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Friday, June 14, 2024

BLACK-EYED KIDS: 'It's quite alright. We have permission'

Chris from Arkansas wrote to Darkness Radio about a bizarre black-eyed kid encounter he had in 2015:

“In 2015, around the end of April, beginning of May, I was in Oregon for work. I worked for a company that handled the customer service member privilege point of sales system with Planet Fitness and I was there checking on a few locations. Since Planet Fitness is a 24/7 establishment I had to cater to all the shifts and would show up to each club multiple times during the day and night. One night at approximately 11:30PM I was heading to the PF location in Beaverton, Oregon. My rental car had Bluetooth capabilities and was currently playing a Coast To Coast AM episode throughout the car's speakers. The episode was a George Noory episode and he had Rosemary Ellen Guiley on to talk about the Djinn. I remember this fact to be true though because George brought up the Black Eyed Kids phenomenon to her and she felt it was Djinn related. Looking back, that was a serious coincidence because what happened when I arrived at the club chilled me to the core.

I'm a smoker. Nasty habit but it's my vice. When I arrived at the club I decided to smoke in the parking lot with the driver's side window open on my rental so I could continue to listen to Coast To Coast AM and not be in the car because rentals fine you a couple hundred dollars for smoking inside. The PF there is in an L shaped strip mall. I don't entirely remember all the stores in the strip mall but the PF is all the way to the end and all the way to the left is a pharmacy of some kind. My passenger side was parallel to the Planet Fitness and that was about 30 feet from a street light. The pharmacy was about 75 yards away and obviously closed. I was leaning against the car smoking and playing on my phone and looked up at the pharmacy in the light of the marquee style sign I could see two people standing outside of it. For it being near midnight, I thought how weird it was someone to be at the obviously closed pharmacy but the thought was fleeting and I was once again down in what was probably a safe bet, I'm assuming I was Facebooking on my phone.

After a few seconds I looked up. I noticed the two people, I could now tell were kids or teenagers, were about 20% closer. It struck me as odd. I didn't see them walking to that spot. They were just there looking in now was my soul (sarcasm) but, more accurately was in my general direction. From this distance I could tell both were wearing hooded sweatshirts. They were dark in color and both kids had their hoods up. They were in the area just outside the street-light glow. It shown on them but not enough to see very clearly. Looking back this should have raised some flags but I once again I was back in my phone. I remember about this time George and the guest were talking about evil spirit attachments from the Middle East in items and devices service members brought back home with them. Well now I glanced back up again and the kids were now about 25 to 30 feet away. They were once again outside the direct street-light glow but I could see them much clearer. This time their heads were aimed down. I could not see their faces but I could make out their clothes. One had an olive drab green hooded sweat-shirt with no visible markings or insignia. The hoodie was up over the top of what appeared to be a grey ball cap with once again, no markings or insignia. Baggy, nondescript blue jeans and black low top shoes also with no markings of any kind. The other was dressed very similar. The only difference being a navy blue zip up hoodie and hood up over what looked like a black ball cap. Khaki pants and white shoes, same as the first, there was nothing to distinguish any brands on any articles of clothing. The kids were standing still. I hadn't seen them move to their current location and they were almost frozen there, not moving at all. I don't know how or why but I just went back to my phone not bothered at all.

I got a weird feeling almost instantly and looked up and there they were. Five feet in front of me and not moving. Just closer, just outside the shine of the street-light. Still at ease, I tossed the cigarette butt underneath the car and asked what's going on guys, anything I can do for you. The response I got was probably the most awkward thing in the story but before I share it I want you to know what I noticed just prior to the response. Their clothes were weird. They were too big. Not too big like kids wore in the '90s but too big like hand-me-downs and they were faded. Everything they wore you could tell the colors of but it was just like they were dingy, I guess. I could tell by physical build that these kids were males and by size I would say 15(ish). So after I asked if there was anything I could do for them, here was their response. The best way I can think to express how weird it was is to lay out like a script. So I'll illustrate this beneath picking up after my question:
Is there anything I can do for you guys?

Kid 1: Please kind sir.

Kid 2: May we borrow a cigarette?

Kid 1: It's very lonely at night.

Kid 2: We only need one cigarette.

Kid 1: Thank you.

Kid 2: Please.
After they finished speaking in unison, they slowly lifted their heads to show me their faces. I remember thinking it's kind of late for teenagers to be out on a Thursday and almost as if they plucked that from my head, I heard:
It's quite alright...we have permission.
As soon as 'permission' rolled off the second kid's lips their faces were level with mine, showing me solid jet black eyes. I froze. My mind was going about a million miles an hour because, dammit, I know what black eyed kids are. Well, not what they are but, I know of them. I couldn't move or speak. Their faces were almost the definition of blank, almost because the edges around their slit, straight mouth began to curl ever so slightly, but you could see it. The inside of my stomach began to get colder and with all my might, I tried to turn my face but I could not. The second kid took a step forward. The movement of shoes caught my eye and I broke eye contact. I looked down and the moment the eye contact was broken, everything I knew about black eyed kid encounters rushed through my head and I turned around and ran into the club. Now when I say ran, I sprinted in loafers and all 6'1, 250 pounds screamed the whole way. The young kids who worked at the counter just stared at me when I came in. I tried my best to explain, but they weren't cool enough to have heard about the black eyed kids. I looked out the plate glass front and saw two of them standing side by side facing the club. When I saw them, chills ran my spine.”

Transcribed Source: Darkness Radio – March 28, 2016

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