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Thursday, June 13, 2024

SKINWALKER Nighttime Antics on Navajo Reservation

A group of friends and relatives make their way to the Navajo reservation from Southern California to explore the area. One night they encounter a series of strange incidents that they believe were skinwalker-related.

"My father is Navajo who was raised on the rez in northern Arizona. My mom is white (she was raised in western Canada). I grew up in Southern California but grew up going to the rez every year. I eventually moved and worked there. I'm not a skinwalker expert by any means but I'll share what I know.

The earliest experience I had was on one of my first solo trips (without my parents) out to our ranch on the reservation. I traveled with my cousin and a few friends. Our ranch is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. The nearest people, being at the very closest, are about 10 miles away. So you're pretty much on your own.

On our first night out there, we arrived around 2 am and there was no moon and it was pitch black. We had a hard time finding our hogan (traditional octagon-shaped Navajo house). We decided to just camp near a cattle corral which we found. We set up tents and knocked out until the sun came up. When I woke up, I took a little walk around our campsite and found coyote tracks which encircled our camp and actually got pretty close to the tents and campfire which was pretty weird, and a bad sign for several reasons.

The rest of the day went without incident. We woke up, cooked breakfast, explored the north rim of the Grand Canyon on the reservation side, and checked out old hogans in the area. We stayed up particularly late that night, we had been out exploring at night and four-wheeling on some off-road trails.

It was around 2 or 3 am and we were driving on a rocky road that went up into a small canyon, so there were hillsides pretty high and steep on both sides of me. I was standing in the back of the truck with a spotlight. That was when I first saw the light. The best way to describe what I saw was the visual effect of when you're standing in a room and someone behind you takes a picture with a flash. There was a brief instant in which everything lit up behind me, but it was a dull orange-reddish light. I turned around towards where it came from and shined the light around, but there was nothing there whatsoever, just a bunch of rocks. We thought it was weird, but kept driving.

Once on top of the hill, we stopped to look around and noticed the weird light again, but this time it was far away at least several miles. It was the same color, but it looked like a muzzle flash from a gun. I waited and waited to hear the gunshot thinking it was people like us shooting at night, but it never came. Then we saw another flash, but this time it was several miles to the west, and a little bit closer. Then another and another, closer and closer, all within a few minutes. We decided it was a little weird and without talking about it, turned around and went to the hogan this time.

We didn't really talk about the lights for some reason, and all settled down in the hogan. There was myself, my cousin, and my two white friends. We talked for a while, and it was that moment when everyone stopped talking and everyone was just about to fall asleep when it happened.

The door (there's only one door, a small wooden door that locks shut) shook violently as if someone kicked the door as hard as they could. It was loud and strong enough to where you could hear the lock rattle and the door bounce back and rattle against the wooden frame.

My friends shot up in bed and said "WTF was that!" They had reason to be alarmed, we were very far from anyone else and they knew that. It's extremely quiet out there, pretty much a deafening silence, and you can hear when vehicles are approaching. I got out of bed, grabbed a shotgun, and told my cousin to get his rifle. I walked to the door, motioned for him to come over, and said "You go left, I'll go right." I'm not really sure why, but I wasn't scared despite the obvious weirdness of what was going on. I ripped the door open and we both slipped out the door one after the other and swept the area. Looked everywhere we could, went to the truck, got the spotlight, and swept the area. Nothing. No footprints, no animals, nothing.

We decided to send a message and shot some rounds off to scare whatever it was away. I think we were all kind of worried, but eventually, we went back into the hogan and settled back in, kind of joking about it to calm our nerves. Eventually, they all fell asleep, but I hid my nervousness and my heart was still racing. It wasn't until everyone was quiet and asleep that I noticed the thumping.

I heard it very faintly through the rock walls, and when I put my ear to the wall, I heard it a lot better. It was a very rhythmic thumping sound. Something very heavy, and timed the same every single thump. It sounded as if it was coming through the rock table that the hogan sits on top of. I tried to rationalize it and told myself it was just the cows, and somehow managed to fall asleep.

I woke up the next morning and we went to check the cows, which were about 10 miles away on the ranch and hadn't been anywhere near our hogan that night.

Several days later, after I told my aunts about what happened, they told me that one of my Navajo grandmas, who lived alone and out in the middle of nowhere, had a weird thing happen too. The same night we had our door kicked, someone had knocked on her door in the middle of the night. When she opened the door, there was no one there.

My aunts think it was a skinwalker who was messing with me and my cousin because we're mixed race. I'm not sure that is the reason why it happened, but I do believe it may have been a skinwalker." RE




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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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