church. Long story short my aunt and uncle had a cattle farm. And they had dogs that were kind of mean per se but did not take a liking to people much. They always stayed outside. Now my aunt's place was 200 acres. Anyway, it was a large place, and while my brother and cousin were there just watching TV or whatever, the dogs started whining outside. They had 7 or 8 of them. Now these dogs never came inside of the house but they were scratching at the door wanting in. Then they heard what sounded like something scraping the window screen in the living room. This was in the summertime and the windows were open. That scared my cousin and brother enough to lock themselves in the bathroom until our parents all came back from church a couple of hours later. My brother said he was in 10th grade at the time and my cousin would have been in 7th. My brother said it sounded just like something was scraping its fingernails on the window screens. It would do it at one window for a bit then go to another window. He said whatever it was went around to all of the windows of the house and scratched on the screens.

I thought about these things on and off that had happened to my brother, neighbors, and cousins a lot through the years. And after putting two and two together after some things I have experienced as an adult, I look back to those weird events back home and I now believe it was a Sasquatch that had done these strange things that took place." G

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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